Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon A Time. If I did there would be more father and son moments between Rumpelstiltskin and Bae/Neal.

"You see, the only way for you to die is if you both die and now, now I'm ready" his father said and plunged the dagger into his grandfather's back. "No" Neal thought. He wished he could move. "I feel so helpless" he thought. Only once had he felt this helpless and that was when Hook had stabbed his father with his poisoned hook. A cloud of black enveloped his father and his grandfather and when it cleared a middle aged man stood in place of the youthful boy. "Hello papa" his father said. His grandfather said something but it was too quiet for Neal to hear. "Ah but I'm a villain" his father said in response to whatever his grandfather had said "and villains don't get happy endings." His father twisted the dagger and a bright light began to envelop him and his grandfather. The light vanished and his father and his grandfather were gone. The magic that had kept the frozen came undone and Neal looked down at his shoes then he looked up at the place where his papa had disappeared and thought back to his papa's last words to him. "I used the curse to find you Bae to tell you I made a mistake to make sure you had a chance at happiness and that happiness is possible just not with me I accept that. I love you Bae." He looked back down at his shoes as Emma walked over to him. "I'm so sorry" she said. "My father did what I had to do. He saved us," he said, his voice breaking. "Regina, don't let him die for nothing."

This was rather hard to write and I wouldn't be surprised if I made some mistakes. If I did make any please point them out.