Normally, Noah would be up, sitting in his bed reading a thrilling novel. He would have a cup of tea on his nightstand, and he would occasionally take a sip of it after turning a page. He would be considering himself to be at a content state by now, and it would be the best time of the day for him. He should've been happy.

This was not how it normally went on a Friday night.

He found himself in a maroon hoodie, wandering the streets. His tan hand was holding a torn piece of paper, searching for an address. He had taken his contacts out, seeing as he hated wearing them when he was fatigued, and his rectangular glasses were perched on his nose. This was frustrating to him. Noah was about to give up when he had realized the last house he stopped at matched the address on the paper.

He was a little puzzled. Was this really the place? He wasn't sure that this was correct. He shouldn't be in the ritzy section of the city, not… Not at 11 at night. Reluctantly, he approached the door and knocked a couple of times. Before the third knock, the door opened. A small geek was exposed.

"This better be good, gaps," Noah muttered to the other.

"I wouldn't have called you over here if it was important," Cody replied in a whisper. "Come in."

Noah did as the other suggestion. As soon as he entered the foyer area, he found himself taking his sneakers off. It was more-so of a habit; his mother was a neat freak and never let him or his siblings walk on the carpet with their shoes. Besides, socks were more comfortable. Hopefully, this small quirk was okay.

Cody closed the door as quietly as he could. "Ok, it's in the next room."

"What are you talking about?"

"The thing that I found. Please, keep your voice down."

Noah crossed his arms and frowned. What was going on…?

The brunette geek gestured the other to follow him into the living room. Thank goodness he wasn't living with his parents. Thank goodness he was more than financially stable. This would come in handy. All he needed was Noah's help.

The living room was quite extravagant, suiting Noah's expectations. The couch had looked comfy, as well as the chairs on both sides of the room. A television that had a large screen was perched on a nearby wall. Noah had looked around for a bit, hoping that he didn't seem as though he was beyond impressed…

That was when he noticed a car seat on the couch. It moved a little. Noah felt his brown eyes widen. "Wh-What…?"

Cody shushed Noah, then he turned his attention to the moving car seat. He walked over to it, then pulled out a small baby, no more than five months old. "It's ok. It's… It's ok," he whispered as the child whimpered. "Read the note on the table," Cody said to Noah.

Noah adjusted his glasses. He picked up the note and began to read.

To whom resides in this house;

I am sorry for doing this, but I must. My husband is abusive, and I can't put my little boy in danger. I've tried to escape many times, but I can't. I brought him here in hopes that you would provide him a good life and a loving family. I've seen that you and your partner are so much in love, and… I just think that all three of you would be a perfect fit.

I know this may be an inconvenience, but I had no other choice. I don't want my boy to be hurt out of anger, but be loved. His name is Michael, and he's rather fond of soft things and blue things. He's not really fussy. He's an angel. Thank you so much for doing this for me.


"So, you see what we have to do," Cody whispered, gently patting the baby's back. "You have to move in, and you have to help me raise this baby."

Noah's eye twitched. He did not like children. His younger siblings had gotten on his nerves with yelling and crying and screaming…

"Are you alright?"

This was important to Cody. He could see it on his face. "Ok. I'll move in. I just need to get all my things, an-"

"I'll buy you some things. It's nothing…" Cody shrugged, bouncing Michael in his arms. "Do you want to hold him? He's very calm."

Cody never really gave his boyfriend a choice. He literally handed the sarcastic nerd the child. Noah, scared that the baby would howl with discomfort while holding him, bit his lip in anticipation. A second passed by, two seconds, three… Why wasn't he crying?

Noah looked down at Michael. The baby was now awake, looking back at him with large brown eyes. It cooed in interest and looked as though he was smiling. "Hey there," he said. "I'm going to be your dad. You kind of… Look like me."

At that moment, Cody knew that everything was going to be just fine.