Chapter 7

Two months later...

Kali's P.O.V

Two months passed and my friendships with Linnea, Blossom and Katherine were at an all time high. We trained our Pokémon really hard and participated in battles at the Laverre Academy. On a lighter note, Beauty Aimee is no longer with us. She got expelled after it was revealed that she used her Fletchinder to burn her homework. That didn't go down well with Mari and Didi. They blamed Aimee's expulsion on Lass Anna, but Madame Perrault was on to their little tricks and gave them extra English homework. Speaking of Madame Perrault, she continued to give me and Linnea grief like an angry Growlithe barking continuously. However, we just ignored her and continued to sit together during English class, which infuriated Madame Perrault even more.

Sure enough, as I was sitting with the rest of the Furisode Girls during Monday morning's assembly, Madame Perrault was in a furious mood.

"Lately, some of you girls have not been following the school rules." she barked. "So, I've decided to lay out an immediate punishment system for those who choose to misbehave and not do as they are told."

I rolled my eyes and looked at Linnea. "Is she for real?"

"Well, Madame Diglett always gets the last word in." Linnea said, annoyed.

"QUIET!" Madame Perrault shouted at us, her voice echoing across the hall.

Just then, Madame Dupree, the vice-principal, approached Madame Perrault and whispered in her ear.

"This assembly is over!" she said before storming off the stage.

"I thought she'd never stop speaking." I said.

"She was on fire this morning." Blossom said.

"I wonder why she ended the assembly so early?" Katherine wondered.

"Who knows?" I replied.

But little did I know that Madame Perrault was about to have a run of her money.

Jeanne's P.O.V.

*Punk music plays*

Yo, my name's Jeanne. I'm a Punk Girl. I got kicked outta my old high school for fightin'. My parents decided to send me to this snobby school, which is full of girls. Ugh! So, this is my first day and I'm waitin' for the stupid principal to come to the office.

Finally, after waitin' for a measly 10 minutes, the principal herself arrives.

"So, you're Jeanne." I could tell she was unimpressed with my punk rock attire and pink hair, but I don't really care. I am proud of who I am and if she don't like it, then tough!

"That's right, darlin'." I said, flashing a big ole grin at the old geezer.

"I'll show you to your dormitory." she said in an aggravated tone.

I shoved a wad of gum into my mouth and followed her to where my new room was going to be.

"Here it is." the 100 year-old principal boomed.

Was this it?! All I could see was a single bed and a bathroom.

"I wouldn't exactly call this a honeymoon suite." I sarcastically replied.

"This is the Laverre Academy, not Hotel Richissime!" she snapped.

"I was just sayin', um..."

"Madame Perrault." the old geezer barked. "As you already know, I am the headmistress at the Laverre Academy. You will follow every rule I have set. Do I make myself clear?"

"Whatever you say, darlin'." I said, making a noise with my chewin' gum.

"And get rid of that gum!" Headmistress Perrault snapped. Boy, she never shuts up.

"But I've been itchin' to eat this gum." I complained.

"Do as I say, Jeanne!"

I spat the gum into the bin and gave a smirk at the old geezer.

"Thank you." she replied curtly.

And with that, she stomped outta the room. Now, if I could make some friends in this school...

Blossom's P.O.V

As I was returning to my dorm, I noticed that a girl with pink string-like hair was unpacking a suitcase.

She must be a newbie. I thought, as I stood near the doorway. The girl soon noticed and glared at me.

"What're you starin' at?!" she asked in an angry tone.

"I just noticed you unpacking." I said to her. "Are you new?"

"What does it look like, darlin'?" the girl replied, her voice full of sarcasm.

"I was just asking." I said.

"Sorry." the girl said.

"It's cool."

The girl put her suitcase under the bed and walked over to me.

"So what's your name, darlin'?"

"I'm Blossom." I said to her

"The name's Jeanne." the girl replied, shaking my hand.

"Pleasure to meet you." I said, giving Jeanne a polite smile.

"So, what're the teachers like?"

"Most of them are nice." I replied.

"You got any Pokémon?" Jeanne asked me.

"Yes, I've got a Granbull." I told her.

"Cool! I've got an Arbok." Jeanne replied back.

"We'll have to show them off during dinner." I laughed.

"Y'know, I might like this school." Jeanne said with a smile.

I smiled back.

Linnea's P.O.V

Later that afternoon, Kali and I had English with the "delightful" Madame Diglett. Before she arrived, however, I noticed a girl with pink hair in two ponytails enter the room.

"'Scuse me, but may I sit with you?" the girl asked me.

Before I had a chance to say no, Kali immediately said "Of course you can."

"Are you crazy?" I whispered to Kali.

"Oh, but she's new." Kali whispered back.

I sighed before I looked at the girl. In my honest opinion, she was dressed like a punk.

"What do you think of my Poké Ball necklace?" the girl asked me.

"I think it suits you." I replied.

"By the way, my name is Jeanne."

"Mine's Linnea." I said.

"And I'm Kali." Kali said, giving Jeanne a friendly smile.

Jeanne put a piece of chewing gum into her mouth just as Madame Diglett walked into the classroom.

"I expect complete silence while you do your work." she boomed before sitting at her desk.

Just when I rolled my eyes, I heard a loud cracking noise.

"Who was that?!" Madame Diglett snapped, glaring at the whole class.

The cracking noise continued. Kali and I looked at Jeanne. It turns out that Jeanne was cracking her chewing gum to annoy Madame Diglett.

"Stop that noise!" Madame Diglett yelled.

Jeanne continued to crack her gum, which, of course, infuriated Madame Diglett even more.

"Spit the gum out at once, Jeanne!"

"Sure thing, darlin'." Jeanne smirked before disposing of her chewing gum in the waste basket.

"You will address me as 'Madame Perrault', young lady. I do not appreciate being called names like that." she hissed like an angry Ekans.

"What's wrong with callin' you darlin'?" Jeanne asked.

"It could be worse. Try calling her 'Madame Diglett'." I said.

The whole class laughed as our teacher furiously returned to her desk.

"That was impressive." Jeanne said to me.

"Linnea, she's going to have you expelled for sure." Kali said.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about it." I smiled at them. "Besides, I was just telling the truth."

"That's what I'm talkin' about." Jeanne said before giving me a high five.

Katherine's P.O.V

As I ate dinner in the dining room that evening, I couldn't help but wonder if the new girl that the rest of the Furisode Girls were hanging out with had a troubled past. So, once I finished eating, I decided to find out for myself what the new girl was like.

"Hi." I waved at the girl.

"Oh, hey darlin'. You must be one of those Furisode wearin' girls." the girl replied.

"Yes, I am." I replied back.

"The name's Jeanne. What's yours?"

"I'm Katherine." I said to her. "You must know my friends Kali, Linnea and Blossom."

"Of course I do, darlin'. Y'know that Linnea really makes me laugh." Jeanne said.

"Yes, I heard what happened in English class. Kali told me."

"It sucks bein' in a room on my own." Jeanne sighed.

I felt sorry for her. It's not easy being the new kid at the Laverre Academy.

"If you ever need us, we're right next door." I said to Jeanne.

"Thanks darlin'." Jeanne said, smiling.

"You're welcome." I smiled back.

When I returned to my dorm a few minutes later, the other girls were already there.

"So, what do you think of Jeanne?" Linnea asked me.

"She seems nice." I replied.

"I think she's a bit rough around the edges." Blossom said.

"We just have to give her a few days to settle in. It's not easy being the new kid." Kali said to us.

"Kali's got a point." I said.

We all nodded our heads before deciding to call it a night. Let's see what tomorrow would bring.