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(9 years later)

'Oh how he hated muggles,' Salazar thought. He had hated muggles before his rebirth, and he hated them even more if it was possible. However, even though this he had come across pure hearted muggles this time around, they were still rare, causing those good muggles that he did meet to be overwhelmed by the rotten ones.

Today, though, he was excited beyond belief - it was his eleventh birthday! However, it was not the birthday itself that made him excited, but that he was getting his Hogwarts letter... or at least he was supposed to.

Salazar was sitting at the table eating with his "family" when Uncle Vernon, his walrus look-alike of an uncle, told his son Dudley (who also looked like an animal - a pig, to be exact) to get the mail. Since the pig was just as lazy as the walrus - I mean his father, he told the "freak" to get the mail. The so- called freak being Salazar, the wizard just sneered and went to retrieve the mail, making sure to keep his sneer hidden so that his so called family would not see it and give him the temptation to hex them. Badly.

'No,' he told himself, he had to wait until he was at least 16 so that he could become emancipated and leave his so called family's ever-so-loving care. Besides, he was glad that today was the day that they asked him to get the mail, since that way he could (hopefully) snatch his Hogwarts letter before the Dursleys found it.

Salazar walked the short distance to the front door and bent over to grab the mail, leafing through the thick pile of letters as quickly as he could until he found the letter he wanted. Smirking, Salazar pulled the letter with the Hogwarts symbol out of the pile and stuffed it in the waistband of his pants so that he could look at it later. Chuckling inwardly, the reborn wizard walked normally back to the kitchen with his relative's mail in his hand, making he was wearing his typical poker face.

Salazar had to wait until night to open his letter. Opening it, he frowned - the paper was parchment, which meant either they only used it for important documents or that they were behind in the times. Deciding to forget that for now, he read the letter, frowning even more. If he had not heard of Hogwarts before he would have thought this was a joke. It did not have any information at all! How useless. Looking at the letter, he decided that he was going to act as if he knew nothing of the wizarding world.

Smirking, Salazar pulled a sheet of paper and a pen from underneath his cot, he then wrote down a list of questions that he both wanted to know and needed to put down in order to give the impression that he had no clue magic was real. Salazar looked over the letter once, then twice before gaining a satisfied look. 'Simply perfect,' he thought while putting the pen down. He carefully folded the paper up and put it in his pocket so that tomorrow he could go looking for a bird to deliver the letter.

(4 days later)

It had been three days since Salazar had sent the letter by an owl he had found when he had been in the park. Salazar had just finished cooking dinner and putting it in front of the Dursely's when the doorbell rang, Salazar waited for a moment staring at Vernon until he looked up "Go get the door, boy," Vernon ordered him.

Salazar turned on his heel and headed toward the door. As the "young" boy walked, he schooled his expression and straightened his back, opening the door to see a man with pale skin and a sharp nose.

"Yes?" Salazar asked through already guessing that this was a representative for Hogwarts to deal with his so called cluelessness about magic.

"I am Severus Snape. I have been tasked with taking you Diagon Alley for Hogwarts. You are to call me Professor Snape," the professor sneered, looking for all the world like he would rather be somewhere else. Salazar inwardly sneered as well - how are we going to have Hogwarts getting students (and keeping students) if a teacher acted like this! However, even though he did not like the way that Professor Snape acted, he would be polite as to not make any enemies.

Holding out his hand Salazar introduced himself with his reborn body's name "I am Harry Potter, nice to meet you. Would you like to take this outside - my Aunt and Uncle don't like visitors." Quickly, Salazar walked outside to the professor's side before leading him to the park just down the street with the Hogwarts professor behind him. When they reached the park Salazar turned around and looked at the professor before asking the important questions, or at least what would be important to a normal muggle raised, not one such as him. After he had gotten some of his questions answered with short curt sentences, Professor Snape apparated them to Diagon Alley, which in Salazar's past life he did not remember it being there.

As Salazar followed the Professor into a seedy bar, he felt like banging his head against the wall - when looking around all the places in England which his relatives took him, he only searched nice upscale places not even thinking that the entrance would be in such a rundown place. This definitely did not give the best first impression of magic.

Salazar looked around the bar barely repressing the urge the shudder at all the grime around. How could people even enjoy dinning here! Sneering slightly, Professor Snape guided Salazar to a brick wall and tapped his wand against it before motioning for Salazar to enter when the bricks disappeared which he did so. As he took a step into a bright place that simply screamed magic, he made sure to make sure his expression was a mixture of awe and wonder.

Salazar glanced around as Professor Snape led him down the street and up the stairs of a large white marble structure. Right before they entered, Salazar noticed a plaque that had complex magic attached to it, one to draw the eye, one to make you read it and another to make sure that what was ever on the place stayed in your mind and compelled you to follow it. Not wanting anything constricting his actions, he chose not to read it no matter how curious he was. There were two goblins guarding the door. Salazar straightened his back for a moment and gave them a quick nod, acknowledgement of a warrior. The two guards seemed to stare in astonishment at him though nothing gave them away except for the slight twist in body language. Salazar then let his body go back into that slouch that kids, at least the muggle ones, these days seemed to all have.

Professor Snape walked to a counter holding another goblin, the goblin there was counting coins the Professor walked to the counter and knocked his fist against it. The goblin looked up and smiled - or what people ignorant of goblin culture would think of as a smile - but he knew better from being friends with a goblin before an during when he had started Hogwarts.

"I would like to make a withdrawal from the vault of Harry Potter," Professor Snape said.

"Key?" the goblin sneered, his voice lilting slightly to make it a question. Professor Snape then pulled out what appeared to be a gold key and handed it to the goblin, whose name plate said Sharpfang. Sharpfang called over another goblin and told him to take them to the Potter vault. Salazar made a note to come back to see if there was a way to make sure there was only one key to his vault out in the world - that key being the one with him.

The goblin, Griphook, lead them to a cart that took them to the Potter vault, a fairly large size vault at that. Salazar kept in mind that he could always come back to get more money if he needed it, while he picked up the amount of money that Professor Snape told him to get. After they got the money, Snape led him out of Grinrotts, back into the alley and down the street to a shop called Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Salazar bought a robe while Professor Snape talked to a blond haired kid that, from what he was hearing, was the professor's godson.

After buying the robes, they went to an apothecary and retrieved the supplies needed for potions and her biology. Afterwards, they went to the book store, Flourish and Blotts, to buy the novels and manuals needed for his classes. Inwardly, Salazar had to resist the temptation to buy as many books as he could, yet he somehow restrained himself by remembering that he was coming back later.

It was in the wand shop when the day went downhill. The moment they entered the shop, Ollivander fixed his eyes on Salazar and asked why he was there. Professor Snape replied that they were there so Harry Potter could get a wand. However, Ollivander then answered that Salazar already had a wand, which lead to many suspicious glances from Snape after they left the shop. Professor Snape then apparated Salazar to the Dursley's house and, just before leaving, gave him a ticket to the Hogwarts train that left the King's Cross Station early in the morning on September 1st.