Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. You're likely shocked to see this story, aren't you? I know I would be, especially since I said at the end of my first lemon that I likely wouldn't be doing any lemons for sometime after that one. And that is very true.

However, I also said that I would reconsider that if I heard a good enough premise for a lemon. And, surely enough, the guy who requested my first TD lemon, Mr. Aanonymous, provided me with just such a good enough premise. Here is it.

This story has been a series of interconnected lemon chapters that take place within a shared universe in which Total Drama never happened. Each chapter involves a different geeky guy of the Total Drama cast getting it on with a different lovely lady. Also, they are all in the same continuity, meaning all of these events happen in the same universe while capable of being referenced later or affecting the entire story. Imagine it like either the Marvel cinematic universe or the DC Animated Universe.

And which couple do I use to launch this story? Why Bridgette and Cody, of course! Why? Well, the blunt answer is because it's one of my favorite Total Drama couples. Now to get a little more vague and/or intelligent with my reasoning, I decided to go with this couple first (aside from me loving it of course) because to me in a lot of ways this couple is a great symbol for the very idea of fanon shipping itself. After all, I don't think Cody and Bridgette have literally had any interaction on the show but as stories like "A Codette World Tour" show, these two could have amazing chemistry if they were given the proper set-up by the show.

Also, since this chapter is the first one and requires a lot of set-up, it will most likely be the longest one. Most of the future chapters will not be close to this long in length.

Finally, I hope I don't need to say this but I will anyway, this story is rated M for sex. As you will discover, this chapter, and this whole story, will take it further than my first Total Drama lemon did. So, your underage or you don't want read about sex, turn away now and don't look back. Also, all of the characters are 18 years old.

Having said that, here's the first chapter of "The Meek Shall Inherit the Babes": Who Knew?

It was a beautiful summer day. There wasn't a cloud or airplane in the sky to lessen any of the glorious golden beams of sunlight gently sent towards the surface of the earth.

Among the countless people standing on the sands of the beach on this fine day was a teenage boy with chestnut hair, teal eyes, a thin and boyish bodily frame exposed by him not wearing a shirt, a small bag with some stuff, and yellowish brown swim trunks.

Cody looked around at the sights on the sand. He saw kids making sand castles and playing in the ocean. He saw families having picnics and barbeques or having the kids burying the parents in the sand. He saw young couples either seating next to each other or making out. Not wishing to see any of that one, Cody continued to travel on the beach.

As he did, one thought rung the loudest in his optimistic and cheerful mind, 'Why the hell are they all here? How can they stand it!'

In particular, what Cody wasn't enjoying was the sun, and how any clouds in the sky didn't lessen it. Looking up at the colossal cloth of cerulean and gold that was the sky through his shades, Cody felt those supposedly lovely golden rays burning into his skin!

Wanting to escape the burning of his own flesh as quickly as he could, Cody bolted. As he did, he felt the sands that would leap up in-between his sandaled feet, searing the spaces in between his toes.

'What makes people want to walk on these little burning coals without any shoes on!?' Cody thought to himself.

But that thought was not contemplated for very long. Cody had more urgent matters to worry about. He was now desperately searching for anything, any small speck of shade. He could have sworn if he didn't find some shade right fast that his feet would burn off!

Suddenly, Cody found his salvation…a large aqua blue parasol further up the beach!

Running with the knowledge that his skin's life might very well depend on it, Cody ran to the parasol as fast as he could. For every inch of sandy ground he covered Cody felt his skin get redder and redder, and crisper and crisper for every second he was in the open.

Every step was like walking on hot coals! This nightmare couldn't be over fast enough!

The moment he judged that the aqua blue parasol was within jumping distance, Cody dived for it!

He needed up landing on his face. He didn't care. He was finally free from the sun!

The proof was obvious as he felt the sand under the large umbrella be much cooler than the sand he had just ran across to get here. Reveling in the feeling of the cooler sand, Cody rolled around in the cooler sand for a few seconds until at least half of his body was buried in sand.

Feeling so good and not worried about being around anyone else, Cody released a massive sigh of relief.

"Uh…what are you doing here?" A feminine teenage voice asks a second after the sigh.

Maybe it there was someone else here after all!?

Caught off-guard by the presence of another, Cody released a girly sounding, "Eep!"

Looking up with his belly still on the shaded sand, he saw a blonde girl looking down at him. She looked familiar from somewhere but Cody couldn't for the life of him say how. That was partially because his sunglasses were all messes from the recent sand nosedive.

Sitting up, Cody knocked almost all of the sand off of his body. While doing so, he says apologetically, "Oh hey sorry, I just ah... needed some time, in the sand."

After developing what must have been a questioning look based on her confused voice, the Blonde Girl asks, "Well, isn't there almost every other square foot of the beach here for you to bury yourself?"

"Yeah but yours is the only spot with any shade. No one else, including me, brought a parasol. And I am burning out here."

"Did you put on any sun screen?"

"I didn't' think it would be this bad."

"Why don't you just go into the water?"

Cody frantically pointing at the water before saying, "Do you see all those kids in there? Almost every square foot for twenty feet out is all kids playing and half of them pee in it. No thanks."

Starting to find herself at her wit's end with this stranger, the Blonde sighs before asking, "If that's how you feel why don't you just go home? Better yet why are you even here?"

"My dad wanted me out of the house. Said I was wasting my summer playing video games." Cody answers, before shivering violently. The Blonde Girl was deeply confused by this action. Of course, she couldn't have known that as he was leaving his house Cody saw both his parents race up to their bedroom before slamming their door in a hurry.

"Why did you come here than if you hate the beach so much?" The Blonde Girl asks, trying to understand the strange boy's logic where none seemed to exist.

"Because its Sunday. The comic book store is closed, and so is Game Stop. I'm kinda out of places to go for fun so I thought I'd drop by here."

After sighing again, the Girl Under the Blue Parasol sighed before saying to the boy, "Well I'm sorry but you can't stay here."

This got Cody's attention. He might have to go back out onto the burning sands again!

After standing up, Cody removed his sunglasses to get a better look at this mystery girl while asking, "Why not?"

The Girl didn't answer for a few moments. And now it was her being the confusion one as she suddenly started making this face, like she was trying to not laugh for some reason.

What Cody didn't know is that removing his sunglasses had revealed a tan line where they use to be, almost giving Cody's face the appearance of a white masked raccoon.

The Blonde Girl was doing the best she could to restrain herself and show good manners. Using all her belief in being respectful towards other humans, she repressed laughter.

Within about ten seconds of not laugh, the Blonde started busting a gut uncontrollably!

Though Cody discovered that she enjoyed the sound of this girl laughing, he was confused. Hoping to end that state of confusion, he asked, "What is it? What's up?"

While still laughing loudly, the Girl pointed to his face and said, "Your, phttt, glasses. They-ppphhhttt ha, left a tan mark! Ha ha ha!"

Using his own sunglasses' lenses as a mirror, Cody looked at his own reflection. He quickly discovered that the giggling girl wasn't lying.

After groaning in annoyance, Cody uttered to himself, "Ugh, that's just great! Now I'm gonna look like the Lone Ranger with a bleached mask for a few weeks and I can't do anything about it!"

Trying to find some solace in the current situation, Cody took a look at the girl who was laughing at his misfortune. And to be fair, that made things a pretty even tradeoff.

Before this look, the only thing that Cody knew about this girl's appearance was that she had blonde hair in a long ponytail that reached down to roughly her thin waistline along with blonde bangs on the sides of her face, bordering it like a fine painting's carved frame. But now that he was paying more attention to the girl he was greatly rewarded for this. He saw that she was wearing a red one-piece swimsuit that clings to her body that showed all the right angles on her. It also showed that the girl had attractive curvy yet athletic legs, matching an overall curvy figure. While not exactly supermodel worthy in the curvy department, her curves were quite attractive in a their own girl next door kind of way. Cody saw that she was least a B cup, though more likely a C cup, as her boobs were hugged by the red one piece swimsuit, which showed off a bit of cleavage and that her nipples were sticking out for some reason he didn't know (or care about). He then looks up at her face and sees that her eyes were a light green, almost yellow color. The overall appearance of this amazing looking girl gave off an 'I'm one of the guys but I'm also hot and I know it while not flaunting it' feel. Cody thought she was beyond sexy!

But more than that, Cody was certain that he had seen this girl somewhere before.

Eventually the girl stopped laughing and noticed that he is staring at her. So, a little peeved, she said to him, "You know, it's not polite to stare."

Cody says, "Huh, oh! Sorry. It's just that you look really familiar. Do you go to TD High School?"

The girl looks at him for a second and says, "Yeah, I…Oh yeah, I know you! Your Cody, right? You and I had AP Calc together, right?"

"Yup, that's right. Your, your…B-Ba-Bri…Bridgette! Your Bridgette, right?" Cody asks.

"Yup, that's right." Bridgette says with a smile at meeting a fellow classmate of hers.

It was then that Cody remembered everything he knew about this Bridgette girl. It wasn't much. Even though they shared a class together, he had rarely paid attention to Bridgette. All he knew about her aside from sharing a class with her was that her boyfriend was named Geoff, he was a pretty nice guy, he and Bridgette loved to make out a lot, and that Bridgette was the best friend of Gwen, a hot Goth girl who Cody had a massive crush on.

Having gathered this memory data and found not much of use, Cody simply asks, "So, how you doing?"

"I'm doing good. I got a part time job here as one of the life guards." Bridgette answers.


"Yeah, why not. It gives me a couple extra bucks, and allows me to be around the water all summer while helping people."

"Well, yeah, I get all of that. But that doesn't leave you with a lot of free time, does it?"

