"Hey Orimura, how did your dad meet your mom?" Some girls came walking up to a light brown haired slightly orange eyed girl.

She looked up at them and smiled. "Well…."

Today we find ourselves in the humble room of our main character Ichika Orimura. In this room we currently find our bumbling idiot sleeping.


'Huh? uh it's time to wake up already?' Ichika laid there for a moment, and then looked out his window.

'Well I guess it can't be all bad. There's no better way to start the day with a snowy sky, a bright sun, and a naked girl sleeping next to me.'






"Gah! who are you!" Ichika fell out of his bed with a loud thud.

"AH! Merry Christmas Darling!" A cheery blue haired young women answered to Ichika as she sat up in bed.

"Hold on a second Darling? Wait that's not the point! what are you doing here?!"

"Oh no don't tell me you don't remember." Tatenashi had a shocked look on her face.

"Remember what?" Ichika now slightly calmer asked confused.

"Tsk, Tsk, You know it's very rude to do something like that with me and then forget." She put on a pouting face.

(Meanwhile outside of the room-literally right outside)

"I wonder what my wife is doing." Laura was leaning her ear against the door.

(In the hallway)

"I'm just going to go in there and ask Ichika if he want's to walk with me, I mean exercise." A half-shrine maiden Houki Shinonono said to herself.

(And back to Ichika's room)

"Please explain what I did to you last night, and why in the world are you naked?" Ichika partially used to this kind of thing from her asked calmly.

"Ah it was a wonderful night we had together. Still you were a little bit rough, you could have been gentler, it was my first time after all. But don't worry the feelings of your hands were just divine so it didn't hurt after awhile." Tatenashi said with a blush on her face and fidgeting.

'Something seems very wrong, I know for a fact that Tatenashi does not fidget, but first time? gently, what does...'

"Wh-what do you mean by that!" Ichika now understood what she meant.

"I mean exactly what said, oh look there's a stain on your bed sheet you should wash that." Tatenashi pointed at a dark spot.

"Um Tatenashi-san I just want to check but are you talking about what we did last night?"

"Of course!"

"Then don't make a misunderstanding! all we did last night was you coming over with a swimsuit on and a bow on your um chest, and me giving you a massage, and that stain on my bed is when the lotion you wanted me to use, slipped out of my hand and some fell on the bed! and what do you mean first time! I was just doing your shoulders!"

"Yes but it was the first time a man has ever done that." Tatenashi looked down with a pout.

"I seriously doubt that, but please don't just go saying things like that, it will cause misunderstanding." Ichika said with a sigh in his voice.

"Ah you take all the fun out of life." Tatenashi then stood out of bed.

"Tatenashi!" Ichika expecting her to be naked looked up to see her wearing a bikini.

"Put something on." He said calmly as he pointed his finger at her.

"But I am wearing something." She then jumped down from the bed, and then got very close to Ichika.

'Gah! there she goes with her teasing again, I can't take much more of this, contrary to belief I do acknowledge beautiful women, and she is not helping. Hmm what should I do...I know!' Ichika smirked, and in a quick move of hands, turned Tatenashi around and then pulled her to his bare chest (Why he doesn't have a shirt on who knows) he leaned right next to her ear and said in a low voice.

"Tatenashi if you keep doing that, there's no telling what I might do to you, I can only hold out for so long." Ichika smiled to himself 'There have a taste of your own medicine!'

If Ichika didn't have Tatenashi facing away from him, he would have seen the usually flirtatious president sporting a slight blush. But being herself she decided to play along.

"And what do you plan on doing if I keep pushing" Tatenashi smiled 'Two can play at this game.'

Ichika caught up in the mood said "Depends on what you want me to do."

"Well." Tatenashi put her arms on Ichika's and then turned her head.

Now to the casual stalker, I mean observer the position they were in was a very intimate one.

(Outside of Ichika's room)

"Laura! what are you doing here?" Houki having rounded the corner saw a crouching Laura with a notepad taking notes.

"I am taking notes on how my wife likes his preference in women." She looked up with a matter-of-fact face.

"What? what do you mean? ah whatever I'm going in."

