Hey guys! Crystal and Kieran here! I hope you guys all read Dawn because we are now uploading for you the Midnight Personality Quiz, to see which Midnight character YOU are most like: Phil, Nela, Aurora, or James! So enjoy this quiz, and feel free to review which character you got!


1. Your friends describe you as...

a) funny

b) sensible

c) a born fashionista

d) aggressive

2. You spend the weekend:

a) playing pranks

b) working out

c) shopping, duh!

d) reading

3. You'd never leave home without:

a) a smile

b) a weapon! Must protect yourself and others at all times, hello. (Does not have to be a sword. Can be pepper spray for all I care).

c) your purse

d) my phone/electronic device

4. What's your favorite color?

a) green

b) red, blue

c) pink, orange, yellow

d) purple, black, silver

5. What's your clothing style?

a) t-shirt and shorts

b) whatever is cool right now

c) dresses, cute tops, skirts

d) comfortable stuff, in all my favorite colors

6. What is your strongest belief?

a) nature should be protected at all costs!

b) people should be free to choose who they love

c) true love is a special thing

d) everyone deserves a second chance

7. What is your favorite website?

a) YouTube

b) Sports Channel

c) Seventeen online

d) Any social media! #awesomeness

8. What is your idea of a relaxing unwinding session?

a) TV!

b) go to a sports game

c) yoga and a makeover

d) reading fanfiction online

9. What are your thoughts on little kids?

a) I guess they're okay...they're a little scary

b) They're nasty, I think. But...give me some time to get used to them and it might be okay.

c) They're pretty cute.

d) I just LOVE kids. Love to take care of them, love to be with them, just spend time with them in general.

10. Your idea of a perfect date would be...?

a) Horseback riding, or a stroll through moonlit woods

b) Formal dinner at a fancy expensive restaurant

c) A picnic under the stars with my date

d) Watching a movie

11. TIEBREAKER (If you have a tie between two people, this is where you break that tie. This question is totally optional): Your fave character in Midnight/Dawn is?

a) James

b) Phillip

c) Aurora

d) Nela

If you got A: You are James! James is a hilarious person who makes everybody around him laugh. He can light up a room with his natural comedy. Despite his new position as husband of the princess, he is humble and down to earth. James is open and honest and isn't hesitant to speak his mind about something. James is a lover of plants, and works hard to conserve them. He is shy and adorable and will be sure to cheer up someone who is looking sad. James is also quite sensitive.

If you got B: You are Phillip! Even though Phillip appears like a grim, overly-serious dude who gets annoyed easily, if you look inside of him, Phil is really sweet and generous and loving, and caring, and protective! He tends to hold things back, but eventually lets it all out to a person he trusts. You can trust Phil to be there for you in your time of need, and he will work hard to help his friends out when they need him. He is not very good at horseback riding, but he will still play it off cool. He gets annoyed with James' total adorbs immaturity, but that's just one of the perks of being Phil!

If you got C: You are Aurora! Aurora is girly and perky, and also rather sensitive. But she is super, super sweet to everyone she meets and everyone loves to hang out with her! She is absolutely popular and gorgeous and lovely and though she can be bit absentminded at times, Aurora is a very cool person who is loved and appreciated by many. Though she may appear to be the damsel in distress type, she is still an amazing girl who you found find yourself being instant BFFs with because of her kind and positive nature.

If you got D: You are Nela! Nela is a strong-willed, determined girl who loves to learn more about the world around her. She is very nice most of the time, but you don't want to get into a scrap with her: she'll kick your butt! She's definitely a fighter, and will fight for what she believes in! Nela loves kids, and loves spending time with them. She is the one people call aggressive, but only to defend someone or to defend herself from harm. She is very down to earth and open, and believes in second chances.

Hope you enjoyed the Midnight Personality Quiz!