To Cody's confusion, Bridgette turned away from him for a second before saying awkwardly, "Yeah, well, I don't actually need all that much time anymore since Gwen got a part time job at the movie theater and…Geoff moved away last month. So…"

Cody snapped his fingers loudly, unknowingly cutting Bridgette off. "Oh, damn it all! I knew I forgot a place to go to before the beach! Man, I could be at the mo…" The Tech Geek then suddenly pauses, only now realizing everything that Bridgette had just said, "…oh wait, what? Geoff moved away?"

Looking at Cody for a few seconds before answering, Bridgette says, "Yeah, me and him Skype every night but, ah... you know what they say about long distance relationships."

The emotional pain in the Surfer Girl's voice was impossible to miss, even for someone as rarely around girls as Cody. Being as sincerely sympathetic as he could, Cody says, "Oh, ah... sorry to hear about that."

"Its ok. I just have to learn how to deal with it." Bridgette says smiling. It was obvious to Cody that this smile was not sincere. In fact, the attempted smile made it sadder.

Cody and Bridgette then awkwardly looked away from each other, with each wanting to find some way away from the drama and awkwardness.

Eventually, one of them found one.

"Wow, those kids sure are having a fun time out there in the piss water! I think I'll go join them!" Cody nearly shouts pointing at the water.

Smiling at Cody, Bridgette says, "Yeah, you go do that. Just don't let those kids knock you out or something. They get kinda rough out there."

Starting to head towards the water line, Cody says, "Don't worry. I'll be careful. Besides, this beach has got an awesome lifeguard if anything does happen."

As she was watching Cody running over the burning sands blistering his feet, causing him to every now and then leap up into the air and shouting in a very cartoony manner, Bridgette decided to close her umbrella. After doing so, she got out her standard issue red life preserver raft and set up her foldable beach chair. By the time she was sitting down on that beach chair, Cody was entering the ocean with a final leap to escape the hot sand.

Chuckling at the unexplainably adorableness of that, Bridgette thinks to herself, 'You know, he looks a little cute. Well, cute in an awkward nerdy way. Still cute but kinda the opposite of the fun loving, jockish sort of way Geoff used to run for the water.'

Then she stopped thinking about Cody, and started thinking of Geoff, mainly how much she missed him. And that quickly shifted to remembering all the time they spent together.

All the making out they did, all the blowjobs she gave, and all the times they had sex!

Oh, just thinking about it starts to make her feel all hot! And neither the hot sand nor the hot sun was the causes of it.

Bridgette wasn't surprised. Ever since she had hit puberty, she had obtained a strong sex drive. Some of her girl friends, only half joking, said that it combined with her tomboy nature could have passed her off as a guy if not for her breasts and near hourglass figure.

Getting an idea, Bridgette looked around her for a bit on all sides and saw that no one was looking at her. Seeing that the coast was clear, she slowly and nonchalantly put her hand between her legs and started to rub herself between her womanly folds, remembering all the time she spent with Geoff, and all the sex they had.

As she began pleasuring herself, the Surfer Girl became oddly reflective on her relationship with Geoff. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that their entire relationship boiled down to this, to having sex, or things pretty close to it.

Whenever they went to the movies, they just made out, just like they would either when they went back one of their houses and or in one of their cars. Even if they went to be with their friends they just ended up making out (which did annoy their friends a little, a few more than a little, but they allowed it). They never really did much else. Its not like they planned for that. It just sort of happened, but hey, neither of them regretted it.

Licking her lips, Bridgette thought, 'Oh, I remember how I use to love the taste I got whenever I gave him a blowjob. I could never get enough of that salty taste. I remember some days I was so bad that I'd want that salty taste like five times a day. Geoff loved those days, and so did I. And he always had this adorable look on his face when he climaxed.' The Surfer Girl giggled remembering the silly expression of sexual release.

'And Geoff was also always great in the sack... well, that's not entirely true. He wouldn't ever go down on me even though I was more than happy to give him blowjobs. And he only did missionary, which got a little old after a while. And he wasn't all that big. But they he tried hard and it did the trick…sort of. Well, whatever!'

As her current conduct clearly showed, a month with no sex was starting to get to her.

'I mean come on! I'm masturbating at the beach while at work with all these people around with just the thought of sex being enough to get me started!' She thinks as she starts to rub even harder at herself while thinking of Geoff pumping into her. After a few moments of this Bridgette mumbles, "Oh yeah, almost there…"

Right when she was reaching her climax, it was interrupted by a little kid screaming!

Taken by surprise, Bridgette didn't express any of the frustration at being interrupted. Instead, she was instantly snapped out of her fantasy and stood up without hesitation. Looking from the space in front of her chair, Bridgette saw somebody who was lying face down, limp in the water with the crowd of kids and their parents around him not knowing what to do and panicking. Thankfully for whoever it was, she knew exactly what to do. Grabbing her life preserver, Bridgette ran towards the ocean and quickly reached it. She continued into the water and was very thankful that the person wasn't in very deep.

But any sense of thanks for that vaporized when she saw the person who was limb. After seeing who is was, Bridgette dashed with greater vigor towards her. She dashed to Cody!

Unbeknownst to her, Cody had been accidently knocked in the back of the head and knocked out by a thrown football traveling like a missile. But even if she did know that, it wouldn't have been of greater importance than working to save Cody from drowning.

After Bridgette brought Cody back to the shore, she saw that his mouth was opened. He was trying to breathe but only water was being sucked into his increasingly worried lungs.

As that was happening, Cody was now submerged within his own mind instead of water.

Disorientated, and dizzy and having no idea where he is, Cody thought to himself, 'I feel so cool right now. It feels nice. Why didn't I do this before? It's so simple, really. Sand bad, water cool. And you know what else is cool? Gwen. She's so awesome and hot. With her boobs all perky in that corset she wears. Oh God, what I wouldn't give to motorboat those things! Her skin is so pale and flawless. Especially her face, and chest, oh and her hands. Yeah, her hands. I wish that she used those hands on my other than for hitting me when I get too close. Yeah she's hot when she doe that. Especially when she gives me that scowl when she does that. The way her lips just pucker up when she's mad. I wonder what it would be like to kiss those lips.'

Then Cody noticed something had changed, which made him grin like a madman. Not questioning how it happened, Gwen suddenly appeared before him. Before any questions could be asked, the Goth wrapped her arms around his and pulled on him while leaning in for a kiss.

Cody closes his eyes. He felt another pair of lips touch his. It was pure magic!

Then Cody felt that the mouth kissing his was opening. He got even more eager, here came the tongue! Cody was busting a gut to feel her tongue wrestling with his.

But instead of a tongue, he felt air, as if Gwen was breathing into his mouth.

Cody thought to himself, 'Is this how people are supposed to make out? Because in every romantic comedy movie, I've seen they always use their tongues. Oh, what do I know? Its not like I've ever kissed a girl.' Very quickly, Cody just decided to embrace this kissing. 'And besides it still feels great!'

For how long they "breath kissed" (what Cody called this unusual but oddly hot action), the Tech Geek couldn't say. He only started to consider this after Gwen let go of his head. To his confusion, the Goth backed away from him.

After she was a little distance away, an intense bright light appeared and blocked her face.

Blinking a few times in confusion, Cody couldn't help but think, 'Stupid sun.'

The light of the "stupid sun" was now covering everything. Then things got blurry.

Cody noticed that amid the blurs there was a shape before him, resembling a human head. A bit after that, Cody realized the earthshattering truth as to why…it was a human head!

Even so, he couldn't determine anything about it except for the fact that it was a head. He blinked a few times, trying to see whom it was. With all of his being he hoped that it was Gwen.

His vision fully returned to him.

Instead of seeing the paleness of Gwen's skin he saw the slightly tanned skin of Bridgette. She was still clad in her red one-piece swimsuit staring at him with a smile. With the angelic rays of the sun, which no longer seemed quite so stupid to Cody, enhancing the smiling Surfer Girl's face, Cody had a new thought?

'Maybe the beach isn't so bad? Maybe Bridgette is even better than Gwen would be? No, no…she's still with Geoff. Lucky Geoff. All well, at least I can enjoy this moment, right?'

Seeing that Cody was clearly awake after resuscitating him, Bridgette smiled even more. Looking down at Cody, she saw that he was opening and his mouth and about to say something. But when he did, instead of words there came coughed up ocean water from his lungs.

Stopping herself from chuckling at Cody's misfortune, Bridgette says to the lying boy, "You need to sit up. That will help get the water out of your lungs."

Not being able or willing to question the experienced lifeguard, Cody did just that. After sitting up, Cody coughed up even more of the nasty, likely pee-filled, salt water.

"Here let me-", Bridgette says as she rested her hand on Cody's thigh to help him get a better angle and leverage. But when contact with Cody's body was made, she stopped.

She didn't know what to think but she did know one thing. Despite what she was now touching through Cody's yellowish brown swim trunks was warm and hard…it wasn't Cody's thigh!

Confused, she looked down at the boy's bathing suit. She saw a long and thick pole-like object coming out of them…which her hand was touching.

Searching for an explanation, she quickly found on in that it must have been a metal pole that somehow got jammed into his trunks. With the intention of removing this metal pole, she applied a little more pressure.

When she did, Bridgette discovered three things about the object her hand was wrapped around: it wasn't hard enough to be made of metal, grabbing it made Cody slightly wince as he continued to choke on the seawater, and after she had grabbed it the pole grew!

Flabbergasted, Bridgette thought as she unknowingly placed her other hand over her mouth, 'Oh…no way! This cannot be him. Its more than half way down to his knee, and its huge!'

Wanting to verify if it really is Cody or not, Bridgette applied pressure to it again, only for Cody to wince again as he choked a bit more.

Only this time, Cody has enough water out of his lungs to say, "Ple-please. Ugghnnn, don't do that. Cuhhh. Tender area."

