This is my first fanfiction but I decided to write my idea on how Sherlock survived the fall and also going into his return and reunion John. I love the line "you won't remember Sherlock I was a solider" and so I may play on that.

It was just after 10:00 when the mysterious figure stepped off the train at Kings Cross Station. His eyes darting around as he took in the sights of London once more. It had been 2 years, 2 years of hell, since he had jumped off a roof to save his friends. During that time he had pretty much travelled the world... dull really. However, no amount of mysterious cases could ever distract him long enough to prevent him from missing his best friend, and blogger John. After months of fighting Sherlock had finally succumbed to the urge to see John and so had returned to London.

Sherlock couldn't deny it felt good to be back however, even he couldn't ignore that time had moved on, as much as he wished it wouldn't, and consequently he knew that London would have changed without him. If he had any chance of picking up his old life he would need to get to know London again. For that, Sherlock decided, he would need his blogger.

Upon exiting the station Sherlock immediately hailed a cab and headed for the one place he loved more than any other.

"221B Baker Street Please"

As Sherlock sat in the back of the cab his thoughts once more returned to John and what he was doing now. He knew snippets of information from John's infernal blog yet Sherlock still wondered how he was coping. He hoped that his departure hadn't been as rough on John as it had been on him. Opening the blog on his phone, Sherlock debated writing a comment but decided against it fearing that others would interrupt his reunion with John.

The cab pulled up and Sherlock leapt out, throwing money at the cabby in the process. Cautiously he headed up to his old front door and entered the key. The hallway was dim but that was a good sign to Sherlock for it meant that Mrs Hudson was away and that he could sneak in quietly without a big fuss (he'd get to that later).

Opening the door Sherlock was surprised by the cleanliness of the place. His stuff was all packed away in boxes and it was pretty obvious that John wasn't living there any more. Sherlock sighed and slumped into the arm chair.

"Of course John won't be here" he said in a dejected tone

Sherlock had of course read of John's relationship with Mary but like most things he had dismissed it as unimportant. Oh how he was wrong! Taking out his phone Sherlock decided the time had come to be reunited with John, despite the anxiety building up inside he felt oddly excited.

I'm not dead, let's have dinner. 221B Baker Street, come if convenient - SH

What, you fucking bastard Sherlock! Stay there I'm coming! You better have some good excuses! - JW