An Unresolved Past

This story starts off five years after its prelude: 'Life is never what you expect it to be'. Bella is now Caius's mate and they are both very happily bonded. This is an adult version of twilight and will have lemons and violence (after all it revolves around vampires) so you have been warned! Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the creator of these intriguing characters but has nothing to do with this story.

Chapter 1 – Back to Alaska

Bella and Caius were on their way to see the Denali and Olympic covens by courtesy of a Volturi aircraft. Caius was sitting in the pilot's seat next to her, handling the plane and watching his face she allowed her mind to wander; allotting her body some "downtime".

Time last five years had been incredibly blissful for both Caius and Bella; in that time their love was not only intact but stronger than ever.

At Bella's request Caius monitored her loved ones, using his spies to watch over them.

The few family and friends, unaware of the Volturi's presence were allowed to live normal lives and yet Bella was able to help them when needed.

At first Caius had protested, frightened that such a concession would sacrifice her position in the coven. Bella however insisted, explaining how crucial these people had been to her survival as a human. It took a while but after many discussions she was able to convince him.

Her father had difficulty accepting her death but gradually began a life with Sue Clearwater and he seemed to have adjusted. Her mother however had died in a plane crash a few years after Isabella's 'death' together with her husband.

Bella thought of her first weeks together with Caius and now regarded that period from a different perspective.

All Voltari had been born centuries ago, when violence and sexual dominance was a prominent thing. All that time their leaders Aro, Marcus and her mate Caius had been on this earth wielding their power over vampire and human alike. They were extremely cleaver, power hungry and had developed their thoughts to fit their needs; cruelty, deception and intrigues being a very large part of their lives; as they still are. It was impossible for them to feel sympathy for humans; from the Volturi point of view their only useful purpose was as sustenance.

Bella smiled when she thought of how the love between her and Caius had flourished. Who would believe that it was possible considering how their relationship had begun?

Shortly after her ordeal in Alaska Bella had come back to live with the Voltari. She began learn different languages; the last few years her Italian and French had become fluent.

Feeling the fruits of triumphant Bella asked Demitri to teach her Russian. At first Caius was against it as he still had difficulty accepting the fact that Dimitri hadn't been able to find Bella when she had been kidnapped. However having Isabella close by all these years, Caius's anger mellowed out and he finally succumbed to her constant pleas. Half the reason being; he knew she would do it anyway.

Beside her linguistic training she devoted a lot of her time learning music. As human Isabella had no feeling for music or dance but as vampire she was able to learn quickly. She did her best to learn the notes and once she had learned the basics she began to discover the various instruments. Her favorite was the piano; she of course had been inspired by Edward's playing. When she had first been at the Cullens she was awestruck by his talent and although she knew it would take a lot of practice to ever get a fraction of his talent; she had time and patience enough to work on it.

This time every year they would leave the Volturi coven. Caius insisted they visit the many significant art museums of the world and Bella took enormous pleasure in the lessons given by him. Every year they would visit a different country and as they walked among the various treasures Caius would tell her the history of the pieces on exhibit. He would tell fascinating stories of the artists and their lives at the time the piece had been made. He would also explain to her the different techniques used to create the beautiful pieces but always in a low tone that only Bella could hear. It took hours to listen and process the information; something a human would not be able to accomplish. As vampire, Bella realized she had much more patience and concentration than when she was a human. Her mind was like a sponge; the more she knew the more fascinated she became.

Their educational trips would always be completed with a visit the Olympic and Denali covens. It began a year after her abduction; Caius had insisted that Bella abandon the safety of the Volturi coven and in doing so overcome the fears that taunted her. As the fear gradually decreased with each visit it became a yearly affair allowing them both a short vacation from the Volturi court.

Aro was never happy when they left and always tried to convince them to stay but Caius would not accept any interference and was often backed by Marcus who has also become very fond of Bella. This year Aro had made it especially difficult for them to leave but Caius would not be thwarted in his plans.

Thanks to Caius, Bella was often able to elude her duties as guard to the Volturi; Caius always insisted her first priority was being his mate. This angered Aro but made Bella happy; she had taken lessons from Alec up to a couple of months ago. All the time she had enjoyed discovering her exceptional powers but the last year Alec was becoming very adamant that she spend more time honing her talents; no doubt under Aro's insistence. Consequently what had begun as a friendly game for Isabella was becoming very serious, making the relationship between her and Alec uncomfortably close. Once she told Caius he stopped their lessons saying it was of no further use; again something that infuriated Aro. Caius always hated the twins and seeing the attachment that Alec had developed towards Bella urged him to make his decision.

Isabella recollection was soon brought to a halt when she felt a hand softly brush her thigh. She looked to her right and saw the loving eyes of Caius were watching her.

He put on the automatic pilot saying "My love, it's time you learn how to handle the Volturi plane" then standing up he patted his chair in an uncompromising gesture for her to move to the pilot's seat.

