Author's Note: hi! This is Theuglyduckling492 as Gwen Knight written by Theuglyduckling492! There are more below this one. Also her family/friends are there for a reason that will be revealed later! By the way if I accidentally call Christine Christina or Lola I'm sorry! It's Christine. Also it will just be Gwen shares her thoughts on her district boy later like on the train since we skipped to her goodbyes. We'll do everyone else's goodbyes, too, though, just they probably won't have anyone to say goodbye to..

Gwen Knight walked into her room. The familiar green walls comforted her as she crawled beneath the covers. Gwen heard her sister's, Rachael's, heavy footsteps making their way to the bedroom next to Gwen's. Gwen looked over at The Hunger Games sitting on her nightstand. It was a Friday night, still early... why not?

Gwen reached out and grabbed the book. She dived into the pages filled with Katniss, Peeta, Prim, and Rue. She felt her head bang against the Cornucopia as if she were Clove. Gwen wondered if she would survive The Hunger Games. The grueling physical and mental struggle would surely prove deadly. Wouldn't it?

Gwen saw herself in the one district she thought she'd belong, District 8. Gwen looked over at her collection of home-sewn crafts on her book shelf among her favorite books. She thought of who the people in the Hunger Games would be to her. Peeta would surely be her crush, Garrett. Prim would be her sister, Rachael, but younger. Madge would be like her best friends, Penelope and Carla.

Gwen saw a flash of a chain link fence. Then the endless factories and fabric shops of District 8. She saw a modest cabin sized house that she felt familiarized with.

Gwen shook herself awake and laughed to herself. To think she thought she was actually going into the Hunger Games!
But why not? Gwen slid back down beneath the covers and shut her eyes. She'd put herself to the test. Find out whether or not she'd really survive. Could a 14 year old survive? The waves of sleep washed over her again and she saw the house again.

She looked down at herself and saw a dark green dress, rather than her old t-shirt and Victoria's Secret shorts. A family walked by in equally dressy clothes. It must be reaping day, Gwen thought.
A boy came up behind her.

"You look pretty today, Gwen," a familiar voice said.

Gwen turned around.

"Garrett? What? Er, how?"

"What do you mean? We've both lived here forever. Are you joking?" Garret said, confused.

Gwen realized that her family and friends... and Garrett must have been transferred here too. Why not make a move if this was just a dream?

"Sorry, I just woke up. So, Garrett, do you want to do something together?" Gwen asked slyly.

"Listen, Gwen. I don't completely like you, you know that. There's the whole Christine thing. Maybe if it weren't for her..."
He had to be kidding. Not in her dreams too! Gwen sighed.

"Sorry, wasn't thinking," Gwen sad, sadly.

"I'm sorry, Gwen. Maybe in a few... I don't know," Garrett said, awkwardly apologizing.

"No, don't be sorry. It was a dumb idea," Gwen said, going inside before things got too uncomfortable.

Her family was waiting in the kitchen, looking just like they usually did. They headed to the square, and Gwen and Rachael registered at the table.

The escort mounted the stage and said the name loud and clear, "Gwen Knight!"

Gwen had known she would be reaped. Why would she have this dream and remain safe and sound in the district.

Gwen looked out at the crowd and saw her friends and family. Penelope and Carla stood together, tears running down their cheeks. Rachael stood completely still, absolutely shocked. Garrett looked a little uncomfortable. He glanced at Christine, Gwen's annoying, ugly rival in love matters.

Gwen saw Garrett mouth, "I'm glad it wasn't you," at Christine.

Sharp tears pricked in Gwen's eyes, and she heard a little noise in her throat. She loved Garrett. But even though she was headed to her death, dream or no dream, Garrett didn't care enough. She wasn't his favorite. She was his back up.
Gwen blinked away the tears to see Christine mouth back, "I love you."

And even though Gwen tried not to, she instinctively looked at Garrett who mouthed, "I love you" back.

Gwen felt her heart breaking. She couldn't function. Why would she come back to this torture? Gwen had carefully told Garrett her true feelings about him about a week ago. He had said if it weren't for Christine, he would like Gwen. Winning wouldn't even help her.

Gwen had bid goodbye to her sobbing friends and family. She really hoped Garrett would come. He had to.
Garrett came in. But he wasn't alone. Christine was close behind him.

"Gwen," Garrett started.

"You came together? Why don't you just make out over my coffin when I come back, surely dead."

"Shut up!" Christine said, laughing.

"No, you shut up! Get out!" Gwen blew up.

"Break it up!" Garrett said, "Christine, I'll meet you outside." Christine nodded and flounced out the door.

"Listen, Gwen. I'm sorry. I was just scared to see you alone."

"I'm still me! What else would I be? Some Capitol killing monster?"

"I know how you feel about me and I'm sorry. It was dumb for me to bring her."

"It doesn't even matter. You'll end up getting married and I'll be dead at fourteen."

"Don't say that."

"I will say that! And there's no way you can stop me. Listen-"

Gwen was cut off by Garrett kissing her.

"I'm sorry. I really am. Please, please come home," Garrett said.