Once he said that, Bridgette let up on the pressure but didn't quite let go of his thigh. Not realizing she was doing it, she was kind of staring at the area of the "pole" for a bit.

She didn't know for how long she did but it was long enough for Cody, who was too taken by nearly drowning and coughing out the ocean to notice the hottie checking out his junk, to asked looking confused, "Bridgette?"

This snapped Bridgette out of her trance, and caused her stand up, back away a bit, and develop a faint blush largely unnoticeable in the bright sun. She said, "Oh…sorry."

It was only after standing up that Bridgette looked around and remember the crowd that had been surrounding the two teens the entire time. Now she felt more embarrassed than at any point on her entire life!

Praying to any supernatural force that might have made the earth that she could think of, Bridgette says as loudly and with as much attempted professionalism as she could, "Ok people, shows over! Please give the man some space!"

As Bridgette was silently saying thanks all of the countless deities that she had prayed to mere moments before, the people around her took heed of her words and dispersed.

After enough of them had left, Bridgette asked, "Are you alright, Cody?"

While still coughing a little bit, the Tech Geek says, "Yeah, I think so."

Smiling at hearing that, Bridgette grabbed Cody by his arm and hoisted him to his feet. After doing so, still having one her arms wrapped around his, the Lifeguard says, "Come on. After what you've been through, you deserve some liquids in you that aren't contaminated with kid pee."

Not letting go of Cody's arm, both to make sure he maintained his balance and for another reason, Bridgette brought him back to her little section of the beach. After seating Cody down in one of the beach chairs their, Bridgette reopened the aqua blue parasol. She then opened the cooler she had nearby and took out a water bottle, which she handed to Cody. More than eager to get the taste of salt water and even less appealing things out of his mouth, Cody took a swig after saying thanks.

"Hey, do it slow. You don't want to drown yourself again." Bridgette says with her tone somewhere between joking and serious. Not being able to decide which it was, Cody stopped drinking for a bit before starting up again. The Tech Geek continued to start and stop drinking for next couple of minutes.

As Cody drank the water bottle, Bridgette used the time to get a better look at Cody. The first thing she noticed was that despite Cody being incredibly skinny he had the most basic groundwork for a future six pack on his body. This was particularly noteworthy because even though Geoff was in infinitely better physical shape than the Tech Geek, he only had a four pack, despite it being very chiseled. Also, she noticed that even in his one afternoon in the sun Cody had already started becoming less pale and tanner.

But more than anything, Bridgette looked down at his trunks, at the spot she grabbed before. Suddenly her mind was becoming full of questions concerning what it would look like... or feels like. In her sex-starved state, those thought alone were enough to get her engine running. She was starting to drift off to a fantasyland at the thought of a cock that size in her.

Cody, having now almost drinking the water bottle, noticed Bridgette staring at him. He asks, "Bridgette, you ok?" Then the Geek's teal eyes twinkled mischievously as he added, "You know, it's not polite to stare."

That statement, mirroring her own earlier statement, knocked Bridgette out of her state of mind and caused her to fumble herself as she answered, "Huh, oh, oh yeah…right. Uh…fine. I'm fine. Um, are you ok?"

Choosing to not press the issue any further, because he didn't think much of it, Cody answers back, "Yeah, I think I am. Thanks for saving me."

Bridgette, smiling both because of the thanks and Cody not pressing further into her obvious nervousness, says, "Oh, think nothing of it. Just me doing the job they pay me for…haha… so, um, do you know how you almost drowned out there? The water wasn't that deep where you were. Do you remember anything about it?"

Cody was silent for a few seconds. He remembered everything with unusually elaborate detail. He remembered the bodies, face, and clothing of the other teenage boys playing with the football. He remembered the brand of the football used. He remembered in which direction the teenagers fled to after he was hit in the back of the head.

"Oh, um, nope. Not a clue. I don't remember a thing." Cody says, above all else remembering the embarrassment of the whole thing. "I guess its just another reason why I shouldn't have come to the beach today."

"Yeah you might want to take swim lessons before you come here next time." Bridgette said. Then, looking kind of worried, Bridgette asked Cody, "So…uh, does that mean that you're going home now?"

"No, I can't. My dad said he wouldn't let me back into the house until like at least nine PM." Cody said, again unintentionally shivering at remembering what he saw leaving.

Feeling too relieved to notice this, Bridgette happily and kind nervously said, "Oh, well good. Uh, I mean, that's fine! Well, um, since your not going back into the water any time soon, you want to just, ah, grab a towel and just hang here in my shade next to me?"

Taking be surprise, at this being possibly the first time a girl actually wanted him to stick around rather than go away, Cody asks, "Rea-really?"

Bridgette, sporting a smile, says, "Sure."

Cody nodded happily before standing up and saying, "Great! Oh, let me just let me get my bag of stuff I must have left near the water when I left here last time."

As Cody ran to get his bag of stuff, Bridgette couldn't help but see that the Geek had a cute butt. More than that, she thought about what she thought earlier and took it back.

Now Cody didn't seem kinda cute…he just seemed cute.

After Cody got back, he pulled out a Captain Kirk towel and sat down on it. Bridgette decided to join him, commenting on how soft and nice this towel was. Cody was pleased.

Once that icebreaker was itself broken, Cody and Bridgette started talking only after a few minutes in awkward silence. Then there were a few more minutes of awkward attempts at starting conversation. The reason was that many of their interests didn't match. Bridgette loved nature and almost any outdoor activity she could. Cody loved technology of all kinds and almost any kind of indoor activity.

Inwardly, Bridgette was starting to worry. She was starting to worry that the idea in her idea, only in the most basic of stages, was going to ultimately end in the same failure. She was worried that she was considering another guy based on her overactive libido only.

However, the salvation of the Surfer Girl's hopes came when Cody mentioned that he was a fan of skate boarding. As luck would have it, that was Bridgette's favorite thing to do which didn't involve the beach or sea. She was beyond pleased at this turn of events.

But then she thought about it more and realized that she really should be that shocked. After all, she had seen a few times at school where Cody had traveled there on his board. Cody, on the other hand, was shocked to hear that Bridgette also liked it since he never saw her board at school. Given that she had a car, she never needed to use her stake board for that purpose. Furthermore, she was quick to point out how since they both lived in Canada, a country that was either too cold to be in the water or practically frozen eight months out of the year, she would need some other hobby for the majority of the year. Seeing the logic of that claim, Cody continued talking with Bridgette about there shared loved of boarding, certain tricks they both liked to do, and at what parts of town they liked to do them at. Their conversation lasted so long that before they both knew it, it was getting close to dusk and most people had already left the beach.

Eventually, an alarm on Bridgette's phone went off. Bridgette grabbed it and said, "Oh my gosh! How did time go by so fast!?"

"What?" Cody asks.

"My shift ended hours ago! I could have gotten out of this stupid thing and gotten in my surf gear and caught some great waves!" Bridgette answers.

Seeming like a light blub went off in his head, Cody asks, "Wait, you don't usually wear that?"

"No, it's just the uniform I'm forced to wear." Bridgette says.

While thinking that it wasn't stupid, Cody asked, "So, do you usually wear…?"

Bridgette, knowing where he was going with this, says, "No, usually I wear my diver's suit."

Disappointed, Cody says, "Oh. I thought you wore a-"

But Bridgette interrupted him again and said, "Sorry Cody but I'm not a bikini girl."

"Oh. So, what are you going to do now?" Cody says, hoping to change the subject.

"I'm heading to the boat house."

"What's that?"

Bridgette says, "Its that old building, the one over there." She then pointed to the old looking building a little ways down the road from their current position on the beach. "It's a place where employees from all of the beach jobs and nearby shops use for parties. There's supposed to be a good one tonight. Say…would you like to come too, Cody?"

"Really?" Cody asks.

"Yeah, sure. Anyone can come."


Chuckling at Cody's energy, Bridgette says, "I'll meet you there. It's just down the road."

"Ok but where are you going?"

"I need to change. Like I said, I'll say you there. Its gonna by a blast, I swear!" Bridgette says before walking off away from Cody.

Cody thought nothing of what she had said (aside of the thought of her getting naked, hey she is hot and she did save his life) and headed off for the boathouse feeling pretty happy.

Looking back on it, Cody would view his happiness at this moment as nothing at all.

Cody quickly arrived at the surprisingly large two level building and entered it. The moment he had opened the door, a booming barrage of sound bombarded his eardrums!

As he walked through a hallway to the main room, Cody's ears adjusted to the volume. Once they did, the Tech Geek began to actually be able to hear and appreciate the music. It was a thumping techno rave beat, almost like it was the heartbeat of the building itself. This sound, seeming to Cody like an endless shout by the electronics of "UNCE!" appeared to give everyone in the main dance room some increased energy. Amid the shining orbs which bathed the room in rays of light cut from the cloths of many colors that hung in the ceiling, Cody saw hundreds of people, mostly high school kids like himself, either dancing, making out, groping each other, or some combo of the three. Partially because of how unique it was given what everyone else was doing, Cody noticed at table was set up and some people were playing beer pong. Even though he wasn't much of a drinker, Cody was considering maybe attempting to play a game.

But hearing a familiar beautiful voice say his name behind him stopped this thought.

Turning around, Cody nearly froze in mid-spin as he gawked at the sight before him!

It was Bridgette, the first girl who he had any real conversation with and might view him as a friend and not a pain, the first girl who treated him with kindness including saving his life, the first girl aside from Gwen who he found particularly sexy…in a bikini!

