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It was going to be one of those days, Elsa could already predict. One of those days that would eat away at her patience slowly, like a leach on the back of her neck.

It had been a few months since the 'never ending winter' crisis was averted and Elsa had spent the last few weeks repairing relations with old allies, and establishing new alliances with developing and formally neutral kingdoms, exempting Weselton of course.

On some days, aforementioned task was easier said than done.

"Your majesty I must protest! Decreasing our army's numbers in the southern regions will leave us open to attack!" A rather plump man with a small white beard explained as he waved his arms around in the air, more for dramatic effect than anything else.

"I am well aware of this, however, if we reinforce our borders to the point that you suggest we should, we would send a clear message that war is the desired course." Elsa retorted, a hint of distain lacing her words, hoping the subliminal message would reach this particular aristocrat.

"Now please, take your leave, I must be given a moment of silence before my next visitor arrives."

"B-but your maj-"


"…Yes, my queen."

The old man begrudgingly left without another word, leaving Elsa alone with her thoughts for the first time in what felt like days, although in reality the meeting lasted no more than 15 minutes. Perhaps it was time to have Anna deal with some of them, it would give her much needed experience in politics, should anything happen to Elsa.

After Elsa deemed herself ready for the next meeting, a young man was sent into the throne room, a large armoured guard on either side of his thin frame. While he wasn't exactly bad looking, Elsa could easily see the look of smug self-satisfaction this man wore around like a glove, it annoyed her, to the point that she already knew exactly what she would be saying to this young man the second he decided to bring up the inevitable topic of courtship.

As the young man walked up to the throne, much closer to Elsa than she would have liked, and curtsied before rising with a smirk that Elsa could only describe as 'pompous'.

"My queen, may I just say how dazzling you are today." The man stated as he grasped Elsa's hand, planting a light kiss on her knuckle. "Prince Norris, prince of the great kingdom of Wyrion at your service, my queen."

Elsa pit on her best fake smile and stood up, rising above the prince before stating "Prince Norris, while I do appreciate your flattery, I am currently un-interested in a king or duke for the foreseeable future, thank you for your time."

The prince was instantly taken aback, no woman had ever refused or even hesitated to his advances, much less a full out proposal.

"Excuse me? My queen, perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I am prince of Wyrion, surely you've heard of me and my accomplishments!" He blurted out in slight frustration, although it was inexpertly hidden behind a clearly forced chuckle and smile.

"I am well aware of just who you are, however, I stand by my previous statement, I do not desire a lover or king, although I will be sure to inform you when I am."

"This is an outrage!" The prince cried out. "I have travelled for days to be here, just to propose to you, and you refuse?!"

"Correct, please leave, unless you wish to be escorted out." Elsa calmly stated as she snapped her fingers, signalling 5 fully armoured knights to appear from the corners of the throne room, every one of which seemed fully capable of overpowering the prince's guards with relative ease.

Prince Norris could only glare at the snow queen before he promptly turned on his heel and stalked out of the throne room, tail between his legs, muttering "You'll pay for this queen Elsa...", his guards following suit, although the smaller of the two guards gave Elsa a bow, to which she returned a small smile. It was comforting to know that not everyone in Wyrion was as self-entitled as their prince.

Once the remaining visitors were dealt with, one at a time, much to Elsa's ire, the palace was finally quiet, with only the voice of Anna occasionally rising up as she argued with Kristoff and Olaf as to where they would go to have dinner.

"How does Olaf even eat?" Elsa wondered to herself, letting herself ponder the subject for a few moments before deciding she had more important things to do than theorize on how exactly the small snowman was able to ingest food.

Eventually she decided it might be best to retire to her room for some much needed rest, something she'd been neglecting recently, to the point even Anna and Kristoff were beginning to comment on it. Or perhaps she could paint or draw for a few minutes, after all, she had just purchased herself a new paint set.

Elsa shook her thoughts from her head and entered her bedroom, suddenly losing her stride as her gaze flew to a rather old looking large black and brown book with a small note attached to the cover.

Who could have been in her room? Anna? No, she was with Kristoff and Olaf, so who?...

Her question was answered once she read the note on the books rotting cover which read "I hope you reconsider my offer queen Elsa, you wouldn't regret it-Prince Norris of Wyrion"

The egotistical prince had broken into her room?! Her private bedroom, where no one but herself, and at times, Anna were allowed?! He would absolutely pay for this!

Then again… That book did look appealing. A small peek wouldn't hurt, it was hers after all now right?

With a small amount of apprehension, Elsa decided to take a look inside the book, however, upon closer inspection, she grew increasingly more puzzled. The book was unlike any other book she'd ever seen before, with writing in a language completely foreign to her, and the designs on the books pages and bindings were nothing short of unsettling.

As Elsa continued to attempt to read the text she couldn't help but to feel light headed and tired the longer she gazed at the strange text, until eventually her vision blurred and she was surrounded by darkness.