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Having said all of that, here is the fourth chapter of "The Meek Shall Inherit the Babes!": 1506 Wawanakwa Drive

It was a beautiful summer day. There wasn't a cloud or airplane in the sky to lessen any of the glorious golden beams of sunlight gently sent towards the surface of the earth.

Bridgette was thanking God for this beautiful day as she drove through the suburban neighborhood that she and all of the other teens that went to TD High School lived in. She saw many cars, trucks, and bikes traveling along aside her aqua blue environmentally friendly car to get to wherever they needed or wanted to go. And in Bridgette's case, that meant that she was traveling to the house of her boyfriend for the first time since dating.

In the few weeks since they started going out, whenever Bridgette and Cody had met up it was either in the places they went for dates or Bridgette's house. As you could imagine, the prospect of seeing Cody's house for the first time and likely meeting his parents for the first time had butterflies flying around in her belly like a twister of fluttering wings.

The maelstrom of membraned wings had been searching for nectar where there was only churning stomach acid for the entire car ride, which was leading to the outskirts of town. The longer drive also had Bridgette unable to stop speculating on what Cody's house would look like. She had an unusually hard time imagining a place where Cody lived.

"You have reached your destination: 1506 Wawanakwa Drive, which is on your left." said the automated OnStar voice before it shut off.

After it did, Bridgette parked her car next to the sidewalk several feet in front of a large vehicle that the Surfer couldn't name but she could tell that it looked quite expensive.

Before she got out of her car, she looked out her window and saw a huge mansion filling entire nearly her entire field of vision.

The sight confused Bridgette, for several reasons. Firstly, for as long as she could remember, she and her friends had speculated on who had lived in this mansion, with it being on the outskirts of the town and the second largest living estate within a hundred miles only behind the Milton estate. Secondly, this appeared to be Cody's address! The Surfer took out her phone and looked through the texts that Cody had sent the night before. It confirmed that Cody had said his address was 1506 Wawanakwa Drive. Then turning her head towards her navigation system, she saw that the addresses matched. "Oh- oh no way. That is not possible." She said in awe as she struggled to grasp this. Then turning her head again, she looks at the mailbox that was next to the massive open gate which lead into the driveway that seemed to stretch on and on into the distance. Written on the mailbox was the exact same address as her navigation and text message: 1506 Wawanakwa Drive. With her ocean green eyes widening, Bridgette looked back at the mansion before saying in utter shock, "Holy crap!" Without blinking once, the Surfer Girl had driven up the long driveway until she parked it next to some other parked cars.

Bridgette, while still shocked, opened her door and tried to step out. But because she's a well-known klutz and was still looking at the mansion, her foot got caught and she fell flat on her face on the pavement. Very use to accidents from her lack of coordination on land, Bridgette picked herself up and dusted herself off, all while still looking at the huge place of residence. Her awe had somewhat numbed her to the pain coming from her face.

It was a long walk along the driveway towards the main entranceway into the mansion. The length of the journey allowed Bridgette to further take in the impressive home before her. She didn't know how it was but this place appeared to be hundreds of years old, or at least the main part of the manor was, with further additions added on decades later. It looked like a cross between what she imagined Wayne Manor would look like without Bruce Wayne and a medieval castle that had benefited from modern day building materials and techniques. It was a monolith of stately dignity that had never waded.

To be perfectly honest, it was very intimidating. Only the goofy adorableness of her boyfriend allowed her to control her nerves, as she was just about to reach the house.

Bridgette walked up to the front door and pressed the doorbell, feeling the vibrations of the near cathedral bell-like tone of its ringing. Even the doorbell was awe-inspiring!

'I still can't believe that that meek, adorable, little Cody of mine lives in this place! When Mom finds out that Cody lives here, she might want me to propose to him on the spot.' The Surfer Girl thought before chuckling to herself, realizing that might actually happen. Even though Bridgette and her mother got by fine, having her mother be a single mother made her always worried about money for her and her daughters. Marrying the son of one of the wealthiest families in all of Canada would set Bridgette and her family up for life.

The chuckling helped steady her nerves and calmed her down, at least partially. She waited. She waited for several minutes and no one answered the doorbell. Not knowing what else to do, she pressed it again. A few more minutes ticked by with no answer. Knowing that this was so rude, Bridgette reached to press the doorbell a third time.

But before she could, the door swung violently opened!

Before she could properly react to this sudden chance of events, she was pushed out of the way by something large and red.

Thankful that she didn't fall to the ground for once, Bridgette took note of what it was. It was a large, red suitcase being carried by somebody who vision was blocked by it. Following behind this person were at least three or four more people with suitcases of different colors and sizes.

"Thanks guys, just see if you can put all that in the back." Someone emerging from the house ordered.

Looking in the direction of the order that had just been given, Bridgette got a good look at the person who had given it. She was a woman, in her late thirties or early forties. She was tall, likely a few inches taller than six feet tall. She had long brunette hair and bright green eyes. She was wearing an expensive looking woman's business suit and glasses. But what amazed Bridgette the most was how this woman could have passed for a supermodel! If she were in a bikini instead of her business suit she would have been model of the year material. And the more Bridgette looked at her, the more she realized something. Aside from the brunette hair, green eyes, slightly greater height, and glasses, this woman looked like an adult Lindsay! And her breasts might have been even larger! Even so, the greatest different between this woman and Bridgette's close childhood friend was their demeanor. Unlike Lindsay, this woman dripped intelligence and class. "Come on Bob! We're going to be late!" She yelled, snapping Bridgette out of her state.

After the older woman said that, a man walked out of the front door. The man in question looked to be in his forties but his age didn't seem as kind to him as it did to the woman. He was less than six feet tall, with teal eyes, and a much snugger business suit. The reason for that was because he had a bit of a gut. And while he also had brown hair, much of it was missing due to baldness. "Coming, dear! I just wanted to make sure everything was where it should be." The man said before kissing the woman with ravenous zeal.

Now even more confused than she previously was, Bridgette really wanted to ask the couple some questions. She had to wait until they were done locking lips, and they did so for far longer than they should have. Finally, when they stopped, she said, "Um, hello."

Startled by Bridgette's presence, the middle-aged couple jumped back in surprise before the woman asked, "Ohhhh wow- uh sorry, didn't see you there. Uh, who are you?"

"I'm Bridgette Strand." Bridgette answered. The two just stare at her blankly. "I'm Cody's girlfriend." Bridgette explained. The second she did the two people looked extremely surprised at the Surfer Girl, almost like she had suddenly grew a second head. The couple just stared at Bridgette for a few moments almost as if waiting for her to say she was kidding or something. Getting uncomfortable, Bridgette asked, "Uh, is there a problem?" [1]

Snapping out a surprisingly familiar stupor, the older man answered first. "Oh, I'm sorry, but, ah, did you just say you were my son's girlfriend?"

"Uh, if your son is Cody Anderson, then yes."

"Oh now I remember! Your Bridgette! I think I remember Cody mentioning you before." Mrs. Anderson said with a smile that made Bridgette feel much more at ease.

"Really? I could have sworn I heard Cody say his 'girlfriend's' name was Bailey or Becky or something." Mr. Anderson asked.

"No, it's Bridgette." The Surfer Girl clarified.

"I'm sorry. Its just that that boy's been telling us he's had a girlfriend since he was thirteen, every time with a new name." Mr. Anderson said as his wife nodded her head.

"Yeah, that does sounds like him." Bridgette agreed, holding back a laugh.

"Yep, and aside from one other time, yours was the only name that was consistent."

"Really? What was the other name?" Bridgette asked. When she did, both of Cody's parents suddenly and nervously looked at each other and then back at Bridgette.