The bikini in question was an aqua blue color. Not as eye-catching but still very eye-catching, Cody also noticed that Bridgette was wearing a pair of darker blue jean shorts. But it was the bikini that held his interest so much, mainly because it was showing off her boobs even more than the red one-piece swimsuit from earlier had. Now Cody could see much more cleavage. Glorious, glorious cleavage! While they may not have been as perky as Gwen's, they were rounder and likely larger. He was sure she was a C cup now. Some other things that Cody was sure about thanks to this bikini were that Bridgette had a athletic mid section with a four-pack from her times surfing and that every inch of skin on her that he could see was perfectly tanned. She just kept getting hotter and hotter!

Seeing how Cody was with his mouth open and staring at her, Bridgette chuckled a bit and says, "Wow, down boy. It's just a girl in a bikini. You've seen them before, right?"

Snapped out of his stupor by this, Cody awkwardly asks, "Yeah but ahhh…I thought you weren't a bikini girl?"

"I'm not but I forgot to add that I'm not a bikini girl... in the water." Bridgette says. "But I'm fine with wearing one so long as I'm not surfing."

"Oh, well you look good." Cody says.

Bridgette, smiling, says, "Thanks. I'm really glad you think so."

After she said this, the song changed to a new one. Feeling an urge in her, Bridgette grabbed Cody's hand and started moving forward as she said, "Come on, let's dance!"

Cody just went along with it since he didn't have any better ideas, and the fact that he was delighted that a pretty girl asked him to dance!

And so the two teens started to show their stuff on the dance, mainly to each other. Even Bridgette had a somewhat notorious reputation for being very clumsy on land, she was moving gracefully. The ululations of her body were making it akin to the moments of water.

Even though she was devoting some of her mental facilities to making sure she didn't accidently trip or something, the Surfer Girl was paying the most attention to her dance partner. And…he was good! And not just for a first timer either, but genuinely good

Never expecting to see that in a million years, Bridgette was deeply and visibly shocked.

"Wow…I'm impressed that you're so good at dancing. How did you get so good?" Bridgette asks with her face still alight with wonder.

Smiling more than ever before at noticing how impressed this beautiful girl was, Cody answers, "I own a copy of the new super advanced Dance-Dance Revolution for the Wii. And imagine, some people say that video games have no value in real life."

Bridgette laughed at this and says, "Good point. I might have to buy this game and get as good at dancing as you."

"Fat chance." Cody said in a completely good-natured way with a growing happy smile as he started dancing again. "No offense, Bridge, but it took me years to get this good."

With it now obvious that Cody was feeling much better, enough to be a little cocky, Bridgette decided it was only fair that she could do the same. Becoming as seductive as she could (which was pretty damn seductive), Bridgette flirtingly says to Cody, "Is that right? Well, if that's the case, maybe I could just come over to your house and you could give me some pointers? You know, one-on-one…very close? Whata say, hot stuff?"

Being totally unfamiliar with such pure, hot sexuality, Cody froze in his mental tracks. After realizing this, Bridgette can't help but giggle at the sheer adorableness of his face. When her giggling stopped, she says to him sincerely, "Relax Cody. Just a little flirting. Nothing to get into a coma over."

This made Cody snap out of it and start dancing again. While doing so, he says, "Oh, yeah…right."

Again, Bridgette was unable to stop herself from laughing some more as she danced. "You know, I wish I knew you sooner. You're a lot of fun!"

Finding his spirits possibly the highest they have ever been Cody danced like never before. He was easily the best dancer on the floor. Bridgette again noticed his skills. While doing so, and noting how Cody was happily showing off his dancing skills, Bridgette couldn't help but think, 'He's doing really well. And to think, when I asked him I though he would have been a bit of a klutz trying to awkwardly dance to the music. That would have been cute but I am glad he's good at dancing. Things like that make him seem, well not attractive but well...ok yeah, let's go with attractive. He is kinda cute when he does dances. Actually, he's more than kinda cute. He's just full on cute. Very cute. Um… I wonder if he would be that good in the sack?'

Bridgette than shook her head and thought, 'No, I can't think about that. You can't Bridgette. You still have a boyfriend who you love! Well…do I still love Geoff? He moved away last month. We've been talking less and less on Skype ever since. And even before he moved away we were having problems.'

Then Bridgette thought of something else, of someone else, 'And I really like Cody! I haven't felt this good since Geoff moved away. I'm actually having fun again! He's nice, funny, sweet, cute…and big, way bigger than Geoff ever was. Plus, I can actually have a conversation with him for more than thirty seconds. That gives Cody two up on Geoff.'

Bridgette's thoughts were stopped when she noticed that the song had changed yet again. But this time it was much more noticeable. For the first time tonight, they were playing a slow song.

Bridgette and Cody stopped dancing. They both noticed that every dancer who was single was leaving the dance floor and that the couples were paring up and slow dancing to the music that it is called for.

Seeing this Cody awkwardly scratched the back of his head and said, "Soooo?"

Bridgette just shrugged her shoulders and asked, "Oh, what the hell, wanna dance?"

"Really?" Cody asks.

"Sure. Why not?"

"What about Geoff?"

"Cody, Geoff is two hundred miles away in another time zone, probably asleep. I don't think he will mind if I dance with a friend of mine."

Shrugging, Cody says, "Ok."

After seeing Cody's approval, and being secretly thrilled to have it, Bridgette got closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She then started dancing to the music.

But as she went through the motions, she noticed something odd. Cody was oddly frozen. It didn't seem like he knew what to do.

Unable to stop herself with smiling, Bridgette asked, "What? Your game didn't have a slow dance level?"

Cody simply shrugged before saying, "Nope."

"Ha, ha. Why don't I help you? Place your hands on my hips and just kinda sway back and forth from the music."

The Geek followed Bridgette's instructions and started to slow dance with her. As his hands were on her hips, it was impossible for Cody to not notice how warm and soft her skin was. It felt great, like he wanted to never let his hands leave her amazing body.

After a minutes of this, Bridgette said to Cody, "Don't freak out."

Before Cody could ask about what, Bridgette got closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck just before resting her head on his left shoulder. When she does Cody couldn't help but remark in his mind, 'Wow, she smells great! Like coconut and wet sand, almost like she just came from Hawaii. And her hair is so soft and luscious. How could Geoff have moved away from this amazing girl!?'

Not realizing it, as another head not on his shoulder was slowly starting to take over, Cody made his grip on Bridgette a little tighter. Noticing this pleasant change and slowly succumbing to a similar process, Bridgette did the same to Cody. Unintentionally, Bridgette's boobs were now being pressed into his chest. Cody felt the two fleshy orbs against this chest, only covered by a thin layer of fabric, and thought that this had to be what heaven was.

Those thoughts caused him to start getting a semi, which brushed up against Bridgette's leg. Feeling the instant change between them, both teens shot their heads up in surprise. For Cody, the emotion was embarrassment. For Bridgette, the emotion was very pleased.

Cody's face got red as he softly and nervously said, "S-Sorry."

Bridgette just smiled at him for a moment before saying, "Oh, don't worry about it."

Expecting a rage filled outburst, Cody was profoundly shocked by this reaction. Barely able to make his mouth work, he asked, "R-re-really?"

"Oh yeah." Bridgette happily says.

Cody then asks, "You're honestly ok with…?"

Bridgette interrupts him by saying, "Uh huh." She then moved her face closer to his until there was less than a centimeter between them. For the first time in a long time, she felt butterflies in her belly. Even so, nothing was going to stop her from what she wanted.


"Remember…don't freak out."

With her smoothness almost acting as a slope, Bridgette leaned in, and kissed Cody!

Cody was awestruck, rendered nearly powerless by his first girl with a girl on the lips. The warmth of the puckered lips pressing against his nearly made him weak-kneed. But just as quickly he starts kissing back, finding the pleasure overpowering the newness. After about a minute or so of simple lip kisses, Bridgette opened her mouth. For a spilt second, remembering when she gave him CPR on the beach, Cody expected her breath to enter his mouth. Fortunately for him, instead what entered was her wonderful tongue! Acting on instinct, Cody's tongue did the same and the two tongues wrestled each other.

When this started happening, an incredibly delighted Cody thought to himself, 'Fuck breathe kissing! Now, this is how kisses are supposed to be done. AND ITS GREAT!'

At the same time, Bridgette thought, 'Wow…in all the time that I made out with Geoff, it never felt this good kissing another human being!'

The Surfer Girl didn't know if it was just from the lack of sex she'd been getting recently or if Cody was really that good. And she doesn't really care. All she cared about was that she was REALLY enjoying the moment. One of the reasons was kind of shocking, Cody surprisingly didn't taste that bad. She had sort of suspected the taste of ocean water and seaweed, or maybe some kind of snack food but he tasted pretty good and his tongue didn't work that bad either.

All of these discoveries were only making Bridgette hotter and wetter the whole time!

Acting on this, the Surfer Girl pressed herself further into her dance partner, and she hoped very soon much more than that. While she was doing so, the Geek responded in kind and pressed himself further into her. One result of both of them pushing into each other was that it made Bridgette's boobs press even more into Cody's chest. And this in turn caused the semi in Cody's pants to become a full on teepee in his swim trunks.

Despite not wanting to, eventually the two teens end the kiss so they could breath. As they do so, Cody says, "Wow! That was the first kiss I ever had…and the best! This is a great night!"

Developing a knowing smirk, Bridgette grabbed Cody's hand and lead him away from the dance floor.

"Where are we going?"

"Don't ask so many questions!"

Though it was difficult at moments, Bridgette managed to lead Cody through the sea of dancing, and often very horny, teenagers and continued to lead him up the stairs.

Traveling on the second level of the building, which was thankfully devoid of people, the two teens had traveled down a hallway towards an empty room. They both entered it.

