Well I love Aro and Bella paring, I know it maybe an extraordinary couple, but I come up with an idea of writing this story.

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Bella POV

"Isabella" Aro whispered my name hard and began to touch my face with his cold fingers.

"Dear Edward won't you mind if I will taste her?" Aro asked Edward and he growled as Felix was holding him strong in his arms, otherwise Edward would attack Aro.

Taste me? Oh my god… I gonna die. Wait a moment, he doesn't look like he is gonna bite me. What does he mean then?

And in very short time I found out what he meant.

His cold lips met mine, but when they touched me I felt a very nice warm feeling, not just on my lips, but inside me, like burning desire.

He pressed his lips on my mouth, and he pressed my hips to his own and I could feel something hard in his pants and it was getting bigger with every move of his lips.

Did I just make the Volturi leader hard? Did I just make Aro Volturi, the handsome long-haired man with ruby eyes excited? Did I just call him handsome? Eww… Wake up Bella, Wake up.

His tongue forcefully opened my mouth and he was kissing me, and he had his hands all over my body, my ass, my legs and my head, and with every move of his cool hands he was moaning into my lips.

"My beautiful* Isabella" Aro moaned and Edward growled with anger.

"Oh my…" Marcus gasped in a moment and I didn't know what's wrong. Aro let me go from his arms and Edward got off from Felix's arms and throws himself at Aro, but then he was lying on the floor.

"Pain" Jane whispered and Edward was screaming from suffering.

"How you dare to attack a king?" Caius asked and he was a bit angry.

"Calm down, brother. Nothing happened, but you, sweet Isabella" He said looking at me. "You will stay with us"

"You cannot have her, you monster" Edward said with anger, trying to get up from the floor.

"Alec" Aro said pointing at teenage boy with black hair. "Make Isabella's guest room ready for her, and I'm so sorry my dear Cullen's, but you two are gonna come back alone, give my dear Carlisle my greetings, and leave now" He said, I didn't know why, but I liked that powerful voice of himself.

My beautiful - Mia Bella (Italian)

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