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Chapter 1: Blues

The entire leaf village stood in wait, waiting for their hero to return. The lone boy had defeated the god-like entity single-handedly. Pain. It was Pain who had killed one the strongest shinobi in Konoha, One of the legendary Sannin Jiraya. It should have been impossible to defeat him, when Pain was decimating the forces of Konoha, and had leveled the entire village with a single jutsu. The peoples hopes of winning were crushed. But when Naruto had returned, defeating one of the pain's with a single blow, their hopes rose once again. They doubted once again when they saw a giant meteor in the sky, along with the nearly formed Kyuubi.

When they had heard he defeated pain, they cheered briefly. But the pain of losing so many of their loved ones weighed them down. They were weak, with so many dead surely another village would take advantage and destroy them. Their hopes were fully restored when the dead came back to life, Katsuyu's explanation of Naruto's deed had explained their confusion. They cheered loudly, happily that their precious people were back. All because of the Demon boy they all had hated once. Most of them at least.

Now they patiently waited. Waiting for their hero to return. To return gracefully from somewhere beyond the forest. It did not happen, as series of explosions was heard in the distance. Nearly the entire village watched as they saw an explosion go off in the distant hill. A comment from Shikaku and Inoichi very quickly spread throughout the large crowd.

"That's where Naruto went in alone" Reverberated throughout the crowd. Quickly they reacted, ninja started sprinting towards the explosion that was seen. Villagers ran ahead, not caring if they could help or not. All were worried about the sudden explosion that was heard, that was in the direction where their hero once was.

Despite her exhaustion and freshly healed injury, Hinata ran along with the force. She couldn't help but feel that something terrible had happened to him. Her fears grew, but she couldn't help but admire at what was occurring before her eyes. Nearly the entirety of Konoha's ninja forces were attempting to reach him, trying to help him, even civilians had ran along but further back. Nearly all were exhausted, but they pushed themselves to run along. Hoping that he was okay.

Kakashi stood alone amongst the smoldering ruins, numerous small fires cause by a fire Jutsu were lit across the clearing, setting fire to several trees nearby. A large crater was depressed into the ground, reminiscent of a Rasenshuriken blast. 'What happened here?'. He had came to pick up his student and had just left the village when the explosion occurred. He was far too weak to put up in a actual fight, but he ran here anyways, worried about his student. He searched around, looking for any trace for his student. A shredded akatski cloak was all he found.

Gathering what little chakra he had left, he bit his thumb and did the necessary hand signs. Completing it, he slammed his hand into the ground. "Summoning Jutsu!" Once the cloud of smoke dissipated, it revealed pack of ninja dogs.

"Kakashi?" Pakkun questioned. Curious as to why he was in the flesh when they were informed moments ago of their summoner's death.

"Now's not the time, I need you to find Naruto as quickly as you can, Pakkun come with me" Kakashi said desperately, the nindogs heard his tone and quickly spread out, already knowing of his scent. Kakashi held out the piece of the Akatski's robe to Pakkun. "Does it smell familiar?" Pakkun took a slight sniff.

"It smells like that man with the orange mask," He conducted.

"That's...bad...really bad" Kakashi said through clenched teeth, 'If he got Naruto...He's already long gone...' He clenched his fist in rage. Labored breathing took over him. "Damn it!"Kakashi yelled out. After his outburst he quickly got in control of himself, He couldn't let his emotions override him. There was still a chance that he could be saved that it was another who kidnapped him. Yet his doubts were still there, how could they find him?. 'I could only hope it's not that man' He heard the arrival of several shinobi, with more arriving every other second.

"Kakashi-sensei! You need to hear this!" Sakura yelled out, the pink haired kunoichi ran towards him as he was in the crater. A small slug on her shoulder was present "Lady Katsuyu, please explain quickly" Other ninja quickly gathered around the 2 remaining members of team 7, curious about the fate of Naruto Uzumaki.

"Of course, After talking, Naruto was attacked by man with a orange mask... " Kakashi closed in his eye in defeat, "I'm not sure what quite happened, as my clone was quickly killed in the beginning of the fight...but being here..." She didn't finish it.

"We have to find him now!"Kiba called out.

"We shouldn't have let him go alone "Neji yelled.

Everyone quickly jumped to conclusions. Hearing their thoughts, Hinata felt the sense of dread overtake her, 'No!...Is he...' She felt tears starting to flow, Her heart ached in pain. Her breathing quickened and she landed on her knees on the ground. Ten-ten leaned over her, trying to comfort her.

