Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. I'm just writing this fic for fun.

Chapter 1

Katherine's P.O.V

As I walked through the gates of the Laverre Academy, I could feel my stomach tighten. I was being sent to one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the Kalos region and was quite nervous because I wasn't living with my wealthy parents in Celadon City. You see, Celadon City is a town in the Kanto region. That's where I was born. I just hope the Laverre Academy was a great way for me to make friends. Luckily for me, I had captured a Slurpuff with my Poké Ball the day before because I heard that every girl at the Laverre Academy had Pokémon and I didn't want to be left out.

I let out a sigh and walked towards the entrance.

Linnea's P.O.V

"Come on Aromatisse. It's time to wake up." I soothed at my darling Aromatisse.

"De De." Aromatisse responded.

This was my first day at Laverre Academy as a senior student. I've been at the Academy since I was 14. Some of the students aren't very nice, I can tell you that. But ever since my friends graduated, my dorm has been dull and quiet. I was hoping some of the new girls that would be starting today would be in the same dorm as me, but I'm not sure. You see, I'm very observant when it comes to meeting new people. I have to observe if they are nice, mean or arrogant. My mother says I take after her, which is quite funny because we don't look alike. I have long red hair, whereas my mother has long blonde hair. How did I get my red hair? Well, my mother says that I was born with it and it has something to do with the genetics. To this day, I'm still confused about it.

Anyway, enough of my life story. It was time to get ready for orientation.

"You ready for orientation, Aromatisse?" I smiled

"De De." My darling Pokémon replied.

I carried Aromatisse out of the room and we headed to the hall, where orientation was about to start.

Kali's P.O.V

I put on my furisode and looked at my Azurill.

"What do you think, Azurill?" I asked her

Azurill smiled.

This furisode is not just an ordinary furisode. It was passed down to my great-grandmother, who handed it down to my grandmother and so on. You get my drift. I was looking forward to being a senior student at the Laverre Academy. There are not many girls of my heritage that go to the Academy. My parents are both Japanese, so I was brought up to speak Japanese at an early age. Pokémon is in my blood, too. I've had Azurill for nearly three years now. I also caught a Dedenne recently, but it decided to stay with my parents back home. So, Azurill came to stay with me at the Laverre Academy.

"Looking forward to our classes this year, Azurill?" I cooed at Azurill.

"Azurill." It replied.

"I thought so. Well, I better not be late or Madame Perrault will give me detention."

Madame Françoise Perrault is the headmistress of the Laverre Academy. She looks around 60 years-old and has a mole on the side of her left cheek. Some of the girls call her "Madame Diglett". If she heard them say it, would she lose her temper!

Azurill hopped on my shoulder and we walked to the hall.

Blossom's P.O.V

I made my way to the hall and sat next to a girl who had her light blonde hair in two ponytails. This year, I would be a junior student at the Laverre Academy. I was looking forward to it.

As I looked at the girl, she managed to notice me. The look on her face said that she was scared.

"Are you okay?" I asked the girl

"It's my first day here. I'm really nervous." the girl replied, her voice low.

"It's going to be okay. I was like that on my first day at Laverre Academy." I said

"What's your name?" The girl said, still keeping her voice low.

"I'm Katherine. You are?"

"My name is Blossom." I smiled at Katherine.

"You are really pretty." Katherine smiled back

"Thanks." I said

Some girls at the Laverre Academy are jealous of me because of my good looks and think that I'm arrogant. I'm one of the most loveliest people you could ever meet. I'm always nice and friendly, I never gossip about anyone and I just keep to myself. I could feel something clamp onto my long brown hair as I looked back towards the hall.

"Snubbull, I can't play now." I told my trusted Pokémon, Snubbull.

Snubbull just growled at me before letting go of my hair.

"Hey girl." a voice said as I fixed my hair.

I turned to look up at two girls who were approaching the seats me and Katherine were sitting. One had black hair tied in two ponytails like Katherine and had the most gorgeous outfit. It was a red and black furisode. The other girl had long red hair and wore a light blue summer dress.

"Sure." I said to the girls, who by now were taking their seats and sitting next to me.

"What's your name?" The redhead asked Katherine.

"I'm Katherine. What are your names?"

"My name is Linnea." The redhead replied

"And I'm Kali." The black haired girl said.

"Who are you?" Linnea asked me

"My name is Blossom." I replied

"Hey, I've seen you around the Academy before." Kali said.

"Same. But we haven't spoken until now." I said

Before we could continue with our conversation, Madame Françoise Perrault approached us.

"Keep the conversation short, ladies!" she snapped at us before handing us our timetables.

"Oh great." Linnea said.

"What is it?" Katherine asked her

"It looks like we'll be sharing a dorm together." Linnea said

"I hope it works out." Kali said.

Little did we know, that this would be the greatest memory of our lives.