Laura being the wiser of the two said. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"What could Ichika possible be doing that so bad." Houki then opened the door, and walked in.

"Hey Ichika I was wondering if you wanted…"


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING!" Houki having walked into their playful exchange looked on with a mixture of horror and embarrassment.

"Um hey there Houki I can explain." Ichika looked at Houki.

"WHY YOU PERVERTED FREAK!" Houki then started to attack Ichika.

"Houki what's wrong I wasn't doing anything bad! I was just with Taten...wait where is she!" Ichika exclaimed.

Miss Tatenashi was currently outside of his room standing right next to Laura watching the commotion.

"Come on Bodewig let's leave them be." Tatenashi said with a grin.

As they were walking away Laura looked at her and saw the president with a smile on her face. " What exactly were you doing with Ichika?" Tatenashi then gave a bigger smile and said.

"That's a secret."



"Why me!"

(Later That Day)

"Guh, that beating really hurt." Ichika laid his head on the desk after class was done.

"Excuse me Orimura?"

"Huh?" Ichika looked up from his desk to see one of his older classmates standing there.

'Dang she's pretty!' He thought.


"Huh?" Ichika looked over to the sound and saw a pissed off looking Houki with a broken pencil in her hand.

'That stupid idiot looking at another girl, he really does like older women.' Houki thought to herself, she then looked over at the girl. 'Ah! she's beautiful!' Houki looked on with envy.

"Orimura?" the girl asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"What? oh sorry, did you need something miss Flina?" he looked up at the girl. Now the girl in question here is called Iri Flina, she's a 3rd year exchange student from Korea known for knowing how to wield a sword and play cards with great success.

"My friends and I are going to Akihabara to go shopping for Christmas gifts and we were wondering if you would like to come along so you could provide a male's opinion."

"Um sure I don't mind, but why can't one of your brother's go with you?" Ichika was just asking.

"Well none of us have brothers, so that wouldn't work out." Flina said with a matter of fact voice.

"Huh I see well then yes I can go, I will give my opinion to the best of my abilities." Ichika said proudly.

"Alright we'll be leaving after school, so meet us at the monorail station."

"Can do." Ichika said with a smile.

"Alright I will be seeing you later." Flina then walked out of the room, leaving a still tired Ichika at his desk.

"Alright everyone back in there seats class is starting!" Maya Yamada called to the class.

'Yes! I get to learn about the I.S what fun.' Ichika did a mental sigh.

(After School)

"Hey Orimura!" Rin came walking into the classroom, more liked stormed.

"Yes what do you need Rin?" Ichika wanting to get out of there asked with a strained voice.

"Hey what's with the voice, are you in need of going somewhere urgent?" Rin asked with a slightly pissed off voice.

"Um yea kind off." Ichika said with a calm voice.

"And where exactly would my bride be going? Laura walked into the conversation.

"Yes I want to know to." Charlotte asked.

"Me too!" Cecilia joined.

"Well you see." Ichika was trying to think up a good reason because he really did not feel like getting hit.

(A Hidden Lab)

"Ah I-kun you are so weak sometimes. But don't worry I'll help you!" Tabane Shinonono said with a cheery voice.


"Oops wrong button."

(Back at I.S Academy)


"Ladies please, give me some space." Ichika felt like something inside him switched.

"Uh sure." Charlotte then stepped back and everyone else followed.

'What's with Ichika he seems different?'

'What happened? I never say things like this. I have a gut feeling that Tabane has a hand in this.' Ichika thought to himself.

"Well to answer your questions I am going with some 3rd year lady friends, to give assistance in there time of need, and help with their own needs." Ichika said with a suave voice.

"Help with there needs!" Rin was now officially ready to deploy her I.S.

"I-Ichika what do you mean by needs!" Houki now joined the conversation.

"What I said, I'm going to satisfy their needs and mine." Ichika said.

'I'm not technically lying I do have to get a gift for Chifuyu.'

Charlotte had her patented death smile now on. "Ichika."

"Yes mademoiselle." That took her off guard for a second.

"Um nothing." She just walked over to a corner and then started mumbling.

