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Years passed, and the incident at the lake became part of a childhood that was left behind, literally. The dwarves had long since left Erid Luin; thus Fili and Kili had long since left their home, friends, and mother, to venture into the wilds on a quest with their uncle and ten others. These dwarves included Ori, Dwalin, and Bofur: some of the only dwarves who remembered the incident too well, for the peril of that day seemed almost ingrained in their minds.

While the incident remained fresh in their minds, some of the things that day were nearly forgotten, and so when a small, brown clothed man came shooting from the bushes screaming at the top of his lungs, Fili and Kili could only stare, sure they'd seen the little man before.

"Radagast," their own, grey wizard had announced, and something about the name made the young dwarve's jaws drop, yet they couldn't pin down what had them thinking they knew that name and that face.

Gandalf was speaking to the wizard when Fili saw Thorin and Dwalin grow close and mumble something to each other, serious gazes settled on the short man, or wizard as the case may be.

"Don't you feel like we know him?" Kili asked, and Fili nodded slowly.

"I do seem to think I've seen him before, and yet it seems like it was so long ago..."

"Aye, you've seen him before!"

Fili and Kili spun to see Bofur standing close behind them, fond eyes glancing at the small wizard, and then at the dwarfs as if remembering something important that Fili and Kili had quite forgotten.

"You met him too?" Kili asked, "How do you know we've met him?"

"I was there, don't ye remember? You were but dwarflings of course, but even Ori remembers the day at the lake! Don't you? He saved your lives, he did! Radagast, not Ori. Perhaps you'd like to see him again? Talk to him, I mean," Bofur raised his eyebrows from under his big hat, and suddenly it clicked.

"Radagast," Fili gulped, "The lake, the frozen lake, Kili! He was there! He was the one who helped us, him and those two blue men!"

"Wizards, ye mean," Bofur grinned.

Kili found his own jaw dropping, and tentatively he stepped toward the two wizards who were now talking, Fili following behind. As if drawn by some unknown force, Thorin too stepped closer. Dwalin then made his way over the Bofur, eyebrows raised in question.

"Aye it is the same little wizard," Bofur told the big warrior.

The two wizards were still talking, when Radagast spotted the three dwarves.

"Oh!" He cried, causing Gandalf to turn.

"Oh, yes, this is the leader of the company, Thorin Oakenshield, and these are his nephews-"

"Fili and Kili, you've grown into big, short, good dwarves!" Radagast interrupted, seeming to forget whatever troubling matter had just had his brow creased with concern.

"I see you've heard of them," Gandalf looked surprised.

"Heard of them?" Radagast glanced at the grey wizard, "Why, I remember when they were so small they could've been called hobbits! I told you I'd see you again, and so I have, but that means..." Here, Radagast trailed off, a deep sadness taking hold of his features, Gandalf frowned, glancing between Radagast and the dwarves in concern.

"It means what, Radagast?" Gandalf asked.

Radagast then seem to shoot from his daze and recover so quickly you would have thought nothing had been wrong. "Oh, just something a friend once thought, I couldn't think it matter because here you are! And I'm going to make sure you get to the Lonely Mountain and if anything looks dangerous, why I'll just step in the way! Just like I stepped in the way of those wolves, eh Bofur, Ori?"

Radagast looked over, catching the two dwarves, who were now talking, off guard, but they both smiled, causing a bit of confusion to cross over Gandalf's face yet again.

"I think I'm beginning to see that when Thorin mentioned meeting a wizard before I, he was holding back quite a story."

Thorin ducked his head, returning his gaze to Radagast.

"I was beginning to wonder if we really ever would see you again," Thorin told the wizard, who shook his head.

"I told you I would see you, didn't I? Have faith, big dwarf. I bet the little dwarves knew I'd come back someday!"

Fili and Kili knew he was referencing them, but they could only shrug, for they had nearly forgotten the whole incident. Now it was very clear in their minds, however, and they had a word of two to say to the wizard. Fili, being the oldest, began.

"Radagast," he said, "I was very small at the time, as you said, but I would now like to thank you for all that you did. My brother and I owe you our lives, and we both want you to know that we truly appreciate all you have done for us."

"Hey, I can say my own thanks!" Kili told his brother, who rolled his eyes.

"Alright, go ahead," Fili prompted.

"Yes, well," Kili turned to Radagast and pointed to Fili, "What he said."

Thorin rolled his eyes, now taking his chance to step forward, yet he said nothing. Clearing his throat, he looked into Radagast's eyes, searching for the right words to say.

"Radagast," Thorin finally spoke, "I had been waiting for you to return so I could again thank you, but you never did. Now, I fear I've lost whatever speech I made up to tell you when you came to my door. Instead, I'll just have to say that my sister and I are both very grateful; you saved the two sparks that kept light in our lives, and for that... For that I can only give my deepest thanks and my apologies for any and all wrongs I did that night when I found my nephews and assumed the worst."

Radagast smiled a humble, happy little smile declaring, "Menu gajatu, but really no apologies were necessary. Good luck, Durin dwarves!"

Slowly, the dwarves again dispersed, Radagast turning once more to Gandalf while Thorin pulled Fili and Kili to the side behind a tree and away from the rest of the company.

"I didn't think I'd see him again," Thorin told his nephews, "I really didn't, but seeing him brought back everything from that day."

"We hardly remembered him!" Kili announced, earning a glare from his older brother.

"Well, I remembered him quite well, and I also remember something else. I thought I'd lost you both that night; it was the worst fear I'd felt since I was but a young dwarf in Erebor. I couldn't imagine losing you two, and your poor mother... She would have grieved so. But I didn't lose you, and yet that cannot erase the feeling of terror I had felt. Fili, Kili, you are both worth this quest, and if Radagast says he will help us, I will take whatever little help he may provide. I will not take chances this time, however; I will keep you both safe and I will not let either of you do something that could put yourselves in the line of danger. You are both treasures worth more than all of that gold in Erebor. Don't either of you forget that."

And then Thorin left his nephews to stare after him, thinking deeply about his words, not hearing the last statement that he uttered before joining the others.

"I only hope I don't forget that," he said; and so the quest continued, for despite everything, the uncrowned dwarf king did long to enter the mountain of his fathers, and to once again set foot in the place he was raised.

Menu Gajatu is Khuzdul for 'you are forgiven'

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