I did love her

She was everything I was looking for, yet back than I couldn't see that. I had treated her badly, coldly, and harshly throughout our relationship only until she left me, did I realize just how much she meant to me.

" Otohata-kun, let`s break up..." at first I thought she was playing a cruel joke on me, so I chuckled and I agreed. But when I looked into her hurt and humiliated eyes, I knew she was serious, if I had known I would of never agreed, I would have never had laugh her emotions, I would of fought for her, just as she wished me too but before I can take into my arms and apologize, she was gone...my heart, was gone...

I had laughed at her, I had hurt her, I had wounded her, I had broke her.

" Hey, Rei? Did ya` hear...Aya is coming back today" I didn't reply to him but I'm pretty sure he knows just how happy I was...yes, she's been gone for six months, and only yuuya knew just how saddened I was when she left without even a single word to me.

"There she is, HEY AYA OVER HERE" I heard Ran scream, her and Miyu flew to her, hugging and smiling. How I wished I was little more open when it comes to affection.

"Rei why keep hurting yourself, here's your chance to tell her how you feel" I grunted in agreement, Yuuya gave me a thumbs up before joining the girls in welcoming Aya back. As soon as the excitement calm downed, I walked over to her, before I can say anything, she smiled that shy yet beautiful smile at me, I felt my heartbeat once more.

" Aya, can we...talk" she nodded and we both made our way away from the group. I could hear Kotobuki treating me, if I hurt Aya again. It kinda sickens me, that I once had a crush on her, that I once thought of her more then my precious Aya.

We made our way to semi empty park, she sat on the bench while I choose to stand right in front her, I could tell she was nervous, I could tell she wanted to cry just by the sight me, I could tell she was thinking about every bad thing I had done to her.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry Aya, I missed you so much, I never wanted to break up, I never wanted to hurt you, I didn't know how much I hurt you, how much you meant to me...I love you, it's always been you, no other girl can compare to you, I want no one else but you...I'm so in love with you, please forgive me, please...be my mine once again, I promise. I would never you again...please Aya" my heart was pounding out my chest as I slept my heart out to her, to the girl I love more then life. Maybe this is how she felt, when she confessed to be all those times, this stingy, achy feeling, this exciting yet nerve wrecking feeling, now I know just what she meant, when she said she loved me all those times.

" I forgive you Otohata-Kun, I still love you, yes, I'll Be your girlfriend again"

My heart melted, I took her in my arms and for the first time in my life, I felt complete, I kissed her, she kissed me back, I hugged her, she hugged me back. This time, we both didn't let go...