The story of a Fury

I know it's a little overused to tell the story in such a serious way, to a lot of players the final battle of Oni was just a funny party. But I tell what I thought.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, burst into tears. I couldn't believe my eyes, yes, it's him, Muro, my master, the Leader of the Syndicate, is dead.

The memories emerged in my brain.
It was 12 years ago¡­

"Hi, are you new here?"
"Erm¡­ Yes."
"Huh, another lady striker." He smiled at me. "Well, you'd better be careful, it's not an interesting place here." He ran away.
That purple haired boy.

I was 6 years old by then. My parents had been worked for the government, but both of them died suddenly, and I didn't know why. I was taken to the place by my uncle. They called it The Syndicate.
"Listen, there's no other place in the world for you to stay." Said my uncle.

I was trained with other young girls in the same age of mine. In the syndicate, women weren't treated as women. We were just soldiers. Those Syndicate soldiers were all monsters. Our master-handed Judo trainer was cruel.
"Throw the enemies into the air as much as you could! That's the best of a female striker that could do in a battle." What nonsense! Every time before I slept I felt my whole body hurts.
But I knew I'm not the worst. It's him, as the time passed by I could see less and less smile in his face. Instead of it, there were wounds.

Seven years passed. We met and talked with each other again.
"One day I'll become the boss of the Syndicate. Will you be my bodyguard by then?" He smiled at me, again. A smile. The only good thing I could find in the Syndicate.
"Of course." I smiled at him, didn't say anymore. I knew he's special, and was also special trained by the Syndicate. I didn't know why, but I was sure he would be the boss of the Syndicate one day, sooner or later. He's working hard. So did I.

At last, Muro became the boss of the Syndicate.
And I became a red Fury. And I really became a bodyguard of him.

But I could never find a smile on his face since then. He became cruel and Jesuitism. He's fighting with a group of guys who were called the TCTF. I knew it wasn't his fault. We were in the Syndicate. To me he's still that little boy, with angel's smile.

I came out with him, and saw a purple haired woman standing there. I knew that she's Muro's sister. Muro had told me that she's tough, but I wasn't scared of her. We were fighting together.
But I get into a tough fight with that old guy with a VDG in his hand, and didn't notice him. All happened at once. He was shot by a Mercury Bow on his head. He's dead. Wouldn't speak. And I would never see him smiling.

I sniveled, through my tears I saw that TCTF old goat come over to me: "hands up, you're under arrested."
"NEVER." I sneered, take out my SMG, aimed at my head, pulled the trigger immediately.