Smaug... Smaug shifted in his sleep, golden coins falling over him and clanking together.

Smaug... Smaug... Wake up... I need you... Smaug frowned in his sleep, troubled from the noise.

Smaug! Smaug still did not wake. There was silence for a moment, then he felt intense cold on his face.

"RAAAAAWR! WHO DARE WAKE ME FROM MY SLEEP?" Smaug came out of his golden bed, revealing his full mass, "SHOW YOURSELF."

"SMAUG! Look down, its me! I need your help." Smaug looked down at his feet, a frost dragon not much bigger than his hind leg faced him.

"Tarell? What are you doing here, you know better than to come to me for help." He noticed that she was bleeding badly under her left wing, with an arrow lodged almost to the feather tip. "If you think I'll help with your injury there, I can't and won't help you."

"No, it's not that. I know..." She looked away, and took a breath. "I know that I am done for. I have minutes. But... I know that you still remember our friendship, even though you don't act like it. I need..."

"... Well what is it?"

"A home, for my child."

Smaug laughed heartily, "You think I would help you after all this time? With a child no less? You are sorely mistaken. You had better leave before I make your minutes of life even shorter.

"Please, I don't know what else to do! I don't know of any dragons left, and you are my only friend-"

"Change is imminent for all of us."


Smaug growled at her without a word. Tarell backed away, then with great pain went behind one of the pillars and came back with a white and blue thing in her mouth.

"Tarell, I will not ask you again-"

She dropped the little dragon in front of him, the little dragon opened her eyes tiredly, then made a new nest out of the gold around her.

"Her name is Aura." Tarell felt a stab of pain through her body, and she laid down on the gold next to her daughter, watching her sleep.

"Just... just until she can swim on her own... please Smaug, it is the last thing I will ever ask of you."

"But you will not be able to return the favor." He said, looking at Aura inquisitively, "What is she? She can not fly with those wings." Her wings here v-shaped, to thin and heavy for flying, more for maneuvering in the water. Her tail was also flat, like a rudder.

"She's half water dragon." Smaug looked at her condescendingly, "There aren't many of us left! We have to make sacrifices." She laughed, then winced in pain. Her vision was starting to darken, and she was losing focus of Aura.

"I... I can't-"

"For me, Smaug, for us." She took her last breaths, raspy and faint, and her eyes gently closed.

Smaug sat, looking at the too sleeping dragons. He scooped up Tarell, and found a mine filled with beautiful gems poking out from the walls. He put her inside, and banged on the cave until it collapsed on her.

Now for the other one.

Looking at Aura, sleeping and innocent, He couldn't bring himself to throw her out. She wouldn't survive a day.

"Huhhh... Sorry, about your mother. She was a good friend. Maybe you will be too." Smaug curled around her and slept. For once, He wasn't alone.