Authors note: Most of the characters in this story are the property of VC Andrews, however the characters not previously mentioned in the novels and the plot are both mine.


When Cary and I had finished reading the diary of his dead twin sister, and my cousin, Laura we both looked at each other. In his eyes I saw the love for his sister, as well as his pain that Grandmother Olivia could do something like this. We'd been given the diary only a few days before, the same day that Cary had found out that Laura hadn't really drowned with her boyfriend. That in fact she had been taken to a mental clinic by Grandmother Olivia and later died there.

"She's an evil woman!" He declared his voice hoarse. "I wish I hadn't let you talk me into going to her funeral and acting like she would have wanted- sweeping all this" here he gestured extravagantly "under the carpet."

"I wasn't doing it for her!" I protested. "I was doing it for us. Cary we have to live in this town. Could you imagine Aunt Sara and May if they found out what had happened? It would kill Aunt Sara-you know it would. It's best they think that Laura drowned that day, and that they don't know what Grandmother Olivia did."

Cary smirked. "You sound just like her Melody. Maybe you are a Logan after all!"

"I hope to be soon." I said, taking his hand.

His eyes softened. "You still want to marry me? After you've found out all this about my family-"

"-our family Cary!" I corrected him. "As far as I am concerned I'm part of this family, even if Mommy and my real Daddy aren't Logans I am still part of the family. I will still think of Grandfather Samuel as my real Grandfather. And I am planning on moving my real Grandmother to somewhere better, and closer to here. I'll ask Judge Childs to look into it for me as soon as I can. I want to build a proper relationship with him too Cary, since right or wrong, he is my Grandfather."

"You've got a lot of plans." Cary remarked dryly. "Are you sure you can fit a wedding into that?"

I laughed. "I think I can manage that." I assured him. "And when Grandmother Olivia's house is sold then you can start that boat building business you have your heart set on."

He smiled, and leaned over to kiss me. "You know something Melody? I thank god every day you came into my life. And I thank Him that you let me love you."

I smiled, and leant against him. He put his arm around me, and together we watched the sun set over the ocean on the dock where we had gone to read Laura's diary.