"He really does like older girls." she said to herself.

"Well if you ladies will excuse me I must be leaving now." Ichika then kissed each of their hands and then left the room.

"I wish Orimura kissed my hand!" A girl said after he left.

"Me too!" Another one said.

As for Ichika's group of friends they all stood there looking at their hands.

(A few minute later at the monorail station)

"Miss Flina!" Ichika having spotted the silver haired girl called to her. Who by the way is in some casual clothing.

"Orimura it's nice to see you again." She replied back.

"Likewise, so who are your friends?" He gestured to the other girls.

"These are my friends."

"Hi my name is Shizuka Aoi, but you can call me Aoi." The girl said cheerfully.

"My name is Reki just Reki." The girl said with a calm voice.

"Ah so no last name?" Ichika asked politely.

"It's a very dumb last name so I don't use it." Reki said with a even voice.

"Ah okay, well my name is Ichika Orimura, but you can call me Ichika. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Well shall we get going." Flina gestured to the car. "Oh yes Ichika call me Iri."

"Sure." He replied.

Everyone got onto the car and then the door shut behind them and it started to move along the railing.

"So if I may ask what are you ladies getting?" Ichika asked the three girls.

"Well I want to get some chocolates for my mom, and maybe a tie or something for my dad." Aoi said with a finger under her chin.

"She's really cute." Ichika thought to himself.

"And you Reki?" He turned to her.

"Not sure." He sweat dropped.

"Right well I hope you find something." He encouraged her.

"Iri do you know what your are getting?" Ichika turned to the last girl.

"Hmm probably a necklace for my mother, and as for my father not sure yet."

"Well then I hope you will really on my service." He gave a mock bow.

"Right you don't have to bow." She gave him a small smile.

"Sorry felt like it, anyway could I ask you ladies a request?"

"Sure!" Aoi answered cheerfully.

"Depends." Reki replied with a neutral voice.

"Why not, so what is it?" Iri asked.

"Well to be honest I want to get a present for Chifuyu, I mean miss Orimura, but I'm not sure what she would want, and seeing that you are also girls I was wondering if you would know." He replied with a slight embarrassment in his voice.

"Hmm a present for Orimura-sensei, that is a question indeed." Aoi started to think.

"I don't mean to be rude but your sister is not like most women." Iri pointed out.

"Yea you're right she isn't." Ichika said with mirth.

"Well I guess I'll think of something." Ichika then started to go into deep thought.

(A little while later)

"I'm back Akihabara!" Aoi said joyfully.

The group of four had just arrived at the station located in Akihabara and were now walking down one of it's street's.

"Aoi you should be aware of your surroundings." Iri said in a motherly tone.

"Oh sorry." She said with a giggle.

Ichika was looking around at all the things around him, and then he noticed something.

"Maids?" He said out loud.

"Oh have you never been in Akihabara before?" Aoi asked.

"Hmm no I have been here before but I was more in the electronic district." He replied.

"Why don't we do are shopping and then we can come back here when we're done." Iri said to the two.

"Where's Reki?" Ichika just now noticed Reki was not in the group.

"Um she's over there." Iri pointed to a store, and in that store was Reki browsing through some manga's.

"Does she like that kind of stuff." Ichika asked.

"Yes but not to the extreme, she just enjoys reading." Iri said with a warm tone.

Ichika was just caught in the moment and said. "Iri my gut instinct says that you would be a good mother." She gave him a surprised look. "Well I do wish to be a mother some day, if I can find the right man."

"Hey Ichika would I be a good mom!" Aoi asked with pleading voice.

'She's too cute for her own good.' Ichika and Iri thought.

"Hmm I think you're more the younger sister type but I believe that you would be a energetic mom." He said with a observing voice.

"Yes I'll still be energetic!" She replied happily.

"I don't mean to rude, but can't you just see her chasing butterflies when she's a grandma." Ichika leaned over to Iri.

"I can actually." Iri replied with an amused tone.

"Well shall we go shopping." Ichika said with happy voice.

"Are we going to get Reki?" Aoi asked with a concerned voice.

