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Katherine woke up with a smile again, and felt a sudden relief when she felt Stefan was still beside her in the bed this time. She smiled and looked at him, observing his features. He was gorgeous, she'd always thought he was the most beautiful man she'd ever seen.

He was staring at the ceiling with his hands behind his head, apparently deep in thought. He'd always done that. He thought about things too much. Not like her, she just did what she wanted and never thought twice about it.

She decided to break the silence. "You stayed" She told him, almost in a whisper.

"Mhm..." He said, still staring at the ceiling. She smiled softly and rested on one elbow and extended a hand to caress his hair softly.

"That's an improvement" She told him, and was surprised to find out he didn't pull her hand away or anything. He just let her caress him, but he still seemed to be deep in thought. "Say something."

"I can't see you with anyone else" He said, finally turning his head to look at her. "Why?"

Katherine chuckled. "That's called jealousy, Stefan"

"I know what it is" He said, looking back at the ceiling. "I just don't know why I'm feeling it... I'm supposed to hate you"

Katherine remembered what she'd told him the last time she'd left Mystic Falls. She knew he was thinking about that too.

'You don't hate me. You hate that you love me even after everything that I've done to you'

Katherine took a deep breath and decided not to press him anymore. He needed time. And she'd wait whatever she had to wait.

Just at that moment her cell phone which was on the nightstand vibrated. "Sorry" She said as she grabbed it and sat on the bed, covering herself with a blanket as she glanced at the screen.

If she was human her heart would have started pounding in the moment she saw who it was.

1 message from Elijah.

"Who is it?" Stefan asked from behind her and Katherine quickly pulled the phone down so that he didn't look at it.

"Elena" Katherine said, quickly putting on Stefan's shirt and standing up with the phone in her hand, giving Stefan her back.

"Isn't she in this house?" Stefan asked, narrowing his eyes. Katherine knew he didn't trust her at all.

"Yes, but you know how Elena is..." Katherine scoffed, while she opened the message:

'Niklaus is getting impatient. If there's no information concerning Tatia Petrova in the next twenty-four hours we'll take care of this ourselves. Consider Stefan and Damon in danger.'

Katherine froze at that. No Stefan. They couldn't get him in the middle of this.

"Katherine." Stefan said, sitting in the bed. "Katherine, what's wrong?"

Maybe the best way to do this was directly asking him what she had to ask him. Then they could care about their crazy relationship.

"Stefan, I need you to be honest with me" Katherine said, turning around to look at him. "What do you know about Tatia Petrova?"

Katherine knew Stefan so well that she could read all the emotions that he was feeling by just seeing his face. First, he was surprised... then hurt... and then... pissed.

Stefan scoffed. "You're unbelievable, Katherine"

"What?" Katherine asked, not understanding why he was angry all of a sudden.

"Just when I was thinking I could give you a second chance..." Stefan said, standing up and quickly putting on his boxers and pants while Katherine looked at him in disbelief. "This is all about your plan, isn't it? Damon warned me about this, I should have listened to him"

"No Stefan, listen, this is important" Katherine said, desperately. One thing was losing her freedom forever if she couldn't find Tatia. But she couldn't put Stefan in danger.

"So... let me get this straight..." Stefan said, looking completely pissed off. "You slept with me... twice. Just to get information"

"No, Stefan, it's not like that!" Katherine told him looking into his eyes to show she was being honest, but he looked away. "And you know it!"

"It's so typical of you, Katherine" Stefan scoffed. "You'll never change, will you?"

"Stefan..." She started saying while Stefan put on a V-necked tank top.

"Goodbye, Katherine" Stefan said, not even looking at her while he walked to the door.

"Stefan!" She called after him one more time. "Please!"

But he was already gone.

Katherine glanced at her phone once more, to reply to Elijah:

'Stefan is out of this.'

