Extra: Chikage X Izaya

Rating: M

-This is what happens when Izaya spends the five days with Chikage-san. And a little meeting, after the story ended.-

Izaya stood in the doorway to the kitchen, a towel around his waist. He fidgeted slightly as he stared up at Chikage, who was standing over the stove cooking dinner.

"Um… Chikage-san…" Izaya started.

"Yes, Iza-chan?" Chikage smiled with closed eyes, turning around to grin at him.

Izaya blushed. 'Iza-chan?!' "Uh, um…um…"

"Hmm?" Chikage opened his eyes and looked at him. "Where are your clothes?"

"Um…" Izaya's blush deepened as he started to wring the towel in embarrassment. "Well…"

"…Let me guess!" Chikage put his hands out while tilting his head down. "You can't wear clothes that you've already wore after a shower."

Izaya's blush lightened a moment, and he smiled up at him. "…Yeah…"

Chikage smiled. "Hold on."

Chikage went to his dresser and pulled out a long white button-up shirt. He held it out to Izaya.

"I don't know if my pants will fit you but I've got belts, so no worries."

"Thank you very much." Izaya gave a curt bow, smiling up at Chikage with those tinted cheeks.

Chikage felt his cheeks warm up for a moment, before he cleared his throat.

Izaya put the shirt on, buttoning it up. The edges fell to below his crotch—barely.

"Why didn't you grab your clothes from your roommates place?" Chikage asked. "Did he kick you out and keep your shit or—"

"No. I didn't have anything really. Just those black clothes. I had been wearing clothes that my roommate had provided for me so I didn't really have a right to take them."

"If he let you wear them, then you probably could have taken them."

"Oh, no. That would have been rude."

Chikage stared at him. 'He's way too sweet for his own good.'

Izaya peeled the towel off. Chikage's face heated off even more, his erogenous area's hidden by the shirt. Chikage stared at those shapely legs as the raven went back to the bathroom to put the towel in the hamper. He swallowed.

When Izaya returned, Chikage was still staring at him. It unnerved the raven a bit but he tried not to show it.

"I think I have some bottom wear for you." Chikage quickly went to his drawers, trying to calm his rushing blood. "But you know, you shouldn't walk around without bottoms."

"Um…" Izaya blushed slightly as he twisted the hem of the shirt. "Hei-Heiwajima-san didn't…well…"

"What, did he make you walk around without bottoms?" Chikage pulled out a pair of black spandex shorts. They belonged to one of his girlfriends but he knew she wouldn't mind.

"Not, well, necessarily. But…um…"

Izaya really didn't want to tell Chikage about Shizuo making him change in the hallway under his watchful eye.

Chikage stared at him with narrowed eyes. 'The more he talks about that Heiwajima fucker, the more I want to just find him and punch him.'

"Here." Chikage held the shorts out for him.

"Ah, thank you."

Izaya stared at them. He could tell they were girl shorts by how short they were but he knew he didn't have a right to complain. So he quickly slipped them on. He didn't like his 'junk' was only supported by the spandex—it felt like he was in a speedo. But, once again, he knew he had no right to complain.

"Thank you very much—"

Chikage wrapped his arm around Izaya, encasing his arms against his body.

"Eh? Eh? Um, Chikage?"

Chikage attached his lips to Izaya's neck.


The biker quickly separated his mouth from the raven's skin. "Sorry, forgot about the bruises."

"Chikage, what are you—"

Chikage kissed him, his tongue slipping into the raven's mouth.

"Mm. Hmm."

Chikage's hand trailed down Izaya's back and gripped one of those subtle ass cheeks. Izaya flinched and gasped through his nose, his legs becoming weak.

Chikage separated, both panting.


Chikage leaned forward and attached his teeth, gently, to Izaya's ear.

"Uh!" Izaya shuttered, leaned back against the wall. "Chikage-san!"

Chikage's hand trailed down into the spankies. Izaya flinched and tilted his head down.


Chikage's cheeks turned a tint darker as blood rushed straight to his crotch.

Chikage pulled the spankies off just as quick as Izaya had put them on. Izaya's eyes widened as his feet left the ground. Chikage hooked his arms under Izaya's knees and had the raven pinned to the wall, his erect cock prepared to enter the raven.


Chikage pushed in.

"Ah! Chikage-san! Chikage-san! Uh ah! Chikage-san!"

Chikage's eyes flared open. 'Huh? What happened?'

Chikage was lying on the couch, staring up at the ceiling with confused eyes. He looked over to see the raven sleeping soundly on the bed on the other side of the room, his face half-hidden by a pillow while one leg was curled up toward his chest, the blanket around his thighs. Giving Chikage a perfect view of that spankie shorts covered ass.

'It was a dream…huh.'

Chikage flicked the blanket off of him, moving gingerly due to his really bad morning wood. He made his way to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

"Chikage-san really wakes up early, huh?" Izaya asked as he ate some of the rice and eggs the biker had made that morning.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, you're always awake before me, and usually have breakfast done too. So, you must be an early bird, or are you just that quick at making breakfast?"

Chikage stared at him. 'It's partly your fault I'm always up so early…' "It's a mixture of both."

"Ah." Izaya smiled as he took another bite. "You're meals are always pretty good."

