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Aura snaked through the endless tunnels of the mountain, wondering what else she would find this time. She knew Smaug didn't like her going through the tunnels, but she was so bored just looking at gold and sleeping. That seemed to be the only thing Smaug liked to do except go out and terrorize the River Town and bring home their livestock.

He wouldn't notice she was gone. He couldn't get to her anyways, he was much too big, while she was only about the size of his paw, and much narrower.

Aura coughed from the dust. These tunnels probably hadn't been used in decades. She was also starting to feel dry from the stale air, and knew she had to go back soon.

Then, she had a thought. She blew frost out onto the stone path, making it slippery and perfect for her webbed feet to zip around on. With this she could explore twice as fast.

"AURA." She heard Smaug calling her back. Aura sighed, Now he would be mad at her for the rest of the day.

She used her new method of transportation to zip over to Smaug in minutes. He did not look happy.

"I told you not to look around the tunnels. I don't want you finding something..." He couldn't seem to finish the thought.

"What else am I supposed to do? You just sleep, there isn't anyone else I can do something with, and you won't even let me go out to the river to swim."

"Huh, I know. I know... I suppose you could... go to the lake, but you can't interact with the humans or elves! Or anything else that isn't a dragon. Do you understand?"

"Yes! Thank you!"

"Be back before sundown, or I will hunt you down!" But he was already smiling.

"Ok! I'll come back in a little bit, I promise." and with that Aura slithered to the front gate.

Aura swam for a few hours, eating fish, timing herself with her swimming, and watching the boats pass through the River Town. No one really seemed to be happy there, and they were so dirty. She liked to watch them and try to understand why.

She went up the river, swimming easily against the current. Then, suddenly she saw something very strange. Up ahead, there were barrels coming down the river.

It was normal for the elves to send empty barrels down the river, but these barrels were not empty. They all contained squat, hairy men, and they were being chased by what Aura could only assume were the spawn of hell. They were very ugly and were shooting arrows at the men. Elves started coming out of the forest as well, and they were shooting at the ugly creatures. One of them seemed to be quite a bit of a showoff.

Aura thought she should probably turn back now, but she couldn't help herself, and watched as the battle progressed. The creatures seemed to be falling back, and the barrels of men were making its way down the river faster than the elves could kill the creatures to get to them.

She really thought she should go back now, but she was far too intrigued to leave.