"O-oh, pardon me. We still haven't properly introduced yourselves." Mrs. Anderson said, looking a little on edge and worried as she started to extend her hand out towards the Surfer Girl. "My name is Carol and this is my lovely husband Robert."

Pleased beyond belief at hitting off so well with Cody's parents, Bridgette shook Carol's hand. After that, she shook Robert's hand. "Thanks. It's nice to meet you two in person." Then Bridgette's attention was turned back towards the others around. "Hey, I noticed that those guys over there were loading stuff into that car. Do they work for you?"

"Yep. Me and the Mrs. are going on a business trip down south for the week." Robert said.

"Really? So, uh…do you own this whole house!?"

"Manor, my dear, a manor. But yes we do." Carol said with a kind smirk.

"Wow, I had no idea. It looks great!"

"Thank you. That's always nice to hear. But enough about us, we can talk about yourself when we have more time for a proper introduction. Tell us more about you Bridgette. Are you in Cody's class at school, correct?"

"Uh yeah, but I've only been dating Cody since the summer started. I met him when I was on duty as a life guard down at the beach."

"Ah, I see. Well that does match up with what he told us. He said that he met a beautiful sweet blond girl on the beach. We just didn't believe him." Robert said with a sad sigh. Then he realized how that could have been misunderstood. "Don't get me wrong; we were praying that he did! Its just that, well, for whatever reason, a lot of girls just can't see the wonderful aspects of our son that are obvious to us as the sun in the summer sky. We were getting worried about him, me even more so than Carol."

"Why is that?" Bridgette asked.

"Because I knew exactly what he was going through from personal experience." Robert said. The older man then looked more forlorn. Notching this, Carol gave his hand a loving squeeze, which caused him to smile at her. "But that's in the past. Anyway, it's good to met you Bridgette. You seem like a nice girl."

"Thanks." Bridgette smiled happily, all but doing a victory dance at the fact that she made a good first impression on Cody's parents.

"Yeah, its so good that Cody finally got a girlfriend who's not crazy." Robert happily said. But the second after he did, Mr. Anderson slapped his hand over his mouth and Carol looked at her husband as if he just said the most horrible thing he could have.

"Um…what?" Bridgette asked.

Carol and Robert Anderson looked at each other for a moment before Robert picked up his duffel bag and started loudly whistling as he walked. At the same time, Carol looked at her watch and said, "Oh, look at the time! We have to go or we'll miss our flight!"

Both the Anderson parents raced past Bridgette and into their Lamborghini. The expensive car's window rolled down and as it started driving away Robert shouted out, "It was nice meeting you Bridgette! Take good care of our little Cody while were gone!"

Bridgette watched the car drive down the road at seemingly super-sonic speed and scratched the back of her head confused. "Okay, what was that all about?"

As she said that, a man in a baby blue polo shirt and kaki pants walked by and into the driver's seat of the van on the other side of the street. When he did, Bridgette could see that on the polo shirt's breast pocket said 'Anderson estate staff'. Bridgette then looked around and saw a number of people in similar uniforms leaving the mansion through the many exits of the large estate. Getting even more confused, Bridgette walked up to one of the leaving staff members and asked, "Um, excuse me sir, where is everyone going?"

"The Andersons are gone for the week so we got the next seven days off." The man answered while giving Bridgette a suspicious look.

"Wait, what about Cody? I didn't see him leave with his parents."

"The boss's kid? He's staying here."

"His parents are leaving Cody here? Alone!? While they give all of the staff the week off?" Bridgette asked confused and a little angry.

"Hey, he's a big boy. By now he can take care of himself, right? If he's hungry or needs something, he has a working cell phone and plenty of cash. What's it to you anyway?"

"I'm his girlfriend, Bridgette Strand."

The look of suspicion was replaced with a smile. "Well, I'm happy for both of you. And if I may say, Cody's long wait for a girlfriend was worth it if the girlfriend is you, dear." Bridgette blushed at the praise. "But if you don't mind, I've got some stuff to do so I'm gonna go. The door's open. Just mark your name on the house guest list when you get in."

"House guest list?"

"Yeah, your gonna wanna sign in on that. Or the house's automated security system's gonna lock down the place and call the cops on ya and you'll be arrested. Trust me, I've seen it before."

"Whaaah- that's a bit much." Bridgette stammered surprised.

"Yeah, but hey, if I had this kinda money and lived in this kinda place, I'd have something like that too. Hey, if we're done, I'm gonna go." The man said leaving Bridgette and walking off to his car.

"Hey wait! Where is the guest sign in thing?"

The man stopped and turned around and answered. "Right next to the front door, you know that screen to your right? Its built right into the wall. Just type in your name and it'll take your picture and you should be good."

"Uh... okay, thanks."

"No problem, have fun you two crazy kids." The man said as he walked across the street and into a red ford focus before he drove off.

After Bridgette saw the car drive off, she looked back at the huge mansion in front of her and saw that some of the staff were walking out of the side doors of the place to their cars. Bridgette then looked at the front doors and saw that they were closed. She walked up to them and saw a screen to her right. The Surfer Girl stepped in front of it and pressed the button under it. The screen activated and a keyboard showed up on the screen.

"Please sign in your name." Said an automated voice from the screen that took Bridgette by surprise. But after the shock wore off, Bridgette did as it asked and typed in her name.

"Thank you…'Bridgette Strand'. You are listed on the Welcomed Guest List. Who are you here to visit? Please speak your answer into the microphone on this security unit."

"Uh…Cody Anderson?"

"Accepted answer. How long are you going to be visiting…'Cody Anderson'?"

"Uh, I don't know for however long I will stay here." Bridgette said, feeling nervous.

"Unaccepted answer. Please give an appropriate amount of time for visit."

"Ah... a couple of hours?"

"Answer accepted. What is your reason for visiting?"

"Ummm, personal visit."

"Answer accepted. Welcome Bridgette Strand-"

"Finally." Bridgette said relieved as she went for the doorknob.

"-but please be warned, that if guest…'Bridgette Strand' is here longer than…'a couple of hours', the automated security system provided by Milton Security will lock all the doors and windows before notifying the police of your unauthorized presence on the Anderson estate. In police custody you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

After hearing the emotionless voice's warning, Bridgette was left speechless and unnerved. "Wow, the Andersons take security pretty seriously."

"Do you understand that if you do not resign in to the house guest list in two hours to leave or have a member of the Anderson family conform that you can here stay longer, the police will be notified and you will be removed from the residence?"

While the emotionless voice asked that, a small window opened up on the screen along with two boxes. One box asked if she understood and the other asked if she did not. Bridgette pressed the understand box.

"Thank you for visiting…'Bridgette Strand.' Have a nice time at the Anderson Estate." Said the automated voice in a slightly cheerier (but unsettling) tone as the door opened.

"That was just creepy." Bridgette said before she walked in through the front doors.

After entering the door, Bridgette found herself in a vestibule for the manor. Like everything else in this manor, it was grand. Much of the surfaces were finely polished light brown wood and the carpet was immaculate gold with a royal blue flower pattern. On either side of room there was a large stairway with bright blue velvet steps. Between the steps there was a walkway with a series of large windows with intricate rose glass patterns. Below the window there was a hallway leading to other parts of the large manor.

After getting over the grandeur of the room before her, Bridgette looked around and realized that she has no idea where to go. After all, this was a big manor with so many rooms. Bridgette took out her phone and looked at all of her texts she's gotten from Cody to see if he told her where his room was. While looking, she heard people talking down the hall and a few moments later saw a couple of the staff walking toward the front door. She couldn't get a good look at them yet but both of them seemed to be roughly her age.