Chikage actually felt his cheek flush to that simple compliment. He quickly cleared his throat and stuffed his face with food. "T'ank yo'."

Izaya smiled, either not knowing or not caring that he made Chikage blush.

"So, what are you going to do today?" Chikage asked.

Izaya continued to smile at him, thought it through, then shrugged. "I don't know. I'll probably just stay here."

'Again? You've been here for three days and haven't gone anywhere at all.'

"You know, it's not good to be a shut-in." Chikage said with all seriousness. "You should go out and enjoy the city and sun."

"…I know…"

Chikage noticed the change in the raven, automatically. The fake, forced smiled seemed to become even more forced as the biker stared at him. 'He's worried about running into Heiwajima.'

"You don't have to worry about that fucker finding you."


"That Heiwajima shit. You don't have to worry about him finding you. And even if he does, I'll beat the shit out of his for good measures."

Izaya stared at him. Then chuckled in an almost sad manner. "That's very kind but no one can beat Heiwajima-san in a fight."

Chikage smiled. "I'm built tough. I'm sure I can get a good one-two in there."

"It's really not worth it, Chikage-san. You'd only get hurt over nothing."

"The way he was treating you is not nothing."

"Well, it's kind of…irrelevant."

"It isn't! He shouldn't have ever treated you like that! If he treated a chick like that, it would be considered abuse!"

"But I'm not a chick."

"There's no difference! He forced you into a relationship while you were still confused and scared. And he's treated you like an idiot the whole time. Whether its homosexual or heterosexual, abuse is still abuse."

Izaya fell silent. He stared at his food with troubled eyes then looked up at Chikage. "Maybe I am an idiot. Because I really don't know what's supposed to happen in a relationship."

"Come on, you must have dated someone in the past."

"Maybe! But I don't remember! And…from-from what…my little sister said…"


Chikage noticed Izaya's hands were beginning to shake.

'What did his sister say?'

Someone knocked on the door.

"Yo, boss~!"

"Ah, coming!" Chikage yelled, finishing off his food in the next few bites.

Chikage glanced at Izaya, who was looking up at him with sad eyes. But then he smiled reassuringly. "You should go to the shop before you're late."

Chikage's eyes narrowed to that forced smiled. He sighed and went down the hall. 'He really is too sweet. Wonder how he ended up like that?'

Chikage opened the door, three men standing in front of it. They all looked rugged and up to no good but Chikage knew them to be better than that. He left the door open for the three to let themselves in as he went back to the living quarters. Izaya had finished eating—there was still more than half of what Chikage had made for him (even though Chikage made sure to give him less and less after seeing that Izaya had a small appetite)—and was now in the kitchen, washing his dishes and Chikage's empty ones.

"Hel~lo~! Iza-kun!" One of the males—the one with dark brown shaggy hair that went to his shoulders, unnaturally bright green eyes, and baggy clothes—approached Izaya with a giddy smile, placing his hands on either side of the raven on the table and ultimately trapping him.

"Hello, Zorin-san." Izaya looked over his shoulder at him.

Zorin kissed Izaya's cheek. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm fine. You?"

"Hey, Zorin, don't hog him all to yourself!" one of the other males—one with spiky, bright orange hair—said.

"Yeah! Sharing is caring, bro!" the last of them, his hair bleached white but streaked with blue and green said

"But he's just so~ cute!" Zorin exclaimed with a smothering hug as he rubbed his face against Izaya's as if he was a plushy.

"Zorin-san, it's hard to wash dishes like this."

"Don't worry about the dishes for now."

"But Zorin-san—"



"Hey, you three, enough." Chikage said from next to his dresser, getting dressed.

All three of them pouted. Zorin released Izaya, who quickly returned to the dishes.

"Hey, Iza-kun," the white haired male said.

"Yes, Shiro-san."

"Why don't you come with us today?"

Izaya looked at them with a smile. "Maybe another time."

"Come on!"

"No, I'd most-likely be in the way. I don't know the first thing about cars."

"A man should know how to handle a car!"

"Can you even drive?!"

Izaya shrugged. "I didn't find a driver's license in my wallet."

"That's crazy! How old are you again?!"


"Jeez! That's insane!"

"Quit it, you three." Chikage said, buttoning up his shirt before tossing on his fedora.

The three pouted yet again.

"You sure you don't want to come, Iza-chan?" Chikage asked. "You could use the fresh air."

"I'm sure." Izaya said. "There's cleaning inside that needs to get done."

Chikage looked at him, skeptic. The house was nearly spotless from Izaya's cleaning frenzy yesterday. But the biker sighed, nevertheless. He knew there was no thwarting Izaya's decision and forcing him to come would just make him hate the task.

"Don't break anything, okay?" Chikage said with a smile. He ruffled Izaya's hair with a smile.

"Have a good day, Chikage-san."

"You too." Chikage turned away. "Come on, you lot."

"Yes, sir, bossman, sir!" Zorin said.

"Bye, Izaya!"

"Bye bye!"


The four left.

"Ah, I wish I had a little roommate like that." Zorin said. "I would actually like going home then."

"Well, I don't think anyone wants to go home when they still live with their mother."

"She lives with me! I've told you that! She lives with me!"

"Uh-huh, sure."

"Listen when people talk, Yoku!"

