Chapter 1 TOW The Night Of Seven Times:

AN: Spoilers for Episodes up to and including TOW Ross's Wedding & TOW the Truth About London (flashback scene). Starts after Joey leaves the hotel room in London. Scenes are divided by [-].

Chandler and Monica are in bed, naked and kissing. Chandler gently pulls apart from Monica, lying side by side, "are you sure you want to do this", his fingers slowly walk down her spine - Monica shakes with anticipation. "Yes", she replies, nodding. Chandler looks deep into Monica's eyes and smiles, "well let's make this a night to remember." Before Monica can reply his lips are on hers again. Chandler wraps one arm around her waist pulling her into a tight embrace, his other arm goes around her shoulder and his hand reaches into her hair. His fingers dance around her head while his tongue sorts entrance into her mouth. Their tongues tangle and they both see fireworks, Monica's hands wrap around Chandler, racking her nails down his back. Spurred on Chandler moves one hand down to her butt and give it a squeeze, then he moves his lips to her neck. Monica leans her neck back and lets out a contented sigh, oh no, thought Chandler, I want her to remember this; he suddenly pinches one of her nipples and gently bites her neck. Monica lets out a surprised squeak but before she could say anything Chandler rolls her onto her back and straddles her, he leans down and kisses her on the lips again, after a few deep kisses he moves his lips across her jaw and down her neck, he uses one arm to support himself whist the other starts to explore her breasts with feather-light touches. Chandler moves his head down to her right breast and latched onto her nipple while his right hand squeezes her left breast. Monica moans with delight and buried her hands into Chandler's hair. Chandler lowers his body, his right leg lying in between Monica's. He slowly grounds his manhood into Monica's hip. She moans again and tugs on Chandler's hair. Chandler bites her nipple while pinching the other and then pulls himself up. Monica looks at him, slightly breathless and with lust in her eyes. He leans forward and kisses her on the forehead, nose and lips. He then moves down her jaw, this time on her left and repeats his attention to her neck and breasts.

Monica was not a virgin. She'd been with a few guys who knew their way around a woman's body, but no one has made her feel like this before, it was like bursts of electric shocks throughout her body. Monica was close to orgasm and Chandler hasn't even gone beyond her breasts yet! She starts panting as Chandler uses both hands to squeeze her breasts and tease her nipples. He kisses a path in between her breasts down to her belly button; he blows lightly over her stomach and caresses her skin making Monica shiver in pleasure. Chandler moves to in between her legs and places both hands on her thighs, and then playfully dances his hands upwards - Monica's breath hitches "are you teasing me Chandler?" She says in a husky voice. Chandler grins, "just being thorough…" his right hand runs through her public mound and his fingers graze her lips. She arches her back, another bolt of electricity going through her, Chandler watches in wonder, amazed that it was him that was causing her pleasure. At that moment Chandler knew that turning her on, giving her as much pleasure as possible was his mission for tonight - he didn't care that his erection was bordering on painful, he just wants to please her, Monica, his beautiful best friend.

Chandler's right hand finds her entrance; he slips his right forefinger into her whilst his thumb grazes her clit. Monica jumps and moans "Chandler", her hands twisted in the sheets, "wow Mon you are soaking wet" Chandler comments shocked, "you sound surprised" Monica replied. Chandler paused and then removes his hand; he pulls himself up to Monica and gives her a passionate kiss, "I don't usually have this effect on women." Monica stares at him for a couple of seconds, "maybe I bring it out in ya." Monica retorts with a cheeky grin. "Oh that's a given!" Chandler replies and quickly silenced any potential response with another kiss while his hand snakes back downwards. He re-inserts a finger in her and gently teases her clit. Monica starts panting as Chandler starts moving his finger in and out, then adding a second finger. His other hand is stroking her inner thigh; he lowers his head and starts showering both thighs with kisses. Monica groans when Chandler removed his hand, Chandler grins at Monica as she squirms on the bed. He then wraps both hands around her and raised her hips by squeezing her buttocks. Chandler lowers his head and gives Monica a long lick, his tongue lingering on her clit. That was the trigger point for Monica, she came - hard - and Chandler laps up her juices.

