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Arthur found Merlin wandering around the market stalls that had slowly crept back into the lower town. They had rebuilt what Morgana had destroyed, it had taken over a week even with the druids magical help. The people had balked at the use of magic at first, but they had decided on a cautious acceptance of the craft and people. Especially once they learned that the new court sorcerer was to be Merlin. Everyone knew and trusted him and many hadn't accepted the king's decision to execute Merlin those many months ago.

"I like being down here, reminds me of simpler times." Merlin answered Arthur's unspoken question. He had been promoted to Court Sorcerer and had been busy since then dealing with all the threats that followed.

Morgana's death had left a need for a new power to take control. Arthur knew of at least three attacks in the past three weeks of those who knew that Camelot was recovering from an attack, but not that magic had been legalized. Merlin had taken care of all of them easily. When Gwaine had teased him about how his first week was difficult one Arthur had been surprised by Merlin's answer, 'This week was easy. Normally there will be two more attacks by a sorcerer and maybe a magic creature.' Arthur had been struck again by how much Merlin had done for him. He had heard most of Merlin's story, Arthur was sure that Merlin had skipped some parts of the story; but Arthur wasn't worried he knew that they had plenty of time to learn everything.

"You can still clean my stables, without magic, if you want to go back to old times." Arthur bumped against Merlin gently, knocking him over.

"I will not. You have a manservant for that, you prat." Merlin pushed back at Arthur, and he could see the man's glint with the subtle magic that made it so his push would force Arthur off balance.

"You're cheating!" Arthur regained his balance and sent Merlin a glare.

"I am not. I'm just using the natural abilities I have been given, you have your strength, I have magic." Merlin looked smug and Arthur was doubly glad that he had his friend back. It had been a lonely six months without the witty comebacks and chatter, not to mention the advice and counsel that Merlin would give.

Now Merlin was back and magic was free, there was no reason for Merlin to go anywhere and Arthur wasn't going to let him run again.

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