Chikage sighed as he walked down the hall behind his subordinates. He really would have liked it if Izaya had come with. He felt like he was leaving a puppy alone in a hot car. It wasn't fair. But he sighed once again and decided to try to get Izaya something that he would like.

Chikage stood in the hallway, staring down at Izaya, who was passed out on the floor.

"Hey, you'll catch a cold if you sleep on the ground. I don't have heated floors." Chikage said.

"Mmnn." Izaya groaned, his eyes opening a centimeter.

Chikage coaxed the sleep raven up onto the bed, where Izaya fell back asleep instantaneously.

'He acts like a kid.'

With a sigh, Chikage put the treats he had bought for Izaya in the fridge and began to make dinner.

Halfway through, the smell of the cooking meat must have woken the flea, because he was soon up and about, walking over to Chikage in a groggy manner.

"What'er'u makin'?" He asked, rubbing his eyes then yawning afterwards.

'Cute…' Chikage thought, glancing over his shoulder at the raven.

"Just some hamburgers."

"Ooo, sounds yummy. With french-fries?"

"Yeah, they're in the oven right now."

"Mm." Izaya smiled as if imagining the succulent taste of the meal. "Thank you very much for cooking, Chikage-san. I'm sorry I didn't have anything made before hand."

"Oh, it's no problem at all." Chikage reassured. "But mind if I ask why you were sleeping on the floor?"

"Uhm…I just cleaned the house a bit too meticulously."

Chikage glanced at him, seeing that Izaya had adverted his eyes when talking. 'He's lying.'

"If you're worried about something, you can tell me, you know."

"Eh?" Izaya looked up at him wide-eyed. "Um…I-I know that."

Chikage stared at him. Then sighed and went back to the food. "Okay, just reminding you. Go wash up, dinner will be ready soon."


With that being said, Izaya sped off.

'He must have had to hide his troubles from Heiwajima for some reason. He's already used to keeping everything to himself.'

Chikage sighed again as he began making the burgers, pulling out the french-fries in between. Izaya was already wiping off the table, taking a pitcher of water, two cups, and condiments back with him.

Dinner was eaten in silence after they said, "Itadakimasu." Izaya kept his eyes on his plate of food, eating at a slow pace. Chikage knew that Izaya was definitely hiding something. The raven always asked him how his day was, trying to make some sort of small talk as if it was awkward to eat in silence.


The raven in question flinched as he looked up at Chikage. "Ye-yes?"

"What's wrong? Why are you lying?"

Izaya's eyes widened. "I-I'm...not—"

"You are. You're not a good liar at all."

Izaya looked at Chikage then he glared at the ground.

"What's wrong? What happened today?"

Izaya's glared at his now intertwined hands, his brow forming a tight knot. He puffed his cheeks in a pout then let it out in a sigh.

"Heiwajima-san was here today."

Chikage's eyes widened. "He what?!"

"He-he wasn't here here. But I could hear him, in the hallway. I-I guess he must be a debt collector because they were interrogating the man next door, asking him where the money was. But… I just…I panicked when I heard his voice. I don't know why, I just started to panic…"

"Did he hear you?"


The room fell silent.

"I'm sorry." Izaya said quickly. "I know I shouldn't be scared of him. I shouldn't be trying to hide from him, but I—"

"Calm down. It's okay—"

"It's not, though!" Izaya yelled. "I'm a man! I shouldn't be scared of him to this extent! Even if he is really violent, I shouldn't—"

"It's only natural that you're scared after he treated you the way he did."

"But he didn't treat me that badly."

"Bullshit he didn't."

"I don't think—"

"Unless you were lying to me about how he treated you, then yes it was that bad."

"I wasn't lying!"

"Then it is that bad!"

"But I'm a guy! It's obvious he would treat me differently than a girl!"

"It doesn't matter if your girl or guy! You don't treat people like shit!"

"But, I must have done something horrible to him before hand—"

"Like what?! You don't remember anything!"

"That's the point!"

"And he knows you don't remember anything! So, he has no right to take revenge on you when you're vulnerable! And if making you have sex with him is his way of getting back, then he is the lowest piece of shit I've ever heard of!"

"He-he didn't make—I consented—"

"Only after he started molesting you!"

"But I still—"

"You didn't consent the second time! You were sleeping! And you told him to stop! Hell, you told him to stop the first time too!"

Izaya fell silent. His shoulders were shaking badly and it looked like he was holding back tears. "I…I think I love him, though, so I…"

"If he treats you like that then it's not worth loving him."

"But I—"

"And you're not even sure if you love him! You're just going off of fragments of memories and the fact that he claims to love you. Actually, he never even told you he loved you, has he? He just claimed you were lovers and left it as that."


"I mean, all he did that was slightly passionate was have sex with you! And even then, it wasn't exactly intimate! Are you even sure he loves you?! Or are you just a warm body to him?"


"Have you ever thought that he's just using you? That you're nothing but a toy? That he's only using you because…"

Chikage finally realized the extent of his words when he saw that Izaya's eyes were flooded with tears that were streaming down his face. Izaya's whole body was shaking as he buried his face in his hands, his body being racked with gentle sobs.


"Iza-Izaya. Izaya, I—"

Chikage didn't know what to do. Whenever he saw a person in a horrible relationship like one that Izaya was in, his mouth just went on a roll, especially when the victim refused to admit that they were being hurt more than loved. It made his blood boil. But he never means to hurt them. He just wants them to see the truth. And that usually ends with him talking before thinking.


