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London. Twenty years after Elena's transformation.

"Em... Let me see... turn around... No. No way, no, that's definetely not your- our color"

"Really...? I think it's cute"

"Yes, cute for a fifteen-year-old virgin girl... You're like fourty and you're a fucking slut; face it, Lena..."

"Then you should be wearing my grandma's clothes..."

"And even with that, I'd look hot as hell..." Katherine said as she looked through the hundred of dresses which were on the shop, taking each of them to see them and then discarding them by throwing them to the floor or giving them to Elena for her to try them on. They had the same bodies so they usually took turns to model, one day each.

There were now lots of dresses laying all around the place, and laying neatly in the corner was the pile which the two vampires were taking with them. At first sight, the place might look like it had just been burgled, because of the mess they were making. But of course this wasn't a burglary... they had gently asked the kind shop assistant to close the shop to have it all for themselves and borrow some staff... permanently. That was totally different.

"What about this one? Isn't it much sexier?" Katherine said, raising a strapless and short black dress which didn't let so much to the imagination.

"Too slutty; bitch, that's why the other night those guys asked you how much you charged!" Elena said and Katherine rolled her eyes.

"Oh but they were so tasty..." She said with a smirk before discarding the black dress and starting looking for another one and Elena rolled her eyes in amusement.

"Girls... please... don't mess everything up... My boss will kill me..." The shop assistant said from his seat, where Katherine had compelled him to stay after she told him to close the shop.

"Shut up, Arnold!" Both girls said at the same time, ignoring the guy.

"But I'm Harold!"

"God, why didn't you just compell the guy to shut the hell up?!" Elena told her.

"I don't know, he's funny" Katherine said, shrugging.

"Gosh, look at this one!" Elena said, picking up a blue dress.

"Oh my god, Elena, it's george!" Katherine said, as she looked at the blue dress in her doppelganger's hands. "Try it on. Now."

Exactly two second later Elena had the dress on. She'd been practicing her speed lately, and had improved more than Katherine liked to admit. Of course Katherine could do that in less than half a second, but Elena was really good for her age. But that was to be expected, Katherine fucking Pierce herself was her mentor.

"Have I beated my own record?" Elena asked her, refearring to her timing.

"Not really. But it was quite good. As to the dress..." Katherine said, looking at her as Elena turned around. "Completely amazing. We're so hot..."

Elena had learnt a lot about fashion during the last years living with Katherine. She didn't dress the same way as when she was a seventeen-year-old human: now she dressed more like a young woman. She wasn't afraid of wearing heels or skinny pants and she was more awear of her breasts. Her hair was in waves and she'd recently dyed one lock pink as a result of losing a bet with Katherine, but luckily it suited her.

"And which bag looks better with it?" Elena asked, picking two bags she'd chosen from one of the shop's shelves.

"The white one" Katherine said looking at her with her arms crossed, and then looking at Harold. "Right?"

He sighed. "The white one, with the stilletos over there" He pointed with his head to a pair of stilettos which were laying around the place.

"Oh, right, they match perfectly!" Elena said smiling and looking at the stilettos. "Thanks Arnie!"

"It's Ha- Nevermind..."

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore Boarding House…

"What was your name, again…?" Damon asked a blonde girl, sitting on the couch next to him while he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Jessica" She said.

"You taste delicious, Jessica…" He said as he pierced her neck once more to suck her blood.

The girl with black hair sitting on the other couch with Stefan pouted, and looked at him. "Don't be jealous, Marie..."

"It's Joanna" She said, a little annoyed.

"Whatever…" Stefan said as he sunk his teeth on her neck. He was happy he was now able to control his blood craving and he knew when he had to stop, if not he would be hunting rabbits at that moment and missing all the fun...

"You still haven't stopped celebrating?" They heard a third male voice said in amusement, and they both pulled away from their girls to look at their fifty-year-old friend Alaric who sat on the armchair near them.

"We've got this town rid of the last evil vampire, it's an occasion to celebrate, don't you think?" Damon told him.

As Alaric had aged and he had his wife Meredith, and a teenager son, Kevin to take care of; Stefan and Damon had been helping sheriff Forbes and the local council keep the town as safe from vampires as possible. They sometimes killed them, but before they always tried to teach them how to be actual respected members of society. If they learnt, great! If they didn't... bad luck.

Okay, okay. Maybe Damon and Stefan weren't exactly 'saints'. But they didn't kill or torture or caused pain to people. Those girls were pretty much enjoying the evening...

"Do you know what I've realized? I've never seen any of you two ever celebrate with a brunette girl…" Alaric pointed out.

Damon wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Those aren't our type"

"And what about the Petrovas?" Alaric teased.

"Petrova, have you ever heard of that surname?" Damon asked Stefan, who acted like he was thinking.

"Em… Let me think… No, It doesn't ring the bell…" Stefan said.

Alaric laughed. "You two are something…"

"We don't really understand you, old man…" Damon said, looking at Jessica once more to compel her. "I think you've had enough for today sweetheart, now go to your home, make sure you get there safely and forget about what happened tonight. Or if you want you can remember just that we hooked up, so that then you can go rub it on your girlfriend's faces…" He said with a smirk. "Oh! And that mark is just because you cut yourself." The girl stayed frozen, looking confused for a moment. "Goodbye, Jessica…"

She stood up and left. Then Stefan did the same with Joanna, and the girl left too. The three men were left alone at the Salvatore parlor then.

Damon started pouring bourbon in three glasses.

"Don't you think you've had too much already?" Alaric asked.