Once they were both inside, Bridgette released Cody's hand and headed towards the door. As she did, Cody got a better look at the room they were in. There wasn't much to see. Despite clearly rarely being used it was pretty clean and had several boxes full of supplies. The back of the room had some dresser drawers and a few shelves on the walls. The only eye-catching thing about the room was a large bed at the center.

"What's this room for?" Cody asks.

A clicking sound caused Cody to turn around. He saw Bridgette removing a key, which she had just used to lock the door she just closed, before placing it on a nearby shelf. After doing so, Bridgette developed a smile with her back still to the confused Cody.

Wiping that smile off of her face, at least for now, Bridgette turned to Cody and starting walking towards him. As she did, she said, "Oh, its for when one of us has to come out here for some reason and we get trapped in a snow storm so…" But Bridgette stopped when she saw the expression on Cody's face, struggling to repress laughter. "Hey, don't laugh! It's Canada; remember. Snowstorms happen all the time. Even in summer. "

"Ha, ha. Fair enough. So, what are we doing in here without a snowstorm in summer?"

Suddenly, for reasons Cody couldn't understand, Bridgette looked little embarrassed and ashamed. With her beautiful voice now very soft, she said, "Well, uh…you see, Cody…ah…I-I kinda what to do you." Her face became a glowing red blush.


"Look, I know it sounds a little crazy, but when I gave you mouth to mouth earlier to day, I accidently ah... touched you, and um…"


"Well…I noticed that your…well, kinda huge in between the legs." Bridgette says, struggling to get the words out. After she did, she saw that her comment left Cody slacked jawed. "I know, I know! But before you freak out, you need to understand. You know Geoff and me had sex a lot, right? Well he moved away…a month ago. A MONTH AGO! I'm a little ashamed to say it but…oh come on! I'm a girl, and a girl has needs!"

After a few moments passed, Cody found himself able to talk again. "I-I don't know if I can do that to Geoff. He was a nice guy."

Sighing, Bridgette said, "Yeah he was and he was a great boyfriend too but don't feel guilty. We never really had much of a relationship besides the making out and the sex. Hell, today I had a longer conversation with you than I ever had with him. And we hardly even Skype anymore. To be perfectly honest, before you ran under my parasail, I was debating if I should break up with Geoff or not. It's just not working out anymore."

Based off of the behavior between the two blonde surfers that he had seen, Cody easily believed that Bridgette was telling the truth. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure he even saw the two of them share a single word to each other in public since they always were making out when within arm's length of each other. Even so, he felt very uneasy.

"I don't know Bridgette. Don't get me wrong. I like you. Heck, like is not nearly a strong enough word! I think you're so hot and, as you saw on the dance floor, being close to you doesn't feel like a bad thing. I wanna fuck you! I just don't wanna jeopardize anything."

"Oh don't worry Cody, your not."

"I still don't know Bridgette."

Bridgette sighs and thought, 'Damn it! Why does he have to be so nice and amazing!? It's just making me wetter and wetter! Him worrying about Geoff and me seriously touches me. It's just so selfless and sweet! Its one of the reasons why he's been so cute…but right now I really wish he wasn't so nice. Oh well…time to bring out the big guns!'

Reaching her hands behind her back, Bridgette brought them to the string of her bikini. Once they were there, Bridgette said, "Cody, are you really gonna say no to THESE?"

Timing it almost perfectly with her saying "THESE", Bridgette tugged at the bikini's string, untying the knot that was holding it their. Instantly, it dropped to the floor.

Cody didn't notice. The reason was because he nearly went brain-dead at seeing Bridgette's boobs!

They were glorious! Cody realized that they were definitely a C cup. He also realized that the fleshy round orbs were, surprisingly, just as tan as the rest of her body with only her nipples being slightly darker. The Geek was rendered speechless by the sight of them.

Taking this as his answer, Bridgette said with a happy smile, "I thought not."

Knowing she had Cody, Bridgette slowly walked towards him, making sure to sway her hips from side to side as she does, causing her boobs to bounce with every step. Her calm sexy shell nearly cracked when she saw his eyes bouncing in unison to her boobs.

When she finally made it over to him (less than a foot a way) she said to Cody calmly yet very alluringly, "Its ok Cody. You can touch them. In fact, I want you to."

Cody, while still sort of brain dead, listened to her words and slowly moved his hands up to her boobs. Gently, he grabbed a boob with each hand, noting how each barely fit in them. Finally living out one of the countless fantasies he had been having for his teenage years, Cody squeezed them. They feel phenomenal! Like he was grabbing two firm yet squishy clouds. Cody couldn't help but say, "Oh god!"

Having her boobs touched again after thirty days of them not being touched by a guy she had the hots for, the Surfer's sex drive was sent into overdrive! What got her especially were her hard nipples being rubbed against by Cody's soft hands. It wasn't quite as rough as she was used to with Geoff but still pretty good. While enjoying herself immensely, Bridgette said sensually, "Oh yeah Cody! Just like that. But…a little harder, please."

Listening to her suggestion, Cody squeezed them a bit more strongly. Bridgette moaned. Hearing her verbal approval, and realizing that it was he who made her moan, Cody got even more turned on. Also, it made him a little more confident since he had only had heard a woman moan like that when he would be watching porn. But he wasn't watching a porno. He was living out a porno! It was HE who made a girl as hot as Bridgette moan!

Well damn. It did a lot to really build up his self-esteem.

With this self-esteem and the knowledge that he had been pleasing Bridgette so far, Cody decided to try some things that he had imagined doing when he got in a situation like this.

Cody gently pinched both of Bridgette's darkened nipples and twisted them a bit. He was (for a lack of a better term) playing with Bridgette's nipples like a thief trying to break into a safe by breaking the lock.

'Thank God for all those Christmas Eves I spent breaking into my parents' safe to get a sneak peak of my presents early!' Cody thought to himself while doing this.

Unknown to Cody, Bridgette was thanking God too. Oh how she was thanking Him!

Every twist of her nipples was like a warm and fleshy light switch, shooting a powerful electricity through her. But instead of burning and hurting her, this electricity was crackling through her to her very core, making her think that this gave a whole new meaning to be "turned on". More importantly, she never wanted to be turned off!

Even as she began to get weak at the knees, happily submitting to this nipple electricity, Bridgette wished that Cody would never stop twisting and turning her tanned nipples!

Finally, her knees slightly bent. At the same time, her back became a defined arch. Moaning louder than before, Bridgette at first found it hard to talk in anything but moans. When she found words come back to her, she managed to say, "Oh god! Geoff never did that. It feeeelllllssss soooo gooooddddd!"

Finding this even more encouraging, Cody started to do his next sexual fantasy. He grabbed the boobs and squeezed them more forcefully. After a pause, he got to work.

He started to have his thumbs twirl over Bridgette's nipples like the thumb sticks on his Xbox controller!

By now Bridgette was sure that she was no longer on Earth. There was no way that she could feel this good and still be alive! The feeling was incredible; it was like an entire thunderstorm's worth of lightning had been forced harmlessly into her mere bodily form!

Realizing that it was likely that Geoff never made her feel this good while playing with her boobs, Bridgette moaned even louder before saying, "Th-this…this is amazing! How did you get so good at this? Have you ever done this before!?"

While still mesmerized by the breasts he was playing with, Cody answered by saying, "Um, no. I haven't. But I sorta watch a lot of porn. And I play a lot, lot, lot, of video games. And I guess this is just similar enough to work. Who knew?"

Bridgette couldn't help but laugh at this for a second before being overwhelmed by the sensation of her boobs being fondled by a virgin master with more skill handling breasts than the hunk jocks she had been with. The simulated Surfer Girl said, "Oh wow- ohhh- if I kne- ahhahh-I would have had-gahhh Geoff play less sports-don'tttt stahhhpp ohh- and more Xbox-ahhahh!"

Hearing this, Cody chuckled a bit. Honestly, it wasn't really at what Bridgette said but more at the fact that she said that he was better at handling her breasts than Geoff. While Geoff was a nice guy, Cody was happy to know that he is better at handling tits than a guy who could get any girl he wanted. But while all this was happening and he still considered the fact that he was touching boobs at all a gift from god, he still wants to do more. So he tried something desperate. "Hey, um, Bridgette…can I ask a favor?"

"Sure." Bridgette said, while still staring off into space from her pleasure at feeling of her boobs being played with.

"Can I... uh, motor boat you boobs?"

This got Bridgette's attention and caused her to look straight at Cody and ask, 'Huh?"

Cody then asked a little embarrassed, "Ca-can I put my face in-between your ba-boobs?"

Bridgette immediately says happily, "Go for it! Hell, suck on 'em to while you're at it!"

Filled with glee at what Bridgette just said, Cody immediately slammed his face in-between the two tan fun bags while he pressed them against his face.

When Cody did that it didn't really improve the feeling for Bridgette but it didn't decrease the feeling any either, though she did feel Cody's warm face in between her boobs. His face was like that for several seconds; just sitting there in between her tits not really doing much while his hands still worked their magic so Bridgette wasn't complaining.

But then Cody pulled back his head a bit before he pushed Bridgette's boobs together, making her nipples touch and grind together for a second that felt great as every single millimeter of her nipple felt it!

Thought not intending it, this made Bridgette continue to imagine this experience with an electricity motif. The pleasurable pulses pulsated up her spine, sending a tingle allover that caused her to be almost dripping through her denim shorts.

Cody then placed his mouth right on the spot where the nipples were and started sucking on both them!

Bridgette was now in pure ecstasy! Now she was dripping through her denim shorts!

She could feel the wet pressure being applied to the tight tanned brown tips of her fun bags and the boobs behind them. Not to mention his tongue swirling around and in-between them, making her so god forsaken horny that it was a wonder that she didn't just toss him down on the bed and yank off his pants along with her own and do him right then and there!