"Izaya." Chikage came around and kneeled by the raven. He cautiously touched his shoulder. When he wasn't rejected, Chikage wrapped his arms around the little raven. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. That wasn't right of me to—"

"No, hic. You're right." Izaya buried his face in Chikage's chest, gripping his shirt tightly. "You're right. He is hic hih but I-I still—I still don't want him to leave me. I hih hih kih. I don't know what to do, I-I…"

"Shoosh. It's okay. Calm down." Chikage started petting Izaya's hair in a soothing manner. He held the raven tighter as the smaller man moved closer to him, crazing more of a gentle touch. "The best thing you can do is get your memories back. Going to that place in Shinjuku is your best bet at that."

Izaya nodded, holding the biker a little tighter.

The next morning, Izaya wondered why he felt so warm. And was surprised to see Chikage holding him, one arm wrapped around the raven, the other propped under his head. Izaya looked up at that calm face, taking in every detail of the man that had offer him so much comfort.

Chikage groaned, his eyes slightly opening. He blinked a couple times then glanced over at Izaya.

"Ha, looks like you beat me today."

Izaya smiled, a small blush crossing his cheeks.

Chikage groaned and rolled over on top of Izaya. The raven blushed as the biker slumped on him, groaning with utter tiredness. He rubbed his head against the pillow by Izaya's own head, then groaned and propped himself up. The biker's body was racked with a powerful yawn, then he groaned again and sat up.

Izaya giggled. "You're like a lion when you wake up."

Chikage chuckled as he scratched the back of his neck.

The biker stood and sauntered over to the bathroom, yawning heavily.

Izaya chuckled then stood and stretched, yawning only a little bit. He went over to the kitchen, starting to brew some coffee.

Chikage came back a couple minutes later.

"How do you like your coffee?" Izaya asked.


Izaya smiled and nodded.

Once the brew was made, Izaya handed the biker a cup while grabbing his own black coffee.

"You okay?" Chikage asked, sipping on his cup.

Izaya looked at him. "Of course. Why do you ask?"

"I mean last night. Are you okay?"

"Oh…" Izaya looked at the ground. "Yeah, I guess. I think I needed that. You know, a little eye-opener."

"Well…I didn't need to be so harsh about it. I mean, you no longer have any dating experience…"

Izaya chuckled. "From what my sister said, I never dated anyone to begin with, anyway."

That sparked Chikage's attention. "You're twenty-three and had never dated?"

"That's what my sister's told me." Izaya chuckled. "They called me an uptight virgin flower. Heh heh."

"So, wait, you were a virgin?"

"Yeah, before Heiwajima-san."

Chikage's brow furrowed. "Do you regret that?"

"Regret it?" Izaya looked at him then looked to the ground again. After what seemed to be him contemplating it, he looked up at Chikage. "I don't really know. I mean, I haven't done it with anyone else to do a comparison with. I'm sure it would be the same, the treatment and such."

"No it won't."

"I mean, not in general. Just the…doing…it…"

Chikage chuckled. 'He is so cute.' "You sound like you want me to do something about that."

Izaya's cheeks turned red. Then his eyes narrowed a moment. "Well…I…"


Izaya's ears turned red.

'Wait, does he really want me to? I was joking…'

"What, you want me to…"

Izaya put his cup down, his shoulder's half hiding his face.

"Uh…" Chikage felt his own face heat up.

"I'm sorry!" Izaya's face was beat red as he held his hands out to Chikage, eyes closed. "I know that's a horrible reason to do any form of romance with anyone! I'm so sorry I even brought it up! Please, just forget I even suggested it!"

Izaya's small hands were trembling as he held them out to the biker.

Chikage stared at the raven. His eyes trailed from those small dainty fingers to those smooth, hairless arms, to the shapely collar bone peeking through the top of the shirt. Then his eyes went further down to the raven's shapely, bare thighs.

Chikage told himself that he shouldn't do this. That he shouldn't allow this sort of situation just because he had secretly feeling lustful towards the little, shy raven. It would be wrong on his part.

But then again, Izaya truly wanted a comparison. If he consented, then it wouldn't Chikage using him. The raven was right when he said it was a horrible reason to be romantic, but the biker genuinely like Izaya, not just for his curvaceously sexy body, but because he was cute and kind.

He disserved to have at least one good sexual experience.

Chikage walked over and put the cup of coffee on the counter. Izaya looked up, realized Chikage wasn't there, and swirled his head left and right. The biker swiveled in front of him. Izaya gave a small gasp as Chikage wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into an embrace.


"It's not a good reason, but it can easily be justified." Chikage said. "And if both parties agree to it, then it is fine."

Izaya blushed. "Chik…"

Chikage gave a small peck to Izaya's neck.


"I would love to give you a proper comparison."

Izaya's blush trailed to his shoulders. "Um…"

Chikage backed his head up. He looked down at Izaya with those coffee brown eyes, intense yet caring. His lips fell over the raven's. Izaya's eyes widened to how chaste it was. Then he felt himself melt to it. His legs weakened as he closed his eyes. He leaned back against the counter, Chikage's mouth following. Izaya opened his mouth and the bikers tongue accepted the offer, delving into the raven's warm passage to play with his wet muscle. Izaya wrapped his arms around Chikage's back, holding onto those bare shoulders.

