Hi. So i decided to start another story. This one is not like my others as it isn't at all related to Harry Potter. It is completely marvel. Enjoy!


King Odin of Asgard gazed down into the crib where a blonde baby lay, peacefully sleeping. The baby had soft blonde tufts of hair and his eyelids hid sky blue eyes. The baby was dressed in the finest clothes, he was a prince after all. When his son was old enough, he would take the throne and rule Asgard. But he would need a partner by his side, to produce heirs.

That was why Odin was there, dressed in his finest. He was meeting with the Frostgiants. The queen had just given birth. The boy was small, but was already showing signs of magic. He was not the heir to the throne of Jotunheim but he would make a good consort. There was always a tension present between the people of this realm and the Frostgiants. Odin was hoping to solve that with a marriage between his son, Thor, and their son, Loki.

The large doors started to swing open to reveal two figures. Both about 10 foot tall, with red eyes and blue skin. There were intricate markings on their skin. In one's arms was a little bundle, the same size as a Asgardian baby. As the King and Queen of Jotunheim approached, a face could be seen between the white blankets. The face was the same deep blue of it's parents and the features were delicate, more like the mother than the father.

Loki was set into a cradle next to Thor's and the parents all sat down to a feast.

"So, Odin, you wish to set up a marriage contract between our sons?"

"Yes, well, as Loki is showing signs of magic, it is likely he will be able to produce an heir. Both the Jotun line and the Asgardian line are strong and will produce a powerful heir. It will also cement our alliance to each other. it is advantageous to the both of us."

The food was served and the four tucked in, discussing the terms of the marriage, amoung other things.

After the meal, the adults retired to a less formal room. The meal had helped everyone relax and soon there was happy chatter in the room. The betrothal was sealed as were the fates of the young princes.

It is incredibly short but it is a start. Enjoy!