When they saw her, they stop talking and looked at her for a moment before one of them asked. "Um, who are you, ma'am?"

"I'm Bridgette Strand. I'm here to see Cody."

"Why do you wanna see the bosses' kid?" The other one asked while giving her a suspicious look like the other staff member before.

"I'm his girlfriend. Why does that weird people out here!?" Bridgette asked annoyed.

The two staff members look at each other for a moment before looking back at her. After that pause, one of them spoke to Bridgette by saying, "Well if you got in that means that you're on the guest list... so I guess your okay. Oh, apologizes ma'am, we haven't introduced ourselves!" The one speaking to Bridgette then stood at attention. "I'm Brick, and this is Scott. We're both part of the security staff. Its a pleasure to meet you, ma'am."

As Brick said that, Bridgette paid more attention to the uniform that both he and Scott were wearing. Both were wearing a black polo shirt, Navy blue cargo pans, and black boots while a nametag that showed their names, faces and had security in giant black letters on it. Bridgette then noticed that Brick was very muscular and had a military crew style for his black hair while Scott looked much leaner but still kind of muscular and also like Brick he had a military style flat top for his red hair.

It took her a few seconds but then Bridgette remembered where she had seen these two before, they both went to her high school. Even so, she didn't know much about them.

She had bumped into Brick a few times in the hallway and even had a class with him once. Based off of those few encounters she cultivated a lot of respect for Brick. He was always polite, helpful, courteous, and a true gentleman. But despite those wonderful features and his impressive physique and face, he was incredibly shy, in particular around girls. Also, he had unhidden aspirations of joining the military, likely fueled by his family's long-standing tradition of having high ranks within the military. All in all, Bridgette could easily understand why Brick was made a security guard.

But for the life of her the Surfer Chick couldn't figure out why Scott was working here. He was in many ways the polar opposite of Brick. Scott was nasty, selfish, arrogant, stupid, and got a real kick out of hurting people either physically or emotionally. Thankfully Bridgette never interacted with Scott much. Most of what she knew about it came from Gwen who would vent to her whenever she discovered that he had bullied Cameron. The vulnerable and socially naïve former bubble boy was his favorite target, in particular in the wake of his best friend and partner in crime Duncan getting arrested.

Regardless of her different opinions of both, the Surfer decided to address them the same.

"Uh, hi. It's nice to meet you two. Hey, do you guys know where Cody's room is? I have absolutely no clue." Bridgette asked as politely as she could, which was quite a bit.

After Bridgette asked that Scott groaned while Brick answered. "Yeah we can take you there."

"You mean you can take her there, dude. We just got a week off work and you wanna stay after hours."

"It's in our contract to secure family members of the Andersons and I'm sure their son counts, soldier!"

"Ugh, fine. But your gonna be the one to take here her there. I got stuff to do." Scott said as he was heading towards the front door.

When he did, Brick grabbed Scott by his right shoulder and said. "You know the rules, soldier. You're my partner. If I'm staying, you're staying."

"But dude? Half day and a WEEK OFF!" Scott whined.

"Doesn't matter, soldier."


"Um, guys. I'm sure its ok. I just need someone to take me to where Cody is and then you guys can go." Bridgette explained, trying to help them go enjoy their day.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but until we are told otherwise from one of the Andersons, we are here as long as you are here." Brick explained while standing attention while Scott was giving him a 'are you for real' look.

Bridgette, on the other hand, was far more torn about Brick's conduct. On the one hand, she found Brick's behavior to be kind of cute, it confirmed his good moral character, and it did make her feel better knowing that someone so dedicated to her boyfriend's safety was protecting him. But on the other hand, she couldn't deny that she mostly shared the same sentiment Scott did, even if she was forcing herself to not give Brick a similar look.

"Well then, we'll just find Cody and I'll ask him to let you guys go." Bridgette offered.

"Yeah, I wish." Scott whined as he slouched.

"I appreciate it, ma'am, but the order has to come from either Carol or Robert Anderson. They're the ones who hired us and sign our pay checks." Brick explained still at attention.

Bridgette and Scott respectively sighed and groaned.

"Ugh, fine. Just take me to Cody." Bridgette ordered.

'So much for spending quality alone time with Cody today. Great.' Bridgette thought annoyed.

"Please follow me." Brick requested as he started walking up the stairs to the second floor while Bridgette followed with Scott right behind her as he grumbled under his breath.

The walk through the mansion was a quiet one as Bridgette was still annoyed that she'd have a couple of chaperones during her time with Cody. But Bridgette wasn't too surprised that neither of the security staff tried to talk with her, as Brick seemed like the strong and silent type while Scott was just as annoyed as she was at having to be there. Eventually Brick stopped in front of a door that had a special numerical button lock on the door handle. Scott stepped in front of Bridgette so she couldn't see Brick type in the three digit code to the door.

After the door unlocked, Brick pushed open the door. When he did, Bridgette looked into the room and saw Cody sitting on a swivel chair, extremely focused on the large flat screen in front of him while he was pushing the buttons on his Xbox controller just as extremely.

(Oh, yehaah- come on Mutantzoid5, I need some back up here!) Cody ordered into his team speaker as an explosion could be heard from the surround sound speaker system in the room. [2]

Bridgette looked at Scott and Brick, who looked at each other annoyed. Scott sighed before Brick asked, "Excuse me sir, but you have-"

"Brick! Dude. I thought we already went over this. When I'm on- your right Ligerninja- Xbox live, you don't interrupt me unless it's a emergency." Cody said just barely paying attention to anything other than the flat screen. [3]

"But…but-" Brick stammered.

"But dude if we don't tell you what we got you got waiting here, we'll get in trouble." Scott whined.

"Scott, does it look dangerous? At all?" Cody asked just before he fired his grenade launcher. (Oh yeah! Twenty more dead Nazis! Take that you Aryan ass-maggots!) He spoke into the microphone on his headset.

After he was asked that, Scott looked over at Bridgette and looked at her up and down. Not even trying to hide what he was doing, Scott smiled while checking her out. Smirking at Bridgette after looking over her hot-ass body thoroughly, Scott answered, "Nope. Not at all? Looks good actually, great even."

This time it was Bridgette and Brick's turn to give Scott an annoyed 'are you serious' look.

Still not looking at them, Cody said to his two guards, "Well than, just leave it there on my bed or somewhere and take the rest of the day off like you should have done already."

"But sir-"

"Brick, if you or Scott get in trouble, I will take the heat for you. Now just go home or wherever and enjoy your week off." Cody ordered.

Brick and Scott looked at each other for a moment before Scott shrugged his shoulders and said, "Eh, good enough for me. I'm out of here." Scott then started walking down the hallway toward the exit.

Brick then stammered. "But- but..."

"Brick we're cleared. Just come on. Hopefully with the week off you can get your balls out of Jo's gym bag." Scott cruelly joked, but only half meaning it to be a joke.

Brick looked at Cody for a moment, then Bridgette, and then at Scott before he sighed before starting to walk after Scott. While doing so, he said, "That is not funny, soldier."

"And would you stop with the soldier crap? You don't join the army for another year!" Scott said just before both him and Brick turned a corner and were out of sight.

With both Brick and Scott gone, Bridgette felt much better as she walked into Cody's room. Her geeky boyfriend didn't seem to notice that she was there; being too focused on his game to even know what country he was currently in. With a smirk, she turned her head from side to side. After doing so, she decided that now was a good chance to get a good look at her boyfriend's room, with this being the first chance she ever had to do so.

