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In the Cards

Harry stared at the card for a long moment before flipping it open, hoping that the inside message wasn't as risqué as the outside.

'Helping deliver presents this year to all the naughty xgirlsx Boys'

Shaking his head, Harry dropped the card onto the dining room table and headed into the kitchen to start a warm cup of tea before putting up the groceries. His head was in the fridge so he didn't hear the front door open and close.

"Harry, what is the meaning of this?"

At the sound of that deep, familiar voice, Harry jerked his head out of the fridge and spun about to see what caused the upset tone. Blinking at the card for a long moment, he shifted his gaze to Severus, taking in the pinched closed off face. "It is a Christmas card. No meaning behind it except fun."

Severus examined the buff men that decorated the front cover. They were dressed only in tiny red pants, antlers, and what appeared to be the reins for a sled. When his eyes lingered on them a bit longer than he had intended, he jerked his attention back to Harry and scowled. "Why is it here?"

Harry smirked lightly. "You know that I get fan mail all the time."

Severus dropped the card back onto the table. 'True enough. People can't seem to help themselves. They have to fawn over their favorite Quidditch star no matter that he has ignored them from the get-go, or as much as he can.' "You've never brought their trash home before. Why this one?"

Looking at the card once again, Harry grinned. "You have to admit that they are worth looking at, don't you?" he asked teasingly.

When Severus only crossed his arms, Harry shook his head. "But the real reason is that it is from Ron."

"Mr. Weasley is still attempting to get you to see the error of your ways?"

Shaking his head once again, Harry sighed, "You know that he just wants to make sure that I am happy." Then he waved a hand over towards the table and turned to catch the kettle. "He sent you a card as well."

Severus went to pick up the other envelope on the table with a bit of trepidation. Yes, he knew what Ronald was attempting to do. The ginger wanted to make sure that Harry wasn't making a life altering mistake this early in his life. He could understand that.

Harry and he had fallen together, almost literally, last December at a pub in London. Harry and his Quidditch team were there celebrating a victory while Severus was just trying to escape the bitter cold. They had acknowledged each other across the room and one of Harry's team members noticed.

For the rest of the evening, his team mates did everything in their power to get them together. It finally worked when one cast a trip jinx on Harry and the seeker fell into Severus' arms, sloshing his Butterbeer all over their robes. It was at that moment while looking into those rich green eyes that Severus offered to keep Harry company so his mates would leave them alone.

That evening had led to another, which soon led to another, until they were living together a year later.

Opening the envelope, Severus carefully pulled the card out, expecting the worst, but hoping for a bit of tolerance at the very least. Turning the card over to view the front, he stared, his blood rushing southward much faster than it had even thought of with Harry's card. There, looking back at him, was a half dressed Harry, his green eyes glowing with happiness. The picture was obviously taken in a locker room. Harry was only wearing half of his Quidditch leathers; his bare torso covered in a fine sheen of sweat that showed off his muscles exquisitely. The background was slightly blurred, making Harry the only thing in focus.

"I was wondering why Ron was shopping in the Muggle side of town."

Severus started as Harry's voice came from near his shoulder. "How do you know he was there?"

"He said he found my card while running a different errand. As for your card, I remember when he took that picture – it was after the midsummer game against France, right after he got the Muggle camera from Dad Weasley. He must have gone to one of those kiosks that make your pictures into Christmas cards. Go ahead and read it, I'll start dinner." That said, Harry headed for the kitchen, leaving Severus some privacy.

After another lingering look at the front, Severus opened the card, wondering what would be in it.

I know that I have been a pain to you, Severus, but I think you can understand

why. Someone has to protect Harry from jumping before looking. As you should

guess from the front, I am giving you that job back. I am trusting you to make him

as happy as any man can be, just as you have for the last year. This is the best

present that I can think to give you.

Now, since I am giving you Harry, you have to call me Ron and Hermione by

her given name as well. You would sound like a guest if you continue with the

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, besides which I keep looking around for my parents. Thinking

of Hermione as my Mum is just not what I want to do. I am sure you can

understand, imagine if something made you think of Harry as your Dad.

Also, Hermione has no idea that I am giving this to you. She is getting you

something, I just ask that you act appreciative of it when you get it on

Christmas. You are coming to the Burrow then, I've already told Mum to

expect you and Harry about midmorning. She wanted you to spend

Christmas Eve night, but I convinced her otherwise.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.


Closing the card slowly, Severus stared into space for a long moment. This was far more than he had expected, which was at the most, a mediocre attempt at congeniality. No, this was an acceptance and a gift that was far better than anything else he would receive this year. Ron's approval would make their lives much easier and happier.

Harry watched the different emotions play across Severus' face. He didn't spot any anger. Ron had promised him that Severus would like the card, and so far it seemed as if his best mate was right. "Anything I should know about?"

Setting the card down onto Harry's, Severus crossed the room and poured himself a cup of tea. "We are due at the Burrow midmorning Christmas Day. Ron said he had to convince Molly of that."

Before he could pick up his cup, Severus found his arms full of Harry.

"He stopped fighting! Thank goodness." The last part came out as a sigh against Severus' lips before Harry found himself being kissed.

Severus' last thought as Harry's kiss dragged him down was, 'Thank goodness was right'.