Hi. So, just a quick preface for this story. I wrote down my idea for this story at 3:27am while watching Top Gear on BBC America. I edited it every so often until 5:57am just because I couldn't sleep. In other words, I have no idea how this story might turn out now that I've started writing it...

Summary: Tony goes back in time after a mission gone wrong to stop one of Doctor Doom's newest somehow-going-to-take-over-the-world-with-some-kind-of-smarty-pants-tech machine. He lands in Brooklyn three years before Steve's transformation into Captain America. With no way to get back to 2013, with some fault towards his partial amnesia, Tony accepts a job within a special part of the army. Years later, Tony is asked to help with Project Rebirth where he meats a scrawny blonde kid with beautiful blue eyes. Wait, isn't he familiar?

Warnings: Tony's use of words, my fangirling ides that may run a bit rampant, and some male on male relationships to the extent I have yet to decide. Oh, and some violence, sarcasm, war stuffs, and probably something I've forgotten to mention.

Possibly may eventually need a warning: panic attacks, mentions of past abuse and/or torture, "current" torture, and maybe something else but IDK yet.

Special thanks to my oldest sister for coming up with the Doctor Doom thing because I was just too lazy to pick a reason for time travel.

The line breaks (- . . - - .) are "time" in Morse Code... Because I can, that's why.

I'm going to add a quote about time before each chapter. The first quote obviously helped me name this story.

"Time is an illusion." –Albert Einstein

Disclaimer: I own squat.

The Illusion of Time

"Oh, so you've decided to show up after all, huh?" Tony asked sarcastically over the comm. system.

"Iron Man, stay focused," Steve replied curtly. "Now is not the time. Location?"

"Same as the last time you asked, dear. I've been hovering around this poor excuse of an evil hideaway while the peanut gallery has been taking their sweet time getting here."

Steve huffed out a breath as he ignored the billionaire's retort. Some day, Stark's attitude was going to get him in some serious trouble.

- . . - - .

Something was about to go horribly wrong. Coming from the technologically challenged man from the 1940's, it must have been bad for Steve to figure it out. The machine was humming and shaking, lights were swirling from it's inside, and a high pitched whine was escaping it as the electricity throughout the rest of the abandoned warehouse flickered.

"Iron Man, we need you to figure out what that thing is now," the Cap yelled as he fought off yet another of Doctor Doom's robots.

"Well, the Doc's a bit screwed in the head," the Hulk snorted at this, "and it also doesn't help that it's been damaged. Cap, I have next to no idea what this thing was built for. Shit!" One of the bots had grabbed ahold of Tony's thrusters, it's strong grip crushing the bottom of Tony's boots and their weight and momentum threw them both to the ground.

With their neighborhood god back home in Asgard and their master assassins out on a separate mission, the remaining three Avengers were fighting a losing battle. Believing they were being called out simply to check out some very suspicious activity from a most likely low-grade super villain, the three hadn't bothered to wait for any other Avenger to be dragged out to the location. A mistake, they were learning, that was going to cost them.

The Hulk was relatively fine, if a bit pissed at the annoyingly large number of robots that wee quickly replacing their fallen others. Tony was frustrated at the mysterious machine, had been beaten around quite a bit when the robots had ganged up on him, and he was a bit antsy to leave before the unknown machine did something bad, like blowing up or emitting an EMP high enough to effect his arc reactor. Steve was still fighting hard, his body already covered in small cuts and bruises from blows he hadn't quite stopped in time, but overall was mostly still just annoyed by Tony. Genius my ass.

"Hey Cap?" Tony hesitated.

"What?" Steve bit out. He kicked the robot away before bringing his shield down on it, effectively cutting through the important circuitry in the thing's "head."

"I think we should head out. The Doc's machine looks about ready to blow."

"Shit," Steve murmured. It continued to amuse Tony that the Cap's vocabulary could be almost as bad as his own when angry or frustrated. "I think we're a little busy here," he said quickly, barely managing to keep the upper hand against another robot.

The Hulk grunted, he had been doing increasingly so over the past few minutes. This time, Steve felt it. The ground was shaking. It was still only a little bit, but it had obviously been getting worse and it didn't appear to be slowing.

Steve looked to Doom's machine. The thing was shaking violently, the lights were shining brightly, and the high pitched whine was now close to deafening, yet the machine only seemed to be working harder towards doing something.

Tony flew over and landed next to the machine in a last ditch attempt to stop whatever it was made for from happening. "Shit, shit, shit!" Tony quickly pulled his hand away after burning it on the apparently hot machine. The walls of the building were rattling, the high lighting fixtures were trembling and a few had already crashed to the ground. Tony's hands flew to his ears as the screeching noise became unbearable. The high windows shattered and their world was encompassed in white.

- . . - - .

Yes, I know this was short. This was just sort of an FYI/preface thing. The first chapter will be longer than this.

I hope you will like this story and thanks for reading. -PUV