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Her hand moved gracefully across the pages, making perfect swoops and flicks with her pen. She was diligently doing her homework, just like her father expected. Just like everyone expected. She was Weiss Schnee— she was intelligent, kind, beautiful; everything a girl could ever want to be. She wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect. No, she couldn't settle for anything less than perfect. She finished the sentence she was working on, and with that was done with her homework.

Weiss stood up from her seat at her desk and stretched, her hand sore from the excessive amounts of writing. She turned around and headed towards her bed, flicking the lights off as she passed by the switch. The room around her was devoid of almost anything decorative. Her drawers were tightly shut, not a single piece of thread hanging out. The nightstand by her large, king sized bed was bare except for a small alarm clock. There were a few shelves with various awards she had won in the previous years. However, although there were many trophies, her shelves did not display a single photo. Her father had not allowed her to have anything of the sort after the huge argument they had had.

The bed creaked faintly as Weiss put her weight down onto it. She was already in her sleep wear so there was nothing holding her back from drifting off right then and there. She pulled her blanket up to her chin, and rested her head on the pillow. Her eyes didn't want to stay open, but her brain didn't want to go to sleep. Weiss was the perfect girl, but it was all a lie. She wasn't perfect. She was a normal girl who was forced to pretend. She had her faults, just like anybody else. She had one major fault, one she couldn't trust anyone to know. She'd let her flaws show before, and it had been a terrible mistake. Her hand instinctively went to its way to her face, lightly brushing the scar over her left eye before returning to its place by her side. Yet, despite thinking she had learned from her mistakes, she had revealed her faults again the day before.

The day it happened had been a stressful day for Weiss. She had planned to get a ride home from her family's chauffeur, Reginald, but one of the idiotic gaggles of girls decided to trap Weiss in a conversation. Not only was she late to meeting Reginald, but she could swear that every minute she talked to them she lost a few thousand brain cells. It was near impossible to tell them to fuck off while seeming nice. 30 minutes, and around 90,000 lost brain cells later, Weiss managed to escape and leap into the car.

Reginald had greeted her, and they had exchanged pleasantries. It was nearly five o'clock now, and it was at this moment that Weiss made a decision she'd been regretting ever since. She asked her chauffeur to pull over at a close-by convenience store. With that terrible decision she ended up snapping at a girl she had figured was a student at some public school nearby. This girl, Ruby Rose, pissed Weiss off to no end. How dare she blackmail Weiss Schnee? Weiss could just have her father get rid of her and—


She couldn't do that. Letting her father know about the blackmailing wouldn't turn out well. He'd wind up asking about what kind of dirt this girl had gotten on her, and her father couldn't see her as anything less than perfect. That was how it had to be. From how Ruby's 'blackmailing' had gone earlier on in the day she probably was too immature to actually blackmail correctly. Weiss grinned, her eyes still closed and her head still pressed to the pillow. The next few months were going to go by smoothly.

"No," Weiss snapped, "No, no, no!"

"You don't have a choice. You have to," Ruby replied, pushing Weiss back down into the chair she was previously sitting in.

Weiss scowled, but she kept her mouth shut. It was the next day after school, and Ruby had forced Weiss to come over for a sleepover. A sleepover. Trying to convince her father to let her sleep over was near impossible, but he finally permitted her to after she promised him that nothing bad would happen, and he did numerous background checks on Ruby. Yes, over protective fathers weren't fun, but he had certainly gotten worse since their argument.

Ruby was an enigma to Weiss. Weiss always assumed blackmail would be the blackmailer forcing her to do embarrassing tasks, but Ruby didn't do anything of the sort. Weiss could never tell what this girl would do next, except that it was probably going to be even stupider than the last demand. She was probably about to be proven right, too, as not even five minutes had passed after Yang left before Ruby pushed her down into a chair and pulled out a blind fold.

Ruby smiled, beginning to tie the blindfold around Weiss's eyes. "I promise you it won't be that bad."

The world around Weiss went dark, as the blindfold blocked out almost all of the light. Weiss heard the faint clinking of glasses and movement around her. "So, what are you going to do?"

"I was online last night, and I saw a lot of videos of people doing these challenges," Ruby paused. There was more clinking and what sounded like a can opening. "So we're going to do some. You're going to have to eat some foods and guess what they are. If you can get three right you're free to go home."