Chikage finally separated. Izaya was panting, his expression one of half-dazed. Once he was able to comprehend correctly, he stared into the bikers eyes. He saw the determination his eyes. It drove him to agree to the act, but he was worried about the consequences afterwards. Would their relationship change? Would Chikage always treat him like something he can fuck? Or would it be a one-time thing, in which case, Izaya was certain he would feel used. And what about Shizuo? He loved the blond, so he should stay loyal, shouldn't he? He didn't know. And that's what scared him.

"Um…" Izaya tilted his head down. "I…I don't know if we should…"

"If you don't want to, I won't make you." Chikage said, automatically.

Izaya stared up at him. Then tilted his back head down.

"I don't…want to use you…" 'And I don't want to be used…'

"You're not." Chikage hooked his fingers under Izaya's chin and made the raven look up at him. His eyes were so gentle and caring, making Izaya feel…loved. "If you really want to do it, and I really want to do it, then no one's using the other. If you want this to happen, then you should just enjoy it. If not, then tell me and I won't cross that line. Because once we do, we can't go back to being friends."

Izaya's brows furrowed in indecision. "Then…what would we be?"

Chikage stared down at him, then gave him a peck on the lips. "I wouldn't ignore you, or pretend that it never happened. It wouldn't be awkward for me. We would be friends, more than friends, if you wish."

"As in—"

"No, we would not be fuck buddies and I would not be your 'mistress', heh heh, if you so desire to really go back to that Heiwajima fuck. We could be friends that had a little benefits once. Or how ever many times you feel comfortable with doing. It's all about what you feel comfortable with doing, Izaya. It's your choice."

Izaya looked down at the ground again. In all honesty, Izaya liked Chikage. And he could see himself being romantic with him. But…still the possible consequences.

Izaya looked up at Chikage, seeing the caring expression, one so gentle, and loving. Looking down at Izaya like he was something precious.

Izaya made his choice then.

And leaned into the biker's embrace.

"If…if you're okay with this…"

Chikage kissed Izaya again, shoving his tongue in without restraint. Izaya moaned, holding the biker's shoulders tightly.

"Hm. Nnm." Izaya felt his legs weakening as the kiss was prolonged more and more, taking the raven's breath away.

Chikage finally separated. Izaya gasped, looking into those coffee brown eyes. The two's eyes met, burning with the lust that they both wished to yield to.

Chikage held Izaya's wrist as the biker led him to the bed. He laid the raven down on the mattress, sitting over him. The coffee-eyed male stroked Izaya's face lovingly, unbuttoning the shirt to expose his small pink nipples. Izaya looked up at Chikage, allowing the older man to strip off his shirt, shifting his body to do as such.

"So-so-so, um, are-are you good at this, Chikage-san? I mean, you have three girlfriends—oh, wait! We-we can't—what will they say? I mean, I know you have an open relationship with the three but isn't it more of your only allowed to love those three, or um—mm!"

'He's babbling. Is it because he's nervous or embarrassed? God, he's just so cute.' Chikage thought as he covered Izaya's lips with his own.

"It's okay." Chikage said after separating their mouth. Really, don't worry. They'll understand as long as I confess to it. If I were to try to hide it, then I would be in trouble, hee hee."

Izaya blushed. "I-I see."

Chikage chuckled then gave Izaya another quick kiss before drawing his mouth down to kiss his neck. Then the center of his chest, where he kissed his nipples, drawing his tongue over the nubs and sucking on them.


Chikage's fingers traced over the other unoccupied nipple, pushing and tweeking it until the raven hissed from it been sensitive. From there, the biker continued down Izaya's body, kissing and licking and sucking until his mouth bit the hem of the short shorts. Izaya looked at Chikage with apprehension in his brown-red orbs.

Chikage hooked his fingers around the hem and gave them a tug. Izaya shifted his hips so the biker could take them off him, his shorts slowly trailing down the raven's legs.

Izaya blushed crimson at his body being completely exposed. Especially his prominent erection.

Chikage licked Izaya's thigh, tasting the sweetness of the raven with a smile.

Then the biker took Izaya's member in his mouth.

Izaya gasped loudly and automatically grabbed Chikage's head.

"Wa-wa-wa-wait!" Izaya said. "Th-th-that's not clean! I haven't bathed, I mean—"

"Ish fin."

"Waah! Don't talk with it in your mouth!"

Chikage sucked almost expertly as he rolled his tongue around Izaya's prick. Remembering how his girlfriends would use their tongues to toy with him, he easily tilted his head to nibble on the shaft then lean back up and suck on the head.

"Mm." Izaya shifted his hips and gave a small gasp, his feet rubbing against the sheets repeatedly as the pleasure rose and rose with each suck and nibble. "Ah, Chi-Chikage-san, uh."

Chikage drew his tongue up the urethra then outlined the cockhead with his lips and applied hard suction.

Izaya hissed, squirming and spreading his legs farther. "Hah, ah ah uh! Chi-Chikage-san!"

Chikage continued his ministration, bobbing his head up and down, keeping his lips tucked over his teeth. The biker held Izaya's hips still with his hands, drawing his tongue over the tip, down the shaft, around the cockhead, and even nibbled on one of the raven's tightened scrotums.