Everyone looked over at the store where Reki was still looking through manga's.

"I think she'll be fine." Iri said.

The other two nooded, and then they all started to walk towards the clothing district. After a couple of minutes Ichika then had to ask the obvious.

"Iri if you don't mind me asking why do you have an eyepatch over you left eye?" She looked to him and then gave a sad smile.

"It's because of my eye." She replied with a sad tone.

"What's wrong with it?" Ichika asked with concern in his voice.

"Nothing it's because of how it looks."

"Is it damaged or something?"

"No it's not that it's because of it's color." She replied.

"So you would cover up your eye because of it's color?" Ichika said with confused voice.

"If you want to see it I can show why I cover it up." Iri looked at him.


"Alright." She lifted the eyepatch and underneath her eye was red. More precisely her iris was red.

"You see how my right eye is blue, and my left eye is red. It stands out." She said.

"Iri was bullied a bit back in middle school, because of her eye, they called her a vampire and things because she drank tomato juice and because of her eye." Aoi said to Ichika.

"Well if it's any support I believe you have very beautiful eye's, and as for the vampire part I wouldn't mind being bitten by you." He said with a wink and a playful voice.

Iri's cheek's turned a slight shade of pink. "Your the first boy to say something that nice to me."

"Really well thanks, but to be honest I would rather face a vampire then trying to engage a I.S in battle." He said with a slightly scared voice. "Well then now since that is out of the way, shall we find those gifts." Ichika then pointed to a chocolate shop near them.

"Oh I can probably find some really good chocolate for my mom in there." Aoi was all fired up, well she already was.

"Well then I am going to go over there." Iri pointed to a jewelry shop also near by. She then turned to Ichika and asked. "Would you like to join me, you may find something for your sister in there."

"Yea sure why not." He replied.

The group parted ways and Ichika and Iri walked into the store.

"Wow that's alot of jewelry!" Ichika exclaimed.

"It's a jewelry store you know." Iri looked at him with an amused face.

"Sorry." He replied slightly embarrassed.

"It's fine, but I'm going to go look over at the necklaces over there." She pointed to a case with necklaces inside.

"I guess I'll look at the earrings." Ichika said thinking about his sister and her tastes.

Iri walked over to the necklaces, leaving Ichika by himself.

'Hmm what would my sister like, she doesn't exactly like sparkly things, or for that matter jewelry in general.'

"Excuse me may I help you?" A store employee walked up to Ichika.

"Um yes I'm trying to look for some earrings for my sister, but she's a more functional woman than showy." He replied.

"Functional huh, let me think." The store employee looked at the earings.

"How bout this." She pointed to a pair a small diamond earrings. "There not to showy but with the right dress they will look nice on her."

"Yes I think you right, I'll take them, but I still want to get something else so could you hold onto them for now?" Ichika asked.

"I can do that, my I ask what else you are looking for."

"I guess rings." He replied.

"Are you getting it for your girlfriend?" The employee seeing him and Iri walk in asked politely.

"Um no, it's for another girl."

She gave a playful smile. "Ah I see, well then how bout these right here." She pointed to the case that had all sort of rings in it.

"Hmm." Ichika looked at the rings, and as he was looking one caught his eye.

"How bout that one." He pointed at a ring.

"This one?" The store clerk pointed.

"Yes." The ring in question was your basic ring nothing special, but woven in with the metal was strands of blue and red crystals.

'It would go well with her eyes and hair.' He thought.

"Well what size is her finger?"

"Uh." Ichika didn't think that far.


"Oh excuse me." Ichika then took his calling device out of his pocket.

'Hmm I don't know this number, oh wait there is no number.'

"Hello?" Ichika answered not knowing who it was.

"Hello Ikkun!" A cheery voice said on the other side.

Ichika looked around for a second before answering. "Tabane what are you doing calling me?"

"I hear you're in a pinch, and don't worry I approve of your choice." She said in a playful voice.

"What choice may you be talking about?" Ichika just wanted to be sure what she was talking about.

"The ring of course!"

"The ring right, so what about it." Ichika thought to himself 'If this was anybody else I would be wondering how they knew about the ring, but it's Tabane so it's better not to ask.'

