"So, you're back to normal, huh?" Shinra sighed as he sat on the edge of the Izaya's bed, Celty standing by the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Y~up~!" Izaya smiled. 'All thanks to Celty.'

Shinra sighed in disappointment. "Well, it was fun while it lasted."

"Ah, didn't you miss me?"

"Not really."

"So mean."

Shinra pulled out a stethoscope and pressed it against Izaya's chest.

"Deep breaths."

Izaya obeyed.

"So, you hadn't been back for a week and you automatically got in trouble, huh?"

"Technically it wasn't my fault."

"Mm-hm..." Shinra put the stethoscope down and pressed his hand to Izaya's forhead. "You definitely have a fever."

"Oh, I knew that."

"So you're reason for calling me?"

"I'm injured. That's where the fevers coming from."

"Well, let me see it."

Izaya just smiled. "Celty should probably leave the room first."

The room fell silent.

"I usually wouldn't complain about Celty not seeing injuries but when it's coming from you... How grotesque is the wound?"

Izaya's smile never faltered. "It's not the severity of the wound but the person who did it."

"And the culprit is...?"


The room fell silent again.


:I'll be downstairs.:


The dullahan left.

"It's not just because you wanted to spare Celty the truth, is it?"

"Ah, Shinra you can see right through me."

"...So, what did Shizuo-kun do?"

"He raped me."

Silence again. Shinra's eyes, however, didn't widen.

"...I don't think Shizuo would do that. Not even to you."

Izaya just shrugged. "Believe what you want. But my insides are torn and I get the feeling they're not healing."

"Have you be excreting correctly?"

"No. I can't stomach anything."

Shinra nodded.

"Alright. Well, then strip. I won't know how bad the damage is if I don't see it."

"Haha." Izaya began undoing his pants under the blanket. "You're not going to be able to see it. It's inside me."

"Don't be difficult."

Izaya just chuckled as he pushed the blanket and pants away.

"I'm turning on the main light." Shinra stood.

"Eh? I think the lamp is enough light. You don't need that much to probe me."

Shinra just chuckled dryly as he flicked the lights on.

When he turned back to Izaya, who's lower half was bare with his legs dangling off the edge of the bed, his eyes narrowed a bit.

There were bruises on Izaya's thighs, shins, and ankles.

Izaya smiled thinly. "I know what you're thinking. My legs are so pretty."

"Is the rest of you like that?" Shinra asked, seeing bruising around Izaya's neck. He wasn't sure if it was from Shizuo or it if was the old one and it was taking an extremely long time to heal.

"Wanna see? I look like a dropped peach."

Shinra didn't answer as Izaya took off his shirt as well. There were bruises on his hips and waist. Also on his wrists, shoulders, and chest.

"Damn..." Shinra chuckled, marveling at how purple and blue the raven was.

"Right. It's so horrible. But I guess I left a couple of scars on him too. I stabbed him, I'm pretty sure."

Shinra didn't answer. He remembered Shizuo coming to him five days ago, asking Shinra to patch up a stab wound on his lower back.

"Shin~ra~, I'm cold so can we get on with this?"

"...I'm never going to understand how you can laugh things like this off."

"Hahaha, 'things like this'? This is the first time I've been raped."

Shinra didn't answer.

Then he sighed. "Lay back and spread your legs."

Izaya hesitated ever so slightly, so slightly that Shinra almost didn't catch it. But then the raven chuckled and did as told.

"Just curious though." Shinra said, putting on some latex gloves and laying down a blood mat under Izaya's thighs. "Why would you call me to look after you? You're quite vulnerable right now."

"Don't remind me." Izaya closed his eyes although he was still smiling while Shinra dumped a generous amount of lubricants on his glove. "However, I didn't want to go to a hospital. And I need to heal up quicker than I am. So you were my best option."

"Particular reason why?"

"Well, if you—nn! Ow, ow, ow! Shin-ra, careful, that hurts, nn!"

Izaya began to tremble in pain as he reached down to push Shinra's hand away. But he stopped himself and instead pushed against his stomach while blushing at the noises that came out of his mouth.

Blood dripped onto the towel mat.

"You really are torn."

"Nm!" Izaya clenched his teeth.