"But I'm not ready yet" Isabella complained

"Neither was I when I first started but time has taught me that we never are. Suddenly fate can put you in a difficult situation and it is important that you know how to handle it". His mind briefly flashed back in the past at a time when he was searching for his mate.

While saying this he extended his hands and she took them; he helped her up and kissed her slowly while manoeuvring her into the pilot's seat. He began telling her about the instruments and their various purposes. Pointing to the wheel he explained "This is the yoke and it is alternatively known as a control column . It is used to control the attitude of the plane, usually in both pitch and roll. Rotating the wheel controls the small flaps on the trailing edge of each wing called ailerons and these are used to pitch the craft to a left or right roll changing the heading of the aircraft. Pushing the wheel forward or towards yourself control the direction of the nose which allows the aircraft to ascend or descend.

He smiled and she felt his breath in her ear as he spoke "You have been watching me every time we flew so you have seen how it works. Now hold on to the yoke and I will switch off the auto pilot"

"Really Caius, I'm not ready!" Bella said as her eyes scanned the overwhelming amount of buttons and dials in front of her.

"You have more potential than you give yourself credit for. Now take a hold of it my love; I will be behind you". He then bent over and positioned her hands around the yoke allowing her to accustom herself to the object. Then he gradually and lightly moved the yoke telling her the consequences of every move.

Once he felt her confidence grow he sat in the co-pilot's chair and switched the automatic pilot off explaining "Don't make any sudden movements just allow yourself to get the feel of the plane using the subtle movements I just showed you. I will take care of the instruments and gradually teach you each of them, one at a time. You'll see within the year you will know how to do it all on your own".

Isabella was somewhat nervous but after about twenty minutes she started to smile saying "It's great, I seem to be getting the hang of it"

Caius looked at his mate and the pride was written in his eyes.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door and Dimitri entered the cabin. Seeing Isabella behind the yoke he smiled saying "So mistress have you decided to turn your talents to flying?"

Looking up at Dimitri Isabella began to laugh "Yes Dimitri, Caius had persuaded me that I should learn and I must say he has had a lot of patience with me"

"Nonsense, you did very well; even better than I had expected." Caius said as he turned on the automatic pilot.

"Now that you're here Dimitri maybe you can take over the plane. My dear will you accompany me next door? We still have a couple of hours before we arrive". Caius got out the co-pilot's chair and circling Isabella extended his hand as he looked down towards her.

She laughed and instead of taking his hand she stood up wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek she said "Thanks for the lesson and the extra push; sometimes I need it".

Caius would normally ever allow such a show of weakness but considering only Dimitri was present to witness this; he allowed himself the pleasure of enjoying her compliment. He held her close to him. Nuzzling her neck, he inhaled her exotic fragrance and wrapping his arm around her he led her out of the cabin leaving Dimitri behind.

The made themselves comfortable on the sofa enjoying each other's company. When Caius looked at Isabella and saw the distant look in her eyes he frowned inquiring "Isabella my love, how are you? Did you like our trip to Venice?"

"It was fantastic and with all the knowledge you have of the arts and the history of the pieces; you made it all riveting. No, I feel great and am looking forward to seeing my friends again. Thanks to you, my fear of leaving the Volturi folds is almost gone."

It's good for you to build up your confidence.

Most of my confidence comes from my relationship with you Caius; if it weren't for you I would never have left Italy.

So your still happy?

Ecstatic! I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Caius then switched over to Italian knowing its effect on Bella. She didn't know why but quickly detected that her hormonal switch was activated when she heard him speak it. Caius had quickly discovered this and used it to his advantage.

Caius was always in for sex; neither of them ever seemed to tire of it. So just as he had used feeding to get her sexual appetite going; he also used the her reaction to the Italian language to achieve his goal.

He loved to tease and as they discussed their trip his hands were on hers . Whilst his thumb stroked her hand she felt a burning desire begin to build in her core and leaned over to kiss him.

He teasingly moved away saying "My impetuous Isabella, can't you wait until we arrive?"

An amused crimson eye captured his as she playfully swatted him "No! It's all your fault and you know it"

He feigned innocence as he huffed "In what way?"

"Oh shut up" Bella said and hearing him snicker she subsequently straddled his lap , leaning forward to press her silky lips against his. The heat between them was liquid as his hands held her head in position taking what she had to give and demanding more.

Felix tactfully retreated to join Dimitri in the pilot's cabin. Hearing the door close behind him Caius released her mouth then leaning forward he nuzzled Bella's bare neck.

She arched her head back giving him full access as his lips moved over the sensitive flesh, nipping gently at the graceful curve of her collar bone until he reached the neckline of her top. His inquisitive fingers slowly progressed south softly traveling along the line of her neck and lingering at the hollow spot.

Then he moved his head back surveying her eyes as his fingers gradually moved along the neckline of her top, entwining his slender fingers into the material to ensure his grip. He snickered and pulled; what followed was the stark sound of tearing fabric. Caius subsequently discarded what was left of the garment and giving her a wicked smile he said "Let's get you comfortable my love after all your treasures have been confined for much too long; it's time they came out to play".

