Warnings: Language.

It had only been a few minutes. I was getting bored.

No, not bored. Maybe impatient instead.

I really wanted to get out of this position and go find Lucas.

Why can't I go just because "my weapon sucks?" They're underestimating me, I swear.

Lucas is my boyfriend. I have a right to go to him whenever he needs me.

I had a really bad feeling something was happening to him too. If he was dragged out here to an abandoned area in the night, where no one could hear him scream for help when he needed it…

"God damn it!" I yelled. I jumped up and exited the car. I walked straight to the door with my bat on my shoulder.

Lucas needs me, I told myself. I had to go find him.

I was almost nearing the door until I heard it make a creak. The rusty knob screeched multiple times. Someone was attempting to open the old door with a lot of strength.

Ninten, maybe? No, he and Claus just entered. Maybe they found Lucas already?

But…I didn't want to risk it. I could just come up behind them later.

And if it wasn't them, I can hit whoever comes out without them knowing I was around.

Next to the door was a dark alley acting as a gap between two buildings. The alley leaded to an open space behind the buildings, most likely an alternate exit. There was a worn down dumpster, and a stack of steel pipes that were closer to my current location. I dashed into the alley and hid behind the pipes.

The door sounded like it was just slammed open.

"…Yeah, sorry, this door is shit."

That voice…?

Nick? Or someone that sounded like him?

"So how much are you making at Fourside?"

It seemed like he was talking on the phone. No other voice answered that question after a while.

"That's good. …Oh, I'm not at Twoson yet. I'm still at Onett. …I had some personal business to take care of. …Nothing that you need to know."

Nick sighed after a while. "I had an old boyfriend who popped back into my life. …Yeah, like 9 years ago or something. …Just wanted to mess with him after seeing he got a new bitch-of-a-boyfriend."

Old boyfriend from 9 years ago? Me?

…Bitch-of-a-boyfriend, he said…?

…Was he talking about my Lucas?

"Ha, like hell I would. I don't want my dick near his ass. Instead, I got some guys to fuck him up instead."


"Jamal and Ruben. They're with Mike probably ripping his virgin ass up right now."

…What is he saying...?

"…Yeah yeah. I'll see you when I get to Threed. Let me finish my deals at Twoson first."

...Fuck no.

Nick began walking to his car until he noticed Ninten's car was present behind it. Nick looked like he became more cautious. He didn't attempt to go for his car door, instead he was coming my way into the alley, pulling out his phone.

He passed by the steel pipes without noticing me behind them.

"We've may have a problem," Nick said. "See me in Twoson instead. I'll need a ride."

Nick immediately hung up his phone and continued walking.

I watched him trying to walk away from me.

Nick was the one that kidnapped Lucas?

And…what he said…


got some guys to fuck him up instead

ripping his virgin ass up right now

I was losing self-control. I dashed up at him.


He saw it was me coming up behind him, but I pinned him down quickly, dropping my bat to the side.

"Ness!" he innocently said. "What are you doing here?"

"Cut the crap, Nick!" I responded. "What did you do to Lucas?!"

"What ever do you mean?" he said.

"'Fuck him up'?" I repeated disgustedly. "'Ripping his—'"

"Oh, you heard?" his tone immediately changed.

He shoved me up, knocking me backwards. Before I could get up, he pinned me down for the moment.

"You left me, after all these years," he said.

"Left you?" I repeated.

"You didn't bother trying to keep me around even after Leila pushed us away, and you found a new bitch to replace me?" He leaned closer to me, "You're so mean, Ness."

"Lucas isn't a bitch," I growled at him.

"You sure? He looks like one." He smirked. "I think he'll live up to be a great slut, you just got to let him go."

"Stop talking about him like that!"

"And after he's gone out of your life, I can come back to you. What do you say?"

"I'm not leaving Lucas!" I yelled.

"Too bad then. Guess I gotta depend on my buddies to fuck him up."

"What do you mean—what are you making them do?!"

"What else?" Nick chuckled. He placed his hand on my crotch.

"What—" He was smirking at me. His evil glare was the last hint to telling me what he had done.

"Don't worry, I told them to make it painless. …Oh, it's Lucas' first time isn't it? Guess it won't be painless after all!"


"You should have fucked him when you got the chance, but I guess you'll never get his virginity now. Oh well! Hope you like having your boyfriend tainted, Ness."


"Oh, by the way, remember the night party? I put some pills in yours and Lucas' drink. Didn't expect him to get hit by a car, but that was a funny bonus wasn't it? Hah!"

He loosened his grip on me.


I grabbed his collar, pulling him back to crash into my hardened fist. He fell backwards, groaning.

I grabbed my bat and started smashing him.




He didn't tell me to stop. He didn't call my name. He took the hits, trying to block his head with his arms.

It wasn't until I released enough of my rage that I stopped and fell backwards. Nick was surely in pain all over his body. I struck his face before he could guard it too. Under some of the moonlight, I saw blood dripping from his lip. Despite his injured self, he took the chance once I had gotten off of him and ran away without another word.

I didn't go after him. I was too shocked.

What was more important was Lucas. I remembered that he was inside the building. And if what Nick was saying was true…

I quickly jumped up and headed toward the factory door.