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Today started out like any other day. Ichika woke up and prepared breakfast. Tatenashi flirted with him to see if she could get a reaction, and they both got ready for class after eating.

But what made today different than any other day was...uh not much.

'Let's see, I have to get that project done or sis will have me for dinner for not getting it done, and then later today we have a class on the mechanics of the I.S, which considering it can be summoned out of thin air seems interesting, anyway that all can be done later right now I am hungry and I don't feel like making myself food. guess I'll go to the cafeteria.' Ichika finished his internal thinking and started to head to the cafeteria and on his way there he again started to think.

'Hmm today should I get miso soup with rice or ramen?' Ichika then thought briefly how his childhood friend Rin liked ramen so much, he smiled and continued to walk towards the cafeteria until something caught his eye.

'I must be hallucinating but is that sis in a m-maid outfit!' Ichika swore he saw his sister turn the corner with a maid outfit on.

'Wait let's think about this logically, sis in a maid outfit, she would never do that, then again I get the gut feeling that Tabane has been screwing with our minds lately so maybe it's not so far fetched.' He sweat dropped.

'Anyway I'll just have to see if I was wrong.' Ichika quickened his pace and rounded the corner, and there to his surprise his sister was there but.

'Huh she's not wearing a maid outfit, I must have been hallucinating about that oops.' She turned.

"Orimura what are you doing?" She pursed her mouth.

"Uh well I thought I saw you in a maid outfit, and I thought I just had to check it out." Ichika then looked at his sister.

"Me wear a maid outfit? you must be tired, I would never do that." She said crisply.

"Yeah I guess you're right, sorry I guess my imagination got the better of me." He smiled.

"Or maybe it was your innermost desire to see me in a maid outfit, or maybe you just have a thing for maids." She said in a monotone voice.

"Ah I don't think I wish that but then again you always were good at reading my mind."

'But I do like my privacy thank you very much!' Ichika thought mentally.

"Orimura shouldn't you be getting to your class now?" She inquired.

"Uh actually I'm going to go eat lunch." He said confused.

'Doesn't she know that it's lunch period now?'

"Ah I see, well then." She turned to leave.

"Ah wait!" Ichika said quickly, she turned.


"Is it just me or do you look younger that you usually do?" Ichika then compared their height. "And aren't you taller?"


"Are you saying that I looked old to you before?" She said with a frown on her face.

"What! no that's not what I mean, well it's just, uh sorry." Ichika bowed his head.

She sighed. "Just get going to lunch." He looked up. "Right I'll be going now." He then quickly walked past her and didn't look back, but if he had looked back, he would have seen her take out a device.

"This is central command, how are things going M." The girl grinned. "He didn't suspect a thing."

"Good continue with your mission, central command out." The line went dead.

"Well then let's go find that shall we." Madoka Orimura grinned.


"I wonder what was wrong with sis today, she seemed different for some reason." Ichika was currently eating some rice.

"Perhaps she wasn't feeling good." Houki who was also sitting with Ichika commented.

"You think so? I don't know my sister usually doesn't get sick that often." He said thinking back on his memories of his sister's sick days.

"Well I don't mean to come off rude, but no matter how strong your sister is, she is still human believe it or not." Houki said with a grin on her face, Ichika looked up from his dish.

"My sister human? huh well I guess you're right." Ichika smiled. "Yeah you're right I do remember having to take care of my sister when she was sick, but then again I could probably count all those times on one hand." They both shared a laugh.

"Well putting that aside, how have you been doing Houki? I haven't talked to you in a while." He said in an apologetic voice.

"Oh not much, just been practicing my kendo skills." She replied with an informative voice.

"Right how is that going for you?" Ichika remembered the times he and Houki practiced back when they were kids, he quickly glanced at her. 'Yeah she's definitely not a kid anymore.'

"It's going good, I feel like I am getting better at it." And without thinking she added. "But these things keep getting in the way." She glanced down.

"Uh are you referring to your chest?" Ichika had to be sure what he just heard.

"Yeah there…" She stopped mid sentence and then blushed heavily.



"Uh Houki?" Ichika asked after a few moments of silence.

"What is it." She had her head bowed.

"Um just wanted to see if your okay, your face is red." He said in a concerned voice.

"I'm not okay, what girl just talks about her chest to a guy!" She looked up with embarrassment written all over her face.