"Her ring size is xxcm so be sure to tell the clerk!" She said happily.

"It's an employee Tabane."

"Eh monkey's and typewriters." She said nonchalantly.

"Right well if that's all then I'll be hanging up." He answered.

"Okay!" She replied back.

"Oh yes by the way Tabane don't do any more experiments on me today." Ichika then hung up before she could reply back.

(Secret Lab)

"No more experiment's today got it, so I'll just have to wait until midnight, then it will be tomorrow!" Tabane said after Ichika hung up.

(Jeweler Store)

"Okay then let's get that ring." Ichika walked back to the employee. "Her ring size xxcm so could you get that ready please."

"Can do." She replied back.

"By the way how long would that take?" Ichika again not thinking into the future asked.

"Actually you're pretty lucky we have a ring with those exact measurement's in our inventory."

"Oh really that's great." He said happily.

"Yes well I'll go get it, please wait a bit." The store employee then bowed and left to the storage room.

"Well now that's that taken care of." Ichika then walked over to Iri. "Have you found anything?"

"Huh oh yes I found a nice necklace for my mother, and I think I will get a tie pin for my father." She said giving a slight glance to Ichika before going back to searching. "Have you found what you needed?"

"Yes I actually have, I just need to go to the counter and buy them." Ichika then spotted a tie pin that may work. 'What about that one." He pointed towards a dark teal tie pin.

"Hmm that would maybe work." She said looking at the pin.

"Is there another one that caught your eyes?" He asked.

"Yes this one." She pointed to a red tie pin.

"Hmm that does look good also, do you by chance have a picture of your father that I could see." Ichika wanted to have a face to reference with the tie pin.

"Yea here." Iri took out a camera from one of her pocket's. Ichika raised a slight eyebrow.

"This is him." There was a picture of Iri her father and her mother standing in front of a house.

"I see so that's what he looks like, I think you're right that the red tie pin would go well with him." He looked at the picture more closely. "I can see where you get your looks." He spoke offhandedly and gestured to her mother in the picture.

"Thank you." Iri said with a smile on her face.

"No problem." Ichika said back to her.

'It's very easy to talk with her, she reminds me of someone I've meet in my past.'


"Come on you're two slow!" A young boy said excitedly.

"Wait up!" A silver haired girl was running after him.


'Hmm I wonder.' Ichika thought to himself.

"Well I guess I'll get the red tie pin." Iri then called over a employee who unlocked the display case, and grabbed the tie pin.

"Well shouldn't you get your items?" Iri asked bringing Ichika back from his musings.

"What uh yes." Ichika and Iri walked to the register.

"I would like the two items I wish to purchase." He asked politely, he then spotted something and said. "I would also like to purchase that."

"Yes of course, the total will be 80,000 yen (Roughly 800 U.S dollars)"

"Okay here you go." Ichika handed her his checking account card.

He then on a whim said, I'll pay for the lady behind me also, but don't tell her."

The employee smiled. "Of course." She then handed him his purchases.

"Alright Iri your up." Ichika stepped out of the way.

The store employee rung up her purchase and then just like Ichika asked did not charge her, but without telling Iri.

"Well shall we get going?" Ichika then opened the door for Iri.

"Yes." They both walked out onto the busy streets of Akihabara.

"Now to find Aoi." Ichika then grabbed Iri's hand. "Best not get separated." He said quickly.

"Hey you two I'm over here!" A loaded Aoi said waving towards the pair.

"Hey did you find, whoa! that's alot." Ichika let go of Iri's hand. "Let me take some things."

"Oh really thanks!" Aoi gave Ichika some of her bags.

"There's more than chocolate in here." Ichika stated the obvious.

"Yes after the chocolate shop I went and bought some underwear, socks, and a teddy bear!" She said cheerfully.

"Ah really well good for you." Ichika then laid a hand on her head.

"Well now that were all done shopping shall we go back to where Reki probably is?" Iri said to the two.

"Yea sure." Ichika then started to walk in the direction they had come from, followed closely behind were the two girls.

After a few minutes of walking Ichika saw something in a store that caught his interest.