Feeling what he was doing to her, Bridgette, like she did before that day at the beach, started to massage herself by rubbing her hand in her womanly folds as best she can through her denim shorts.

But Bridgette's pleasuring of herself ended when the unthinkable happened…Cody took her tits out of his mouth!

Despite all of the wonderful things she thought about Cody, Bridgette gave Cody a death glare the likes of which was unrivaled in the sheer all-eclipsing hatred it conveyed!

Cody didn't notice this death glare because he was already continuing his plans for Bridgette's boobs. He grabbed her right boob and placed it back in his mouth as he grabbed her left boob more forcefully while still toggling its nipple with his thumb!

Bridgette noted how having her right boob in Cody's mouth felt similar to when he had both boobs in his mouth, except since it was only one boob it come be taken in further. And he was using this increased amount of space to suck on and twirl his tongue around the right boob, not just the nipple but also much of the boob itself!

The feeling this caused had Bridgette release an almost orgasmic moan as she nearly gave herself whiplash when she pulled her head back so fast. She also stopped rubbing for a second so she could put her hand inside of her pants and continue instead of on out side where she had to deal with her shorts.

After doing this for a few moments, Cody then slowly released her right boob from his mouth, while still keeping the pressure on the boob and licking around it until it was down to her nipple. When it came out of his mouth, it created this sort of popping sound.

Cody proceeded to do this again and again and again.

As he does this, what little of Bridgette's mind was left thinks, 'Is this what its like getting a blowjob? No wonder Geoff loved it so much! Cody is so getting one tonight! Just not now.'

After she had this thought Cody switched boobs and put the left boob in his mouth and continued the process he was doing with the right, which nearly sent Bridgette over the edge and almost make her climax right there!

That was it! She couldn't take it anymore!

Bridgette snapped and said desperately, "Ok that's it! Now I need you to do me a favor!"

Cody stopped and looked up at her confused with her boob still in his mouth. Bridgette backed up, pulling her boobs out of Cody's mouth and hands, to their mutual dismay.

But despite her dismay, Bridgette knew what she wanted now. With that in mind, she unbuttoned her shorts and unceremoniously shoved them down to the ground. As the sound of damp cloth hitting the floor, it revealed that the denim shorts were visibly soaked in her bodily fluids.

But what was even more soaked seemed to be the aqua blue bikini bottom that she had been wearing earlier and was hidden beneath the denim shorts until now. They were saturated in the Surfer Girl's sexual fluids, seeming more like solid water than fabric. Not paying attention to this, Bridgette grabbed the right side of the bikini bottom and just yanked it off, like the wrapping paper on a Christmas present. It was torn in the process but neither she nor Cody cared.

Cody especially didn't care she he was marveling at this Christmas present in summer!

The present was her surprisingly tanned vadge and a tiny amount of blond pubic hair.

Cody just stared down at her groin, having never seen one in real life, only in porn, and thought, 'Wow, a woman naked from her waist down is almost as fucking sexy as a girl naked from the waist up! And a tanned blonde sexy surfer with a girl next door vibe is even hotter!'

Bridgette walked over to the side of the bed and climbed onto it. Once there, she started to crawl like a lioness whose paws touched a savannah of sheets to the center of the bed. After reaching the center, she laid down on her back and opened up her legs to Cody.

Then, she started playing with herself again!

While fingering herself, Bridgette looked at the Tech Geek staring at her do it, finding it to be an amazing turn on.

Cody himself was awestruck, now more than he has ever been in his entire life, and with the night he had had so far, that was no small feet. He just stared at the Blonde Beauty masturbating before him on the bed. He saw Bridgette open her legs up for him to see her, her slide her right arm down her stomach to her vadge and starts rubbing herself.

While he was too focused on her lower regions to notice, Bridgette had developed an evil smirk. She then slowly shoved her middle finger inside of herself before slowly bringing it back out. She did this over and over again while keeping a constant speed.

Unlike he had done thought out earlier the night this time, Cody did not drool and go brain dead. Instead he placed both hands over his crotch and started pumping against his trunks while he stood there just watching her.

Seeing this turned on Bridgette even more but she did not pick up the speed. Instead she did something that surprises Cody yet again.

Bridgette said, "I need you to go down on me."

While still touching himself, Cody asked, "What?"

"I. Need. You. To. Go. Down. On. Me. Understand?" Bridgette said slowly.

"Ah. Uh." Cody said back, unintentionally just as slowly.

While slowly opening up her legs a bit more, Bridgette said, "Just put your face where my hand is and start licking. Ok?"

"Uh, I've never done this before." Cody said.

"Its ok, I know. Don't worry, you'll do fine." Bridgette said.


"Come on Cody! I neeeeddd yyyooouuu to do this. Please!?" Bridgette said, all but begging him.

After hearing that and how sexy (and maybe saddish cute) she sounded, Cody sucked it up and got onto the bed. He crawled over to Bridgette on his knees. When he eventually got there he lowered his face down near her pink taco where she was still fingering herself.

When he got there, Bridgette kept doing it for a few seconds just enjoying the look on Cody's face and how cute he was, along with the thought that she is finally going to have somebody go down on her!

The idea alone made Bridgette pick up the speed a bit before taking her finger out and removing her hand. When she does Cody sees for the first time the site of a horny girl's vigana and for the life of him asks himself in his head, 'While this is hot, what the hell am I supposed to do now? There was no video game for this!"

Reading his mind from the look on his face Bridgette says calmly yet sensually, "Its ok, Cody. Just put your lips on it and start licking. Imagine it's a cup of ice cream or something."

Taking her advice, Cody does as she said and closed his eyes before putting his lips to hers (in a sense). After the lips touched, Cody started licking her kind of like he would ice cream. After all, with his sweet tooth he had become very skilled at licking ice cream.

Bridgette immediately realized this odd trait about Cody as well.

The second he started licking, Bridgette screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed right there!

Cody quickly realized this. It turned out that Bridgette was an squirter, so the second she came Cody's face was covered with her juices, from his eyebrows to his chin.

Suffice to say, Cody was a little overwhelmed by that and stopped before backing up a bit to see the look on Bridgette's face. He saw that Bridgette had raised herself up a bit. Almost sitting up with her head tilted back, her eye's closed, and her mouth open making an O shape, Bridgette was moaning like a singer trying to reach a angelic high note.

It was music to Cody's ears.

Coming down from her high, Bridgette said while lowering herself back down with each word, "Ohhhh, ohhh, ohh, oh god! " She then hit the bed and lands on the pillow. "Finally! Thank you Cody! That was wonderful!"

Hearing this and seeing the utter satisfaction emanating from this amazing girl, Cody made for her vertical smile again and engulfed as much as he can with his mouth before he started sucking like he did with her nipples!

Feeling this, Bridgette opened her eyes in great surprise and shot her head up to see Cody continuing. When she does she feels her engines starting up again. Even so, something rare happened. The only impulse on Bridgette that could rival her sexual desire, her compassion for others, suddenly sprouted up within her. While thankful and greatly surprised at Cody's actions just now, she thought that she had asked enough of the little guy. After all, with that simple gesture he did more for her than Geoff ever had in bed. With some reluctance, Bridgette said, "Its ok, Cody. You can stop now. You did great."

But when she said that, instead of stopping, Cody slipped his tongue inside of her folds!

When he did that, Bridgette involuntarily sat part way up again and says, "Wowwww!" She then put her hand on top of Cody's head and said, "Its ok Cody, you-ohh, don'-don't- don't stop oh gawwwdddd!" She moaned as Cody just kept going.

As he goes Cody thought, 'This isn't that bad. And it's not as hard as I thought it would be. Also, it doesn't quite taste that bad, it's kind of like some sweet sticky water, I guess.'

He kept going.

As he did so, Bridgette grabbed her right boob and started squeezing it while she kept her other hand on Cody's head and pushed on it as hard as she could. Keeping it in place while, she moaned the entire time.

After a few moments of being in a thunderstorm of passion, Bridgette moved her left hand from Cody's head and lowered it to her cunt. She started rubbing it for a few seconds until she creamed herself again.

She then thought as this is going. 'Ok, I was wrong before. This must be what its like to get a blowjob!? No wonder Geoff wanted me to give him one all the time! I can't believe I let him skim by all the time we were dating with out him doing this to me once! Whatever. I'm sorry Geoff. You were a great boyfriend and a nice guy but I found some one else. A guy who will go down on me!'

They keep doing this for another minute or so until Bridgette started to feel a climax coming again. When she did, she grabbed her boob even harder and rubbed her cunt with more intensity. But still, it felt like something is missing. She said to the man pleasuring her, "Cody! Harder, harder!"

Cody happily obliged and licked faster and faster!

Shortly after he started doing so, Bridgette sat straight up as she came, screaming while she does it!

As the storm within her left her bodily form feeling content, Bridgette simply sat there for what felt like a long time as she enjoyed the lingering high of her second climax.

Eventually she came back down and slammed back down on the bed. Almost knocked out, she said to Cody, "Thank you. Thank you so much Cody! Your amazing!"

After hearing this, Cody sat back up and licked his lips for a second before saying to her, "Um thanks, I'm kinda surprised I did so well. There is no video game like that. So I kinda just winged it."

Bridgette said with her eyes still closed, "Well you pulled it off. Nice job."

"Um, thanks."

Bridgette just laid there on the bed for about a moment doing nothing special, though not quite falling asleep. She was out of commission for the moment but she wasn't done yet.

Cody, having nothing to keeping him occupied, looked down at the naked girl in front of him and remembered his boner that was begging to be given some attention. So Cody pulled down his trunks just enough to pull out his cock before grabbing it and touching himself at while staring at her. Any notion of this being creepy long left Cody.

