"Oh really, where is she Sherlock? That is if our dear little sister is safe. Where is she?" Mycroft said waving his umbrella.

"She in my bedroom, sleeping like every other little sister would." Sherlock pointed to his room, "Go ahead see for yourself."

"What are two arguing about? I can hear you through my beats." I said hanging them around my neck entering the living area.

"Americans and their faulty product." Sherlock muttered going to the window, "I thought you were sleeping."

"I wasn't tired and they do work Sherlock, but it seems to be Mycroft and Sherlock arguing proof. Besides these don't reduce the sound of a gunshot, they aren't meant for that."

"Stefani are you alright? Are you hurt?" Mycroft asked not interesting in mine and Sherlock's conversation.

"And Mum wonders why I'm still single." I said rolling my eyes, "Yes, Mycroft, I'm fine. Sherlock on the other hand… I'll call you if there's a body." I teased.

"If you would stop putting yourself in danger maybe you could find yourself a husband." Mycroft pointed out.

"Oh shut up Mycroft! You know as well as I no one is suitable for her, not with you and your British Government." Sherlock said making me giggle.

"Are you two done?"

Sherlock picked up his violin and started to play a tune as I took a seat on Sherlock's chair, "Why are you here? You don't just show up when I'm in trouble."

"To help you move out." He said as Sherlock hit a string of wrong notes.

"Why? I'm perfectly happy here." I said securing my seat, "Besides you, your British Government, not ever you umbrella can get me to move."

"Stefani you're in more danger here… With him."

"And the British Government is supposed to make me feel safer? You're a bigger target than he is, you know this right?"


"She's an adult Mycroft, let her have a life." Sherlock cut in.

"You're putting her in danger."

"Her life, her decision."

Mycroft looked at me, "Weekends at least?"

"Every other." I said, "I'm hungry, take me to dinner or are you too busy for me?"

Mycroft grinned while rolling his eyes, "I can spare a few more hours."

"You coming Sherly?" I asked.

"Rain check." He said going by to playing a tune on his violin.

I shrugged my shoulders and gathered my things.