He turned to the girls "Wait here for a minute." He then walked into the store.

"I wonder what Ichika is getting?" Aoi asked.

"No idea." Iri replied back.

After a few minutes Ichika came back out with a slightly large bag.

"What is that?" Iri asked when he got close enough.

"A pillow, the one I'm using now is getting less um fluffy, so I decided to get a new one."

"Ah I see." Iri then decided to drop the matter.

They continued to walk until they arrived were everyone parted ways, and sure enough while not in the same store Reki was browsing through manga's.

"Hey Reki were done with our shopping how bout you?" Aoi asked the reading girl.

"Yes I am, but I would still like to see the new games that have come out." Reki looked up from her reading to Aoi.

"Um what kind of games do you play?" Ichika asked Reki.

"Multiple People Online games, MPO for short." She answered.

"Ah those. Anything else?"

"A little bit of everything." She said.

"Hey Ichika have you ever played a dating game before?" Aoi asked.

"Um no, but I never really thought about playing one." He answered truthfully.

"Well then we will just have to fix that!" She said cheerfully.

"Uh okay." Ichika having no experience in this field decided to leave it up to them.

(Later in a video game store)

"You should get this one!" Aoi gave Ichika a box with some girls on the front.

"Hmm what does it mean all ages?" Ichika then set the box down and then turned to her.

"Well there's a mature version of this game, but you should just play this version to get the hang of this genre." She said factually.

"Alright I'll do that." Ichika without looking picked up a box and proceeded to the checkout.

(On the Monorail Train)

"Ah I got everything I wanted to buy." Aoi then stretched before getting into a relaxed position.

"I did too." Reki was currently surrounded by books.

"Me too, by the way Ichika can I see what you got for your sister." Iri turned to Ichika.

"Yea sure." Ichika reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, he then opened it to reveal a ring. 'Oops wrong box.' He thought.

"Wow that's a really pretty ring!" Aoi said excitedly.

"You're getting that for your sister?" Reki looked at the ring.

"Um to be honest this isn't for my sister." Ichika said embarrassed.

"Oh who is it for?" Iri asked.

"It's for the president, I thought it went well with her outfit she usually wears." 'By outfit I mean student council, not the other things.' He added to the sentence mentally.

"Oh that's really nice of you!" Aoi said happily.

"So what did you get for your sister for real." Reki said looking up from a book she just opened up.

"Uh this." Ichika then pulled out another box from his pocket and opened it. "I think being how my sister is, she would want something simple."

"Yes getting your sister earring's was a good choice." Iri said with a thoughtful tone.

"Well I hope it's a good choice." Ichika said a bit nervously.

They continued to talk and discuss various things until the ride was over and they arrived at the academy.

"Well Reki and I need to go to the library so will see you guys later!" Aoi and Reki waved goodbye before walking off, leaving Ichika and Iri alone.

"Well shall I walk you back to your room, it's not safe at night." Ichika being a gentleman asked.

"Yes that would be nice."

"Alrighty." Ichika then offered his arm to her, which she accepted and they started to walk back to the dorms.

"Hey Ichika?"

"Yes what is it Iri?"

"Do you know what ring you got for the president."

"Um no should I?"

"No just wondering." She answered.

"Okay then."

They both walked enjoying each others presence until they were outside of the girl dorm section.

"Well I bid you goodnight." Iri turned to Ichika with a smile on her face.

"And I to you, oh also could you give this to the president I can see her at the front desk there." Ichika asked Iri.

"Yes I can, but why don't you?"

"I have to meet some friends, and if I gave this to her, I have feeling she would um keep me from leaving." He said talking from experience.

"Oh yes I can see why." Iri said with humor in her voice.

"Really? well thanks for today I had fun." Ichika looked at the young woman in front of him.

"Yes thank you for coming along." She then started to turn to leave.

"Wait." Ichika said quickly.

She turned. "Yes?"

"Here." Ichika handed her a box.

"What is it?" She took it from his hands.

"Something I decided to get for you, Merry Christmas." He smiled warmly at her.