Gwen saw a pleading, overcome with sadness expression that she'd never seen before.

"I'll try. I promise."

Garrett touched the side of Gwen's face and turned to walk out the door. Gwen gently touched her lips. Had that really happened? But what about Christine?

"Let's go," the Peacekeeper said from the doorway.

Author's Note: This is as Allison Bell written by Hermy . Bee! (take off spaces)

"Allison you have to leave the room now, your mother and I are going to watch a movie not suited for you," instructs Allison's dad, while she sat in the living room playing on her laptop.

Allison sighs and gets to her feet, she's not surprised by this for it had been the same instruction for at least three nights in a row now; they would watch a movie or something on television not suited for Allison and she'd have to leave the room and do something else.

To be honest Allison did not mind so much because that meant she could read her books while her four other siblings and her parents left her alone in peace.

As soon as Allison closes her bedroom door she can hear the loud noises producing from the T.V., she shakes her head and falls back into her bed. Allison grabs hold of her long light brown hair and tosses it out from underneath her back so she wouldn't lay on it and she opens her book: The MockingJay.

She unfolds the page from where she left off and she then re-read her favourite part in the book. "Why? Do you find this... distracting?" Allison cracks up in silent giggles at Finnick's words, he was always her favourite character because of his funny and seductive words.

As she continues to read through MockingJay in a fast pace inside her head she can hear the outside noises muted inside her bedroom of screams and swords hitting swords. No wonder they wouldn't let a thirteen year old girl watch that. Allison thinks to herself, stopping to listen in for more of the ongoing sound.

She shakes her head from her previous thoughts and continues to read, as soon as Allison starts the new chapter she starts to feel her book vibrating in her long fingers. Allison furrows her eyebrows in confusion at the sudden outbreak happening in her hands.

It was if the feeling in the book was spreading to her fingers and up; going up her shoulders spreading through her legs. It sort of felt like she was sitting in one of those massage chairs in the home electronics stores but it was going everywhere! Allison soon slips the books out of her uncontrollable shaking hands and it tumbles to the floor.

As soon as the book hits the ground Allison follows it as if they were both magnets. The vibration had soon stopped completely and it was replaced for numbness running through her body. She suddenly feels her eyelids drooping down and can not find the strength to keep them open...

Allison's eyelids begin to flutter and immediately she opens them to find her self in a toilet outhouse and lying helplessly on the old wooden floor. She sits up and checks out her surroundings, "Eww, what the hell am I doing here?!" Speaks Allison aloud in a disgusted tone.

She arises from her awkward sitting position and steps out of the awful smelling box. As soon as her whole body is out, she takes in her surroundings as well as a large amount of air. It smelt of dirt, s*** and meat. It didn't take long for her to realise where she was: A Cattle Property.

Allison squints her eyes to concentrate in on an ascending figure approaching her and waving their hands about like a crazy person. "Hey you!" The unrecognisable person calls out to her but Allison is glued to where she stands in the dirt.

The stranger is now at least 4 feet away from Allison when they begin to slow down into a quick walk. Allison is able to take in the person's appearance now; It was a tall boy around the age of fifth-teen, he had board straight ash-blonde hair, he looked very built and a bit scary.

"Oi, ya' meant to be down by the square!" The boy shouts at Allison, as soon as he was directly in front of her, "Ya' been in the pits for ages," He indicates by pointing to the outhouse behind her, "Look I know it's your second year in but ya' got nothin' to worry abou'." He says to her more calmly putting on a pitiful face.

Allison doesn't know what to say, the only thing she is capable of doing is squinting her eyes from the hot sun baring down on her face. The boy looks as if he's waiting for her to say something so she quickly says in a hoarse voice, "Erm, okay..." Really Allison, that is what come up with? She mentally kicks herself.

He gives her a confused look but decides not to push the matter, "Come with me, we gotta drop this meat off at the butcher and then we can go to the square." He proposes, grabbing hold of her wrist and leading her to the left.

The more they walk the more the silence grows awkward so the boy thankfully says, "So ah, what's your name, I don't think I've really ever seen you around here?"

"Ah Allison... Allison Bell." She replies lamely, looking down at her feet as they walked.

She soon came to realise that she was no longer in her comfy sweat pants and old T-shirt but was now wearing a stained, raggidy faded green singlet and rough fabric shorts. What? Where in Christ's name am I?! The last thing I remember was my eyes drooping... so I must- this must be a dream! Of course it is! Hmm, it seems so... real though and I don't remember feeling tired while I was reading so how exactly did I fall asleep? Allison decided to leave that question hanging unanswered because when she answered them it just lead to more question, which was too much for her brain.

"Well, what do you think?" The boy asked unexpectedly.

"Ah, what?" Replies Allison somewhat a bit rudely.

The boy gives her a, are-you-stupid-or-something look and repeats whatever he was saying before, "I said what do you think of my name, Diego?"

Ahh, I don't know it's an okay name, why would you care what I think of it? But instead she says, "It's a great name." She replies unconvincingly, but the boy seems to believe her because his face lights up. Ugh, this boy is vane...

