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Chapter One

Allura had awoken some time ago, how long she could only guess. An hour, maybe less. Maybe more. She remembered her horror upon regaining consciousness. The disorientation of coming around was compounded by discovering that she was blindfolded, laying flat on her back with her arms pulled over her head, bound together by her wrists to a ring of sorts. She could grasp it with her fingers, it was about two inches wide and affixed firmly to a smooth surface. She felt where the smooth flat straps looped through, but there was no untying them. Her legs were left free and she tried to explore her surroundings by reaching out with them as far as she could, but there seemed to be no end to the soft surface underneath her. At least she was comfortable.

She stretched and tugged on her bonds once more, twisting her bound wrists together but they still didn't give. She tried tugging with both hands, and attempt to get some slack in the rope, or cords, or whatever it was she was tied with. Next she tried rubbing her head on the pillows behind her, trying to dislodge the blindfold. It too held fast. Whoever had done this was an expert. Whoever? Ha! There was no question as to whom. She knew where she was and who had done this. Lotor. He had finally succeeded in capturing her.

She had to hand it to him; he had really out done himself. It had been ingenious in its simplicity, playing on her natural empathy and desire to please. He had found his accomplices from within. Baron Lith of Moiria, the southern most continent of Altea, and his wife. The Baron was a Drule from the Fifth Kingdom and his wife the great grand daughter of rebellious upstarts imprisoned on Altea after the Polluxian War. She should have had suspicions about their loyalty. She should have been wary, paranoid of plots like most of the other leaders she knew were. She knew now how wrong she was to have scoffed at those who trusted no one. Especially since Lotor had finally subdued the seditious Queen of the Fifth Kingdom. Zarkon had executed her and now he had an uncontested claim to the kingdom. Who knows what Lotor had promised them if they helped him acquire her?

The Liths had invited Allura to visit their Castle at Afire Bay. She had left Nanny back at the castle of Lions, saying it was only two days. She was a woman grown, pilot of the Blue Lion. And the Baron and Baroness, loyal friends of her father, were surely respectable enough chaperones. If only Nanny hadn't relented this one time.

The place was legendary for its fierce beauty and the royal suit boasted spectacular views of the glaciers and lava flows. Funny those were the last things she remembered. After a lovely dinner with the Baron and his children – they were so beautiful! Half- human; half Drule they had inherited the best of both their parents. So attractive she remembered remarking on it. The Baron and his son had exchanged a quick glance and then the Baroness had thanked her profusely. Saying that Allura's own children would be equally so. It hadn't meant much to her then, just polite flattery she had thought…but now? Now she knew that there had been more to the statement. The traitors! They had meant her half Drule children with Lotor. She felt hot bile rise in her throat at the thought and she sobbed once quietly as she choked it back down.

After dinner…dinner…oh yes, that! Did they drug her during dinner or after? It was hard to say, she didn't remember tasting anything strange, but that didn't mean anything. After dinner she had retired and had changed into her nightgown and robe. Then she had asked her maid to make her some hot chocolate. She sat in front of the fire pit on the balcony sipping it, watching the glowing red lava sink into the ocean against the eerie blue white of the glaciers. Warm under the fur blankets she reclined, feeling more relaxed and content than she had in months, years even. She didn't remember her eyes drifting shut or being moved. She recalled a vague awareness of experiencing G-forces and a life support mask being adjusted on her face but then nothing after. Nothing until she woke up here, in total darkness bound by her wrists to what she assumed was a bed. His bed. At least she wasn't naked.

She stretched and strained one more time, not because she thought it would free her but in frustration. She had to do something! She flailed with her legs again, untangling them from her long billowy nightgown, and succeeded in twisting her self around so that she was lying on her stomach, her face buried in what she assumed were pillows. She noticed a light fragrance. Somewhat spicy and leathery, a hint of citrus and very masculine; it further confirmed her suspicious. She would recognize Lotor's cologne anywhere.

Suddenly she stilled. She had heard something. Someone was in here with her. She twisted around again rolling herself off of her stomach. The bonds had twisted tighter for her efforts cutting her circulation.

