Adventures End With Dragons

A/N: I literally just saw the new Hobbit movie. I thought of this little plot bunny while I was watching the scene with Bilbo and Smaug – the very first one. Yeah. Enjoy. Maybe.

Bilbo felt the ground fall away from him and the sudden rush of air flipped his hair back with a whipping sound. His heart let to his throat while his stomach lurched. The dear hobbit had never really been all that fond of heights in the first place but now he was pretty sure he would be mentally scarred for life.

He was in shock at first. After all, it wasn't every day a dragon picked you up with its tail and flew away from your "friends" with you. The most surprising, or rather, depressing part was that Bilbo's friends had scattered in terror, leaving him with a fate that was surely to be worse than death.

The short man fell into a pile of gold coins with a loud 'umf'. How rude it was to drop someone without giving them a warning! Bilbo sat up and tried to back away from the dragon that had encircled the hobbit. Smaug's eyes gleamed as he looked up and down his captured prize.

"Well, my little barrel rider," the haughty dragon sneered, "it looks like your dear friends abandoned you. What cowards, I say. Do you regret coming on your quest yet?"

Bilbo swallowed loudly before looking up to the dragon and answering with, "No. I got to see you, dear mighty Smaug. You are more magnificent than I would have ever imagined. It made the trip well worth it."

A booming laugh filled the seemingly empty corridors. Well, the corridors were pretty much empty. The dead bodies and riches didn't honestly count that much.

"Do you honestly think compliments will get you anywhere, shadow thief?"

The hobbit quickly shook his head 'no'. He knew he wasn't going to get out of this alive but he wanted to post-pone it. Some small part of him hoped that his friends would come back for him and slay Smaug. Oh how fantasies are so beautiful, Bilbo thought bitterly.

The iron scaled dragon flicked his tail, sending gold and his new hobbit tumbling towards his chest. He smiled nastily at Bilbo and coiled around the poor man more tightly. Now there were only a few feet every way that Bilbo could stand without being touched by his capturer.

"Now you can't get away from me. I have thought long and hard, barrel rider. I shall keep you as a pet until I wish to rid you or I get hungry," the deep voiced dragon boomed.

Bilbo choked back a small sob. Oh yes, this was surely a fate worse than death. To others, the dragon's words may have seemed liked kindness or pity but they were not. The taunting smirk on Smaug's face said it all. He was going to emotionally and mentally torture Bilbo. The dragon might even physically torture him too.

"It is too bad that you are not of the female sex. I would have made you my mate," the beast hissed with joy.

The hobbit cringed and slumped into his pile of gold coins. Smaug took a golden crown off the edge of a pile nearby and slyly placed it on Bilbo's head before dragging the man closer.

"I would suggest getting comfortable, shadow thief. You're going to be here for a very long time."

The words echoed through the hobbit's head. The air swirled around him and all he could smell was the rancid breath of Smaug. The gold coins underneath him dug into his skin and it was far too warm in the room for him. This was the end of the adventures for Bilbo Baggins.