"Oh My God!" Monica whispers, breathless. Chandler smiles shyly, "was that ok?" Monica looks at him speechless for a second, "are you kidding? Do you think I could fake that? My body is still shaking and my arms and legs are tingling…" Monica fades off. "I'm not finished yet" Chandler whispers as his attention returns to her opening. His tongue enters her again while his hands grab her thighs, squeezing gently. Monica had never experienced pleasure like this; her body hadn't even recovered from her first orgasm when Chandler's tongue starts the second. When his teeth nibble her clit it was game over. Chandler pulls Monica into his arms when her body started shaking and spasms. He kisses the top of her head and his hands run over her skin. They stay like that while Monica trembles.

They stay silent, just the sound of their breathing, calming down slowly. After a few minutes Chandler broke the silence, "do you want to continue?" Monica smiles, "do you even have to ask!?" Chandler grins and kisses her, pushing her back onto the bed. Chandler breaks their kiss and runs his hands around her breasts; he kisses each nipple and then her belly button. He runs his hands through Monica's mound and then pulls away. Monica looks up with confusion but then sees the smirk on Chandler's face. He picks up her right leg, holds it upright with his left arm while running his right hand from her toes up to her thighs; he follows his hand with his lips, kissing every inch of her. He then repeats this on her left leg. Monica feels worshipped, no man has ever spent this much attention on her before. And they actually haven't had sex yet!

Condom, thought Chandler, he sits up and then sighed. "What's wrong?" Asks Monica, sitting up looking confused. "Joey only left me one condom." Monica bit her lip, thinking for a moment. "Chandler, I'm on the pill and since we are friends we both know each other's exes…" Chandler looks at Monica surprised. "Are you sure?" She nodded, "I've never had unprotected sex with any guy before, you would be my first." Chandler took Monica's hands. "Me too." He said softly. "I know it's irresponsible but I want to feel you inside me..." Monica says blushing. "If you are on the pill then it's not irresponsible and I also feel the same." Chandler pauses. "I probably shouldn't say this but you are amazing." Monica smiles, "Chandler, I think you are amazing too."

Chandler tenderly kisses her and pushes her back down the bed. Monica's hand darts in between their bodies and takes hold of his manhood. Chandler gasps and closes his eyes, she takes advantage of his pause to take control, and she flips them over so she is on top of him. Chandler raises his eyebrows "you are freakishly strong!" Monica mimics his expression, "did you really think you would be in control the entire night?" Chandler grins, "I see…", they kiss, Monica pushes her breasts in his chest, Chandler groans. Monica runs her finger nails down his chest and reaches for his manhood. She glides her fingers up and down and Chandler squirms and moans deeply. She moves closer and licks her lips - Chandler almost cum just watching her prepare to go down on him. She lowers her mouth and flicks her tongue over his head; Chandler arches his back and his hands rest in Monica's hair. She bobs her head up and down and Chandler has to use every fiber of his being not to let go. "Monnn…" he moans, "Mon... Stop..." Monica raises her head, a confused look on her face. "I'm gonna cum if you continue doing that." Monica still looks confused, "isn't that the point?" Chandler pulls Monica up to him. "First I want to make love to you." He kisses her again and moves on top of her, he kisses her neck while pinching her nipples; she wriggled under him as his fingers walk downstairs, and then checking to see if she was ready. Finding her still wet he grins and positioned himself at her entrance. Her arms wrap around his neck as he slowly pushed in. Both gasp and pause, taking a moment to feel each other. Then they start to move, perfectly in rhythm. Chandler setting the pace and Monica meeting his thrusts. "Mon you feel so good." Chandler says breathlessly, "So do you, you fit perfectly…. Urghhhh…" Monica is cut off by a deep thrust by Chandler and he then raises Monica's hips, she automatically crosses her feet behind his back and feels her third orgasm build. Chandler can see Monica is getting close, he is very aware he wouldn't last much longer so he needs her to cum first. Chandler sucks each nipple and then pinches them, Monica starts to moan louder and squirm; he puts his hand in between them and pinches her clit. He feels Monica's inner walls squeeze him as she goes over the edge so he thrusts deeply once, twice and one final time before he cums - hard. He lies on top of her, getting his breath back. "Wow!" She whispers. "We are definitely doing that again!" Monica grins. "How long do you need?" Chandler returns her grin, "not long." Monica moves out of his arms, "I'm going to the bathroom, back in a sec…" She gives him a quick kiss before leaving the bed.