As she looked around, Bridgette couldn't help but be impressed by the room she saw. Truthfully, she shouldn't have been so surprised since his parents had so much money. But she was regardless. She had never seen a bedroom so massive and cluttered with stuff before. It was full of the latest technology including among other things: a massive flat screen TV (the very same TV he was using right now to play), two state of the art computers on the other side of the room right next to his bed, and at least three different video game systems at both the computer screens. Bridgette saw his walk-in closet was opened and because of that she could see literally hundreds of DVDs and video games stacked next to and on top of each other. Looking at the walls now, the Surfer Girl saw posters of sexy ladies and celebrities all over his walls, with Megan Wolf and Jasmine Johansson in her Black Widow costume showing up more than once.

Looking a back at Cody, Bridgette sees that he still hadn't noticed that she was here yet. 'Well, I'll just have to fix that.' She thought with a naughty smirk as she walked up to him from behind, noticing how cute his little butt looked while she walked.

After picking up a rocket launcher, Cody, under the name Assface225, aimed and fired at a bridge under a German convoy, destroying it and killing the entire convoy.

(Nice! Where did you find a rocket launcher?) Asked Bubbleboyboss505. [4]

(Oh, you just have to go to the sniper nest in the church and- Ahhhhhh!) Cody screamed when he felt someone poke his right side. Cody panicked and dropped out of his swivel chair and on to the ground. When he fell, he landed on his face but he quickly flipped himself over and onto his back. When he did, he saw his beautiful blonde girlfriend holding her mouth shut with both of her hands, holding back her laughter.

(Hey? Hey dude? You okay? Gosh! It sounded like a little girl ran into Jason Voorhees!) Ligerninja said.

'Crap!' Cody thought as he picked up his team speaker off the floor. (Yeah guys everything's fine.) Cody grabbed hold of the mic so that his team couldn't hear him. He then whispered to his still giggling girlfriend. "What are you doing here, Bridge?"

Unable to hold back her laughs any longer, Bridgette let go of her mouth and started laughing like she was watching one of her favorite comedies.

"What?" Cody asked.

"You- PHahhh- you totally sounded like a girl! Ha, ha, ha!" Bridgette said just before she started laughing again.

Cody sighed, knowing he just humiliated himself in front of his girlfriend and his game team. Also knowing that his time on Xbox live was over, Cody spoke into mic. (Hey guys, I gotta go. I'll play later.)

(Dude, you said you had the whole week to play!) Mutantzoid5 said disappointed.

(Change of plans. Sorry guys.) Cody said just before he disconnected and turned off the game. Cody put down both his controller and his team speaker on top of his Xbox and then turned around to see that Bridgette had mostly calmed down but still has a few stray giggles left in her. "You done?"

Stopping herself, Bridgette took a deep breath and then exhaled. "Yeah, I'm done. Sorry, it was just too funny. You sounded like my little sister whenever something scares her."

Cody rolled his eyes. "Well, that's nice. Yeah, keep rubbing it in how I humiliated myself in front of my girlfriend and my friends on Xbox live." His face morphed into a sad pout.

"Oh, don't pout, Cody." Bridgette then walked up to Cody and wrapped her arms round his neck so that her face was right in front of his. "I can't say about your friends but," Bridgette said before giving him a quick kiss, "your girlfriend thought it was kinda cute."

That little bit made Cody smile. "Really? Me sounding like a little girl. You think that is cute?"

"Your always cute, so when you gave a little scream it made you even cuter." Bridgette answered just before she gave Cody another kiss. But this time the kiss lasted much longer. Pretty soon the kiss got deeper and Bridgette and Cody's tongues started wrestling. While Bridgette's tongue still dominated Cody's, Cody was getting better.

Shortly into the kiss, Cody lowered both of his hands from his surfer girlfriend's hips down to her ass covered by denim. When he did, a soft and sensual moan reverberated from the Surfer Girl's lips, turning both her and Cody on even more than they already were. In the nearly month since they had been dating, the two made out quite a bit. It hadn't reached the levels of making out that Bridgette had done with Geoff, both because of the small amount of time they had been together and a conscious effort on Bridgette's to have a relationship that had more going for it aside from great sex, while still keeping the great sex, naturally. But just because that was true didn't mean that Cody ever asked about it. In fact, Cody made sure to bring up Bridgette's previous boyfriend as little as humanly possible. Other things were on Cody's mind, like finding all of Bridgette's sweet spots. Thanks to having probably touched, rubbed, kissed, licked, and fucked every inch of her naked body by this point, he knew that she had several particularly sensitive parts. Aside from the obvious ones like her breasts and ass, there were the unusual ones like her shoulders and her right elbow for some reason. But as the Tech Geek quickly discovered, her ass was the most sensitive sexual spot on her body. During their time together Cody had quickly learned just how hard he should squeeze, which was usually as hard as he could, and just how long he should keep his hands out of Bridgette's pants before going in.

So when Cody got his hands on Bridgette's butt, he immediately started rubbing and squeezing into the fleshy backside covered in denim as if he were drying out a wet sponge. When he did, Bridgette's moans became much louder and longer as she tightened the hug and pushed her breasts into Cody's chest, which felt great for both. Cody then squeezing harder into Bridgette's ass and like every other time he did it, Bridgette's ass felt soft yet strangely firm and muscular thanks to her years of surfing and trying to keep in shape. Cody loved every second of it. And so did Bridgette.

Bridgette then wrapped her left leg around Cody's right leg before Cody pulled Bridgette tighter into the hug and against his denim covered Tee pee. The hidden spire was being pushed right against her crotch. Feeling the hardened phallus made Bridgette moan louder, which resulted in Cody moaning right back.

'Okay, that's enough!' Bridgette thought as she broke the kiss.

"Bridgette?" Cody asked confused.

Bridgette looked at Cody and then the bed behind them. "You ready for the fun part?"

Cody happily nodded. "Oh, yeah."

Bridgette let go of Cody, grabbed his hand, and pulled him toward the bed. "Good."

When they got to the bed, Cody sat down on the bed and Bridgette kicked off her flip-flops and unbuttoned her shorts. Right after that, Bridgette slowly unzipped her shorts before just as slowly she pulled them down while teasingly swaying from side to side.

"Oh damn!" Cody said when Bridgette dropped her shorts on the ground revealing her frilly aqua blue panties.

Bridgette couldn't help but smirk. Still smirking, she grabbed the bottom and slowly lifted up her hoodie, exposing her four-pack abs and near hourglass like figure. But what really caught Cody's teal eyes were seeing the underside of Bridgette's lace aqua blue bra when her hoodie was caught on her breasts for a moment. After a few moments of struggling, Bridgette removed it. When her top was free from her clinging hoody, the quick motions of the pull caused those tanned C cup boobs of hers to bounce up and down, causing Cody's eyes to follow them up and down even as his head remained perfectly still. Finally, having her shirt off, Bridgette whipped her golden ponytail around from side to side like in a slow-mo hair commercial. Bridgette tossed her hoody off to the side and said. "Oh yeah, that's better."

"Yes it is." Cody agreed, still staring at the blue bra that was covering her breasts. Truth be told, Bridgette wasn't surprised that Cody loved her new bra considering that anything involving her boobs Cody loved. But still, she was happy that he seemed to like it since she bought it for him just last week and Cody seemed even more mesmerized by her breasts than usual.

Bridgette got down on her knees in front of where Cody was sitting and started unbuckling his belt. "I've been waiting the last few days for this!"

"Your not the only one." Cody stated with the biggest smile on his face. "Sorry it took so long for me to get you security clearance."

At that moment, Bridgette pulled Cody's belt out of his pants and looked up at him with an excited look on her face. "Ohhh, say 'security clearance' again. It sounds sooo hot!"

