Robert Langdon woke up in the middle of the night in a horrifying whole body seems to be in a state of limbo as the only sense that seemed to work at this briefest moment was his sensory room was dark and and he couldn't see a faint of anything sizzling sensation of this right arm only made him think of the bad posture in which he was could not feel his right arm at his eyes ,started adjusting to the darkness ,robert could feel the dry sensation of his throat,and he reached out his limp right arm to take hold of the glass of water they lay on the wooden table beside the he motioned himself closer towards the glass,a stange and awkward matter materilized on his palms which by no accounts felt like through the darkness and over his right shoulder,Robert saw what he dare never imagine.

It was a sillouette of a tall body,strongly built and yet ironically skin that langdon touched felt cold and dead,yet the limp arm had recovered more or less now,langdon could feel some red pupils looked dead straingt at him as if the sole purpose of its presence was to kill anyone it for a moment thought that all this was a bad nightmare,but to his awe the presence was never finally broke the silence and spoke with the deepest voice that langdon ever heard ."Finally you have woken"it said.

Langdon jumped back and screamed,"who are you? What do you want?".The presence kept staring as if it was observing with much interest and yet didn't move a inch."Robert Langdon, I have come on orders to guard you from the indiscreats",it ? what the hell is indiscreats?,robert thought in a panic,and orders? From whom?so many unanswered questions lay in his mind,yet robert jumped from his bed and searched the wardrobe in frantic manner to get hand of the gun he finnaly found the cold body of the gun and grabbed it and aimed it directly on the presence which still stand there watching."I was told u would exactly that,"before it could finish the sentence robert shot a fire which made sound that rattled everysingle object in the room as the room was tightly shut to keep the freezing winter out.

With the sound of the gun,langdon opened his eyes straigt at the wall clock opposite of this bed,pointing to the hour 6 in the morning."so it was all a dream,huh!"robert thought sitting on his bed realizing the his heart was still beating with the terror of the presence he felt a second soon his realization ended,and was thinking to go back to bed for an hour worth more of rest,there was banging at the door kept staring at his rooms door through which the sound was penetrating well enough that it started to sync to his racing heart beat.