"Who's there?" She called out. There was no answer, but she heard more movement. There was the sound of small objects being moved around a short distance away and footsteps on a hard floor. "Who is there?" She called out again more loudly. No answer. Her fingertips were starting to tingle. "Please! I can't feel my hands!" She exaggerated hoping to elicit some sort of response. It worked. She heard the footsteps come closer then pause very close. "Please, they are too tight." She begged. After a moment she felt a warm hand on the ring begin adjusting the tension. She sensed that the person was stretched over her and pictured in her minds eye her next action. The moment she felt slack in her bonds she rolled over quickly kicked out hard and fast. Her right foot connected solidly with soft flesh. A sharp female cry issued along with a thud. Allura jerked upright; she one hand free. She pulled the blindfold off and quickly looked around. She didn't recognize the room, but it was a bedroom and she was definitely on a bed. She got her knees and set to work on freeing her other hand but the knot held good.


Allura turned at the snarled curse. A serving woman stood glaring at her with watery eyes and clutching her right breast. Allura supposed that it had taken the brunt of her blow. "Sorry, but I can't stay here!"

The woman took a step forward and Allura narrowed her eyes, leaned back against the headboard and cocked her left foot at her.

"Get away from me! " Allura warned and kept worrying at the knot with her fingernails.

The woman stopped and backed up a pace, eyeing the foot warily.

"Tana, Li'n yi uion." Lotor said as he walked through the doorway.

At the sound of his voice Allura froze.

Silently the woman bowed and backed out of the room through a sliding panel in the wall behind her. Allura watched her, thinking it might be a possible route of escape and taking note of where it was and how to access it. To her dismay it vanished, seamlessly blending back into the wood paneling.

"Allura, I'm shocked! Abusing servants!" Lotor 'tsk tsked' as he approached.

Allura said nothing but redoubled her efforts to loosen the knot. She had to get free!

"Here, let me help you with that." He said as he reached her.

"Get away from me!" Allura flinched and backed up against the headboard as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her. He reached behind her and pulled a strip of the silk that dangled from the ring. At his tug, the quick release loosed the silk completely.

Allura gasped in surprise; she could have been out of this ages ago!

Lotor only laughed at her response. "See, nothing to get panicked about."

She felt her cheeks flush with anger and glared at him, "Oh my God! You're such an asshole!"

He laughed again. "Such language! I'm sure Nanny would not approve!"

Allura shimmied off the opposite side of the bed her eyes darting around for something she could use as a weapon. Ah! There! His side arm left carelessly on the bedside table; she lunged for it.

Oh, but too late! Too slow! He had seen her glance and anticipated her actions. He intercepted her; grabbed her by the shoulders and rolled her back on to the bed, pinning her there under him.

"Get off! You're crushing me!" Allura gasped, the prince's weight pressed her down into the mattress, the hilt of his sword digging painfully into her thigh.

He said nothing. he just grabbed her wrist and pulled it back over her head and then he grabbed he other hand and did the same holding them together with one hand as he wrapped the strip of silk back tightly around them securing her back to the ring. He eased his weight off once her hands were tied, raised up off her and straddled her helpless form his lips curved in a satisfied smirk.

She stared up at him, two spots of color bright on her cheeks. "I won't marry you."

He laughed out loud. "Who's asking?" He swung his leg over and got off the bed.

She heard his footsteps lead away and she called out "What do you want then?"

"Allura, you're tied to my bed in your nightgown. What do you think I want?" He called out from across the bedroom.

She craned her head to look for him and saw he was changing out of his uniform, already stripped to the waist. She turned away and shut her eyes when she saw him begin unfastening his trousers. Her breaths came faster as fear began to take hold.

A few moments passed and he rejoined her on the bed. She shook her head fiercely when he tried to blindfold her again. However, she felt the length of his erection pressing against her thigh she stilled and allowed him to settle it in place.

"You won't get away with this!" She declared. "The Voltron Force will come after you!"

Lotor brushed a lock of hair that fallen into her face away. "No they won't. Not with four Lions. No, they're having enough trouble keeping my forces from penetrating your atmosphere."

"The Alliance—"

"Oh, sweet girl, they've already done all they're going to do. Tell me, what did your Space Explorers come to Altea for? To help you? No."

Allura blinked back tears, glad of the blindfold now because it kept Lotor from seeing them. "That was before. Things are different now and you know it! They won't let you have Altea."

"And why not? Haven't they got what they wanted?" Lotor pursued his line of questioning relentlessly. The sooner Allura saw the truth, the easier this would be for everyone.

"They won't take Voltron! If that's what you mean? The guys, they wouldn't…Keith, Keith- he told me—told me they wouldn't."Allura said desperately.