Though she was still lying on the bed, Bridgette knew what Cody was doing based on the movements rippling through the mattress. As they did, she remembered earlier today, when she accidently touched him earlier and found out how big he was. With that memory spurring her, Bridgette opened her eyes and just stared at the display before her.

With him too focused on pumping himself, Cody didn't realize she was staring at him. So, Bridgette saw it.

Bridgette finally saw Cody's nine-inch long cock!

It was amazing. The thick shaft stood proud and the meaty crown sat atop it. Even Cody's right hand moving rapidly up and down its impressive length didn't obscure its huge size. In her euphoric daze, Bridgette saw the single biggest erection in the entire world!

Any sense of drowsiness left Bridgette has her lime-green eyes grew to the size of dinner plates! Unable to help herself, Bridgette gasped in awe of the sight that she saw.

Her gasp altered Cody to the fact that she was watching. He instantly stopped. The Tech Geek was now staring at her like a deer caught in headlights as he saw her just staring at his dick.

After a moment of silence, Cody says awkwardly, "Sorry but ah, I, uh, sort of had to take care of something and I thought you were asleep."

Bridgette just continued to stare at it for a moment before saying, "There is no way I could sleep with a cock like that in the room!"

"Ah, thanks?" Cody, not knowing how to respond to that, says.

Bridgette, without saying a word, sat straight up before getting off of the bed and walking over to the side. She then grabbed Cody's hand and pulled him off of the bed so he was standing on his feet and leaning against the side of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Cody asked confused.

Again, without saying a word, Bridgette stood in front of him for a second before dropping to her knees. Now her face was less than a foot away from the one eyed monster that was looking at her through Cody's trunks. It seemed to want a closer look as it grew just a little bit thanks to Cody's arousal of someone so hot being near his erect penis.

Having a much closer look, she saw that it was hairless, seeming to be routinely shaved for reasons she didn't know. More importantly, they were reasons she didn't care about.

"I need you to be standing up. I can't get the right angles if you're laying down." Bridgette finally says, breaking the silence.

"Angles for whaaaaaaa-!?" Cody attempted to say before he felt something never experienced before, a wet warmth slowly surrounding his penis.

Looking down, he saw why.

Bridgette's beautiful lips were at the tip of his penis…and putting them in her mouth!

Bridgette was giving Cody a blowjob! She was slowly putting his cock in her mouth!

And when we say slowly, we are saying slowly, taking three seconds for each centimeter.

But even moving that slowly, it didn't take her that long to reach the end of Cody's head. Realizing that Bridgette wasn't advancing any further, he looked down at her and thought that this was a far as she would be willing to go.

Then she started to have her tongue circle around the head of his dick!

As far as Cody was concerned, she didn't have to advance any further!

She did this repeatedly for several moments, causing Cody to moan the whole time.

After those few moments Cody could no longer stop himself from saying, "Bridgette, Im- I'm- I'm…Ohhh Jesussss!"

But Cody didn't get to finish his sentence as he came in her mouth!

Cody almost collapsed from this but somehow managed to stay standing their leaning against the bed. Cody opened his eyes, which were closed as he reached his climax, and looked down at Bridgette. What he saw was her opening her mouth and rolling her tongue around in her mouth, tasting all of the genetic material that she could hold.

Seeing this turned Cody on immensely, re-hardening his semi back into full-blown hard-on again.

Bridgette closed her mouth, swallowed and said, "Not bad, a little salty but whatever."

"Wow." Cody said amazed.

"Yep and now I'm gonna do it again." Bridgette said.

Delighted Cody asked, "Really?"

"Oh yeah. You did it to me twice. So now I'm going to do it to you twice."

Bridgette then grabbed Cody's hard-on with her left hand and started pumping it, causing Cody to moan again. As she pumped him, Bridgette looked up at his face and thought, 'Oh yeah, just like Geoff. But he kinda looks even better.'

Reveling in how Cody had the cuter cumface, Bridgette then engulfed him into her mouth again and again. She was repeating her earlier trick of slowly moving up three seconds per centimeter as she swirled her tongue around Cody's cock, this time while also pumping whatever parts of Cody's cock weren't in her mouth as she goes down on him.

Soon enough, there was none of Cody's cock at that outside of Bridgette's mouth. This would have been a problem if not for the fact that she had learned long ago how to suppress her gag reflex.

With all of Cody's cock in her mouth, Bridgette started pulling her head back and forth on his dick while simultaneously still twirling her tongue around his cock!

As she did this, the phenomenal feeling Cody was getting leads him to think, 'Holy crap! I am getting sucked off by a pro!'

A few moments into this, Bridgette started massaging Cody's balls with her left hand. When she does, Cody looked down at her to see that she is looking right back up at him, playfully squinting at him, practically teasing him.

Cody was surprised at this and finds the feeling, while different, surprisingly good and wanted her to continue. And the Surfer Girl was very willing to do so.

Or was she?

What lead to this confusion was the fact that Bridgette took Cody's cock head completely out of her mouth, making a pop sound when she did.

Cody was horrified. Why would she stop now! How could she be so cruel!?

Bridgette moving her head to the right side of Cody's dick and taking in a mouthful of that side into her mouth and sucking away like it was a candy cane ended those panicked thoughts.

Enjoying her Cody cane for a few seconds, Bridgette again took it out of her mouth.

After she does so Bridgette asked teasingly, "You like me being a sexy little bitch?"

"Oh god…YESS!" Cody says.

Bridgette did it again but on the other side, before asking in the same tone, "You like me being a little slut?"

"Oh you know I do!"

Pleased at hearing Cody's answer, Bridgette got back to the front of Cody's cock put the whole thing back in her mouth for a few seconds. After doing so, she pulled it back out. Before Cody would react, she started pumping it with her hand aggressively. Matching her hand's energy, Bridgette asked equally aggressively, "You like it that I like to put out!?"


"Good. I know you do…and so do I."

With a massive smile on her face, Bridgette continued to pump with her hand as her face got lower and lower, with it closer to Cody's package yet again. Imagining that it was a succulent strawberry, she took one of his balls into her mouth slowly before twirling her tongue around it. After doing this for a bit, she switched to the other shaven strawberry. For the next few minutes, Bridgette switched between the shaven balls in her mouth while making sure to fondle the other with one of her hands, switching hands whenever one of them got tired. All of these tasks were done with the expertise of a true master.

The proof of this was when quickly Cody said, "I'm gonna cum, Bridge! I'm gonnaaaa-"

The second he said that, Bridgette stopped!

When she does, a very shocked Cody looks down at Bridgette and asked, "Wha-...what...why stop!?"

When he asked that, Bridgette stood up and walked to the other side of the room by one of the waist high dressers before saying, "Sorry but I had to stop before you came."

Cody, practically panicking and pointing at his erect cock, asked, "What about this!?"

Bridgette then bent down on the dresser in a way so that her ass was staring back at Cody before saying, "Stick it in me, Cody."

Cody was surprised again and thought in his head, 'God, this girl is so unpredictable! She's so fucking hot!'

With those thoughts in his mind, all Cody could say was, "Really! Are you sure?"

Bridgette said nonchalantly, "Yep". She then slapped her left ass cheek to blow it over the top. "Now get your hot little ass over here and put your giant cock in mine!"

Hearing this, Cody hopped off the bed and practically dashed over to her. Once he did he grabbed one side of Bridgette's hip with one hand and then grabbed his raging dick with the other to position it. When he did, he insured that his penis tip was touching her vadge.

Realizing this, Bridgette stopped him and said, "No wait! Go a little higher."

"What?" Cody asks in confusion

Bridgette looked back at him and with a devilish hunger said, "We don't have a condom or a pill. Besides, I want to try anal for the first time, Cody."


"Enough with the 'uhhh's'! Just stick that cock of yours in my ass!" Bridgette says frustrated.

When she said that Cody did as demanded and lifted his cock a little higher. After insuring that it was lined up properly, Cody crossed the threshold and slowly inserted his cock into her ass! He had to do it slowly, as his dick was nine inches long and thick, to go with it making it almost impossible to go any faster than snail slow.

As he was doing this, Cody thought, 'She's too tight. I can't get it in.'

On Bridgette's side, she thought, 'I kinda wish I just let him do me regularly because this doesn't feel good. In fact, its down right painful. Yeah, it looks good and him doing me regularly would feel great but damn it! He's just too big for my ass!'

Eventually, Cody managed to push his cock's head all the way in but no farther. When this happened, Cody tried to move forward but he just couldn't.

"Bridgette, I can't get it in anymore!" Cody says worried.

Bridgette, not wanting her first anal to end like this, started to quickly think of a solution. She knew that she needed to find something to help him get in deeper and smoother. Something slick, some kind of lube.

Luckily, she then remembered that they were in a building where lifeguards go if they wanted to crash. With that in mind, Bridgette opened the drawer below her and searched blindly for something while Cody still was awkwardly fucking her ass. Finally, after her hands discovered a bottle shaped object, Bridgette pulled it out and handed it to Cody.

Taking it, Cody looked at it in confusion. Why did she hand him a bottle of sunblock?

Seeming to read his mind, Bridgette said, "Pour this over it. It should help get it in."

More than willing to try anything, Cody pulled himself out of Bridgette and then he started to pour the sunblock onto his hardened cock. It was cold, very cold, and Cody feared it might kill his hard-on. Thankfully, it didn't make it go limb whatsoever.

After pouring about half of the bottle over his cock, making sure every inch was covered in it, Cody repositioned his dick at her ass and inserted himself into her yet again.

When he did it this time, there was immediate improvement from before. Now it was much easier. It was still very tight but it felt fantastic for Cody as he pumped his dick in!