"Oh hell no!" Weiss's hand flew up to pull her blindfold off. What kind of sick joke was this?

A hand firmly grabbed her arm, pushing it back down to her lap. "You're going to play," Ruby said, leaving no room to argue. Once again Weiss snapped her mouth shut. She didn't want to do the challenge, but the prospect of being able to go home was far too enticing. It was silent for a few moments until Ruby spoke again. "Alright, here's your first one!"

A spoon was stuck into Weiss's mouth and immediately she spit it out. "Agh! What the hell was that?! It tastes absolutely disgusting!"

"I can't tell you! C'mon, guess."

"As much as I don't want you to, can you give me another bite?" Ruby did as she was asked, and Weiss managed to swallow it this time. She tasted around her mouth. The taste was extremely fishy, and her mouth felt oily. "Is it Sardines?"

"Yes! You're a winner!" Ruby laughed as she patted Weiss on the shoulder. "Okay, here's the next one."

Weiss opened her mouth and the food was placed inside. The texture was mushy, but it tasted sort of like beef. "Wow," she chewed for a moment, "this disgusting as well. It tastes like someone ate a burger and then vomited it into my mouth." She reluctantly swallowed, feeling the lump of mush make its way down her throat. "What is it, some sort of beef paste?"

"Is that your final answer?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

"I'm sorry, but that is incorrect. It's canned hamburger, although I gave you more of the soggy bun than anything else." Weiss could hear the grin on her lips.

She frowned. "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little."

"Don't worry, you can wash it down with this next one!" Weiss heard the sound of another can opening. The smell hit her before the food even reached her mouth.

"Oh my god! It smells like a rotting corpse!" she exclaimed. Ruby brought the food to Weiss's mouth, but she moved her head away.

"Don't you want to go home, Weiss?" Ruby made an excellent point.

If Weiss wanted to go home she had to eat the food, and Weiss really wanted to go home. She allowed the food to slip past the usually impenetrable barrier that were her lips and she began to chew. The texture was that of butter, and the taste was similar as well. Swallowing, Weiss said, "Okay, you have to be fucking rigging this contest, because I have no idea what this is either. Is this some sort of like canned butter?"

"I don't know, you tell me," Ruby replied. Weiss felt as if she could tell Ruby was grinning from the smugness in her voice, and it only made her even angrier.

"Ah, wonderful. It's canned butter, isn't it?"


"Fucking a!"

"Wow Weiss, I never thought you'd have such a sailor mouth," Ruby teased. Another can was opened.

"Oh, shut up," Weiss snarled, "Just get on with the contest."

"Okay, okay. That last one was canned Durian fruit, by the way. I found it in the bowels of our local supermarket," Ruby announced, "And here comes the next one!"

Weiss braced herself for another disgusting food, and when it was placed in her mouth the texture was horrendous. Is was slimy and soft and squishy. It was absolutely… delicious. "Oh thank God. This is a peach, right?"

"Yup! You got it right away, congrats." Ruby pulled the blindfold off of Weiss's face, "Too bad you only got two right though. Looks like you're staying for the night!"

"That's not fair! You only gave me four chances!" Weiss snapped, her chair screeching as she stood. Specks of oil marked where sardine had been splattered on Ruby's shirt from when Weiss had spit it out. Ha, serves her right.

Ruby shrugged. "Sorry!"

Without another word, Ruby shepherded Weiss into the living room. The room was a tad bit messier than it had been during Weiss's previous visit, but it was still relatively clean. Again, she got the chance to look at the plethora of photos on the walls. There were a few baby photos, of who Weiss assumed were Yang and Ruby, but along with those there were photos of a man and a woman. Genuinely curious, Weiss's mouth spoke before she could she could think. "Who are they?"

Ruby looked at where she was pointing. "Oh," Ruby's smiled softened at the photos, "Those are my parents."

"Now that I think of it, I haven't seen your parents. Where are they? I'm sure they wouldn't approve of you blackmailing someone," Weiss bluntly asked.

"They passed away."

"Oh." Oh. Weiss bit back her words, regretting commenting on the photos as soon as she remembered the pain she had gone through when she lost her mother. "Sorry, that was too far."