"Well you just did." Ichika said with a smirk.

"Why you!" She was now blushing harder.

He smiled softly. "Houki there is nothing wrong with your chest, or better yet your body, all it proves is that you're a woman."

'And a pretty curvy one at that.' He added mentally.

She was taken aback at Ichika's statement. "You see me as a woman?" She asked curiously.

"Well yes I do." He smiled softly.

"I'm glad that my childhood friend has grown into such a beautiful woman." Houki was speechless.

"T-thank Y-you." A few moments later she said with a happy tone.

"No problem." Ichika said quickly. "Well as much as I would like to continue visiting with you, I have to go work on some homework, so I'll be going now." Ichika stood up from the table and after dispensing his tray left the cafeteria.

Houki looked down at her half-eaten food. "He called me beautiful." She smiled.


"Again why am I trying to find this thing you lost?" Madoka was speaking with central command.

"Well I was flying over the academy and I wasn't looking where I was going and I almost ran into a flock of birds so I turned hard right, and I dropped the item." The person on the other side said sadly.

"And why couldn't you have dove for it?" Madoka asked.

"Well I didn't want to be seen by the academy so I didn't risk the chance of diving for it and being spotted."

Madoka sighed. 'If word ever got out, that Phantom Task had a klutzy moron, we would be laughing stock.'

"Fine I get it, I'll find your stupid item. Madoka out." She cut the connection.

"Orimura-sensei!" She turned around quickly.

"Ah yes what do you need Orimura?"

"Do you know where the president is?" He asked politely.

"No I do not." She replied carefully.

"Oh okay, well I'll see you later." Ichika then walked past her and continued on his journey.

"I have mixed feelings about my brother's stupidity." Madoka shook her head.

(Student Council Room)

"How much more is there to do?" Tatenashi looked at all the paper on her desk.

"I wish Orimura was here."


"Come in!" She called from her desk.

"Hey Tatenashi are you in here?" Ichika's head leaned around the door.

She gave a blank face. "No she isn't." He looked at her for a second before realizing what she said.

"Yes you are." He stepped into the room.

'Huh I wished for Ichika and he appeared go figure.' Tatenashi thought absent-mindly.

"Well do you need something?" She inquired.

"What no! I just wanted to drop by and say hello." He said.

"Aw did you miss me?" She said with a smirk.

"Um would it be bad if I said yes?" He answered honestly.

She smiled. "No it isn't, so what brings you here to my humble room." She folded her hands.

"Well I went grocery shopping with Miss Flina and I swear I saw you in the store we were at, were you?" He asked curiously.

"No I was here all day attending meetings." She said.

"Oh my mistake, but then if you weren't there who was that girl?" Ichika started to think.

"Are you saying that you saw a girl that looked like me?" Tatenashi was a bit surprised, as far as she knew nobody looked like her, but because Ichika said he did, she trusted that he actually did see someone like her.

"Yeah she was about your height, very similar hair style, and she was wearing a yellow vest." He thought back to what he saw of the girl.

"But now that I think about it, she had lighter hair than you." He remembered the girl he saw had silver hair.

"Well I would honestly be surprised if a girl looked like me." Tatenashi said quickly.

"Yeah not many people have blue hair."


Hayate sneezed.

"Are you alright?" Maria looked up from her dusting.

"Yeah my nose just felt scratchy." Hayate then continued to polish the silverware.

(I.S Academy)

"Well is that all you needed to say?" Tatenashi asked Ichika.

"Yeah that's all, thanks for all your all your hard work, I'll go prepare dinner." Ichika bowed and then left the room.

"Alright let's get this done so I can eat Ichika's cooking." Tatenashi started to work on the pile of paper on her desk.

(Ichika's Room)

"Well let's get dinner prepared." Ichika then reached for a apron and was about to put it on.

"Why is my apron pink? Oh right my apron is getting cleaned, oh well guess I have no choice." Ichika put on the pink apron and started to cook.


"Huh someone sent me a message?" Ichika put the heat on simmer and went over to the console.

(Later tonight could you come over to my room, I would like to talk with you.) Iri.

"Iri huh, well I see no problem."

(Sure I'll be over after dinner.) He typed quickly before heading back to the stove.

"I guess when I get there I can ask her about what happened in the store." Ichika said while stirring the contents in the pan.

