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It's been two months since Cole and Phoebe had decided to have a baby. Cole was waiting impatiently for Phoebe to get pregnant. He was wondering why it was taking so much time for her to get pregnant. But he didn't say anything to her about it. He was just waiting for the good news.

Cole came back home around 7pm as he used to do. Phoebe was sitting on the chair in the kitchen next to Paige and Piper. She quickly got up when she heard the front door open and walked towards him.
Cole closed the door and said: "Hey honey."
Phoebe was looking down and simply said: "Hi."
'Something's wrong with her.' Cole thought as he walked closer to her.
He took her hand and said: "What's wrong baby?"
"I went to the doctor today and..." She answered, still looking down.
'Oh, no.' Cole thought.
Phoebe didn't look happy at all. Cole was sure there was something wrong with the baby, maybe she wasn't pregnant, maybe they won't be able to have a baby. Cole felt his heart filled up with sadness.
Phoebe finally looked up at him and said: "I'm pregnant Cole, we're going to have a baby." She was smiling.
Cole couldn't believe it, Phoebe was pregnant.
"Wow, this is....I'm...huh...I-I-I...it's..." Cole didn't know what to say. He was so happy, he had tears in his eyes.
"A baby..." He whispered.
Phoebe was at the verge of tears too.
She looked at Cole and said: "Yes, a baby Cole."
Cole hugged her tightly and said: "It's wonderful, I love you Phoebe."
Cole wanted to scream his joy, to run outside and to tell everyone that he was going to have a baby, that he was going to be a father. He lifted up Phoebe and she put her legs around his waist.
"I love you." He repeated while he was kissing her.
He walked with Phoebe in his arms into the living room and put her gently on the couch and came on top of her and kissed her more.
He looked at her and said: "It's the best day of my whole life, I love you so much Phoebe, I love you."
"I know, I feel the same." Phoebe said, smiling.
Cole smiled back at her and kissed her again.
Phoebe was happy, she wanted this baby as much as Cole. She had to hide him her morning sickness because she wasn't sure of being pregant and she didn't want him to believe that she was pregant if she wasn't. But now she was sure of it, she was pregnant, for the second time. But this time, it was different, Cole wasn't evil and the Source and the Seer were dead. Cole was with her for good, he loved her and he had no reason to leave her. He was there to take care of her and the baby. Piper and Paige were also there to help. Everything was okay, she wasn't scared or worry like she was two months ago.
Paige and Piper walked in the living room and Paige said: "See, I told you Piper, if you don't hear them talking, it because they're busy with their tongues."
Piper smiled and Phoebe and Cole stopped kissing and look at them.
"I'm going to be a Daddy." Cole said with a huge smile on his face.
Phoebe could see the light in his eyes.
Paige said: "Yeah, we know it, congratulations."
"Yeah, congrats Cole." Piper added.
"Thanks girls, you can't even imagine how I'm happy."
"Well, we saw it at the way you were 'eating' our sister on the couch." Piper said.
Phoebe and Cole both blushed.
Paige smiled and said: "I'm sure you're going to be a good Dad, and you Phoebe, a good Mom."
Piper nodded and added: "Totally agree."
Phoebe smiled and said: "Thanks."
Cole got up and said: "Will you please excuse us, I need to talk to Phoebe, it's important."
Paige and Piper nodded, they were wondering why Cole had to talk to Phoebe right now.
Cole took Phoebe's hand as she got up and he shimmered them in their room.
Phoebe asked: "What do you want to talk about Cole?"
Cole kissed her in the neck and said: "Nothing, I just wanted to be alone with you."
Phoebe smiled and Cole kissed her passionately. They both fall on the bed. Cole gave a worry look at Phoebe.
"Oh my God, did I hurt the baby?" He asked.
Phoebe smiled: "No Cole, the baby is just fine."
"Good, I was scared to hurt him." He said.
Phoebe smiled more and said: "Don't worry."
Cole kissed her again and suddenly stopped. Phoebe looked at him with a questionning look on her face.
"I didn't ask if it's a boy or if it's a girl." Cole statted.
"It's too soon to know." Phoebe replied.
"And when will we know." He asked.
"In some months."
Cole nodded and put his arms around her and he put one hand on Phoebe's belly. He was so sweet, Phoebe loved it. He was alreday protecting their baby and he had a naive side about the babies that Phoebe liked.
"Do you want a boy or a girl?" Cole asked.
"Doesn't matter." Phoebe answered.
"Are you sure?" Cole asked again.
Phoebe nodded and said: "What about you?"
"A baby boy would be great, but it will be okay if we have a girl, she'll be my baby girl." Cole replied.
Phoebe smiled and asked: "Do you have an idea about the names?"
"Are you kidding? I'm thinking about it since two months." Cole said with a smile.
"Okay, tell me." Phoebe said.
"All right, I was thinking about Elisabeth Prudence Turner for my baby girl and Thomas Benjamin Turner for my baby boy. What do you think about it?"
Phoebe was surprised, Cole had thought about Prudence as a middle name for a girl, it was great, she liked those names.
"Then I guess we'll have a little Thomas or a little Elisabeth in seven months." She said.
Cole smiled, everything was perfect, everything was like he wanted it to be. He got up and walked towards the radio while Phoebe was looking at him. He turned on the radio and went back towards the bed to lay over Phoebe's body and he kissed her.
The song playing was "Naked." by Avril Lavigne. Phoebe listenned to the song while she was kissing with Cole.

