"Where's Krestleflight," Littlecloud asked. "He stayed back in camp. I didn't want him getting any worse," Mintpaw replied. "Is he sick," Willowshine looked at him. "Yes, with greencough," Mintpaw answered. "That's terrible, I hope he gets better," Mothwing commented.

Littlecloud looked around. "Is ThunderClan late," he thought aloud. "Maybe it's because of the cold," Willowshine commented. Or something else happened, Mintpaw thought. Suddenly he remembered that he'd forgotten to ask Goldenpaw what happened. I'm such a mouse-brain, he scolded himself.

"There they are! Something's different," Mothwing mewed. "Where's Jayfeather," Willowshine gasped. They watched as the ThunderClan cats took their seats among the other clans. Then Goldenpaw walked up to the medicine cats all alone. "Where's Jayfeather, Goldenpaw," Littlecloud asked.

"Is he sick, or is he back in camp tending to your clanmates?" Goldenpaw didn't reply. She didn't so much as twitch an ear to let him know she heard him. Then she mumbled something. "What was that," Mothwing asked her. "You'll find out," Goldenpaw whispered a bit louder.

They sat for a while chatting about herb remedies until the leaders yowled. Blackstar nodded to Bramblestar, allowing ThunderClan to go first. "These past few days have been full of greif for ThunderClan," Bramblestar began. "It started the morning our medicine cats returned from the Moonpool, and were attacked by two dogs," gasps erupted from the other clans including the medicine cats. "But, with the help of a stranger named Sparrowpelt, a patrol was able to chase the dogs away. Unfortunately, Jayfeather died before we could get him back to camp-," Bramblestar was interupted by an apprentice.

"Then who's gonna train your medicine cat apprentice," he asked. "He was probably getting to that if you'd just listen," a ShadowClan warrior silenced the small cat. "Briarlight and Leafpool have offered to train her," Bramblestar replied. Yowls of disapproval rose at the mention of Leafpool teaching the medicine cat apprentice. " She's a warrior, not a medicine cat!" "She already has an apprentice!" and "She shouldn't be able to train Goldenpaw!" Finally, someone got tired of all the bad comments being fired at the former medicine cat. "Have you forgotten that she once was a medicine cat, and have you ever thought that she's got a choice just like the rest of us," Robinpaw's voice rose above the others.

"Please, StarClan, don't let this argument continue," Goldenpaw sniffed. Suddenly, a cloud covered the moon, turning the island dark. "Look at the sky! StarClan are angry with this," Mothwing yowled, pointing frantically at the moon. Then a single ray of moonshine landed on Robinpaw. "If you won't listen to her, then listen to us," the starry figures of two cats walked into the open.

It was hard for Mintpaw to see over the crowd of cat behind him. Who is it, he thought. "Mothwing is right, we dont like how you won't listen," Mintpaw heard Jayfeather's confident voice ringing through the crisp, night air. "Yes, we were the ones who told Leafpool she should help mentor Goldenpaw," a black starry she-cat added. "It's Jayfeather and Hollyleaf," gasped Dovewing, one of the ThunderClan cats chosen to come. There was a small whimper from Leafpool at hearing her two lost kits' names.

It took a moment for Mintpaw's eyes to adjust then he realized it really was them. The leaders watched the StarClan cats while they slowly faded away. "Sh-shall we continue the gathering," Onestar stuttered, which was unusual for the brave WindClan leader. "Yes, other than the death of Jayfeather, one of our queens, Blossomfall, went missing right before our dawn patrol returned with Jayfeather's body," Bramblestar finished. He nodded to Mistystar to allow her turn. "RiverClan hope that your missing queen returns safely," she began.

"We have two new apprentices with us today, Lakepaw and Ripplepaw," the RiverClan leader announced. "Lakepaw, Ripplepaw, Lakepaw, Ripplepaw, Lakepaw, Ripplepaw," the clans called the new apprentices names. Mistystar sat back down and nodded to Blackstar. "ShadowClan have seen nothing but the lack of prey since the last gathering," his voice rang around the island clearing. "We have nothing else to report." Blackstar looked up at Onestar expectantly.

"Like ShadowClan, we have been suffering lack of prey. To make matters worse Krestleflight has come down with greencough; hints the reason he isn't here tonight," Onestar yowled. "We also have lost one clanmate, Talonpaw. She died two days ago on a hunting patrol when a hungry fox attacked. It had tried to steal the prey Talonpaw had caught, but she fought bravely alongside her clanmates to keep it." "Talonpaw was my sister," Mintpaw mumbled feebly.

The other medicine cats muttered their sympathies to him and Goldenpaw. She was still staring blankly at her paws. In utter silence. Then Grasspaw came bouncing up and whispered something in Goldenpaw's ear. Goldenpaw looked strait at her sister. "Good for Lionblaze," she nodded angrily as she growled.

"What happened at the gathering," Krestleflight asked when Mintpaw returned. "RiverClan has two new apprentices Lakepaw and Ripplepaw and one of ThunderClan's queens went missing," Mintpaw replied. "That's terrible! Who was it," Krestleflight turned away as he began to cough. "Blossomfall, but that's not all ThunderClan had to report. Jayfeather died the morning after the half moon meeting when he and Goldenpaw were attacked by dogs," Mintpaw finished.

"Poor Goldenpaw. Just three moons after being apprenticed to him. Who is mentoring her now," Krestleflight managed to say without coughing. "Briarlight and Leafpool are training her," Mintpaw sighed. "Anything happen in ShadowClan," Krestleflight changed the subject. "Lack of prey," is all Mintpaw said. "Have you decided where your loyalties lie yet," his mentors sudden change of thought surprised Mintpaw. My heart, he wanted to yowl so loud StarClan could hear him.