Izaya's mind was bombarded with foreign pleasure receptors. Never before had someone done this to him—and if they had it was before he was amnesic. It felt spectacular. Definitely something Shizuo had always neglected to do. Izaya felt a lump form in his chest when he did a comparison between the two and found Chikage a much better lover.


Izaya squirmed again as the biker sucked hard. Chikage drew his tongue up the urethra again, then squeezed the cockhead as if he was trying to leave a hickey.

"NNN!" the hand on Chikage's head tightened and Izaya slapped a hand over his own mouth to muffle his moan as he came, hard.

Chikage swallowed.

Izaya panted, resting fully on the bed as he caught his breath.

Chikage leaned up, wiping his mouth.

"Di-did you…" Izaya started, looking up at the biker that loomed over him. "Did you really…drink that?"

Chikage opened his mouth, exposing his pink tongue that was stained a little white.

Izaya blushed to his shoulder, trembling out of sheer embarrassment. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, y-y-y-you-you shouldn't drink that stuff, you dummy! You shouldn't—"

'So cute.' Chikage hugged him. He would have kissed him if he didn't take a guess that Izaya would say something along the lines of "don't kiss me after drinking that stuff!" After all, he's done that to his girlfriends plenty of times before.

Chikage reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lubrication. He popped the cap open, flooding the room with the smell of watermelon.

"Eh? Smells sweet."

"My girlfriends like it." Chikage smiled.


Chikage chuckled and sat up, drizzling lubricants onto his hand.

He reached down and rubbed his hand between Izaya's legs.


Chikage slicked up Izaya's cock and scrotums for a second time, then reached down and lubricated the canyon of the raven's ass. Izaya spread his legs a little wider, one wrist pressed against his mouth while the other rested close to his body over his own chest.

Chikage smiled at Izaya as he teased his hole, experimentally probing it with a single digit. Izaya pursed his lips then tilted his head back. Chikage added another dosage of lube to his fingers and Izaya's hole.


Chikage chuckled.

Izaya looked down at the spot where Chikage was toying with him, staring at the digits with apprehensiveness. He remembered how much it hurt when he was with Shizuo. How Shizuo didn't necessarily prepared his body thoroughly enough.

Chikage saw the fear in Izaya's eyes. He rubbed his hand reassuringly over the raven's thigh, continued to rub the outer ring. Then he slowly plunged the finger in.

Izaya's inhaled sharply, more of surprise than pain. It didn't hurt terribly. He was stretched enough from Shizuo's cock that one digit didn't hurt. It was two that usually triggered the pain.

Chikage pushed in the second finger.

"Nn." Izaya stared up at the biker, the pain evident on his face.

Chikage leaned down and kissed Izaya gently, pulling out the second digit and rubbing the raven's inner walls with one, soothingly. The biker twirled his finger, looking for Izaya's prostate to try and help the raven feel better about the penetration.

"Ah!" Izaya's eyes flared open.

'There it is.'

Chikage continued to rub that spot, gripping Izaya's cock and stroking.

"Hah, uh! Chi-Chika—uh!"

Chikage coaxed in another finger. Izaya seemed to not notice, giving the biker a good sign that it didn't hurt. He applied more pressure onto the prostate, making the raven grip the sheets tightly and squirm. His insides were twitching, his legs shaking. Pre-cum was already dribbling from his tip.

"Chi-Chi-Chika-Chikage—hah! Chikag…"

Chikage leaned down and sought after those red lips. Izaya didn't protest as he tangled his fingers in the biker's hair, Chikage's tongue pushing into his mouth ever so gently. Chikage took the hand on Izaya's cock away to hold the raven's head, the two's tongues playing together with hungry desire.

The biker spread his fingers gradually, opening them a little farther each time he scissored them. Izaya made no sound that it hurt, giving Chikage the confidence to put in a third finger and spread them all.

Izaya tilted his head back and hissed, then his faced relaxed as Chikage pressed his fingers back onto his prostate.

"You okay?"

Izaya looked up at him and nodded.

Chikage spread his three fingers again, this time the middle finger still rubbing against his prostate.

"Ah, hah!"

Chikage kissed Izaya again, then leaned his up with his head tilted down. With one hand still in the raven, he pulled his erection out of its confinements, finally, with the other. Izaya stared at the cock that was going to push into him, relieved that it was smaller than Shizuo's—which meant it was actually average-sized. Chikage pulled his fingers out.

"Nn." Izaya felt strangely empty, wanting something else in side but still apprehensive about having Chikage's member inside him.

The biker sat back on his haunches, applying a generous amount of lubrication on his member as he pushed his pants down farther with the other hand. Izaya watched intently as Chikage stroked himself to spread the lube around his member, feeling his stomach flutter with emotions he didn't necessarily fully understand. It was positive, whatever it was.

Then Chikage leaned down, his member prepared to enter.

"I'll be gentle."

Izaya hesitated before he nodded.

And with that, Chikage finally pushed in.

"Nn." Izaya pursed his lips. He shifted his shoulders back and forth as Chikage pushed in only his cockhead before stopping.

"Does it hurt? Be honest."

"Nn, a…a little. You-you can probably push in…farther."