After a few minutes he removed the contents from the pan and put them into a bowl, he then went over and stirred some meat that was also on the stove.

As he was stirring the meat he started to think again. 'You know it never really crossed my mind but a lot of the girls around me are very pretty.' His thoughts drifted to his friends. 'And even beautiful.' He smiled. 'My friend Dan would kill to be in my position, but then again I'm not sure he would not like getting beaten up when there was misunderstanding.' Ichika thought back when most of the things he did caused misunderstanding in the female body, but after sometime his misunderstanding were toned down, and the girls just let most of them slid, mind you Ichika had gotten less prone to those kind of stuff over the weeks and months at the I.S academy.

"Well the meats done, guess I'll set the table while I wait for Tatenashi to arrive." Ichika went and took of his apron and hung it up on a peg located near him. He then went and pulled out the appropriate dinnerware for uh dinner, and set the table.

As he was setting the table he thought back to when his friends teased him how he acted a lot like a housewife and how he just smiled and shook his head with amusement. Good times.

"Honey I'm home!" Tatenashi walked into their shared room with a smile on her face, and a bag in her hand.

"Hey welcome back...what's in the bag?" He gestured to the bag she just set down.

"Oh I asked Scantily clad-san as you call her to serve some tea and as she was serving the tea the pot slipped from her hands because of her sleeves being so long and well it spilled all over me."

"Ah that doesn't seem pleasant." Ichika said as he made his way to the bag. He was planning on putting it in the laundry chute to go be cleaned before it could stain.

As he was doing that Tatenashi grinned and slid right next to Ichika.

"Oh Ichika dear, had you been there you could have seen me taking off my clothes off to change." She said right next to Ichika's ear.

Ichika turned around. "Where did I set that piece again?" Ichika completely ignored what Tatenashi said to him and moved to finish setting the dinner table.

After seeing how she was being ignored she pouted.

'He's not as much fun to tease anymore, I can't get any reaction out of him.' Ichika having sensed Tatenashi's mood walked over to her and on a whim hugged her.

"Tatenashi it's not that I don't like your flirting but we are young adults now, we need to start acting our age." He said with a sincere tone in his voice.

Tatenashi relaxed and leaned into the hug. "Then if I'm in trouble would you come to save me?"

He smiled. "Yes of course, I would risk my life." She smiled. 'That is what I like about you, you're a very kind and noble young man.' And because Ichika was not able to see her face, she sported a very faint blush.

"Well shall we eat dinner?" Ichika separated himself from her, effectively ending the embrace.

"Uh yes let's." Tatenashi and Ichika then turned around and sat down at the table.

"So other than the incident how was work today?" Ichika asked Tatenashi as he served her some rice.

"Oh it was fine, nothing too bad, how bout you?" She honestly wanted to know how his day went.

"Same not much happened, well Houki says otherwise but I swear I saw my sister today in a maid outfit." Ichika rubbed his chin in thought.

Tatenashi just raised an eyebrow. "Your sister in a maid outfit? are you sure your day was fine?" She said with some doubt in her voice.

"Yes I'm positive, but seeing how it's my sister, makes me not so positive." He said kinda sheepishly.

"Well like Ms. Shinonono I while also have to disagree, but seeing how it's you telling me this, I won't completely deny it." She smiled. "Who knows maybe your sister likes dressing up as a maid when no one is looking."

Ichika snorted. "I seriously doubt that, but I find that partially amusing if it was true."

Ichika and Tatenashi both shared a laugh together, and as they were laughing Tatenashi looked over at Ichika.

'Yes I believe I have my answer, I wouldn't mind being more than friends with him.' She mentally smiled at the thought.

"Ah look at the time I have to meet with some members to discuss about some things." Tatenashi quickly stood up. "I'm terrible sorry to run out on you like this." She said with an apologetic voice. He smiled. "It's fine, I have to go meet up with Iri after dinner too, so theres no problem." She nodded. "Okay then I'll see you later!" Tatenashi rushed out of the door leaving Ichika with the dishes to clean up. "Of course you did." He looked at the table for a moment before starting to clean up.


"Damn it all I can't find the stupid thing, I feel like I've looked everywhere." Madoka grumbled to herself.

"Hey sis what's wrong?" She froze and turned around to Ichika giving her a perplexed look.