As for Bridgette, while it was still a little painful, it was nowhere near as bad as before. She felt him go all the way into her; into places in her body she didn't know existed. When Cody goes all the way into her, Bridgette arched her back from the painful feeling. To her it felt like losing her virginity all over again as it was a similar pain to that.

Cody then pulled back out just as slowly, when he does it felt fantastic for both of them though for Cody it just felt great as for Bridgette it felt like the pain just disappeared.

With only a moment's reprieve, the Tech Geek pumped back into her a little faster. Bridgette felt it again, though this time it was less painful.

Cody then pulled back out of her a little faster than before, which felt great for Bridgette. He did this again and again, over and over, each time going a little faster and each time the pain became less and less for Bridgette until it started feeling good.

As they were doing this, Cody had his hands firmly on Bridgette's hips as he continued to pump into Bridgette harder and harder!

If he had any coherent thoughts while doing this, which he didn't, they would have been thanking the sweet lord baby Jesus for all those hours he played Dance-Dance Revolution that allowed him to get those pumping skills from all those dances he did. Otherwise, he would have long since have slowed down from exhaustion due to his inexperience with sex. But, thanks to those dances, he was able to enjoy his first anal sex, or just his first sex at all, without the worry of exhaustion as he got inside of the blonde surfer girl with the girl next-door vibe. He was able to fully enjoy and savor the feeling of his cock going inside the very tight yet slick space.

And what a feeling!

It felt like his cock was being strangled or crushed, but in a very good way, as he felt the skin on his cock get pulled back and compacted!

It electrified every nerve, making him feel more alive than he ever had before!

It made him just want more and more. Hoping to satisfy that desire, he pumped as hard as could with each thrust as he tried to get himself more and more inside of her!

On Bridgette's side of things, she had long since gotten over whatever pain Cody was causing her and now felt nothing but absolute pleasure from his nine inch meat stick being slammed into her again and again!

It made her feel like she was being torn apart from the inside by his advances, but in a good way.

Bridgette thought, 'This is so much different than regular sex. It's so much better! Why didn't Geoff ever want to do it before I will never know? It feels so strange and wrong, but it feels sooo good! He feels so big, yeah he is big but the ass was never meant for this so he feels so much bigger and he's pumping into me so hard!'

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Bridgette screamed as these thoughts were contemplated.

Bridgette screamed, from both pain and pleasure, as Cody started pumping even harder. Almost pulling all the way out before jamming it back in, pushing her against the dresser and staying there for a bit before doing it all over again.

Cody's new approach is slower, as he wasn't just going in and out but he was thrusting with all his might each time. This new way was better for both of them as it allowed both to feel more for a longer period of time and it decreased the pain to Bridgette even more.

Each time, Bridgette practically screams with pleasure and if it weren't for the loud music downstairs overpowering her shouts, the hundreds of people on the dance floor would have thought that she was being murdered instead of having the time of her life!

Shortly after Cody started thrusting slower but harder Bridgette yelled, "OH YEAH CODY! HUMP THAT GIANT COCK IN MY DIRTY DIRTY ASS!"

Cody continued to do so for several minutes that to both them felt like nirvana as Bridgette said during it either "Harder, harder!" or "FUCKYEHHAAHAHAHA!"

Eventually both start to reach their climax. Well, mostly just Cody, since Bridgette had already came twice since they first started. When he got close, Cody yelled, "Bridge, I'm- I'm-I'mmm…Ahhhh Gawwwddd!"

Finding that the approach of his climax was further fueling his efforts, Cody plowed into her with every last bit of strength he has left! He was pushing her up onto the counter and shoving her face and her chest against the wall as he did so!

Not too long after these more aggressive advancements, Cody came within Bridgette!

When he did, his cock went deeper into Bridgette and then his cum went even further. This caused her to cum, screaming at the top of her lungs as she practically went cross-eyed from her climax that was caused by his!

Still reveling in the ecstasy of the their climaxes, both teens remained exactly as they were. Cody still had his penis deep in Bridgette's beautiful butt, and neither minded that.

Once the feeling of the high left him, Cody slowly pulled his dick out of Bridgette's backside, causing her to moan until he was completely out of her. This had been the first time he was since he had applied the sunblock as a lubricate. Again, Bridgette groaned. She had lost that feeling of... well, not completeness exactly but rather of…fullness.

After Cody pulled out, he let go of Bridgette's hips and took a few steps back towards the bed. Stopping part of the way their, he just stood their for a moment before falling back and onto the ground, landing on his ass before slamming down on his back. He just laid there on the floor for a bit. Just lying their staring up at the ceiling trying to stay awake.

Back with Bridgette, she eventually came down from her high, and turned her head to see Cody on the ground. Bridgette tried to get down from the dresser herself but, being the klutz that she often was on land, she slipped and fell. When she does she said, "Owww."

Cody saw and heard this before asking, "Bridgette, are you ok?"

Bridgette ignored him and crawled over on all fours over to him. When she got over, she lied down next to and on the left side of him. Once there, she wrapped her right arm across his chest and neck. Bridgette then gave him a kiss on the cheek and said to him with a bit of a daze, "That was hands down the BEST sex I have ever had."

Cody blushed a bit and said, "Thanks, and that is probably the best sex I will ever have."

Bridgette then said to him after a snort, "Oh I don't think so. From tonight on, you and I are going to PRETTY GOOD friends. So good that we'll be doing this stuff very often."

Cody was stunned as he asked, "Does this…uh…does this mean we're going out, Bridge?" Bridgette doesn't say a word. With that wonderful sexy smirk of hers, she kissed his lips. Cody looked at her with the biggest smile he could muster and asked, "Really?"

"Oh yeah." Bridgette smiles back and said. "Hell, maybe you can even show me how to play those games of yours? You know, whenever we get some free time from having nice conversations or sex…however little that may be."

"Sounds like fun!" Cody said eagerly with a smile.

"I think so too. But now, I don't know about you but-" Bridgette said before she reached up and grabbed the blanket off the bed. Pulling it over herself, she continues with, "- I am tired and a little sore. So I'm gonna get some sleep. Ok?"

Cody doesn't say a word; he just grabbed the blanket and pulled some of it over himself.

Before falling to sleep, he gave Bridgette a quick and tender good night kiss.

It didn't take very long for them to go to sleep, as they were both exhausted from the long day. And it has been a pretty eventful day, what with her saving his life, them getting to know each other for a few hours before dancing at the party below where they were now, oh, and the hot kinky monkey sex they just had which was hands down the best sex either of them has had yet.

Cody fell asleep first, only needing a few seconds. But Bridgette wasn't so lucky as she had this underlining sense of guilt she just couldn't get rid of. Though she did know why she was feeling it.

In her last moments of consciousness before drifting off to sleep, Bridgette thought with a tear rolling down from one of her lime-green eyes, 'I'm sorry Geoff. But I need to move on. You should too. You're a good guy. I know you will find someone as amazing for you as Cody is for me. I just hope I get to tell you before someone else so you don't hate me.'

About a minute after Bridgette fell asleep on the floor next to her new, geeky boyfriend, there was a prolonged creaking sound that filled the otherwise completely silent air.

The door to the room was slowly being opened. After it was about a quarter of the way opened, someone's upper body was now in the room. She was a tall, thin, and super-attractive Asian girl in a dark red bikini with long raven black hair and gray eyes.

Showing a smile that was most unpleasant, despite still being kind of hot, the Asian Hottie took out her phone and took a few pictures of the sleeping sex friends on the floor.

After pocketing her phone, she closed the door just as quietly as she had opened it. Then she turned the key back into the lock, the same key she used to open the door while Cody was giving Bridgette anal (but that neither teen heard in the passion of their sex). The blowjob she had to give that, admittedly cute, lifeguard was totally worth it for this key. For it was more than the key to a mere room.

Thought difficult, this girl, Heather, managed to keep her laughter of victory quiet.

How could she not laugh? After years of heated rivalry, she finally had her victory. As the laughter rippled through the empty hallway despite being very muffled, she remembered it all. Heather remembered how of all the losers in her school, she hated Bridgette the most. She was so bland and pathetic, even being friends with total losers like that weird Goth girl Gwen and that Type-A C.I.T. wannabe Courtney, and yet she was almost as popular as she was. How was that even possible!? Though she hated to admit it, the Queen Bee understood why girls like Dakota, Lindsay, and even Leshawna, were just as popular; they had the money (Dakota), attitude (Leshawna), or the natural hotness (Lindsay), to be at the top of the high school social totem pole. But Bridgette didn't have the money, the attitude, and she wasn't nearly as hot as Lindsay. No, instead that bland bimbo just acted nice and treated everyone, except Heather and a few of the other popular girls, with respect. That made Heather madder than anything else, that someone could usurp her position of social power by just being such a goody two-shoes.

Heather had been hoping for something like this for years, some way to take that self-righteous, lying surfer girl off her high-horse. Now she had some of the best dirt she ever got. The beloved, "sweet and innocent" Bridgette was not only a slut but also a slut who cheated on her boyfriend by fucking a hopeless geek. How pathetic and sad was that!?

It was so sad and pathetic that it was perfect! Now Heather had proof that Bridgette was a whore and that she had horrible taste in boys. With that kind of dirt, she could make Bridgette do anything she wanted.

Feeling in high spirits, Heather returned to the party and started looking for a guy. With a touch of irony, the Queen Bee's sexual drive and hunger nearly equaled that of her nice enemy. Having Bridgette in her pocket made her go on the prowl for a victory fuck.

Yes, she was in her pocket…but Heather wouldn't reveal that right away. No, she'd be patent. It was the reason why she didn't charge in and wake both of them up right away. She'd allow Bridgette to "enjoy" the geek for a bit before rupturing their bizarre bubble.

By the time she was done with them, both Bridgette and Cody would have nothing left!

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