Sorry this story is taking so long to update. But it's complicated trying to write this one.

Anyways, here's you're long awaited chapter five.


Sakura and Sai stared down at the 'body' of the young woman laying on her back in the semi tall grass just a foot away from the place where Sai had been aiming to hide. Her eyes wide as she thought, EEK! Someone actually murdered a person and just left them on the frigging training grounds to rot!

"Hey, you don't think-" She started to say when Sai scratched his head and shrugged before saying,

"Dunno. Maybe."

The unknown woman looked like a foreigner to them with her mid back length red curly hair, her petite build, smooth cream colored skin and sweet, delicate features. Her clothing lacked any semblance of shinobi attire. No headband, no vest, no dark pants or sandals... And there was a deep bloody wound running along her temple, going back, back and finally disappearing under her hair somewhere around the area where her ear was.

She must have been there for a while. And her wound must be serious- even by their standards- because the grass and dirt under her head was stained such a deep red that it reminded the two of the blood that had stained the ground during the war.

There had been so much of it that they had both began to feel as if they were going to drown in it.

Finally after a moment or two of gawking at the woman, Sai elbowed her sharply in the ribs and indicated that he thought the woman might still be alive, thus snapping Sakura out of her funk long enough for her to push her shock aside (seriously, who left dead or semi dead bodies on the training grounds? If you're going to kill someone at least have the decency to dispose of the body properly!) just enough for her medical skills to kick in.

Dropping down to her knees next to the woman she quickly took her pulse while shrugging off her vest and barking out the order for Sai to carefully- very carefully- lift the woman's head so that she could place the vest under her head as Sakura continued to examine the woman. Checking everything from the head wound to the rest of her, looking for broken bones, internal bleeding and so on.

But so far the only wounds she could find were a few scratches and bruises. Which left the head wound.

There was no doubt in her mind that if whatever had created the wound had hit just a few more inches to the right- the woman's skull would have shattered. Half of her face would have been completely crushed in. There would have been intense physical agony followed by the struggle to breathe and once that passed- death.

"Man- Someone did a real number on you honey." Sakura muttered as she focused her chakra and let her hand hover over the woman's head wound hoping that she could heal her enough to move her and thought it was working... Until she realized that the woman had very different chakra coils from her own and introducing her chakra to her body, even to heal it- could very well cause the woman's body to react as if it's been poisoned- and paled.

Oh god no- Sakura almost groaned aloud.

It was an extremely rare occurrence within the shinobi world, but it did happen on occasion. When dealing with people with underdeveloped chakra coils (like Rock Lee) or extremely strong one's (like Tsunade, Naruto or even Kakashi) there were perhaps a few more people that fit the description, but so far she had never seen anything like this before.

So it was difficult for her to classify the woman much less figure out how she was supposed to help her.

"Sai, go to the hospital and gather several medical nins. Bring them here and tell them to expect a difficult case with this one. My chakra isn't healing her and I'm not sure if trying to heal her with chakra alone is a very good idea. We need to move her and get an IV started, like now."

Sai blinked at her then noticed how pale she seemed and was instantly on his feet. "Keep her alive!" Was all he could manage to yell back at her from over his shoulder as he took off running as fast as he could in the direction of the hospital.