Having said that hands embraced her rounded breasts as his tong made an excruciating slow trail around her nipple. Gently drawing the nipple into his mouth he alternately nibbled and licked the delicate nub barely disguising his desire.

A moan of pleasure emitted from Bella's throat and Caius snickered "My little vixen likes to play doesn't she?"

Bella began to whimper as his fingers gained entrance to her panties skillfully stroking her already weeping entrance. It was just a matter of moments before Bella began to writhe under his ministration engrossed by her cravings.

"Good girl" he said. Bella regarded her mate through the dreamy slits of her eyes and realized that his eyes were no longer crimson but a dark burgundy. Without forewarning he brutally flipped her over so that he was on top and asked "do you accept my authority and domination as your mate?".

Bella gradually saw his monster appear awakening her own and causing her to bite back a groan. Caius had cornered her within his arms; a soft growl emitting from back of his throat, exposing his delight in their game.

He entwined his fingers in her hair and forced her to look at him as he repeated his question; then slightly nodding her head she acknowledged his words. Picking her up he said "That's better; now close your eyes" she quickly obeyed and he carried her body to an alcove, pinning it against the wall.

While standing in the alcove Bella closed her eyes and heard him swiftly remove his clothing then lifting her skirt he ripped the saturated black panties she wore. He grabbed her waist and ordered her to hold on to the rod above her head. Bella knew this game and did as she was told; he then pulled her body towards him and before Bella knew it she was fiercely penetrated. The sensations of heated pain and wicked pleasure were strong but his lips possessed hers sealing them with a conquering kiss.

Bella held on to the rod as Caius adjusted her body to get maximum depth he subsequently thrust forward and between the thrusts he snarled his satisfaction. Each breath became a gasp of pleasure as the speed of their synchronised movements intensified. Deeper and deeper, compelling yet cautious, always demanding and unrelenting.

This was their game and they played it to perfection; Bella knew she couldn't hold out much longer but Caius, hearing the animalistic frenzy in her moans quickly withdrew. Bella produced a cry of frustration as response and threw her head back hissing her disapproval. Caius disregarded her reaction grabbing her wrists and pulling her body down towards his, turning her so that he faced her back and then held her tight thwarting any attempt to break away.

She struggled but Caius was insistent, forcing her to her knees; until all fight had abandoned her. When he procured her compliance he entwined his long slender fingers into her dark locks further restraining her and the compelling her to look at their reflection.

She watched as he closed the distance between them the felt a soft brush of his hair as his voice caressed her ear "I'm not finished with you my lovely mate; I have just begun".

Mesmerized by their reflection he emitted a fierce growl of approval as his tong leisurely licked her neck. Wrapping his arm around her waist Caius 's hand moved gradually, his fingertips delicately tracing the route of her spine, causing Bella's body to tremble. A wicked bliss built up in his groin as his body was engrossed by his sexual desires. He snickered as he drove her legs apart then gradually penetrated her resulting in a moan as she implored him to speed up.

Caius laughed softly, taunting her as he leisurely thrust back and forth watching her breasts do their prolific dance for him in the mirror and forced then her head down in servitude. Bella reluctantly obeyed allowing him to dominate her once more although it was difficult; frustrated by her body's needs and not being able to quench them. Viciously biting her neck Caius sipped the intoxicating fluid that was her life's essence; and his eyes closed in rapture as he savored the taste.

Removing his fangs his tong leisurely licked his dark red lips as he relished the last drops of blood. "God your beautiful" Caius hoarsely whispered, finding it hard to form coherent words as waves of pleasure washed over him with each movement. He then moaned and turning her on her side his raised her leg and began to build up a rhythm, slowly at first, pushing in then pulling out, his hands seizing Bella's waist and holding her in position.

Bella felt like she was being torn apart as his thrusts increased in frequency and depth. Their existence revolved solely around their animalistic pleasure caused by the passion and lust. The air was filled with soft moans of pleasure. Bella was on the end of her wits and begged Caius for release. Caius finally complied savagely sinking his fangs into her breast; the combination of pain and pleasure causing her to climax.

Her muscles suddenly contracted pulling him over the edge and causing his fangs to relinquish their hold as Caius roared his release, his essence ejaculating deep into Bella's receiving body.

After a few moments Caius's bloody mouth came back to Bella's breast to leisurely lick her wound; until all traces of blood were gone then contented he licked the last drops from his lips and nuzzled up against her. They laid still slowly allowing the wave of ecstasy to pass as it burned down to a comfortable warmth leaving both gratified.

Caius heaved a sigh and pulled her towards him in an possessive embrace as he whispered "Isabella my love, you're like a lustful bitch in heat"

"Before I met you I had no experience in sexual matters" Bella said a seductive smile tainting her soft lips.

"It seems I have taught you well; you are an extremely skilled and could match any courtesan". Caius joked.

She giggled and playfully pushed his chest with her hand "I permit you you're pleasures; that's all"