"Man, aging is totally doing something to you" Damon said, giving a glass to each of them. "Even broody Stefan is celebrating tonight"

"At least I'm acting my age." Alaric said in amusement. "You two should start hanging out with Kevin and his friends"

"Man. Live life" Stefan said, pointing at him with his glass. "It's too short for people like you"

"Asshole" Alaric told him as Damon burst into laughter. "Look I will admit; you did a great job..." He said, trying to speak seriously with the other two. "The only thing that concerns me is, what are you gonna do now that Mystic Falls is in peace? What new obsession are you two gonna find?"

"Obsession? What the fuck are you talking about?!" Damon scoffed.

"Oh come on guys, you know… since she's gone… since both of them are gone and you don't have any Petrova to love and to be fighting for… you've been kind of trying to replace them with other things…" Alaric said.

There was a long silence in which Alaric didn't know how the two were going to react. They wore completely straight expressions and seemed to be deep in thought.

Suddenly, both Salvatores burst into laughter.

"Seriously, man?! I thought you were a history teacher, not a shrink!" Stefan said, laughing and Alaric rolled his eyes.

"And a very bad shrink because since those two left, I don't know if you've realized, smarty pants, but everything's been going better and better…" Damon said, still trying to stop laughing. "...Including the fact that Stefan and I recovered our brotherhood."

"That's true. No woman will come between us ever again." Stefan agreed.

"Yeah. You're saying all this right after you, Stefan, had all those depressing and broody months –which continue a little until today- and you, Damon, searched for Elena all around the fucking country" Alaric told them.

"Well, but we're over it now, that's why life's so perfect..." Damon said, resting his back on the couch. "Now could we just leave this topic? I don't wanna argue about the two bitches who almost ruined my life…"

"Fine, fine, I'm sorry." Alaric finally gave up.

Stefan raised his glass. "To our brotherhood, our friendship, and Mystic Falls being a safe place…"

"…And for no more doppelgangers getting us in trouble anymore…" Damon added, as the three of them toasted.

Back in London...

Later that night Katherine and Elena were at a club sitting on a table, drinking some shots of Tequila.

Their lives had been more or less like this for the past twenty years. They were always doing something. If they weren't hooking up and feeding from football players they were partying, if they weren't doing that they were 'shopping' or just drinking and having some girl time. They had become more than friends, they were sisters and they never got bored when they were together. It was strange thinking that they hated each other at first when they actually made such a good pair.

Another thing that helped them not to get bored over the years was that they moved in every two weeks or so. Elena had gotten to know not only her entire country, but also Paris, Tokio, Madrid, Rome, Prague and lots of other beautiful cities with the most fantastic landscapes -and stores. Even though it looked like Klaus had better things to do than taking revenge on Katherine, they could never be completely relaxed at one place for much time. And now Klaus was not only bitter with Katherine, he was also bitter with Elena so he wanted them both dead. It wasn't like that didn't help them sleep at night, though.

At that moment Elena saw two guys approaching them and she smirked.

"I see food over there, and it's approaching us..." Elena told Katherine with a smirk.

It was a guy with raven hair and pretty blue eyes and a guy with brown hair and green eyes, they were actually very hot and both could have easily been models.

"Mmm... yummy" Katherine said when she saw them.

They could listen to what they were saying as they approached them. "They are twins, bro!" One of them said and the two doppelgangers looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They were so fed up of guys and their twin-fantasies... "Hello, girls. I'm Damian and this one over here's Stephen" The guy with raven hair said once they stood in front of their table. "Can we invite you a drink?"

Katherine and Elena smirked at each other.

Elena smiled at them innocently. "Sure"


Damian pulled Elena against the alley's wall and crushed his lips against hers, in a bruising kiss. He kissed her frantically, and she could taste the alcohol in his tongue. She moaned and deepened the kiss even more; becoming more heated every second. She enjoyed everything about the hunt. That was one of the many things Katherine had taught her. Enjoy every second of the hunt, from beginning to end, because that was a part of being what they were. And this guy was hot... any other day she would have fucked him. It was a pitty she was too hungry for that today...

Finally she pushed Damian against the other wall of the alley, and her fangs descended as some dark veins became visible in her face, and her eyes darkened.

"You're not gonna make a sound" She compelled him before she finally pierced his neck and started sucking his blood.

Once she noticed he was starting to pass out, she pulled away and looked at him in the eyes again.

"Good boy. Now forget about this and go away"

Elena had made Katherine make a pact with her twenty years ago. They both could feed on humans, but they didn't kill them. It had been hard for Katherine to take up that habit, and Elena had to save more than one innocent life from Katherine's fangs at the begginig, but now she was used to it. However, there'd been some exceptions. For example once there were three disgusting pervs who approached them one night and tried to touch them against their will... Let's just say their heads flew away from their bodies 'accidentally'...

"I'm gonna forget about this..." He said as he walked away with his neck bleeding.

Elena took off a napkin she kept in her bra, and cleaned the blood off her face.

She wondered where the hell was Katherine. She'd left like half an hour ago with Stephen to the bathroom, to feed on him and do god-knows-what.

Just at that moment she heard someone clapping behind her, and by the smell, she could tell it was not Katherine.

"Impressing..." A familiar voice with a british accent said, and Elena turned around to face Elijah, who was standing behind her, and apparently had been watching. Somehow his appearance didn't quite match with the dark alley. He was wearing a suit as usual, and his hair was impeccable. "You definetely have the Petrova fire"

Elena immediately was on guard. Elijah was her friend, but yet he was not one to trust. She didn't know when he was on his brother side or not... "Elijah... what are you doing here?"

"My brother Kol and lovely Katerina are waiting for us inside, waiting to share some drinks with us..." He said, pointing to the club beside the alley. "Shall we join them?"

Elena knew she had no choice.

This one was gonna be an eventful night, definetely.

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