"Cartoon Royal Rumble"

Rated T

Summary: 80 men/women from your favorite cartoons will battle it out in a battle royal for a chance at $1,000,000! It's all out mayhem and anarchy in the first ever Cartoon Royal Rumble!

Disclaimer: I especially do not own anything associated with Cartoon Network, Disney, Fox's Animation Domination, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Hub Network or anything animated whatsoever. Or not to mention the fact that I don't own WWE or TNA.

P.S.: The list of characters I have will be random, so you won't know who'll show up in this match. Once again, I don't own.

Chapter 1: The Pre-Show

The crowd was intense.

The lights were shining.

The stomping was crazy.

The camera was rolling.

So far, the camera was rolling to a row of crazy fans, who shouted and yelled their hearts out, anticipating the opening of the first-ever Cartoon Royal Rumble! The place was magnificent.

The titantron was very similar to the 1995-1997 Royal Rumbles, where it was nothing but a huge video screen and metal bars. And not to mention a black curtain for the entrants to appear. Red, white and blue fireworks were sounding off everywhere in all four corners of the ring. Outside of the ring however, there were several weapons laying all across ringside, such as a fire extinguisher, a garbage can, a steel chair, kendo sticks, the works!

As the song "Bring Tha Noize" by Public Enemy and Anthrax sounded, there were two commentators sitting in a announcers table next to the titantron. One of them was decked out in a dark blue shirt with dark blue hair, while the other was a legend in play-by-play announcing. With his black cowboy hat, Coke-bottle glasses and lisp, it wasn't hard to find out who this legendary commentator was.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever Cartoon Royal Rumble, live and commercial-free from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California!" J.R. shouted. "I'm Good Ol' J.R., Jim Ross, and standing right by me is the star of 6teen, Jonesy Garcia!"

"It's good to be in your television sets, America!" Jonesy exclaimed to the camera. "I'm excited for this event! Makes me wanna crap myself with excitement!"

"Yeah, I didn't need to hear that..." J.R. muttered, being disturbed by Jonesy's comment. "Anyway, if you've seen all WWE programming, you may be familiar with the rules of the Royal Rumble. It's when 2 people enter the ring at numbers 1 and 2, and every 2 minutes, another entrant will enter. To be eliminated, the person must be thrown over the top rope, and both feet must hit the floor. But things are different in this Rumble. This time, each entrant in this Rumble will come out every minute, powers are banned, killing is illegal and forbidden, and just to make things extreme, weapons are included! This could be the most fastest, yet most extreme Rumble there ever is!"

Jonesy was shaking with excitement, yet again. He couldn't wait for this Rumble to start.

"This is gonna be off the chart, I can tell!" Jonesy exclaimed again.

"I agree," J.R. nodded. "But before we get to the action, let's go to special Hall-of-Fame announcer "Mean" Gene Okerlund, who's standing outside the locker room where our competitors are residing."

-The locker room-

Standing outside the locker room was legendary wrestling interviewer "Mean" Gene Okerlund. He looked very dapper and very formal for this spectacular event.

"Hi, I'm "Mean" Gene Okerlund, standing here outside this locker room, where 80 of our participants reside. Now, we don't know who these contestants are to be exact, and quite frankly, it's giving me goosebumps." Mean Gene admitted. "But I'm certain that there are a ton of fans residing inside the Staples Center, awaiting to find out who our 80 participants are. This could be the most mysterious Royal Rumble there ever is-"

However, his voice was cut off by one of the participants, mainly "Stewie Griffin" from Family Guy, who bumped Mean Gene in the leg.

"Watch where you're going, Baldy!" Stewie shouted at the announcer. Bothered by the collision, Mean Gene reached down to Stewie's eye level.

"And it looks like we've got one of the participants with us tonight!" Mean Gene said to the camera before facing his attention to the talking baby. "Stewie Griffin, you're a fierce competitor despite your size. Give us your thoughts on tonight's Rumble, please?"

When Gene gave the mic to Stewie, he had an opinion of his own.

"Yeah, you're fat, bald, old, and I peed on your shoes when I wasn't looking." Stewie admitted. "Now piss off, I got a Royal Rumble to win."

And then, Stewie went to his dressing room and shutted the door in Mean Gene's face.

"Well, there you have it, Stewie Griffin everyone!" Mean Gene exclaimed. "Will he be the one out of the eighty contestants to walk away a millionaire in the first ever Cartoon Royal Rumble? We are about to find out as the battle royal begins now! Let's go to The Fink!"

Ohhhh, I'm feeling excited about this one folks! 80 contestants, 1 ring and a million dollars on the line!

Who will be the first two people to enter the Cartoon Royal Rumble? No suggestions, everyone! I want this to be kept secret, so shhhh!

Anyway, read and review! Later, dudes.