Shinra pulled his hand away, taking off the gloves.

"You're going to need stitches." Shinra said, reaching into the bag and pulling out a syringe and a bottle of what looked like Valium. "It'll probably take three weeks to heal up, and that's pushing it. I would suggest four."

"Why not three?"

"You'll be able to walk around and eat hard food at three but any form of hanky panky will agitate the wound. So four weeks."

"Peh, I have no intention of bottoming to anyone."

"What about Shizuo-kun?"

"What about him? If he tops me, it's not because I consented so I'd most-likely come back with worse injuries."

"And that's what I mean...If you're going to mess with Shizuo, do it when your fully healed."

"Heh, you're logic is flawed. If that's what you're worried about then when I do mess with Shizu-chan and if that happens we'll have to go through this all over again."

Shinra didn't answer. Then he sighed.

"Just lay back."

Izaya chuckled but obeyed.

Shinra wiped the crease of Izaya's elbow with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Then he pushed the needle in. Izaya closed one eye in pain but made no noise as Shinra pumped the Valium into his system.

Izaya closed his eyes and let the drugs do their job.

Shizuo sighed heavily.

Three-and-a-half weeks.

Three-and-a-half weeks without seeing the damn flea. Not one call. Not a text. Just silence.

Shizuo decided not to be angry about it only because he knew Izaya had to come up with as many games for them as possible. He would no doubly try everything and anything to make sure Shizuo loses.

Although, he did take into account Izaya's condition. He had had a raging fever that had even disoriented him when he attempted to struggle. He wouldn't doubt that it was taking him so long to heal up completely.

However, that thought made him cringe. Had he really hurt Izaya that bad when he...

Of course he had. He saw the blood, heard his screams, seen him cry—

Shizuo shook his head to get the image out of his mind.


The blond jolted.

"Ah, Tom-san!"

"...You okay?" Tom cocked a brow.

"Ye-yeah, fine."

Tom only stared at him for a moment then smiled.

"Come on. Three more and we'll be done for the day."

"Ah, okay."


Shizuo's phone vibrated.

"A call?" Tom turned to stare at Shizuo, hearing the phone go off as well. "That's rare. Is it your brother?"

"Um," Shizuo pulled it out , half knowing who it really was. And true enough, it was a number that wasn't in his contacts. "Sorry, Tom-san, but I need to take this."

"Go ahead."

Shizuo turned his back on the dread-locked man and opened his phone.

New Message



He opened it.

Subject: Game start!

:Tell you're boss you can't come for the next three days. Make up some excuse. Then as soon as you step in the apartment, time starts.

See you then.


Shizuo sighed as he turned to his boss. "Tom-san?"


"Uhm, I'm going to need the next three days off."


"Sorry to bring this up suddenly, but something's come up and I'm going to be gone for the next three days. It's...unavoidable."

"Ah, I see. Family emergency?"

"...Something like that. I'll pull overtime to make it up—"

"No, it's fine. It's fine. Life gets in the way sometimes. It happens."

Shizuo smiled apologetically. "Thank you so much for understanding."

"No problem, Shizuo. Now then, lets finish up today so you can get to your whatever-it-is."


Shizuo stood in front of Izaya's door, a ball of apprehension in his throat. What was he going to see on the other side? Izaya in a cat-maid outfit? Sexy lingerie? Nothing? God, he was scared. He could control himself around Izaya before, but now that he's created a physical connection, he began to realize Izaya had become his drug. And he really wanted to relapse.

But he couldn't. He could control himself just like before. He could swallow his temptations.

For his love, he could control his lust.

This was to prove he wasn't a beast.

This was to show he could be trusted.

This was to bring to light how much he loved Izaya.

This was for his love. For Izaya's love as well.

And he couldn't fail in front of people who loved him.

Shizuo knocked on the door.


Shizuo swallowed before turning the knob and true enough, it was unlocked.

He took off his shoes after shutting the door and padded down the entrance hall, his heart thumping loudly in his chest.

As he entered the living room, he looked around for Izaya.

And there he was.

Leaning against his desk with his feet crisscrossed, fully clothed. But bathed in moonlight.

"'Welcome to my parlor,' the spider said to the fly." Izaya grinned.

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