Well that's it for the story, and I hope you enjoyed it. In true VC Andrews style I hope there were a few twists and turns. I think the fact that VC Andrews books always have them are what really endured me to the books in the first place, and is also what makes me devour them like I do!

I should briefly make a mention of the fact that I changed the title. At first I liked the title since it tied it into the "Melody" series, however I have decide that "ballad" being another word for song, also ties it in.

I want to thank everyone who read this story and reviewed it. As any writer knows reviews, and the fact that people actually like what they are reading, is what keeps you writing.

And lastly, don't think this is it for Melody and Cary. I have grand plans for them in the sequel to this story called "The Lark's Lullaby."