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Salazar opened his eyes and blinked in confusion, hadn't he died just a few moments ago. He had felt his heart slow, the blood pumping from his veins pouring on the ground. This sure did not feel like death, this weakness, this uncontrollable use of limbs. What was wrong this picture, his sight it's blurry not only that but his body felt out of proportioned like it was too small and he also felt like he was being held in a pair of arms. Looking up or at least trying to he caught a glimpse of damp red hair and tired green eyes.

Salazar was just about to look around more when his ears popped causing him to his embarrassment to let out a cry and for tears to clog his eyes. Noise rushed in overwhelming him. The language seemed to be some version of English which if he really wanted to he could figure out but he was not in the mode right now besides he could figure it out later.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught flash if light turning his head he could almost cry in relief it was a wand he was reborn into a magical family. Salazar looked around, beside the bed side was three men two had black hair and one brown. Letting out a yawn he fell asleep in who had to be his mother's arms.

18 months later

He knew he should have made more of a racket about that feeling he had had about the traitor Peter, his fathers supposed friend Salazar thought as his mother ran upstairs with him in her arms. Slamming the door Lily, his mother ran to the dresser and got the portkey then said "safe house" nothing happened, she repeated it several times with still nothing happening. Salazar could feel his mother getting more distressed as time went by. Finally she gave and just sat him in his crib before going to stand in front of it with her wand tight in her grasp.

When they heard the thump of a body hitting the ground down stairs his mother let out a sob and Salazar knew his father James was dead. The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs made Lily straighten her back and stand more firmly in front of the crib. Salazar was proud of his mother in that moments, she looked like the lioness she was standing there proud straight and tall as the monster that had killed her husband came into the room blowing open the door.

There was a slight pause as the man that called himself Voldemort came into the room and stared at Lily Potter "Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry" his mother begged. Voldemort frowned at Salazar's mother and said "Stand aside you silly girl, Stand aside". His brave mother did not move but stayed right there and begged again "Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead" "Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy". Salazar then saw Voldemort lift his wand and speak two words "Avada Kedavra", the killing spell which in his day had been used to kill animals peacefully or for a healer to put a patent to death without any pain. His mother fell to the ground with a soft thump. Salazar glared up at Voldemort the best that he could while in the form of an infant the man walked toward him and spoke "now I can't be defeated once you Harry Potter are dead I will rule the wizard world". Voldemort lifted his arm the third time this day to cast the killing curse when the impossible happened well impossible to Voldemort , not to Salazar though because he had put a spell in his blood line that made it so a family member could not kill the heir, it was in the family magic. The spell backfired and sped toward Voldemort killing his body but not his spirit. Salazar was horrified by what he saw, it had seemed as though he had spilt his soul.

30 minutes later

Salazar had been waiting for thirty minutes when his godfather Sirus came running up crying, Sirus then saw him still alive and carried him outside where he saw there was Hagrid the half giant. Sirus saw Hagrid at the same time " Dumbledore asked me to take little Harry to him" Hagrid said to Sirus as he walked to his motorcycle with Salazar in his arms "I need to take care of him" Sirus said back "Dumbledore said that he would take him". Sirus seemed to decide then handed him over to Hagrid and said "I will go get the traitor" Sirus then before he leaves takes his wand and put Salazar to sleep.