"Calm down, everyone-This is no time to panic!" Kakashi yelled out, calling the ninja's attention. More ninja had quickly arrived and were wondering what had happened. Seeing Kakashi Hatake a prominent ninja in the village they flocked to him."Naruto is their target and because he contains the Kyuubi, he's still alive" He explained. Hinata looked up hopefully at this information, she had to rescue him. No matter the cost.

"What should we do?" Sakura asked. worried sick, she knew they had little time.

"Tell me Sakura who's all coming here?" Kakashi asked. Absolute authority in his voice. Finding Naruto was their top priority, but so was protecting the villagers from a dangerous man.

"Nearly the entire village, Ninja and civilians" She said quicky

"Damn it...Shikaku!" He called out, He quickly apppeared before him, waiting for what he had to say."We need to quickly gather any able bodied sensory type ninja, to search around the area, they still might be around" He explained, Shikaku nodded at his orders as he had the same idea. "Get into squads of six or more, We also need to get the civilians back into the village- It's not safe for them here." He ordered.

Shikaku and Kakashi both ordered the other ninja, and they quickly complied, all eager to rescue their hero. More healthy and uninjured ninja quickly got into groups and dispersed around the areas. Other, more injured ninja stayed behind to get the civilians back into the village. The groups were quickly dispersing. The battleground was quickly clearing of the ninja. Hinata walked up to a group consisting of Team Gai, Sakura, Kiba and Shino. Getting ready to go.

"Hinata I can't let you go " Sakura said to her, seeing her trying to join them.

"What! Why not?" She argued, she had as much right to save the boy she loved. She was about to argue more when she interrupted.

"You're still injured, you can't risk reopening your wound" She explained,

"She's right Hinata-sama, you must rest, you can't help Naruto in your current state" Neji joined in. Hinata was hurt about what they had said, but she couldn't deny about how true it was. Hinata hugged herself, bowing her head in chagrin and shame, tears spilling at her inability to help a loved one. She whimpered at their suggestions. 'I-I'm too weak'. More doubt started to delve in, 'Could they find him?'. She didn't know what she would do if he was never coming back.

She felt a hand on her shoulder "Hinata..." Sakura said, trying to soothe her. She didn't look up to face her, they didn't need to see her tears. "We'll find Naruto, don't worry about it" She finished. Through her bangs, she was still able to see her obvious fake smile, Hinata didn't believe her, she heard all the doubt in her voice. Sakura was a terrible liar.

Sakura walked back to her group, leaving Hinata standing alone in the clearing in despair. She clenched her fists in silent agony, her nails digging into her palms and drawing blood. More tears fell from her pale lavender eyes. As her sorrow built up, she fell to her knees and let her cries be heard. "N-N-Naruto...I'm s-s-orry I couldn't h-help" She cried out.

Konan hid herself away from the one she recognized as Kakashi Hatake, wrapped in her jutsu, she coated it in pheromones as the nindogs raced passed her. She could only fool Quick uncalculated looks and nindogs easily, as they mostly relied on their scent to track and alert. But if someone possessed a dojutsu or looked intently enough she would be spotted. She could only hope luck would be on her side. Hearing numerous shouting, she saw numerous konoha ninja race to where the one-eyed jonin was. Luck seemed to be on her side, as numerous Byakugan bearing ninja passed by her.

'Residue chakra must be clouding their vision' She formulated. It seemed luck was on her side. It was only because of Naruto that she survived, and it was because of her he was captured. 'I have to rescue him' She firmly believed he was the embodiment of Yahiko and Nagato's dream, and he had to survive to fulfill those dreams. Nagato, in his dying breath had place his trust in Naruto for him to fulfill. She had to save him, simply because she believed in him too.

If she was captured by the Konoha shinobi, she wouldn't be able to help him. She would be interrogated and the Kyuubi would be extracted from him, resulting in Naruto's death. As she heard shouting of orders, she carefully spied to take a route with no dojutsu users. Even then she was no sensory type ninja, She doubted she could escape in her weakened state and all the ninja running about. More shinobi dispersed while she waited, she thought of the several places where the extraction of the kyuubi would take place. She had to take a gamble to go to one of the hideouts.

She looked around, seeing only a lone indigo colored kunoichi crying. " N-N-Naruto...I'm s-s-orry I couldn't h-help", Konan heard her say. 'Is she his lover?'. She remembered Nagato commentating about a girl interfering, and unleashing the kyuubi. 'It was just like this when my parents were killed...Love breed's sacrifice...' Konan decided to take a gamble, She saw that she possessed the Byakugan. If she could convince the girl to come with her, she would be certain that they would be able to escape.

