So this is my first shot at a ROTBTD FF. I know this beginning seems rushed but it's meant to be all over the place and rushed to reflect Hiccup's emotions, I know many of you will probably pick up on that but for those of you who don't please don't review saying it's rushed. It's purposeful. Enjoy!

Hiccup stared hopelessly at the lifeless forms of Stormfly, Astrid and his father. Toothless lay badly wounded, his father's dragon no where to be found. The storm came out of nowhere, fifty foot waves crashed on the cliffs of Berk. The tornado had caught Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick and their dragons and led them god knows where. Hiccup screamed in terror gripping Astrid, they had been together since the young age of eleven and in one perfect afternoon in one perfect storm she was gone, and his father... Stoick left this world with her.

When he gained his strength he pulled away from Astrid and Stoick and ran towards Toothless who was fighting to breathe. A gaping wound dripped purple blood down his head. Hiccup grasped him and cried,

"Not you too bud, come on stay with me." Tears were streaming down his face. Toothless let out a groan on the dying would understand. Hiccup saw the rock Toothless had landed on and where he had hit his head. Not having the slightest idea how to help him, Hiccup took off his shirt soaked it in the cold salt water and applied pressure to Toothless' wound attempting to stop the bleeding. Toothless watched Hiccup helplessly, he would have let go by now, but he couldn't leave Hiccup, not now, not with his only family and his only love taken from him in a heart beat.

All night Hiccup stayed up tending to Toothless' wound, when it finally stopped bleeding and the swelling seemed to go down a bit, he got up and sat in front of Toothless who was fighting to stay awake. Hiccup put his hands on either side of Toothless' face, sure he'd lose him in a matter of hours.

"We've... we've been through so much together bud." Hiccup choked out, he wanted his dragon to be at peace. "When we first met... I wanted to kill you, I wanted to be the awesome son of Stoick -" Hiccup sucked in a breath. "- the only thing I could think to do was to kill a dragon. When I saw the opportunity I saw how you were just as scared as I was. And now I'm terrified of losing you too, but Toothless, I'll be okay bud, if you need to let go..." Hiccup lost it and put his head in his hands. Toothless' heart went out to his best friend, they were bonded for life and he had no intention of letting go, leaving Hiccup alone and heartbroken.

With all the strength he could muster Toothless nudged Hiccup and managed to lick him a little. He was trying to convey that he wasn't giving up. Not yet.

"I love you bud." Hiccup curled up in Toothless' warm body and fell asleep, there was nothing he could do anymore. He'd be useless if he was exhausted when daylight struck.

It was the worst night Hiccup had ever had... storm clouds, tornadoes, blood and death haunted his dreams.

"Come on Hiccup, don't be a baby! When did a little rain ever stop you?" Astrid teased a light smile playing at her features as she jumped onto Stormfly. Hiccup sensed Toothless and Stormfly's uneasiness.

"I don't know Astrid those clouds don't look too good." Hiccup hesitated. Astrid rolled her eyes.

"They look fine! Now come on, Stormfly's itching to stretch her wings." His heart melted as he saw the eager look on her face and he just couldn't say no. She stared at him with a puppy dog look on her face, he knew she'd go either way, he might as well be there to protect her. Although, Astrid didn't exactly need protecting. Hiccup chuckled and patted Toothless on the back.

"Fine you win m'lady, as always. I'm going to tell my Dad I'll miss 'how to be chief 101' today. Can you get Toothless' tail ready?" Astrid smiled triumphantly as she hopped off Stormfly and grabbed Toothless' tail. Hiccup sprinted to the center where he knew his dad would be waiting.

"Dad?" Hiccup poked his head in... Even at sixteen Hiccup was still entirely intimidated by his father.

"Hiccup! You're late!" Stoick bellowed. Hiccup winced.

"Actually Dad, I'm going to have to miss today's lesson..." Stoick narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms.

"And why would that be?" Hiccup took a sharp breath in. He had to come up with an excuse on why he'd be flying Toothless in this horrendous weather... and as often happens with Hiccup he thought of something immediately.

"Astrid and I have some Dragon Training we want to do-"

"Dragon Training? I thought you lot finished that years ago?" Stoick asked, not quite believing his son.

"No we did! We just want to uh, practice flying in harsh weather conditions... Never know when you'll be caught up in a storm, you know?" Hiccup's nerves got the better of him and his father's lesson on speaking with a persuasive tone went right out the window. Stock huffed, not quite ready to have this discussion with Hiccup.

"Sit down son." Stoick asked almost politely.

"But Dad Astrid-"

"Sit down Hiccup." Hiccup sat. Stoick paced back and forth and finally came to a stop two feet away from Hiccup.

"Look son, you and Astrid have been spending a lot of... alone time together." Hiccup raised an eyebrow.

"We've always taken rides together Dad." Hiccup wasn't sure where his father was going with this.

"Yes, you have. But now you're older you see and you're relationship-" Hiccup's eyes widened and he stood up fast shaking his hands. He absolutely wasn't ready for this conversation, not today at least.

"Dad I swear you have nothing to worry about. Why don't you come with us if you aren't so sure... I know you're worried about the uh... 'weather'." Hiccup made air quotes around the word weather. Stoick contemplated it, and he was also genuinely worried about the weather so he decided to go. He thumped Hiccup on the back, almost knocking him over.

"Let's go then." Stoick walked out of the town center and Hiccup sighed... Astrid wasn't going to be too happy.