Chikage nodded. Wrapping his arms around Izaya gently and lovingly, his pushed in slowly. Izaya shifted his hips as his insides were simply filled with discomfort. Like a girl using a tampon and not using it right. It didn't hurt. It just felt weird. So he continued to shift his hips back and forth as Chikage pushed in deeper and deeper, passing his prostate and pushing even farther.

"Nn." Pain overtook him then, his insides stretching to accommodate for the new arrival.

Chikage stopped yet again, looking at Izaya for permission and worry.

"It's okay. Ke-keep going."

Chikage kissed him passionately, adoring and hating how tolerate the little raven was. Still pushing slowly, Chikage buried himself all the way to the hilt then ceased his movements.

Izaya shifted his hips once, moving his legs slightly into different positions.

They separated their mouth as Chikage shuddered from the simple movement.

"We're going to have an accident if you keep that up." Chikage chuckled.

Izaya blushed crimson. "I-I-I'm sorry. It feels a-a little weird so I-I'm just—"

"You're alright. Don't worry so much." The biker chuckled, licking Izaya's lips before diving his tongue back in.

"Mm." Izaya wrapped his arms around Chikage shoulders and neck, curling one of his legs over Chikage's.

Chikage thrust.

"Mm—ah!" Izaya broke the kiss, surprised by the sudden movement without warning as the biker pressed against the raven's prostate with pleasurable friction. Izaya tilted his head down as Chikage continued to move his hips in a slow motion, looking up at Izaya's face to make sure his moans were of pleasure and not pain.

Izaya arched his back and moaned loudly, Chikage thrusting in a perfect way that lit pleasure throughout his body. Chikage wrapped his arms under Izaya's shoulders, holding him tightly as he repeatedly buried himself inside the raven. Izaya was so, so tight, yet not in a constricting, painful way. It was obvious he hadn't had that much experience with being a bottom, proof that he had really only done it twice with Heiwajima like he said.

Chikage pressed their lips together, pushing his tongue back into Izaya's mouth. Izaya's own tongue played with his, tasting the inside of the bikers passage with muffled moans. They're lips stayed connected as their wet muscles toyed with each other, while the biker continued to move in and out.

"Mm, hmm! Kmm!"

Izaya's legs began to shake as Chikage's hips moved faster. The two separated their mouths when they ran out of breath, both gasping.

"Nn! Nn! Hah! Chika—ah!"

Chikage propped himself on his arms to get more leverage as he slammed his hips forward, Izaya's arms slipping off him.

"AH! AH! Chika—ge! AH! Chikage!"

Izaya grabbed onto the sheets, feeling as if he had to hold onto something to anchor himself. His mind was muddled with the pleasure that bombarded him. He couldn't comprehend his surroundings. Any plans to remain quiet due to the walls not being that thick was tossed out the window and never even occurred to him at all. He wasn't even able to speak a coherent sentence. Just moans and called out Chikage's name as the biker pounded into him over and over and over, lighting su~ch amazing fire up his whole core.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Chikage groaned as he thrust, curling his arm and gripping Izaya's cock. He began to pump the member with vigorous motions. Izaya's eyes widened as even more pleasure was pumped into. His mind and body were pushed into overdrive.

"I'm gonna cum! AH! AH! CUMM—! AH-AAAHHH!"

Izaya splattered his own chest and stomach with his seed, tightened around Chikage even more. Chikage clenched his teeth and eyes and hissed as he thrust in hard and splattered Izaya's insides white.

The two slumped against the bed, both panting heavily and shuddering. Izaya's insides pulsated with heat, causing him to lightly moan every now and then.

Chikage swallowed to try and water his drying throat before he leaned up and pressed his lips to Izaya's, softly pushing his tongue into the ravens. Izaya allowed access to the biker, opening his mouth but he had no energy to move his tongue with his as well. And that was fine, Chikage wasn't trying to play with him anyway.

Chikage finally separated. "Was that…a proper comparison?" he chuckled.

Izaya's already red face couldn't get any redder as he stared up at Chikage with half-dazed eyes. He was definitely ready to take a nap. Which was what he did.

"Woo~. The boss is getting some, mm-mm." one of Chikage's lackey's said outside the door.

"Too bad for Zorin~." The other teased.

Zorin sat on the ground with his hands against the wall, looking quite glum. "The boss always has to get the cute ones, doesn't he?"

The three laughed lightly before turned down the hallway, deciding the boss was probably going to take a day off.

Izaya walked down the street, glancing around at the people that walked by before smiling happily. Shizuo trailed behind him, unhappy that he ended up having to come with Izaya to a meeting of some sort. In all honesty, Izaya wasn't going on a meeting, he just wanted an excuse to walk with Shizuo. And the blond knew that. So, he agreed to it.

Izaya would have liked to hold Shizuo's hand, but at the same time he didn't necessarily want to go public with their relationship just yet. There would be more benefit's to him if they remained silent about if for a while longer. And it wasn't like Shizuo was going to tell the world, just his brother and boss. Shinra and Kadota were Izaya's 'responsibility' to tell, which he had no intention of doing until he knew he wouldn't get hounded by yakuza as Shizuo's new 'weakness'.

As Izaya walked through the crowd, he noticed a male with a fedora a top his head, and auburn hair poking out the bottom. Curious, Izaya sped up, his walk turning into a jog.