Lotor sighed. "But that's what they'll do if they think Altea will surrender, isn't it? Bring Voltron to the Alliance?" Lotor asked. He didn't wait for her to answer before he continued. "So that the evil Drule won't get it?"

"That was before. In the beginning. Altea is rebuilding, we have trade agreements. The Alliance needs our lazon this deep in space."

"Yes, they do. And what do you think is going to happen once Barron Lith has no more to sell them? He has another customer now. One with more demand and willing to pay higher prices."

Allura was silent for a moment. "You think you've thought of everything? Don't you?"

Lotor laughed. "Yes, but I admit, I had some help."


Lotor laughed again and patted her cheek. "I think that's what I admire most about you Allura, you have such spirit."

"But you're wrong." Allura said.


"Wrong about the guys, they won't give Voltron up. They won't leave Altea undefended." She declared defiantly.

"Ni'sayat, with four Lions there's only so long—"

"Five! There are five lions. You forgot about Sven." She announced triumphantly.

"So there are." He admitted, "But where is Sven? Isn't he on Pollux? With your cousin, Romelle?"

"Romelle hates you more than I do!"

"Hmm—that she does. Can't say I blame her, but really, she was in over her head. Did she ever tell you about us?"

"She told me enough! That you raped her when she wouldn't agree to be your concubine!" Allura spat out vehemently.

Lotor burst out laughing once more and it was a moment before he could speak. "Oh dear Allura, I don't know how to tell you this, but your cousin lied to you. When I met your dear Romelle, she had no…what is it you humans call it…ah—virtue left. She was a whore in the truest sense of the word."

Allura gasped. "You're lying! Just trying to assuage your own conscience!"

"I don't have a conscience, remember? And I have more bad news…she still is a whore." Lotor wiped a tear that slipped from beneath Allura's blindfold away.

Allura swallowed deeply before she whispered, "What are you talking about?"

"With you out of the picture, she's the heir apparent."

"She wouldn't!" Allura exclaimed. "She couldn't!"

"Oh, she can and she has. Bandor signed her marriage contract with my cousin Tabor weeks ago. I assume when Pollux doesn't send aid to Altea, your Prime Minister will figure it out. So, you see Allura, you're completely alone. Except for me." Lotor explained as he brushed another tear away.

"No. You're wrong. There's someone…someone who will always be there. Who will never let-"

"Never let you down." Lotor expelled a breath as one does when explaining something very difficult to a child. "You must mean Kogane."

"That's right. He told me, he knelt at my feet and swore an oath. He promised and his promises mean something!"

"He also swore an oath to the Alliance. An oath, I believe that predates the one he swore to you years ago when they sent him on that suicide mission. Right after his wife and family died."

"His wife? No—your spies got it wrong. He wasn't married, only engaged." Allura explained smugly.

"Oh, he had only sworn an oath to marry this woman. I beg your pardon. In my culture that's the same thing." Lotor pointed out. "Did he ever swear such a thing to you?"

"Well, of course not. He couldn't-but he said—He said he-"

"He said what, Allura? What? That he loved you? " Lotor pressed.

Allura paused, thinking. "He said that he—he…" She halted and took a shaky breath, "No, he never said that. Never." She finished softy as if just realizing it.

"No? What a scoundrel!" Lotor mocked, leaning in so close she could feel the tickle of his breath on her cheek. "Let me tell you something about men like Kogane. He's an idealist with a hero-complex. And you were a damsel in distress. A beautiful, virginal princess in a desperate situation, how could he turn away from that?"

"But I still am! Now more than ever!" Allura exclaimed.

"So you think he's going to come save you from me? The evil prince?" Lotor laughed before continuing. " Rescue you from my dastardly clutches? On his white horse…or should I say Black Lion?"

"Yes! Yes he will! I know it!" Allura exclaimed.

"But you won't be so virginal anymore will you?" Lotor asked sliding his palm up Allura's body to cup her breast. He toyed with her nipple through the fabric of her nightgown, smiling as he felt it peak. "Let's say he does rescue you. Do you think he'll forget how he failed you? Every time he looks at you he'll be reminded that you, like his dead wife and mother, are just one more woman he couldn't protect."

Allura's took a deep shuddering breath. "You're a monster," she spit through clenched teeth.

"Perhaps. " He answered and Allura cried out as she felt both his hands grasp the neckline of her nightgown and rend it apart.