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Castles in the Air.

Part 5:-
The Never Ending Story.

Jon Archer stared at the still figure of his best friend the worry eched deep in his forehead. T'Pol stood by his side, her eyes clam, though if you looked hard you could see the hint of red, rimming them. They stood there, each in there own thoughts, waiting, waiting for Trip to wake up...


The story never ends you know. Not really. Sure, people are born and people die but life's story carries on. When a person dies it's simply the end of a chapter, not the end of the book. Your spirit carries on, in the hearts and minds of those you leave behind. A chapter in my life is drawing to a close, having gone full circle from Malcolm mind-linking with T'Pol to save her
life, to T'Pol mind-linking with me to save mine.
I was surprised to wake up in sickbay. I had been sure I was destined for the big warp engine in the sky so you can imagine my surprise at still being in the land of the living. I forced my heavy eyes open, wondering at the time which idiot had glued them shut. The first thing I saw was the rather blurry vision of the Captain smiling and her. T'Pol. Before I could ask why the hell I wasn't dead, and what about the current situation Jon found so funny, T'Pol's voice rang out, INSIDE my head.

//Commander... Trip, can you hear me?\\

I stared at her, the clogs in my head moving with supreme slowness. I finally arrived at two words;

//Mind-Link?\\ I thought-asked.

//I am glad you worked it out, I was beginning to believe the link had frozen your brain.\\ came T'Pol's voice, the slightest hint of sarcasm laced in.

//You saved me?\\ I thought, a small smile on my face.

//Yes, it can be dangerous to mind-link again, so soon after breaking one however.\\

//What!\\ I thought-yelled, //You put yourself in danger?!\\

//If you would let me finish. However, IF the person's katra are in 'tune' with each others then it is safe.\\ T'Pol finished. I lay there in stunned silence, Jon looking from T'Pol to me then back again, aware that he had missed something but unsure of what. So that's how it happened. Our katra or souls were in tune with each other. Sometimes in the quiet, if I concentrate, I can hear T'Pol's heart beating, completely in sync with my own. No matter
where I go, T'Pol will always be with me and vice-versa. Who knows what the
future has in store for us? All I know is I'm dying to find out. So like I said before, a chapter of my life has ended, but before the ink has dried on the page, it will be the start of a new chapter, a whole new adventure. Only this time I'll have T'Pol by my side...

~The End Of This Story, The Start Of Another.~