Happy to oblige, Cody said. "Security clearance."

Bridgette gave Cody a sexy smile as she unzipped his pants. As the piece of metal slides downward, the Surfer Girl could detect a subtle shaking coming from her geeky boyfriend, a bursting of anticipation from her sex-craving boyfriend. She loved it, finding it to be really cute, like the rest of him. Cute things really turned her on. After she had unzipped the jeans, she grabbed the top of them, holding them there for a few moments, letting the shaking of her eagerly awaiting boyfriend echo through her fingers. Shifting their positions on the bed, Bridgette moved her lighter than her boyfriend so that his legs were dangling off of the bed. Once they were, she pulled down his jeans to his ankles on the floor. When she did, the Blonde was almost hit in the face by Cody's nine shlonge.

As always, Bridgette couldn't help but briefly stare in awe of the amazing shaft before her, looking into the miniature monolith's one massive eye in an intense staring contest. A part of her mind still couldn't imagine someone of Cody's physique being so well endowed but she wasn't complaining. After all, while Bridgette found Cody to an almost perfect boyfriend for her, it was discovering this gift that first peaked her interest in him. One moment of basest desire ended up giving her that desire fulfilled and many more. No matter how many times she saw it, Cody's penis never ceased to amaze, and arouse, her. Acting on those impulses, she grabbed hold of the shaft of his dick and started pumping.

"Oh gawd, that feels good!" Cody stated with his eyes closed and a large smile on his face while enjoying the feeling.

"I know you would. Now lay down on the bed, I want to try something. " Bridgette said while still jerking off her geeky boyfriend.

"Uh, what?" Cody asked.

"Please just do it. I want it to be a surprise." Bridgette pleaded as she started fondling Cody's balls with her other hand.

Loving the feeling and not wanting it to stop, Cody complied. "Uh okay."

Cody then laid back down on his bed. After he did, Bridgette stopped fondling Cody's balls and grabbed the under side of his legs before hoisted them back up on to the bed. Getting the idea of what the Surfer Girl wanted, Cody realigned himself so that he was lying down with his feet at the foot at the bed and his head at the top. After all of that, Bridgette got up on top of the bed and straddled herself on Cody's legs just below his crotch. "Um, Bridgette. I don't know where you're going with this... but I like it!"

"Good. Now before we go any further Cody, I want to know that you can keep an open mind."

"Ah okay." Cody shrugged.

"I want you to tell me you'll keep an open mind, ok?" Bridgette asked with an almost pleading look on her face.

"Ah, sure…I'll keep an open mind." Cody awkwardly answered.

"Cody, I want to hear you say that you will always keep an open mind."

"Bridge, I am telling you this hear and now…I'll always keep an open mind about sex." Cody answered with complete sincerity.

Relieved, Bridgette smiled. "Thank you Cody."

"With that being said, I'm a little concerned you wanted me to say that with your hands on my balls. Just what do you have in mind, Bridgette?" Cody asked a little worried.

Hearing her gamer nerd boyfriend, Bridgette put on a sexy smile, grabbed the back of her bra and said. "Oh don't worry, you'll love it. Just like I know you'll love these!"

Just like that night in the secret room at the beach party, timing it almost perfectly when she said 'these', Bridgette unhooked her bra from the back. Instantly, the material retracted and the lacy garment felt off of Bridgette and on top of Cody's nine-inch long man meat. But Cody didn't notice that. He was now, like any time Bridgette took off her bra, too distracted by his girlfriend's breasts. Almost by habit by now, Cody looked at the near perfectly tanned fun bags for a moment before reaching out to grab them. But when he did, Bridgette slapped his hands away.

"Um, Bridgette?" Cody asked while rubbing the parts on his hands she had slapped.

"I told you, I wanted to try something. If you start playing with my boobs, we'll never get the chance."

"Uh, okay... well, what is that something?" Cody asked meekly yet still very interested.

"Ah, ah, ah. No spoilers." Bridgette said in a light mocking tone while moving one of her fingers back and forth as if scolding Cody despite the warm smile on her angelic face.

The moment after she stopped that gesture, the Surfer Girl grabbed her bra and tossed it off of Cody's hardened shaft and onto the floor. Getting on her hands and knees, she teasingly crawled up on Cody's laying body. Bridgette would sway side to side, making sure that her breasts swung around like perky pendulums. Bridgette would make sure to have Cody's dick graze along her entire body. She swayed mainly for Cody and she grazed his dick mainly for herself, but even so they both enjoyed both actions quite a bit.

Soon, but thankfully not soon enough, Bridgette's face was right in front of Cody's. Before the Surfer Chick did anything else, she reached down between her legs and grabbed Cody's shaft. She felt it lightly shutter in her grasp, causing her to lightly moan because of it turning her on even more. While Bridgette loved so much about Cody, she did have to admit that his massive, tasty cock was one of the things she loved the most. To put it quite bluntly, she could never get enough of interacting with the damn dick. With that idea in mind, she started to slowly pump the penis in her curled, tanned fingers. The moment after she started to do so, Cody tilted on his bed and smiled at her goofily.

"You'll catch on pretty quick to what I'm about to do and please just go with it." Bridgette said while still slowly jerking him off.

"You know I can't say no to you when you've got your hand on my deal down there." Cody stated with a huge grin.

"Why do you think I do it? You know, aside from the fact that we like it so much?" Bridgette asked just before she gave Cody a quick kiss. She then let go of Cody's shaft and sat up before taking off her blue lace panties and tossing them on the floor next to her bra. Now sitting naked on top of Cody, Bridgette turned around and backed up so that her hot box was right on top of Cody's face while her face was right in front of Cody's penis.

For what seemed like an eternity, Bridgette didn't do anything but instead she stayed where she was. She didn't grab Cody's shaft or start licking the tip or even lower herself so that her vage was touching his mouth. Even though she would've been beyond happy to do any of those things, she restrained herself, waiting to see how Cody would react.

'Please let him like it. Please don't think this is weird.' Bridgette thought to herself.

But on Cody's side, when his surfer girlfriend positioned herself over him, Cody almost immediately grabbed hold of Bridgette's hips and said, "Bridge, I love your ideas!"

Cody closed his eyes then enthusiastically pulled his girlfriend's lower half down and like that night at the beach party, he put his lips to hers (in a sense) and started licking. The second he did, Bridgette shot her head back and moaned from how good it felt.

After coming down from the high Cody was giving her, Bridgette grabbed hold of his shaft and started again. But unlike before, Bridgette was now licking around the tip of Cody's penis for a few moments before she competently enveloped the dick into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down at a fast rate. Each time she bobbed her head down and back up her tongue rubbed against the front of Cody's dick, and that wasn't all. Also, when she was bobbing down Cody's tip was so long that Bridgette wasn't able to competently take it all in and it kept hitting the back of her throat. If Bridgette could think right now, she would be thanking God that she learned how to suppress her gag reflex.

On Cody's end, well Bridgette's end technically, Cody was eating out Bridgette kinda like he was back at the party. But in the time since that party, he had learned a thing or two about, as Bridgette would say, 'going down on her'. One of the first lessons he leaned and usually the first things he did was to start out slowly before increasing his speed, which he did. Now Cody was increasing his speed and aggressiveness. From the sounds that Bridgette was giving, she loved it. Taking it a step further, Cody tilted his tongue upward when he was moving in and out of Bridgette's vagina.

When he did, Bridgette couldn't help but whip her head back and moan as Cody just hit her G-stop. "Ohhhhh…Cody, ugghhhh! You've gotten so gooooodddd, oh don't stop- at this!"