"Nah, it's cool," Ruby replied, "They passed away a while ago." She plopped down onto the dusty couch and turned the television on. "I've got some movies to watch, which one would you like," Ruby held up four cases, "The Master of Disguise, The Spongebob Movie, Wizard of Oz, or Jaws?"

Weiss thought for a moment. None of these movies really caught her attention, but if she had to watch one she may as well pick one she knew she would enjoy. When she was younger she had watched The Wizard of Oz with her parents occasionally, so it was the safest bet. Ruby didn't argue, and she placed the disc into the DVD player. Weiss sat on the other end of the couch with her back straight. By the time the movie was over the room was dark, the sun having set, and Weiss was leaning back, totally relaxed. An empty bowl of popcorn lay between the two girls; Ruby had brought it over around halfway through the movie.

"I've always loved that movie. I used to watch it with Yang all the time," Ruby said, looking over at Weiss. "Have you seen it before?"


Ruby rolled her eyes at Weiss's curt answer. Weiss went to turn her head away, and Ruby decided to help her. A pillow hit Weiss's face, knocking her over. She snapped up, gripping the pillow. "What the hell!?" Weiss's hand moved faster than Ruby could blink, and the pillow hit knocked her off her seat on the couch arm.

Ruby grinned and shot another pillow at Weiss while swinging a second at her stomach. Weiss retaliated, aiming only for Ruby's head with her attacks. The two girls were now standing, and Weiss was just barely managing to block Ruby's flurry of swings. She certainly was faster than Weiss at swinging the pillows, but she also lacked the ability to even block a single hit. Ruby didn't let the blows she was taking phase her though, shouting out, "No ones ever beaten me in a pillow fight! I'm always the one to come out on top!"

"We'll see about that," Weiss huffed as she gave one final swing of her pillow, putting all the force she could muster into it. Attempting to block the attack Ruby stepped backwards while Weiss stepped forward. The duo toppled over, luckily onto the couch. Weiss was panting and tired, but she pressed her pillow onto Ruby. "Now… look who's… on top," she spit out, a wide grin on her face.

Ruby didn't respond. Weiss looked at her face, which was remarkably red. She must have really exhausted her— Weiss noticed their position. She was straddling Ruby, her arms pinning the younger girl down. Weiss's own face reddened slightly. "Oh!" she exclaimed, leaping up off of the girl, and patting her shorts as she stood. She wiped her smile of her face, reprimanding herself for having too much fun. Weiss wasn't going to let Ruby get the satisfaction of thinking she was enjoying herself.

Now standing, Ruby was brushing her hair with her fingers. The blush still hadn't left her cheeks. She shuffled around awkwardly for a few seconds before speaking. "I, uh, it's… It's getting late so we should get ready to go to bed."

"Alright," Weiss replied. She followed Ruby up the creaking steps. The upstairs was smaller than Weiss had expected, consisting of just two doors. A string was hanging down from the ceiling in the corner, and her eyes following it up Weiss saw a trapdoor.

Ruby must have followed her gaze, because she said, "That leads to the attic, which is technically Yang's bedroom. She prefers to sleep on the couch most nights though, because she has, uh, difficulties getting up them."

Weiss only nodded, not replying. Ruby opened the door to her bedroom and went in, beckoning for Weiss to follow. Weiss was actually surprised when she looked inside, examining the room. Despite her previous assumptions that Ruby was a messy person, the room was relatively clean. There were a few empty boxes of cookies piled in the corner beside an old television, which had a gaming system plugged into it. What type Weiss had no idea, but it certainly looked old. In the other corner was a small twin sized bed, and on the floor beside it was an air mattress, obviously for Weiss. She looked up at Ruby who now had a bundle of clothes in her arms.

"You can go change in the bathroom; it's the other door up here. The light switch is above the toilet. No, I have no idea why, don't question the genius architect of my house," Ruby said, "I'll change in here."

Weiss retrieved her change of clothes from her bag on Ruby's bedroom floor and walked to the bathroom. She used the faint light from the hall to find the light switch, which was resting above the toilet as Ruby had said it would be. Closing the door behind her, Weiss got to changing. The bathroom was small compared to the ones Weiss was used to. The paint was also beginning to peel, the light blue flecks sprinkling the floor.