Chandler sits up, back against the wall and his arms locked behind his head. He has a happy smile on his face which then turns into a wicked grin. Monica walks back in and he turns his head towards her. "Hey Mon, what's your record for sex in one night?" Monica sits next to him and thinks, "Four times, you?" Chandler's grin gets wider, "five times - I win!" Monica scowls, "me losing isn't a turn on Chandler!" Chandler's grin turns playful, "what about setting a new record? Isn't that a turn on for ya?" Monica's expression softens, "you think you are up to that Mr. Bing?" Chandler laughs, "with you as my muse hell yes!" Chandler pulls Monica into his arms and starts round 2. This feels amazing, thought Chandler and he sighs with a smile plastered on his face. He rolls of Monica after their second time, both panting.


Monica looks at the clock on the side table, midnight, she notes, I can't believe I've spent the last couple of hours having sex with Chandler… Chandler her best friend, and it felt so right! This has to be a sign; no man has ever made me feel this way before. Chandler notices the thoughtful expression on Monica's face. "You ok over there?" Monica turns towards Chandler and starts running her fingers up and down his arm, "yeah…" she pauses, "just can't believe how right this feels", Chandler looks into her eyes and smiles, "same here, if I had known we were that good together I would have pushed harder during our trip to the beach last year!", Monica frowns, remembering how she kept insisting he wasn't boyfriend material. "Chandler I'm so sorry, I didn't realise you were serious, I…" Chandler cuts her off, "It's ok, I know it's hard to take me seriously with all my jokes and sarcasm…" he pauses, Monica senses he's not finished so she waits for him to continue, "the truth is I've had a crush on you for a long time Mon, but you are so important to me I can't stand the thought of losing you, we've seen what happened to Ross and Rachel." Monica looks deep into Chandler's eyes, "oh Chandler that would never happen to us, I promise." Chandler doesn't look convinced, "Mon I do stupid things in relationships you know that!" Monica smiles "that's my point, I do know… now as much as I love talking haven't we got a record to break", Chandler grabs her and rolls her onto her front. "Round 3 Miss. Geller." Chandler whispers into her ear. He straddles her back and starts massaging her shoulders and kissing her neck. Monica lets out a sigh as Chandler makes his way down her back, his fingers and lips brush gently over her skin. Monica opens her legs and Chandler slips in between them, he kisses each buttock and his fingers search for her entrance. "Mon, get onto your knees." Chandler orders in a deep husky voice, Monica lifts herself up. Chandler dips two fingers into her and Monica bucks her hips, Chandler grins. "Patience Monica," Monica growls "Don't tease me!" Chandler laughs, "but it's fun, don't worry I will get to the finish line." He then enters her with his tongue and Monica's knees shake, Chandler reaches under her and squeezes her breasts in turn. He nibbles her clit whilst pinching her nipples, now knowing the effect that has on her. Monica shrieks in pleasure and Chandler surprises her by quickly entering her. He thrusts hard into her, encouraging her release. "Oh Chandler, don't stop, don't stop… " Monica mutters. Chandler moves faster, pulling her hips to meet his, "harder Chandler", Monica demands, Chandler slams into her, the force moving both of them up the bed. Chandler pauses for a second, "grab the headboard Monica", she does so and Chandler pulls out and then slams back in, burying himself deep inside her, "oh my god," Monica whispers, gripping the headboard, "I'm so close Chandler…" Chandler hears so he picks up the pace, his hands grabbing her breasts and squeezing them roughly. "Cum for me Monica", he moves one hand to her clit and applies pressure with each thrust into her. Monica falls over the edge and her knees start to collapse, Chandler wraps his arms around Monica and holds her up as he continues his thrusts. Monica is driven into another orgasm as Chandler plunges in one last time; he buries himself deep in her and holds her tight as he came. No longer able to hold them both up Chandler collapse onto the bed, Monica under him. Both see stars as they lie there panting.