Cody gave no verbal response but he did give her a thumbs-up with his left hand before he slapped Bridgette's ass.

"Ooohh!" Bridgette moaned with approval.

'That hurt but why was it so hot?' Bridgette thought just as she went back to deep throating Cody. Then going a step further, she reached out and started groping and massaging his balls.

When she did, Cody stopped licking and choked a bit from the surprise before going back to work on Bridgette's vertical smile. After a few moments, Cody started rubbing her cunt slowly with his fingers.

When he did, Bridgette stopped bobbing her head up and down and moaned. "Oh GAWWWDDD! Cody, don't you dare stop doing thaht!"

After giving Cody that order, Bridgette began circling her tongue around Cody's cock while sucking him and still massaging his gamer testies. Bridgette kept doing this for a good thirty seconds before she took the pleasured penis out of her mouth. Once it was out, with her ignoring how much she missed the feeling of the thick mass filling her mouth and slavering her taste buds with that dense musky taste of cock that she loved, the Blonde Beauty started pumping his shaft again. Restraining herself, she pumped for as long as she could before indulging her seemingly endless craving for Cody's cock. Within five second Bridgette was tilting her head to the left as she started to run her tongue along the side of the shaft while still pumping him. While all that was happening, Cody was rubbing her cunt with his fingers while still licking her out at the same time.

Despite his previous virginity, Cody had quickly proven himself to be a master of eating Bridgette out. Every since he had stuck his tongue into Bridgette's holy of holies, the Tech Geek had made his goddess of a girlfriend cum three times, while taking every new coating of sweet-water like lady cum that splashed onto his face as a badge of honor. As always, he secretly thanked the countless hours of him licking ice cream that had been unintentional practice for this treat that wasn't nearly as cold but infinitely more sweet.

Even with her almost legendary sexual drive, Bridgette knew she didn't have much more cum left in her by now. Plus, in her pleasure, she hadn't allowed Cody to cum once yet. Determined to correct this grave injustice, the Surfer started to grope Cody's balls a little tighter as she put her lips to the tip of Cody's cock. Slowly, very slowly, she started to engulf his entire nine-inch long dick into her mouth still starving for sweet, sweet shaft. All the while she continued to slowly suck and lick all around the shaft as the tip was forced in as far as it would go.

After only a few minutes, Bridgette could feel herself cum again, but she could also feel Cody's balls constrict in her hands, foretelling that her boyfriend was also about to cum, which he did. Bridgette caught much of Cody's salty baby gravy in her mouth as it hit the back of her throat but because of the sudden and intense flood of spent semen she couldn't help but swallow a bit it, which made her choke a second. It wasn't a huge deal. After all, she had finally made her boyfriend come and she had experienced that wonderful taste of Cody that she found herself craving more and more with everyday.

On Cody's side, figuratively, his face was hit with an explosion of Bridgette's juices for the fourth and final time. Similar to his girlfriend, much of his lover's cum got into his mouth. But unlike Bridgette, Cody didn't choke on it and just happily swallowed it, continuing to enjoy himself.

Coming down from her high, Bridgette got off of Cody and collapsed right next to him on his bed while Cody himself just laid there like he was on a cloud and just got sucked off by an angel. In Cody's opinion, he kinda did. While Bridgette was lying on the bed she was rolling her tongue around in her mouth, enjoying the taste of Cody's semen. Ever since she first swallowed Cody's cum at that party, Bridgette loved the taste more than she logically knew that she should. A part of her wanted to never stop giving him BJs.

'Sweet and salty. Weird yet delicious. Not what you'd expect but perfect. Just like him.' Bridgette thought swallowing Cody's sperm.

After she did, the Surfer looked over at Cody. When she did, she couldn't help but giggle in that sweet girly way that often revved Cody up even more at seeing the dopey grin on his already adorable face. She giggled with both joy for Cody and pride in herself for her handiwork, or rather mouth-work and handiwork.

'Wow, he looks like Geoff did when I caught him smoking pot.' Bridgette thought before she froze, finding her considerable joy and pleasure giving way to fear and terror. This had been the first time since hooking up with Cody that Bridgette thought of Geoff. They hadn't talked on Skype or even texted each other since the day before that beach party. While she was infinitely relieved for that fact, it also meant that she hadn't come clean. As far as Bridgette knew, she had been cheating on her boyfriend for at least a month. She knew it was cowardly and wrong but she could never work up the nerve to tell him. Hell, she was so worried about it the she hadn't even told Cody that she never revealed their new relationship to Geoff, fearing what might happen if her new boyfriend had discovered that.

Not wanting to think about that now, Bridgette searched for anything to distract her. She quickly found something when she looked at Cody's crotch, and the semi that he was still sporting that was likely seven inches long. Not really thinking, Bridgette grabbed Cody's shaft and gently started pumping. This was something that the Surfer occasionally did, gently pumping Cody's long spear of man-meat even after sex or having no desire for sex. She wasn't fully sure why she did it sometimes but neither she nor he complained.

This got Cody's attention real quick. "Bridgette?"

Feeling Cody's dick hardening and going back to full attention, Bridgette said happily. "I love your cock!"

Enjoying the feeling, Cody rested his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. "And I love all of you!"

The second he said that, Bridgette stopped stroking him and Cody shot his head right back up with a shocked look on his face. It was silent in Cody's room for a second before Cody broke the awkward silence. "No, um wait. Bridgette…I didn't mean that I, uh..."

"Relax Cody, I get it."

"You do?"

"Yeah. We're not up to the 'L' word yet. It just slipped out." Bridgette said with a smile.

"Yeah, exactly." Cody said relieved.

"Besides, who wouldn't love all of this?" Bridgette said teasingly, timing the saying of "this" with her loudly spanking herself.

The second after she did, Cody's fully erect penis twitched in Bridgette's hand at seeing her beautiful butt bounce around. "Oh, damn. Bridgette! You know me so frigging well!"

"Oh I know." Bridgette said, stroking Cody's dick again. But then she let go of the cock and crawled so that she was in front of him on all fours with her juggling butt before him. "Just like you know we're not even close to finished yet."

Sitting up, Cody said enthusiastically, "Oh no we're not!"

Cody then got on his knees right behind Bridgette as he grabbed her hip on one side. With that one hand just staying there, the Tech Geek reached over with his other hand to a small end table next to his bed. When opened, the small drawer showed four small tubes sun block. Cody grabbed one of the tiny tubes, popped off the cap, and squeezed it until all of its the pocket sized contents were all over his rock hard nine inch ruler.

As he was doing this Bridgette was watching the entire time and was, both figuratively and literally, dripping with anticipation. While Bridgette and Cody have had sex with her viagna and loved it quite a bit, they both held a reverence for anal sex. Similar to her craving for blowjobs, the Surfer Girl knew that most girls didn't share her desire to get fucked hard up the ass. But that didn't chance the fact that she definitely wanted it! Biting her lip and dripping wet, Bridgette said, "Gawd! I've been waiting all week for this!"

After spreading it evenly over his dick, Cody tossed the empty travel sized tube on the floor and grabbed hold of Bridgette's other hip tightly. "You ain't the only one!"

After insuring that it was lined up properly, Cody crossed the threshold and slowly inserted his cock into his hot bombshell of a girlfriend's taut, tan, and hungry ass!

The moment the threshold was crossed, Bridgette shouted in ecstasy as loudly as she could. Hearing her moan like that, and knowing why she did, got Cody more turned on. Using that, Cody began to fuck her. Like at the party, Cody did it slowly but unlike at the party, this time Cody's cock was well lubed from the beginning. And also unlike the party, it felt like frigging nirvana from the start for both parties!