Ignoring the walls, Weiss slowly began to undress and pull on her sleepwear. She must have been going slower than she thought, because there was a knock on the door and a soft whisper from Ruby, "Are you alright? I mean, well, you've been in there for a long time." Weiss didn't reply, so Ruby began to speak again, "Helloooo? Do you need some st—"

She threw the door open, less than amused. "I'm done." Ruby was biting her lip, trying to suppress a laugh. "That was hilarious," Weiss deadpanned. She walked over to Ruby's room and snatched her own tooth brush. They brushed their teeth standing side by side and silent.

"Poh phey! Yohre yeft hahned, tooh!" Ruby babbled through her mouth which was filled with tooth paste, and still had her toothbrush in it.

"Come again?" Weiss asked. She had been smart enough to spit before she spoke.

Ruby spit, and repeated, "You're left handed, too!"

"Yeah, I am," Weiss replied.

"That's awesome! It sucks being left handed sometimes, because you bump your arm with the person next to you if they're right handed, which they usually are. It's like we're made for each other!" Again, Ruby blushed. "I mean, not like romantically or anything, but, uh…"

By now the two girls had left the bathroom and were in Ruby's room. Weiss was settling down onto the air mattress, her blankets she brought from home neatly laid across. Ruby's fumbling with her words made her quietly laugh, but she managed to stifle it before it got any louder.

"You're weird, you know that, right?" Weiss inquired.

Ruby flicked the lights off, closing the door and bounding off to her bed. Her bed groaned as she climbed into it. "What makes you say that?" She asked, having gotten comfortable in her bed.

Weiss felt safer now that Ruby couldn't see her face. "I know I said this yesterday, but most people would use the blackmail to ruin my reputation, or make me do stupid and embarrassing stuff. You haven't done any of this—well aside from the taste testing contest, but that still was pretty mild. Are you stupid, or… what?"

"Well," Ruby paused for a moment before saying, "Well I guess what I said yesterday was kind of the truth. Like, partially the truth, or something like that. There'd be no point in blackmailing you to ruin your reputation, because that's the threat I'm blackmailing you with."

"Partially the truth? What's the other part?" Weiss asked, her curiosity piqued.

"That's a secret."

Weiss rolled her eyes despite Ruby not being able to see it. "Alright, you dolt." Weiss said her usual insult, but this time it was just a smidge gentler. Just enough to be warm, but not too warm.

"Goodnight, Weiss." Ruby's voice was soft. She was already drifting off.

"Goodnight," Weiss responded. She went to yawn, but in the process she let out a small burp. "Oh my God," she exclaimed, "I can taste the sardines!"

Ruby laughed, not hearing the soft chuckle of Weiss along with her.

Weiss walked out Ruby's front door, ignoring the girl's crazy flapping of arms that she called waving. With a soft click Weiss opened the back door of the fancy car her chauffeur drove, pushing in her bag before getting in herself. Her chaffeur, Reginald, gave her a wave.

"Good morning, Ms. Schnee. Did you enjoy your stay at your friend's house?"

It was hard for Weiss to describe how it was, but she stuck with a simple answer that would avoid questioning. "It was fun."

Her answer was deemed suitable, and Reginald didn't press the subject. Weiss was too lost in her thoughts to talk. She didn't know what to think of her experience at Ruby's house. When she awoke that morning around eight o'clock her and Ruby had eaten breakfast prepared by her sister, who had gotten up from a quick nap after her work to make it. There was something about the breakfast, no, the entire sleepover, which had been odd to Weiss. She couldn't place her finger on it; was it the awkwardness of Ruby? Was it the familiar way Yang and Ruby treated her, despite only having met a few days ago? Or was it the atmosphere?

Weiss sighed. She leaned her head on her hand and looked out the window. They were pulling into the driveway of her house. It was quite large, over four times the size of Ruby's house. The car slowed to a halt, and Reginald waved his hand and said, "There you go ma'am. Have a good day."

"You too, Reginald," Weiss replied while stepping out of the car. Bag in hand, she walked towards the front door. The perfectly oiled door barely made a sound when it opened. She walked into the cool entryway of the house, no one responding to her greeting, "I'm home."


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