Hello, my lovely reviewers, readers, and followers.

I'm so sorry to say that all three of Clace or Jaced's (my) stories have all been put on hiatus, or are paused, or won't be continued, just call it what you will.

I AM SO SO SO SORRY. But I'm into writing original stories now. If you want to read a new story of mine go onto wattpad and search AngelGurl5 and you will find me and so far I have two stories but more to come.

Once again, really sorry but I'm sure you will move on in like, two minutes or less. I want to reccommend a fanfiction on here, called: Battle of the Bands.

Its by simplymoshingintomordor and I hope you enjoy that.

On wattpad look at any story from demonicblackcat and I'm sure you will find them entertaining. (Like I did)

So yeah, bye and hopefully I will continue my stories later on.

Bye and I hope I will post again when I'm in the mood in a month or so.

Buh Bai!