"Well that was number 3." Chandler says once he got his breath back. "And round 4 is my lead…" Monica says pushing Chandler back on the bed. "Mon, I'm gonna need a minute." Chandler says. "Shhhh…" Monica replies, "trust me." She winks at him and then smiles. Monica spends the next twenty minutes covering him with kisses and dancing her fingers over his body, Chandler shakes slightly; it feels like his nerves are on fire. Monica settles in between Chandler's legs and takes hold of his manhood, which due to Monica's foreplay was now rock hard. She gives him a gentle squeeze and Chandler lets out a groan, she leans down and takes him into her mouth, her hand wanders to his balls and she gives a light tug. She looks up at Chandler and notices a layer of sweat on his forehead, he is close, she thought. She moves on top of him and she guides him into her; they both hiss in pleasure. Monica starts moving, lifting her hips up and then slamming them back down, "oh Monica", Chandler moans as he thrusts his hips up to meet Monica's. He hits her G spot and Monica sees stars, she nearly let go but notices Chandler reach out to support her. Monica pulls herself off Chandler "oh no, remember I'm in control this time!" She settles back in between his legs and resumes her earlier activity, she tastes herself on him and it is so arousing. She concentrates on the task at hand and Chandler runs his hands through her hair. "Mon I'm gonna cum", he warns her but that makes her work harder. "Arghhh… Monica!" Chandler came, hard, and Monica sucks him dry. She lifts herself up when she was done and lies next to Chandler. "Wow - no woman has ever done that for me before! Thank you Monica." Monica grins, "so you like it when I'm in control?" Chandler laughs and pulls her close, "hell yes!" Monica laughs and they snuggle together.