Hiccup awoke with a start, he had heard footsteps, and the crack of a branch. As his eyes adjusted, he took in his surroundings for the first time. He was on a beach, right behind him was a forest, and the weather was... warm. Almost like it was summer. He bolted up and checked Toothless' wound praying he was still alive. Toothless was sleeping soundly, and as Hiccup felt his head, there was no swelling, no blood, no wound at all actually. He was confused as ever but was also so happy he could cry. He kissed Toothless' head and let the poor dragon sleep, he'd been through enough. Hiccup turned around and was met with the gruesome sight. Astrid, Stoick and Stormfly. Hiccup's heart sank into the pit of his stomach but also leapt through his throat. He couldn't breathe, he just collapsed into the sand. The only thing he could think was how he was going to get them back to Berk. Luckily Toothless' prosthetic tail had survived. He knew there was no way he could get Stormfly back.

Hiccup looked for anything he could use to dig. There was nothing. He screamed in frustration. The only thing Hiccup could do was send the dragon off to sea. He stitched together a small raft made from logs and the straps on his boot, with adolescents fading away Hiccup became stronger and was easily able to get Stormfly onto the raft and send him off to sea.

Hiccup began to feel numb. Shock was setting in. He couldn't fathom how drastically his life had changed in the past twenty four hours, and going back to Berk seemed like an impossible task. But it had to be done. His father would have wanted to be buried, properly, as a chief. Hiccup realized suddenly he couldn't bring Astrid back to Berk, that wasn't what she would have wanted, in fact he knew that wasn't what she wanted. They talked about it once.

"Hiccup... I'm worried." Astrid mumbled as they sat on the cliffs of Berk snuggled up against Toothless. Hiccup sat up staring at her.

"What are you worried about?" He asked brushing some hair off her cheek. She stared him dead in the eyes and said,

"You." Hiccup was taken aback.

"Why are you worried about me?" Astrid stood up hugging herself staring at the sea off the cliffs. Hiccup looked at Toothless in complete confusion. After a moment or so he stood up. "Astrid why are you worried about me?" He asked. She huffed and stared at him.

"That stunt you pulled with Toothless today? You both could have easily died, in fact the chances of you both surviving that were slim to none." Hiccup huffed.

"Astrid, nothing was going to happen I was with Toothless." He put a hand on her shoulder which she brushed off.

"Hiccup you always say that! Toothless can't protect you from everything! One day, one day you'll misjudge a second and-" He pulled her into a hug. She had just lost her parents a year ago and all she could think of was death, she'd lost her spark of risk. She grabbed him for dear life hysterical. She collapsed into him and sat them both down, he stroked her hair.

"Astrid, look at me." She looked up, her eyes screamed broken. He put her face in his hands.

"I would never do anything to endanger Toothless, maybe I'll misjudge the danger for my sake, but I would never misjudge it for Toothless and that you can count on. That's why I always say I'll be fine when Toothless is with me. I always make sure whatever we do, he can handle. And you know he'd never let anything happen to me." She sniffed wiping away her tears.

"I know." She put her hands on Hiccup's. She looked up at him. "Can you promise me something?" He wiped away a stray tear.


"When I go, I want to be with Stormfly." Astrid nodded towards her sleeping dragon. It was a terrifying thought to Hiccup, the thought of Astrid... dead... he couldn't bare to think about it, so he simply agreed and held her close. He never wanted to lose her.

Hiccup hit himself in the head. The raft hadn't quite sunk yet, He dove in the water and pulled Stormfly back to shore. He dragged himself over to Astrid and put her head in his lap. There was so much blood. He held her close and just cried and screamed. He couldn't understand how this had happened. He stroked her hair and stared at her. This was it. This was his goodbye.

"Astrid... I have loved you for five years, and I never never thought we'd be apart. Unless you found someone better, which I always kind of expected. I can't imagine how I'm going to go on without you. You are everything to me." Hiccup couldn't stop the tears from flowing he sucked in a sharp breath and tried to get his breathing under control. "I promise you that I'll go flying every day to our spot up on the cliffs and I'll never never stop loving you." He closed her eyes and picked her up, he buckled under the weight of his heavy heart and Astrid's lifeless form.

Toothless had woken up and gotten up just in time to give Hiccup something to fall against. Hiccup turned around and leaned into Toothless for a moment.

"Thanks bud." He placed Astrid on the raft with Stormfly and shoved them off to sea. He couldn't stand the pain anymore and he simply fell. He screamed trying to get the pain out, but he had completely lost his voice, there was no sound left in him. Toothless let out a plasma blast to the raft and they watched their dearest friends and Hiccup's dearest love burn and sink into the ocean where they would eternally lay.

Hiccup took his sandy shirt and rinsed it off. Even in death he was intimidated by Stoick. He knew the customs of a chief's burial, he knew he had to get Stoick back to Berk. He took the blanket he kept in Toothess' sadle and covered his father. He didn't know a person was capable of crying so much.

Toothless didn't know one person could feel so much pain at once. He nudged Hiccup away from his father and curled himself around Hiccup, he so desperately wanted to keep the pain out, but he couldn't all he could do was hope his friend would fall asleep and dream a sweeter dream. Hiccup eventually drifted off into a painful sleep filled with nightmares and memories.

I know such a sad way to start this FF, but at least it can't get any worse! Or can it... You'll have to wait and see. Review tell me what you think!