Deactivating her jutsu, she slipped to the ground from the trees and quietly approached the grieving girl. She had to succeed, and she would greatly improve her chances if she persuaded the girl. She had stopped her sobbing and Konan stopped a few steps behind her.

"Do you want to save Naruto-san?" she asked the girl. She didn't reply, She didn't seem to acknowledge her. Her next words got her attention.

Hinata kneeled down, her tears had stopped. She felt so powerless. She heard quiet steps from behind her. A feminine voice had called out to her, but she ignored her in her grieving.

"I know where he is" Hinata gasped, quickly raising and turning. What she saw greatly surprised her, She saw a indigo haired kunoichi, with the same height of Naruto, she wore a light blue origami flower in her hair. She had amber eyes and lavender eye shadow. She wore dark blue tights and what surprised her the most was the shredded black cloak with the red cloud pattern, signifying she was affiliated with the Akatsuki. The organization that had kidnapped Naruto. Hinata got ready into her Gentle Fist stance.

"I need your help to rescue Naruto-san" She said to Hinata.

"What?!" She asked. Confused as to why she needed help since she was part of them. Both blue haired Kunoichi stared at each other. Both eyes calculating, looking for anything that they sought for. One for deceit, and one for a possible ally.

"Naruto-san and I were attacked by another individual that was part of the Akatsuki" She explained calmly. Hinata activated her byakugan intent on more answers and searching for any lies. Questions flowing into her mind, Hinata wondered why this individual would talk to her when she could have easily killed her. 'To rescue Naruto-kun...Why the sudden change?

"Why do you want to rescue Naruto-kun?" She asked firmly, all thoughts going to him, her stutter didn't appear in any form. She needed to rescue him.

"I want to save him... He is the one who can bring peace to this world" she explained, Hinata noted how calm and serious she was, she didn't see any form of deceit with her byakugan. "I believe he is the only one who can but I need your help to save him" She finished.

Hinata wanted to desperately save him, She'd do anything to save him, seeing his bright smile strengthened her resolve. She saw the powers of the masked individual. He had disappeared without a trace, and Hinata could only guess he could go long distances. The tracking teams would never be able to find him.

"Do you know where Naruto-kun is?" she asked. Konan saw the desperation in her eyes to save him.

"I might... but we must leave right away and only us two" She explained. Hinata didn't hesitant to nod. "We leave now-come" she mentioned to her, walking towards an area she noted that didn't carry any Byakugan users. "Can you run?" She asked. Seeing her blooded jacket with a hole through it. It was hit with one of pain's rods, It mostly confirmed her thoughts, she noted it was healed with medical ninjutsu.

"H-hai I'll keep for up now" Hinata felt a bit renewed energy flow thorugh her, now that she had real chance to save him. Not some false sense of hope. The woman in the robe nodded, and started running along through the forest. Hinata followed after and soon started running side by side. After they reached a comfortable but eager pace for them both, Konan spoke up.

"Because of the few remaining members of Akatsuki, I determine that we have about 6 days to rescue Naruto-san before they extract the kyuubi that he holds within him, We can get to the location in 3 days with nonstop running " Konan explained to her. She doubted they would get there in 3 days, they would need a full days rest at the least, and both were exhausted from today.

"Ha-Hai, If there is the slightest chance to sa-save him I'll take it" Hinata proclaimed.

"We'll take it" Konan corrected. But nodded in agreement otherwise.

"O-of course" Hinata said. After a few moments Hinata noticed she didn't know her name."Um- what is your name?" she questioned.


"My name is Hinata" Konan nodded, If they were going to spend several days together, they might as well know each other's name. "I-If you don't mind me asking K-Konan-san, why aren't we bringing anyone else a-along" Hinata asked.

Konan looked at the younger kunoichi running alongside her. She seemed to trust her but was genuinely curious as to why. "Any larger would significantly lower our infiltration capability, and I already took a large risk trusting you since I might have been captured" She explained. She saw the teen nod in understanding. "Unless you know of anyone else" she added.

"N-No... There's no one else" Hinata replied. She thought about who else would agree. She wondered if Sakura would have, except she was with a team who would undoubtedly refuse and stop them. Anyone else would have turned her in because they wouldn't trust her, and it would have resulted in Naruto's death. She swallowed the lump at the thought. 'We'll save him' Steeling her resolve. "W-Why would you trust m-me?" she asked.

Konan took a moment to reply. "You tried to save him... And because you love him, do you not" Hinata looked slightly away from her, A bit uncomfortable that she figured out her feelings for him so fast. She answered nonetheless.

"H-Hai... I do.." She confessed. They continued running ahead, and with Hinata's Byakugan, avoided other ninja.

"Then that is the reason" Konan replied calmly.

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