She opened it to find a pair of earrings inside, they were made up of some type of light grey metal with blue and scarlet lines running through them.

"I want to say this now, I got these because they go well with your eyes."

"My eyes?"

"Yes, I know you were bullied because of your eye's but I just want to say that your eyes are nothing to be ashamed of, in fact having different eye colors is kinda cool."

Iri's eyes were slightly damp. "Thank you."

"Your welcome."

And in a moment of surprise Iri leaned in a kissed Ichika on the cheek.

"Merry Christmas!" She then turned and walked away into the building, leaving a stunned Ichika.

"Well that was unexpected." He smiled to himself, before turning and walking towards the cafeteria.

(Girls Dorm)

"Excuse me Miss President?" Iri walked towards the blue haired woman.

"Yes?" Tatenashi turned.

"I was told by Orimura to give this to you." She handed the president the box.

"Oh he really did get me something." She opened the box and when seeing the ring blushed. You see Ichika in a matter of oversight bought an engagement ring, and by giving this ring to Tatenashi was in a proposing to her. But of course does he know this, of course not.

"Well then I bid you goodnight President." Iri then excused herself.

"I think I will have to reward Ichika for this gift." Tatenashi then started to think.

(Ichika's Room)

"Ah this pillow is really soft, I never knew they had full body pillow, go figure. Anyway I should go meet my friends." Ichika then got off of his bed and then after turning off the light closed the door.

As he was walking down the hallway he spotted his sister. "Hey sis!"

"Orimura-sensei!" She replied turning towards him.

"Yes I know." He then reached into his pocket and grabbed the box.

"Merry Christmas sis." He said with a warm smile on his face. He handed her the box.

"What did you get me?" She opened the box.

"Something I hope you like." Ichika then kissed his sister on the cheek quickly before running away. "I have to go meet my friends I'll see you later!"

"No running in the hallways!" She yelled to him. She looked at the earrings and then smiled "That idiot."


"Hey girls I'm back!" Ichika made his way towards the table where the girls were sitting.

"Welcome back Ichika." Charlotte said warmly.

"So what did my wife do all today?" Laura asked the question that was begging to be asked by the girls.

"Lets see I went and bought a gift for Orimura-sensei, I also got a body pillow for myself."

"Body pillow?" Houki said darkly.

"Um yes is that bad?" Ichika was not liking her expression.

"Does this pillow have anything on it?" Cecilia asked.


"Really?" Rin asked.

"Yes I promise!"

"Well if you are so sure about it let's see this body pillow." Charlotte said with a smile on her face.

"Uh okay that's fine with me."

Everyone then got up from their seats and headed out of the cafeteria, and after a few minutes arrived at Ichika's room.

"Well open the door already!" Rin said impatiently.

"I will but I don't remember locking the door when I left." Ichika then reached into his pocket for his door key, and after unlocking the door let everyone inside. He walked over to the pillow and after picking it up showed it to the girls.

"See nothing on it." He noticed all the girls with dark expressions on their faces.

"What?" He then got a sinking feeling and turned the pillow towards him, and sure enough on the pillow was a picture of the president in lingerie.

"Gah! Tatenashi!" He yelled.






"Yes everyone!" He replied very scared.



(Later That Night)

"Ow I got beaten again, that's twice today, well no use dwelling on it might as well do something else." Ichika then remembered the game that he bought. "Ah I should play that."

He went over to the bag and opened it, and grabbed the box inside, and after reading the directions put the disk in, after it loaded and he figured out what to do, he started to play.


"Uh come in!" He yelled.

"Hello Ichika!"

"Guh...hello Tatenashi." He said with a sigh.

"Oh what's with the sigh, did you not like your present?"

"No it's not that it's because when I found your present so did my friends and they didn't like that."

"Oh uh sorry." She said slightly embarrassed.

"No it's fine." He then turned from his game, and let the scene play out.

"Well did you get my gift?" He asked her.

"Yes I did, t-thank you it was very nice." Tatenashi had a slight blush on her face.

On the screen a window popped up "Student Council President route available."

"So which one of those girls is your mom?" A student asked.

"Who knows." Orimura smiled.