This is going to be a slight AU of Season Two of the Walking Dead. The story will mostly follow the plot of Season Two, so there will be spoilers. I'm not going to tell you what's going to change, but there will be several major changes to the plot. If you want to find out, keep on reading.

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"Oh my God, I think this is that place I was talking about."

"Omid, what is it this time?" Christa asked in a tone that revealed she was bracing herself for a lecture. Clementine watched as Omid stood up and walked over the log he was just using as cover.

"See that sign over there?" Omid pointed to a giant sign that said "Gil's Pitstop" in the distance as he walked over to the parking lot in front of them, followed by Clementine and Christa. "Over a dozen battles during the Civil War were fought within twenty miles of that pit stop over there. We were going to visit it on our road trip before all of this started."

"Cool. What happened in those battles?" Clementine asked as the three of them walked though the abandoned parking lot. Christa let out a long sigh. Hardly a week went by when they didn't pass some significant civil war landmark that Omid would ramble on about.

"Nothing to special to be honest," Omid said, "but at one point, the Union..." he was cut off by a loud sigh from Christa, "I'll talk about it with you some other time Clem." Omid said.

The three of them reached the small building at the end of the parking lot. Chirsta glanced over at Omid and walked into the men's bathroom.

"Clem, uh... why don't you go on ahead and get cleaned up in the girls room?"

"Do you think there'll still be running water?" Clementine asked Omid, already knowing the answer.

"I doubt it. Anyways, just keep track of your things and make sure its safe first. If you need anything, we'll be right next door."

Clementine went into the old bathroom with her gun raised, in case she came across any walkers. The stench was awful, but she had grown used it it by now. Hardly anything smelled nice these days.

Clementine checked all three stalls, and was thankful she didn't find anything or anyone alive. She walked up to the sink and placed her backpack and her gun right beside it. She looked at herself in the mirror. It was cracked, smeared, and scratched, but she could still see all the dirt on her face.

She looked down at the faucet. "Please have water." She said to herself as she tried to use it. No such luck. At least she still had that bottle of water in her pack. She poured some of the water on a rag from her pack. She scrubbed off her face and looked back in the mirror. Even though she knew it didn't really matter how she looked, it felt better just to have all that dirt off her face.

She reached over for her pack, but forgot that she had placed her bottle of water right next to the sink. "Oh shoot," she said as she saw the water bottle roll into one of the stalls behind her. I forgot to put the cap back on. Hopefully it didn't loose too much water, she thought to herself.

She went over to the stall farthest away from the door, and picked up the water bottle. She wasn't sure if she should use this again, considering that it had just landed on a bathroom floor. Those were dirty even before everything changed.

She was about to walk out when she looked back at the mirror. She saw someone entering the bathroom, and it wasn't Omid or Christa. She quickly closed the door to the stall she was in, and stood up on the toilet so whoever it was wouldn't be able to see her.

Looking through the crack between the door and the wall, she watched the stranger walk over to her backpack and pick up her gun. This isn't going to end well. She thought to herself.

The stranger must have heard her, because she walked up right in front of the stall, and pointed Clementine's gun at her through the crack. "I know you're in there. Come on out slowly."

"Who are you?" Clementine asked nervously. She figured the stranger was just another survivor who had turned to robbing people. She wouldn't be the first.

"None of you're business."

"Are you going to shoot me?"

"Only if you're stupid." The stranger said as she opened the door to the stall. Clementine walked out slowly, trying to keep herself together. Now that she had a closer look, the stranger was another girl, maybe only five years older than she was herself. "Stay over there." The stranger said, pointing to the corner of the room with the gun. She kept the gun pointed at Clementine as she rifled through her backpack.

"Is this everything? How'd you make it this long?"

"Yeah, that's all I have."

"Bullshit. You couldn't have survived all this shit with this junk."

"I don't have anything else, that's it!"

The stranger looked up at the little girl. "I'm serious, give me what you got!"

"I already told you, that's it!"

"Don't lie to me, I'll pop you!"

Clementine didn't say anything as the stranger stared at her. She felt scared. Was the stranger going to kill her if she didn't have enough to satisfy her?

"Give me dat hat!" The stranger said.

"No!" Clementine immediately responded.

"Where'd you get it?"

"My dad gave it to me." That hat was the only thing left that she had from her parents. She wasn't going to give it up while she still breathed.

"Just give it to me." The girl said. Clementine didn't respond. The stranger rolled her eyes.

"Junk, junk, junk." The stranger said as she went back to looking though the backpack. Clementine heard the door to the bathroom open slowly.

"Crap, crap, and more crap." She heard some footsteps coming from the door.

"Shit, shit, and even more shit." Clementine saw Christa walk up behind the girl, momentarily frozen at the sight of the stranger with a gun. Clementine looked at Christa, and begged her to help with her eyes.

"Why you ain't got nothing good?" Christa started to walk towards the stranger with her arm stretched out, reaching towards the gun.

"This your daddy?" The strange girl asked as she picked up a ripped photograph out of Clem's backpack. "He looks like such a bozo."

Clementine heard the bathroom door close. Christa turned to face the door for a split second. The stranger turned around and shot Chsita twice, once in the gut, and once in the chest. Christa slowly turned back to face Clementine and the stranger, and coughed. She looked down and saw the blood seeping through her shirt. She opened her mouth as if to cry out in pain, but just collapsed onto the floor.

Clementine recoiled at the sight of Christa's death. She had been taking care of her for around six months by now, and she was taken away in an instant.

The stranger looked down at the gun in her hands, horrified at what she had just done.

Omid burst through the door holding his rifle. He stared at the floor in horror.

"I didn't want to, I didn't want to!" The stranger pleaded as she raised her hand and dropped the gun. Clementine looked at Omid and was scared. She had never seen him look like this.

"I didn't want to-" she was cut of by the burst of a rifle. She clutched at her chest and fell against the wall.

Omid dropped the rifle and fell to his knees next to Christa. He picked up her lifeless body. "Christa, common. Say something! Can you hear me! Christa baby... No please..." Clementine saw Omid chocking up and sobbing.

"Chista... No God... Please... Chirsta..." Omid looked up and saw Clementine's handgun on the ground, and looked up at the girl he had been watching over for the past few months.

Clementine made eye contact with him, her own eyes welling up with tears.

Omid just knelt there weeping.