"Hello Orimura, what brings you here?" She said coolly.

"I was just making my way to Ms. Flina's room." She raised an eyebrow.

"To ask her about something, and then I'm going to go back to my room right after." Ichika saw that his sentence could have caused a misunderstanding.

"Well then don't let me keep you waiting." She gestured for Ichika to move on past her. "I hope whatever it is work's out." Ichika smiled. "Thanks! well I'll see you around sis." Ichika then walked on past again never suspecting a thing.

"I wonder if my organization caught Ichika-itis, they can be clueless sometimes." Madoka shook her head.

(Flina's room)


"Come in!"

"Hey Iri what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Ichika asked as he entered her room.

"I have a feeling you are curious about what happened at the convenience store, am I right?" She asked.

"Uh yeah I did actually, so what was that anyway?" Ichika asked curiously.

"Well to put it simply, at a certain time every convenience store will put their remaining bento's at half-price, and when that happens, well you found out yourself.

Ichika cringed at the memory. "Yeah I was knocked out almost instantly." He sighed. "Orimura-sensei would not be happy I lost that quickly."

"If you don't remember, you actually never put up a fight in the first place, you walked up to the shelf, and was promptly knocked out before grabbing the ben-to." Iri said informatively.

"Ah so I didn't even put up a fight." Ichika was for the most part embarrassed that he got knocked out so quickly.

"It's fine, when you don't didn't know it comes as bit of a surprise." Iri said with mirth in her voice.

"Hey you don't have to rub it in." Ichika said with a tinge of whine in his voice.

"Sorry." She stated.

"It's fine, but still before I lost conscience I think I saw you jump in and kick someone, and you were called uh 'Silver Witch' if I got that right." Ichika was trying to remember the events that unfolded that night.

"Yes that is my nick-name." She said plainly.

"So how did you get a name like that anyway?" Ichika was curious about how she got her name.

"Well the name came about because of my hair, it's a silver and as for the witch, I'm not quite sure myself." She said with an informative tone.

"Ah I see, that's interesting to say the least." Ichika after hearing that, said to her. "So how often do you do it?" Ichika had to ask because as far as he knew she was at the academy most of the time.

"I used to do it quite often, but after I enrolled here I only go once or twice a month when I have to go get more groceries."

"Okay then, well I hope that you didn't get to injured." He said with a concerned voice.

"In the beginning I did, but after a while when you get used to it, it becomes easier." Iri said while looking back at the memories.

"Hmm if my sister went and did something like that." Ichika started.

"Everybody would probably quite right on the spot." Iri finished his thought.

"Would you?" Ichika asked Iri.


"If my sister entered would you quite?"

"Ichika I may be strong but I would lose against someone like your sister." She said honestly.

"True, sorry dumb question."

"No it's fine." She said with a small smile.

After chatting for a few more minutes on other things not related to food, Ichika bid Iri a good night and left her room.

"Hey sis!" He spotted his sister.


"Gah!" He held his head.

"What did I tell you about calling me that?" She looked sternly at him.

"Uh that you wanted me to call you Orimura-sensei?" He said with some confusion in his voice.

'Uh what happened? first I think she's wearing a maid-outfit, then I find out she look's kinda young and shorter, and now she's taller and older, what is going on?'


"I am not old you idiot." Orimura-sensei said.

"Ah sorry about." Ichika decided to stop thinking for the time being.

"It's fine just do like what I taught you." She said with stern voice.

"Understood Orimura-sensei!" Ichika then gave a bow to which she raised a eyebrow to.

"Go to bed you look tired." She looked at him.

"Ah right well goodnight...sis." He dashed off.

After seeing that he was gone she sighed thinking back what happened earlier.

"What possessed Yamada to swap my teacher uniform for a maid costume, I had to walk through part of the hallway to get back to my room to get my spare uniform, I hope nobody saw me." She said with irritated voice. "Well guess I'll just have to find Yamada and have a 'talk' with her." She then started to hunt down her fellow teacher.


"Let me get this straight, the thing you dropped from your I.S was a magazine!" Madoka was fuming.

"Not just any magazine, it was the latest trend in clothing!"

Madoka sighed. 'You know maybe I should quit this job, and legally become a I.S pilot. at least I would have my brother here.'

"We are going to continue this conversation when I get back." Madoka cut the connection.

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