'Hmm?' Shizuo eyes narrowed.

Izaya touched the male's shoulder.

The man turned around.


"Hello, Chikage-chan."

Chikage threw his arms around him in a hug. Izaya chuckled, wrapping his arms around Chikage as well.

Shizuo's brow furrowed. 'Who the fuck is that?'

"How have you been?" Chikage asked, smiling at Izaya as he released. "It's been nearly a week, you know."

"I know. Sorry, sorry, but I had to put my life back in order after all that crap, heh heh."

"So…you got your memory back?"


"Good for you! So, I can assume you're doing better, right?"

"Heh, yeah, a lot better."

"And…your Heiwajima issue?"

"…That's still a little complicated—"

"Izaya," Shizuo growled, walking up and grabbed the raven's wrist. "Who is this?"

Chikage's eyes narrowed as they flashed from the hand grabbing Izaya's wrist so possessively then to the male who belonged to that hand.

"Are you…Heiwajima?" Chikage asked.

Izaya eyed Chikage, curious to see what he would do.

"Yeah, that's right. Who are you?" Shizuo pulled Izaya behind him as he glared death at the biker.

Chikage smiled and held his hand out. "I'm Rokujo Chikage. It's very nice to meet you."

Shizuo glared down at the hand then at the innocent smiling face.

Then he gripped the hand.

Chikage's smile remained plastered to his face as he pulled Shizuo to him and buried his fist into the blonds' cheek with a powerful punch.

Shizuo fell back as bystanders screamed and jumped away. The blond was shocked by the hit. It didn't hurt or stun him, just threw him through a loop but the suddenness. That was the last thing he expected from someone he had never met before.

"Wh-what the fuck was that for?!" Shizuo yelled, glaring up at the biker.

'Interesting.' Izaya thought.

"That's for being horrible to Izaya." Chikage said, shaking his hand a bit.

"Excuse me?!"

Chikage chuckled. "Better watch yourself. If you're a stupid shit to him again, then I'll gladly take him from you."

"Excuse me?!"


The three looked behind Chikage to see Zorin, Shiro, and Yoku walking towards them. Then the three saw who he was talking to.



Zorin nearly tackled Izaya in a hug. The little raven had to take a step back so he didn't fall on his ass.

"Hello, Zorin." Izaya said, patting his back.

"Gah, Zorin, your hogging him again." Shiro yelled.

"He's so~ cute, though!"

"You say that every time!" Yoku growled.

"Knock it off, you three." Chikage said.

The three pouted yet again as Zorin separated. But the biker still held onto Izaya's hands.

By now, there were plenty of curious eyes staring at the lot, but Izaya easily ignored them, so did the three handymen.

"How have you been? It's been nearly two weeks." Zorin asked.

"It's actually been a week." Shiro corrected him.

"It feels long~er!"

Izaya chuckled. "I've been fine, guys. On a cheery note, I'm no longer amnesic."


Izaya nodded. This guy was definitely amusing.

"Good for you, bro!" Yoku said, patting him on the back. "So, everything's falling back into place?"


"Sorry to cut in." Chikage said, tapping the three on the shoulder. "We've got a meeting, remember?"

"Right. Come on, Zorin."

"But we just met back up~!"

"I'll come for a visit some time later." Izaya grinned. "I'm pretty busy myself right now."

"See? Come on." Chikage said.

Zorin pouted then smiled. "Alright. Bye." Zorin pecked him on the cheek. "You better visit, okay?"

"I will."

Zorin's smile broadened and he let the raven go and bounced away over to the other two.

Chikage placed his hand on Izaya's shoulder. "Take care of yourself, okay? And if you need anything, my door is always open."

"Don't worry. I can hold my own."

Chikage was extremely happy to see Izaya was confident in what he said and did, having an air of near arrogant cockiness about him. 'Finally.'

"See you."


And with that, Chikage and his three gang members walked away.

Shizuo glared after them, really wanting to punch all of them. But he wouldn't, only because Izaya seemed to be so friendly with them—which was one reason why he wanted to punch them.

"Who the fuck were they?" Shizuo growled.

"Friends." Izaya said, continuing to walk about.


Izaya chuckled. "I do have friends, Shizu-chan."

"I never said you didn't."

"Then what does it matter if I say hi."

"I don't think friends kiss each." Shizuo growled, grabbing Izaya's wrist.

"Zorin does. And it's nothing more than a kiss on the cheek."

"Where'd you meet them?"

"Where'd you meet Tom?"

"You know where."

"That's the same thing you're asking me, though."

Shizuo growled. Izaya glanced back at him and chuckled.

"What, are you worried about what Chikage said about taking me away?"

Shizuo's eyes narrowed. 'So, that was Chikage.'

Izaya chuckled yet again. Then stopped.

Shizuo nearly ran into him before the raven turned around and grinned up at him with that arrogant smile. "Well, then you'll just have to treat me nicely and you'll have nothing to worry about."

Shizuo's eyes narrowed even more.

Holy Shit! This took so long. I'm so sorry! You see, when I decided to do this, I was writing another story in the Durarara notebook so I couldn't start this one. And so, I free typed it. No blueprint, no outline, no nothing but the concept in my brain to go off of. It was way harder than it should have been.

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