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-Chapter 2-

Bella's Pov

"Aro, what are you doing?" I asked and his fingers haven't left my pale skin.

"I'm doing what I should have done before" he answered simply.

I ran away from his touch as fast as I could and I was angry at him, I'm not his pet that he can touch when he wants to.

"Isabella, you're so bad women" he whispered seductively into my ear as he was near me.

"Why?' I asked and I shivered.

"You're seducing man and you're gonna leave him hard , all alone with his needs?" he gasped hard.

Aro ripped my shirt off and took a deep breath.

"Magnifico, my dear, Isabella" he gasped even harder.

Aro's Pov

She was truly amazing and I was the one who could take her, all of her, I took her bra off and I was about to unzip her pant but she stopped me.

"Aro Volturi, do you really think, me, Isabella Swan, is really that easy?" She asked and I saw I was guilty in those beautiful eyes.

"In my times, women wasn't allowed to say no to their husband, don't be like that" I said.

"But my dear Aro, now there aren't "your times", there's the 21st century now and you're so welcomed in them, babe and by the way, I'm not your wife so then you are not my husband"

Smart women, she was worth every sin of mine.

Bella's Pov

Yeah! Take it!

I felt so proud of myself after telling him those words, I wanted to show him I'm not his own possession to mark.