But then you came around me
The walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
And keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected
See how I've opened up
Oh, you've made me trust

Because I never felt like this before
I'm naked, around you
Does it show?
You see right through me
And I can't hide
I'm naked, around you
And it feels so right

I'm trying to remember
Why I was afraid
To be myself and let the covers fall away
I guess I never had someone like you
To help me, to help me fit
In my spirit
Phoebe smiled, she didn't like Avril Lavigne that much but the lyrics were excatly describing what she was feeling with Cole.
Cole stopped kissing her and said: "I love you, you're beautiful."
"You've alreday said that." She replied.
"That's because it's true, I love you." Cole said.
Phoebe smiled and replied: "I love you, and the baby loves you too, even if he's really little right now."
"Oh, then I guess that I have to kiss him." Cole said, with a smile.
Phoebe nodded and said: "You can do this until Piper calls us for the dinner."
Cole simply nodded in reply. He lifted up Phoebe's shirt a little and started to kiss her belly. He knew she liked it, she always did. Phoebe closed her eyes. Cole liked the way Phoebe's skin tasted and he used her tongue to tease her. Phoebe smiled, Cole's kisses were giving her butterflies in her stomach.
Suddenly Piper called them from the kitchen.
"Don't stop Cole, this is too good." Phoebe whispered.
Cole kept kissing her and they heard Piper screamed: "Phoebe help."
They both got up quickly and ran downstairs. There was a demon. He threw a fireball at Paige and it sent her flying against the front door as Piper was lying unconscious on the floor. Phoebe ran towards Piper. The demon smiled when he saw Phoebe and threw a fireball at her but Cole ran in front of her and the fireball hit him in the chest. The demon recognized the human form of Belthazar. He smiled again, it would be an honour to kill him. He threw several fireballs at him. Phoebe tried to get up but the weight of Cole's body was too important for her.
Cole was holding her arm and he said: "Stay behind me."
Paige woke up and saw the demon throwing fireballs at Cole. She used her powers and a fireball appearred in her hand and she threw it at the demon who burnt into flammes. She got up and ran towards Piper and shook her gently until she woke up.
Cole was lying on the floor. He chest was burnt and bleeding.
Phoebe looked at him and said: "Cole, honey, look at me."
Cole looked at her and said: "Are you and the baby okay?"
Phoebe nodded and said: "Yeah, we're both fine."
Cole smiled and Phoebe noticed that his mouth was bleeding.
He put his hand on Phoebe's belly and whispered: "Tell him I love him."
"You'll tell him in seven months." Phoebe said.
Tears streamed down Cole's face, his wounds were hurting like hell and he had troubles to breath.
Phoebe kissed him on the forefead and said: "I know it hurts but you have to stay with me."
"Leo." She yelled, looking at the ceiling.
She looked back at Cole and said: "I need you next to me, the baby needs you too, you can't leave us Cole." She was crying now and Paige and Piper looked at the scene helplessly.
"Leo." She yelled again.
Phoebe took Cole's hand in hers and said: "Baby, you can't leave me, please look at me."
Cole hardly opened his eyes and said: "I will always love you Pheebs, always."
He coughed and Phoebe said: "I love you too Cole."
Cole closed his eyes and Phoebe yelled: "Nooooo." And she bent over his body.

To be continued...