Stefan rushed down the stairs. He was so furious he wanted to rip heads off as if he was the ripper again. The only one who could make him this mad when he had his humanity on was Katherine Pierce. Bitch. She'd made him think, just for a second, that things could go back to the way they used to be. That he could be happy again with her like he was in 1864. But of course it was all a lie. Their whole relationship had always been a lie.

When he arrived downstairs he found Damon was on the couch, deep in thought and of course drinking bourbon. When he saw Stefan there he raised his eyebrows.

"Hey, sex addict" Damon said and Stefan rolled his eyes. He was pissed and listening to his brother's teasing wasn't helping. "Did you and Miss Petrova finally get to untangle your tongues?"

"Shut up" Stefan said, as he grabbed the glass from Damon's hand and drank it on one sip.

"Woah, someone's having second thoughts about last night" Damon said in amusement, and then Stefan went to the table to grab a paper and a pen. He knew Katherine and Elena could be listening to their conversation at that moment.

He wrote on the paper: 'You were right. They want Tatia'.

He handed the paper to Damon and when he read it he scoffed. "I told you so"

Then Damon wrote something and passed the paper to Stefan again: 'We'll make them tell us what they want. We have to separate them first to manage to lock them on the cell. I'll take care of Elena, meanwhile distract Katherine.'

Stefan scoffed. "Like it was that easy..."

Damon rolled his eyes and grabbed the paper to write something again before passing it to him: 'Use your charm. The bitch loves it ;)'

Stefan frowned slightly while Damon winked at him and stood up to poor himself more bourbon.

Elena was smiling widely while she came back from her morning haunt. Today she felt... positive. Completely positive. Like she was the luckiest girl in the world. She'd thought she had no chances of Damon forgiving her ever but after last night she'd been proven wrong. They'd had a moment, and she could tell he was about to let her kiss him. That was an advance! Knowing there was hope for them was the best thing about the party last night.

She arrived to the boarding house and found Damon and Stefan talking on the living room. When they saw her they looked at her with rather suspicious looks, but she just didn't pay attention to that, and focused on Damon's eyes... God, she was becoming a complete idiot.

"Morning you two" Elena told them with a smile.

"Morning" Stefan said, and she walked towards Damon to grab his glass of bourbon.

"Already drinking at this hour, Damon?" Elena asked, taking a sip of his glass.

"You can't talk about drinking" Damon said and Elena giggled. She was happy he was acting nice again.

Then Stefan stood up. "You know? I gotta go talk to... "He started saying and just at that moment Katherine appeared on the parlor. She was putting on her coat and seemed about to go out. "Katherine, I gotta talk to you"

Katherine stopped on her tracks and looked at Stefan in confusion. "Really?"

"Yeah" He said, looking at her seriously.

"Oh" She said, taken aback. "Okay... I was about to go for a walk"

"I'll go with you" Stefan said, walking towards her, and Katherine gave Elena a look. Elena couldn't decipher what she wanted to tell her because Stefan grabbed her arm and they went outside.


"Did they sleep together again?" Elena asked Damon when the other two were gone. She'd been so in her own world that she'd forgotten about everyone else.

"Yep" Damon said and Elena scoffed and sat next to him on the couch.

"They can't keep their hands off each other, can they?" Elena said in amusement.

Damon shrugged. "I still can't understand their relationship. I never did."

Katherine walked behind Stefan, who was going to the forest. She wondered what this was all about. It was weird, considering he had been mad at her like an hour ago... but still maybe he had thought about it better. She just wanted him to tell her where Tatia was so that she could tell Elijah and he wasn't on danger anymore.

"Stefan, enough walking" Katherine said, thinking they were far away enough from the mansion for anyone to hear them. She started to get a feeling like... Stefan was up to something. "What is this about?"

"Katherine, I was thinking about what I told you before..." He said, approaching her slowly. "And I think I wasn't fair with you"

She was taken aback by that. Stefan admitting he was wrong with HER? "Yeah..." She agreed.

"And I really wanna give us a second chance." He said, shocking her even more.

At first she was so happy she felt weak on her knees.

