Dreaming as one slips in and out of sleep can be quite relaxing, especially when the air outside the warm covers is so cold it could cut you like a knife. This was a very cold morning, and Fili mumbled quietly as he slipped in and out of his dreamland. He snuggled under the covers, enjoying the warmth, when suddenly something yanked the sheets from his body.

He sat up with a gasp of shock, wrapping his arms around his freezing body, and he glared at the grinning form of his little brother.

"Morning!" Kili nodded hello. "It snowed more last night."

"No wonder it's freezing," Fili shivered, "You want me to get up because it snowed, right?"

"Right," Kili dipped his dark haired head, "We can have a snow day!"

Kili's eyes shown with his usual twinkle, and Fili grinned despite himself.

"Let me get ready and you tell mum, ok?"

Kili nodded and hurried off to some other room as Fili pulled his night shirt tightly around himself and searched for his slippers. Then he grabbed his clothes and got ready. Taking two huge coats in his hands he made his way out to the tiny kitchen.

"'Lo mum," he smiled.

"Hello there, sounds as though your brother wants to go out and have some fun. Is that correct?" Dis spooned some porridge into a bowl and Fili searched the room for his brother.

"Yes, where is he?"

"I told him you two could go out if he brought in some wood for the fire," Dis explained.

"And here it is!" Kili entered the room with a large pile of firewood, his nose already red from cold.

"Well eat your breakfast and then the two of you can go off and have a good time. Your uncle is going to help me with some things today, so I can't see you'll be needed. Besides, your both old enough to head out in the snow on your own now. And don't give me that look, Kili, I well know you can be quite something, despite your age!"

"I'm old enough, mum, I'm even starting to grow a beard," Kili glared playfully.

"Oh, is that what that stubble is?" Fili's eyes twinkled as he dodged a punch from his brother.

The two quickly gulped down the warm cereal before Dis wrapped scarves around their necks and they grabbed their ice skates.

"Ice skates, now is it?" Dis asked, "Be careful on the ice, who knows how thick it is!"

"Sure mum," Kili nodded and waved goodbye before he scurried after his brother who was already out the door.

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