Bridgette moaned again as Cody slowly inserted his cock into her ass before stayed there for a moment, with both of them just enjoying the feeling. Cody then slowly pulled out. Bridgette moaned. "Ohhhh, my asssss!"

Cody inserted his dick into Bridgette again but this time going slightly faster, before pulled out a little faster. This pattern was repeated, with each new penetration and withdrawal being just a little faster than the previous one.

During their time together, Bridgette and Cody had learned a few things about anal sex. Number one, both teens loved forcing Cody's cock up her ass as much as her vadge. Number two, starting out fast and hard, even with lube, just hurt both parties. It was much better for them to start out slow and work up the speed of the fucking as they went along.

As Cody was hammering into her, Bridgette reached forward with one hand and grabbed hold of the foot board on Cody's bed to give herself better leverage while her other hand grabbed hold of her left breast and started squeezing it and playing with her nipple. "Ooohhhh, yeeaaahhhhssss! Fuckckck my asss-sahhh- ah-ah-ah-ohhhh!" Bridgette shouting in partially incoherent rapture as Cody pumped into her harder and faster.

On Cody's side of thing, he loved it, like he always did. He loved how tight Bridgette's ass was. The Tech Geek was going as fast and hard as he could by this point, no longer able to fight the primal urge to try and force his throbbing shaft into a orifice that nothing but the perverted human mind ever thought to try and force it through. Despite all the practice he and Bridgette have had, or maybe because of it, Cody was getting tired, but he didn't care. He honestly couldn't care. It just felt too damn good. So he kept going at top gear, finding that it was making him unnaturally confidant, eager…and cocky. "Yeah, you like that, don't you? You hot, dirty little blonde bitch, you?!"

"Ohhh, you know I do baby!" Bridgette screamed as Cody was still ramming into her at full speed.

"Well, there's plenty more where that came from!" Cody said, causing Bridgette to want get into the same rhythm with Cody.

Acting on that desire, the Blonde started to push back against Cody's cock, timing it with when it was being pumped into her neither region. This lessened the time between each penetration making contact. This caused both Bridgette and Cody to love this even more!

"So damn tight!" Cody said on cloud nine because of Bridgette's added efforts. Then for some unknown reason, even to himself, he slapped Bridgette's left ass cheek.

"Ahhhhh- Cody do that again!" Bridgette ordered as she came right there.

Happy to oblige, Cody started slapping Bridgette's ass, occasionally alternating after a few minutes. Every time he slapped her ass the Tech Geek marveled at the rippling waves of trembling tan as they reacted to his hands and seemed to beg him for another slap. As he did, Bridgette stopped playing with her boobs and reached downward. Once her hand was in position, she started to viciously rub her cunt. Already feeling herself cuming again, she said, "I- uhhgghgh- don't know how much longer I can take this…Codyyyy!?"

Feeling his own climax coming, Cody stopped spanking Bridgette and grabbed hold of both of her hips again as he started slowing down. He did this because the third thing him and Bridgette found out from their time together was that if they have time for a long one and when they want to finish always end slowly. They did this because while he wasn't going as fast, he was still thrusting with all his might each time. The result of this was it made the final push more enjoyable because it allowed both of them to feel more for a longer period of time. And enjoying they were, indeed. Cody was about to cum at last.

"Oh YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH, FUCKE MEEEEE!" Bridgette screamed at the top of her lungs as Cody came in her ass, causing her to cum as well, leaving her cross-eyed like before.

Both Bridgette and Cody stayed as they were. Bridgette was holding on to the footboard, barely holding herself up as Cody kept his hands on her hips, barely holding himself up. They were both breathing heavily, trying to replenish the large spent amounts of oxygen.

Eventually Cody pulled his cock out of Bridgette's ass, causing both teens to briefly moan at its absence. After doing so, he fell on to his bed on his back. Shortly after he did, Bridgette finally let go of the footboard, with her hands pale-white from holding it so hard, and fell to her side on Cody's bed. When Cody landed on his back his eyelids felt heavy and he felt very tired. Despite that, he was trying to keep himself awake. When he found Bridgette, he discovered that his surfer girlfriend was also just barely keeping herself awake. Even so, Bridgette was flashing Cody one of the biggest damn grins he had ever seen as she looked at him from the other end of the bed covered in their juices.

"Yeahhh, Mmm…maybe we should sleep for a minute? A little nap." Bridgette yawned crawling over on all fours to Cody. When she got over she lied down next to and on the left side of him. When she was there, she wrapped her arm across his chest and neck. Just like at their first time, she gave Cody a quick kiss on the cheek. "I am so glad I met you."

"Shouldn't I be saying that to you?" Cody joked.

Bridgette laughed weakly with a smile. "Why can't we both say it to each other?" Her weak laughter ended but her smile remained. "Hey, Gwen wants me to meet her later at the Starbucks in town for lunch. I can't stay that much longer. But I want to sleep so bad."

"Yeah, I think you might sleep through it."

"Uh huh, and I'm so sleepy right now. I don't want to get up and get my phone out of my shorts on the floor." Bridgette said as snuggled up against Cody.

"What time does she want you there?" Cody asked, wrapping his left arm around Bridgette back and up to her front and his hand conveniently landing on her left breast.

"I'm guessing less than an hour." Bridgette explained, noticing where Cody's hand was but pretending not to, secretly loving how even when not wanting sex he still gives her sensitive areas attention.

"HASS, set an alarm in twenty minutes to wake us up, okay?" Cody ordered to the laptop on his desk.

"Understood Mr. Anderson. But please be warned that…'Miss Strand's'…guest visiting time will end in exactly eight-nine minutes and twenty-six seconds." Answered an automated voice from Cody's surround sound system, sounding like the one at the door.

"Okay." Cody ordered, not caring since Bridgette will be leaving before then.

"When we wake up you gotta explain that- YEahhhh- a few things." Bridgette said, with a yawn breaking her sentence into two pieces. Bridgette then looked across the bed and noticed that the bed's blankets where just barely staying on the bed thanks to their activity. Bridgette reached over and pulled them over herself and Cody.

"Okay." Cody said, grabbing a good chunk of blanket over him before squeezing Bridgette's breast one more time before falling asleep.

"Mmm." Bridgette moaned just before she fell asleep as well.

*ALARM!* *ALARM!* *ALARM!* Screamed out Cody's surround sound system.

Bridgette awoke and jolted straight up on Cody's bed while Cody himself sprang up and actually fell out of the bed and on to the floor, landing face first on the ground. Greatly annoyed and frightened by the loud sound, Bridgette covered both of her ears and yelled, "TURN IT OFF!"

"HASS, turn off the alarm now!" Cody ordered. Immediately the alarm shut off.

Letting go of her ears, annoyed and still a little jumpy, Bridgette asked, "What the hell!?"

"Alarm was activated at the request of Mr. Anderson twenty minutes ago." Answered the automated voice from the speakers.

"Did that thing just answer me?" Bridgette asked surprised.

While rubbing his head, Cody sat up and responded. "Uh, yeah."

Astonished, Bridgette asked, "Where did you get that? Iron man?"


"Whatever. I'm probably running late. Could you please hand my clothes so I can get dressed?" Bridgette asked.

After nodding his head, Cody bend down and picked up Bridgette's hoody, jean shorts, and panties. But for the life of him, he couldn't find Bridgette's bra anywhere. He stood up and looked around his room but couldn't find it. Regardless, he turned around and handed her the clothing he could find. "Do you see your bra anywhere? I can't find it."