"Thanks, my mother picked it... Anyway we're here." Diego says unexpectedly again, Allison looks up to where he was nodding his head at.

In front of them was a small white building with an old screen swinging door, Diego pushes it open and motions for Allison to go in first. She takes in the air of the room; hot and stuffy with the smell of cooked and raw meat whether it be chicken, beef or any other.

Diego moves around Allison and strolls over to the counter top, he passes to bags the are obviously filled with meat which Allison did not know he was carrying before. Allison creeps over to the corner of the room not knowing what to do.

"Hello Diego, let's see what you brought us." Comes a voice outside of the back room, an old woman strolls out wiping her hands with her apron and takes a look inside the two bags. "Hmm, I take it Mr Phillip butchered those two dexter cows then, huh?" She prompts as she takes out two heavy looking meat lumps.

Diego grunts a yes and turns over to Allison which the old lady catches, "Hello dear, who are you?" The old woman ask politely.

"Allison Bell." Allison says shyly. The old lady smiles to her and continues with the meat.

"Well, I'll trade these two chickens for it and twelve coins, huh? I'm feeling generous, you know with the reaping and everything." The old lady walks off back into the back room.

What? Reaping, reaping... REAPING! Holy Cow I'm in Panem! Huh, well I think I'm starting to like this dream... Hang on if I'm in Panem and there's a reaping, what District am I in?

Allison snaps back to reality to notice that Diego is holding the door open for her to exit. "Oh sorry, I- I just... spaced out." Allison apologises lamely, Diego chuckles but accepts it.

They walked together in silence to the square, Allison thinks it was because tension had started to build up around them. Little kids were crying and others to worried to say anything.

Before Allison knows it Diego is leaving her, "Wait! Where are you going." She cries out, trying to catch up with the tall boy.

Diego turns around to give her a confused look he then points to a sign saying 15M, "I'm getting signed in... you should probably do the same. Anyway good luck." And that was it, he disappeared into the crowd and leaving her alone by herself.

Come on Allison, you've read the books your not that incompetent! Go to the 13F sign. Allison tells herself and her feet begin to move without her really knowing it. She then finds herself standing in a line of what seems to be girls her age.

"Next." Grunts a peacekeeper, Allison takes two small steps and stands before the peacekeeper.

Allison winces at the pain as her skin is pricked whilst a small amount of blood leaks out. A screen to her left, pops up ALLISON BELL. "Allison Bell?" Ask the peacekeeper, Allison nods her head quickly and the peacekeeper points for her to move on.

She follows the rest of the girls and then she is put to an abrupt stop, soon later, everyone is hushed and a capitol lady comes to start the reaping.

Allison accidentally snorts at the sights of this bizarre woman, she is wearing a dairy cow patterned dress that reaches her knees and it juts out at her hips. The capitol woman is also wearing a cow bell around her neck and a wig that is shaped out as white cow horns. She has also got light pink skin, spider like fingers and unnatural plump hot pink lips. The sight of her was absolutely horrid.

"Welcome District 10, to the 167th Hunger Games!" Her capitol accent voice booms through the square and at this Allison gives another snort, in the Hunger Games movie the accents of these people didn't really fit what Allison thought it would sound like but the woman's voice is ten times better than what she thought it would be. Allison then realises her words; 167th Hunger Games! What?! I thought the rebels ended it at the 75th? And I'm in District 10, no wonder I didn't know that before. They barely describe this district in the books only that it's known for it's meat.

The Reaping carried on with a video from the dark days and a very long boring speech from the District 10 Mayor. Suddenly the capitol woman from before who Allison found out her name was Randa came back to the front of the stage, "And now the moment we've all been waiting for! The girl tribute!" Her voice continues to echo through the square and then it faded and the only nose Allison and the others could here were her brown high heels tapping against the wooden floor and then soon enough she stood in front of the bowl with obviously the girls names and fished through them.

A sudden catch of breath was let in by many of the people around Allison when Randa raised a name from the bowl, Randa made her way back over to the microphone ad unfolded it, "This years female District 10 tribute is... Allison Bell."

Allison lets out a small gasp and then finds it hard to breathe, maybe if she could crouch down a little no one will notice her but then she realises that this is the Hunger Games and this is also a dream... Hopefully.

Mummuring starts as no one has step forward as Allison Bell, and suddenly Allison decides to take in a big breath, hold in as much courage as she can and she stepped out of the crowd around her.

Randa's voice booms through the microphone again at the sight of Allison, "Oh look, oh doesn't she have a pretty face!" Shrilled Randa, Allison couldn't help but blush out of embarrassment.

Allison can hear quiet outrage from around her, obviously it was because of her being so young of age to be reaped. Allison looks up into Randa's big violet eyes and can't help but let out an almost insane laugh. Woopsie, great now they're going to think I'm a crazy person. Randa gives Allison a confused look and motions for her to hurry up to the stage.

Before Allison knows it, she has made it all the way to the stage with only one mishap and that would be the laughing but suddenly she couldn't help but start to hyperventilate in fear.

"Let's give a hand for Allison Bell." Booms Randa and as expected nobody does.