1.23am, both Chandler and Monica are lying under the covers, both enjoying the post-sex atmosphere. They couldn't stop touching each other, just feather-light touches all over each other. Chandler breaks the silence, "you ready to go again," Monica turns to him, "I'm committed to breaking this record so yeah!" Chandler laughs and gets out of bed. "Where are you going?" Asks Monica. "I want to try something." Chandler explains, holding his hand out to her. She accepts his hand and Chandler pulls her up, and then suddenly picks her up. Her legs wrap around his waist as he carries her to the desk on the other side of the room. There is a large mirror on the wall above the desk. Chandler sweeps everything off the desk surface and then sits Monica down. He grabs the desk chair and pulls it back a bit before sitting in it. "What are you doing?" Monica asks confused. "I want you to touch yourself Mon, and I want to watch, but you are not allowed to cum." Monica's eyes widen "are you serious?!" Chandler keeps a straight face, "deadly serious, it's my turn so do what I say." Monica feels wetness pooling at Chandler's words, she likes this take-charge Chandler. "Okay," she breathes, "what do you want me to do?" Chandler spent the next 30 minutes providing very specific instructions to Monica; she has her legs spread with her feet propped up on the armrests of the chair Chandler is sitting in. She is so close but Chandler has forbidden her to orgasm - the order itself is damn arousing to her! She is dripping and shaking, yet Chandler had yet to touch her. Monica could see that he was starting to lose control, "get up and turn around," Chandler orders. She does so and she is facing the desk and mirror, she can see Chandler come up behind her. "Do you want me Mon?" He whispers in her ear, she shudders but doesn't answer, "do you want to watch as I fuck you over this desk?" Monica pants, her eyes agreeing but unable to voice a response. Chandler wraps his arms around her, "Answer me Monica", he says firmly. Monica licks her lips and swallows, "yes." Chandler kicks her legs apart and pushes her down on the desk, "look in the mirror Monica and remember you are not allowed to cum until I say." She obeys as Chandler thrusts into her. "Oh fucking god!" Monica screams and Chandler moans loudly. He knows that with all the kinky foreplay he won't last long. "Mon touch yourself as I fuck you", Chandler orders. Monica pinches her nipples with one hand as the other travels down to her clit. As she touches herself her fingers also graze Chandler and he jumps, "oh dear god, cum now Monica!" She doesn't need any more encouragement, she lets go, watching their reflection as Chandler thrusts twice more before he also lets go. Chandler falls back in the chair, pulling Monica with him. "Wow! Oh wow!" He says whilst panting. Monica smiles, "I had no idea you were kinky Chandler." Chandler goes red and turns his head away, "hey," Monica says while turning his face back to her. "That was mind-blowing Chandler." She pauses, "I've never experienced beyond having sex in different locations. I loved that, you telling me what to do." Monica now turns red and Chandler laughs, "good to know" and he kisses the side of her head.


The sixth time was both their favourite of the night, although neither voiced it out loud. It was slow and loving, staring in each other's' eyes, kissing the entire time, it was also the longest with Chandler pausing to just stare at Monica or cover her with kisses… they both felt the connection. Neither wanted to be with anyone else ever, ever. For the first time both felt complete and whole. They drifted off to sleep tightly embraced.


Chandler has always been a light sleeper, so when the first bird chirped before sunrise he woke up instantly. He still had his arms wrapped around Monica. He didn't want to let go, but now it was morning… was this just one night? He sighs and lets go of Monica and gets out of bed. He walks into the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror. He looks different, he couldn't point out how but… he is just different. It is like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. No matter what, he would have Monica in his life - he had no idea how yet, he wasn't stupid - he knew what Monica wanted. But right now he couldn't think about that, the commitment, the whole can-of-worms of his experience with marriage. No, no, no - right now the one thing he knew what that Monica will always be in his life - period.

Monica wakes up cold, about 30 seconds after Chandler got up. She sees him standing in the bathroom, naked. It then hits her, he completes her. He read her tonight, knows how to touch her, he knows her spirit, he knew and accepted her for being her, despite her obsessiveness and competitiveness. But what if he is having doubts? What if my feelings for him are stronger than his for me? She shook her head. Not now, she told herself. She got up and walks up behind him.

Chandler was so deep in thought he didn't notice Monica until her arms wrapped around him. And then he made a split decision. Fuck later, he spins around and pulls her into his arms. "Lucky number 7." He says. He then kisses her passionately and lifts her up; he steps forward, and manages to kick the bathroom door shut. He pushes Monica and himself up against the bathroom door and his hands start to roam. Monica moans as he nibbles at her neck and pinches her clit. She loves this side of Chandler, it makes sense to her, she's so in control day in day out that it's so freeing having Chandler take control. She's taken away from her thoughts when Chandler thrusts into her, "oh god…" she moans. Chandler starts to play with her breasts - they are perfect - he thought. He couldn't go long like this and he wanted to give Monica one last orgasm. He reaches down and presses her clit; he bends down and kisses her neck gently. Monica shudders and her squeezing triggers Chandler's release.

"Chandler," Monica pauses, "one more hour, can we just lie in bed?" Chandler smiles and walks back into the bedroom, Monica still in his arms.

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