Bridgette took her clothes from her geeky boyfriend before looking him in the face. When she did, Bridgette started laughing like a hyena. Confused, Cody asked, "What?"

"My bra-ha-its…its-its on your head- hahaha!" Bridgette answered before she pointed at his head and giggled her beautiful tanned ass off.

Still confused, Cody reached up to where Bridgette was pointing without taking his eyes off of her. At first his hands felt his own hair but then they discovered the touch of fabric. Cody removed the fabric from his head and got a good look at it. Sure enough, Bridgette's aqua blue bra had gotten on Cody's head somehow. Unable to help himself, Cody chuckled before handing the bra back to Bridgette. "How did that get there?"

Having another giggling fit, Bridgette took her bra and said, "Maybe when you fell off the bed and onto the floor face first?"

"Maybe but we don't know for sure." Cody joked.

Bridgette giggled again before she set her bra down on to the pile of her clothes. "Oh, I needed a laugh!" She said, not saying that it was because of her turmoil over Geoff.

Cody smiled at this, knowing that laughter was one of Bridgette's biggest turn-ons. Even after the sex he had just had, the Geek felt his cock growing to get closer to Bridgette. Unable to help himself, Cody was showing this goofy grin of his that Bridgette by now recognized as a signal that he was horny and ready for some hot naughty action. Plus the growing erection helped make this even more obvious to the Surfer Chick, who smirked.

Bridgette smiled at Cody before saying, "Cody, I need to get dressed. I still want to meet Gwen at Starbucks."

"Okayyy…" Cody answered as he stared at Bridgette's breasts as she put on her bra.

Seeing that Cody was still standing there she looked up and noticed that he was looking at her boobs, Bridgette grabbed her hoody next and put it on as she said, "Cody, as much as you love the view and I'd love to go another round, I still wanna hang out with Gwen."

Snapping out of it, Cody said. "Oh right sorry." He then started to pick up his own clothes from off the floor. The Tech Geek quickly put on his crème colored shirt, blue jeans, and moss green sneakers. "I might as well get dressed too. You wanna do something later?"

Putting on her panties and shorts, Bridgette answered, "Sure, I'll come by later. And don't worry, our relationship won't turn out like my old one. We'll do more than just sex."

"Yeah, that's good. Maybe the next you come over I could show you my Wii?"

"I think I've already seen it once today." Bridgette said with an unusually naughty grin.

It took Cody a second to get what Bridgette meant but once he did, he blushed madly. After recovering from that, he grinned back at her. "Well, well, well…someone's got a wee bit of a naughty streak in them, eh?"

"What I can I say," Bridgette said while shrugging her shoulders. "I might be sweet and all but even I can't pass up a opening as big as that one."

"I can see that. Be even so," Cody started to say before developing a massive, devilish grin, "I think this little lady needs to get a good spanking to beat out that naughty streak."

Now it was Bridgette's turn to blush madly, remembering how good it felt when her boyfriend had smacked her butt cheeks during their latest round of sex. "Damn it all! Why must you be so goddamn fuckable!?" Bridgette slightly shouted in feigned distress. "I'm trying to make this all not about sex and here you go wanting to spank my ass raw and making me as wet as the sea! Can't you go one moment without making me want to rip your pants off and fuck you silly!?" By this point her grin was total, as was Cody's.

With nothing more being said, Bridgette slipped on her flip-flops. She then pulled out her phone and looked at the time. "Holy crap! I'm running late! I have to go!" Bridgette said as she walked out the door.

"I'll walk you out." Cody said as he followed her.

Quickly walking down the hallway, Bridgette looked at her phone again. "I'll send a text to Gwen that I'm be a little late." Cody just stayed quiet as he followed Bridgette. She put her phone back into her hoody pocket and looked around the giant hallway for a second.

Noticing his girlfriend's fascination with his home, Cody asked, "Something wrong?"

"Okay, I'm just gonna ask the obvious question. What do your parents do for a living? How can they afford all of this?"

"My dad owns a software company."

"What? Microsoft?! And what's with all the security? And is that JARVIS from Iron Man on your computer?"

"Ok, firstly, the fact that you know that about Iron Man makes you so much hotter!" Cody gushed with geeky approval, causing Bridgette to once again blush and want sex now. "Anyway, my dad's company makes the AI's, uh, artificial intelligences, for the non-playable characters in many of the biggest triple-A first person shooter video games. Matter Effect. Ring. Gears of Battle. Call of War. All of those games use what my dad's company makes and the companies that produce and develop those games give my dad a percentage of the gross. And given how much money those games make, that's a lot."

As they were walking, Bridgette just looked at Cody for a moment, digesting everything he just said. "Well that does explain some things but not everything. What about all the security? And why do people here freak out when I tell them that I'm your girlfriend?"

Turning the corner and walking down the stairs, Cody answered. "Well look at this place. There are a lot of reasons why people might be tempted to break in and steal stuff. Why wouldn't we have the most advance and state of the art security system that we could?"

"Yeah, I guess. But what about everyone freaking out about me being your girlfriend?"

Stopping at the front door, Cody grabbed the doorknob and stammered. "Well- uh- uh- maybe they're just surprised that I have a girlfriend at all, for the first time no less!"

Too focused on the slightly higher pitch of voice Cody used when saying that last part, Bridgette didn't notice that her boyfriend had opened the door just a little too quickly. "Um…alright. Your parents did say that you used to pretend to have a girlfriend."

That caught Cody's attention. "You met my parents?"

"Yep, when they were rushing out the door right when I got here. I briefly talked to them. They said that you used to change the girl's name each time." Bridgette joked.

"Awww." Cody groaned.

"They also said it was good to meet a girl interested in their you who's not crazy?" Bridgette mentioned. When she did, Cody instantly got as stiff as a board and gave her a weird look, almost like he was scared of being thrown into an active wood chipper. This look was impossible to ignore for Bridgette, it was the most frightened she had seen anyone. Even people who found sharks in the water with them while surfing didn't look as worried. And the fact that it was not just her boyfriend, but her normally carefree, lively, and optimistic boyfriend that looked so scared added more weight to the fear. Worried, she asked. "Cody, you okay?"

Looking at the non-existent watch on his wrist, Cody said gesturing to the open door, "Wow, would you look at the time! You better get going to meet Gwen at Starbucks!"

"Uh, Cody?" Bridgette asked confused.

"You know what? I'm sure my Xbox live team is missing me! I gotta get back! You go right now and fun with Gwen. Wow, I miss you already, bye!" Cody said rapidly, just before he quickly kissed Bridgette's cheek and ran up the stairs and out of her sight. It all happened in a matter of time less than three seconds long.

For the next couple of moments, Bridgette just stood there looking the stairs her panicked boyfriend just ran up and away from her. The Surfer Girl was debating if she should rush up after her boyfriend, with something clearly being wrong, when she heard his door shut. That wouldn't have deterred her too much, if she had remembered the dial to enter the room and that she didn't know the correct code. Bridgette sighed heavily, determined to ask Cody about this again, to get the full story out of him so she could help him.

Knowing that there was nothing she could do and that she really was running late, Bridgette walked out the door and to her car. Once there, she started her car up. But before leaving, she took one last look at the manor only filled with her boyfriend. The estate's imposing façade remained but it wasn't nearly as daunting anymore. Instead of fear the feelings it caused Bridgette to feel were curiosity and worry about her boyfriend.

'What is Cody, and everyone else around here it seems, so frightened of?' Bridgette thought to herself as her face was a little melancholic from the uncertainty of it all.

But knowing there was nothing she could do, Bridgette looked way from the manor and drove. Soon she passed by the display of the address to meet her friend at Starbucks.

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