But she was smart... and she could see the truth behind Stefan's eyes some moments later.

She decided to continue with his game, and she hid how disappointed and angry she felt at the moment to act like she was buying it.

"Really?" She asked him, smiling softly.

"Yeah" He said, and then gulped when he realized her lips were nearing his every second.

"Stefan" She said, almost in a whisper, as her lips brushed his.

"Yes?" He asked, and she could tell he was moving his arm slowly from behind his back, surely holding a stake or something like that.

"Just next time you try to play with my feelings, remember I'm smarter than you" She said and a moment later she had grabbed his stake and had stabbed in in the stomach, making him fall on his knees to the ground and becoming unconscious. "But well, let's hope there's not a next time for this"

Elena was playing with a pillow in her hands while sitting on the couch, and meanwhile Damon was in front of her, reading a book. She liked the fact that he hadn't walked away from her yet, that made her even happier than she already was.

She looked at him suddenly and smiled at him. She kept staring at him until he finally spoke. "What?" He asked suddenly, keeping his gaze in his book.

"Last night we had a moment" Elena stated with an amused smile, and Damon finally raised his gaze from his book to look at her.

"And so what?" Damon said and Elena chuckled. He didn't deny it!

Elena shrugged. "Nothing. That contradicts everything you say"

Damon left the book on the table next to him. "What do you mean?"

Elena rolled her eyes. "Come on Damon, you said that you hated me..."

"I know what I said" Damon said, looking at her straight in the eyes. "But sometimes I say things I don't really mean"

Elena crooked her head to the side and smirked. "Damon Salvatore... are you admitting that you don't hate me after all?"

Damon made a short pause before speaking. "There's something you should see"

Elena narrowed her eyes and he stood up and gestured for her to follow him. She hesitated before walking behind him towards the stairs.

She followed him to his bedroom and once there Damon stopped on his tracks. Elena stood in front of him, crossing her arms as if waiting for him to say or do something.

"Go see what there's on my nightstand" He said and Elena frowned. She just wondered what was this all about.

Elena walked slowly towards Damon's nightstand table. She felt both nervous and anxious. Ever since last night she had been getting more and more hopes, and by now she really thought he was about to forgive her.


The sound was unmistakable. She suddenly heard the wound being stabbed on someone's flesh, and when she turned around she saw Damon laying on the ground, and Katherine behind him, looking at Elena like she was a child who never learned.

Then Elena saw Damon was holding a dagger in his hand. So this had been all a trick to stab her...

"Lena, Lena, Lena..." Katherine told her with a smirk. "What would you do without me?"

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead" Damon heard Elena's voice say, and he slowly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes he found himself tied to a chair with chains, and inside the cell. In front of him was little miss Gilbert and the other whore, looking at them with smirks. And next to him was Stefan, tied to another chair.

Seems like their plan had failed.

"What the hell...?" Damon started asking in a husky voice, looking at Stefan, who shrugged his shoulders.

"They are smart" Stefan said and Damon rolled his eyes.

"So... now that we got your attention..." Katherine said, walking from one side of the cell to the other. "I think it's time we four have a little talk"

"We know what you want, and you're not getting it sweetheart" Damon told her before she could even start. They could torture him all that they wanted, he wasn't gonna speak.

Elena and Katherine interchanged -a very evil- look. "Do you want me to bring the toys?"

"Please" Katherine said and a second later Elena was gone.

"Katherine, drop this crap" Stefan told her and Katherine looked at him with total bitterness.

"I can just assure you, this is gonna hurt you a hell of a lot more than to your brother" Katherine said, and Damon snickered.

"Stefy ran away the morning after again?" Damon told her teasingly and she glared at him. "Maybe instead of blaming him you should start to wonder if you're a good partner in bed"

"Damon, don't provoke her" Stefan told him.

"No Stefan let him continue" Katherine said. "Maybe he wants to suffer as much as you"

"Let me take care of him" Elena said, entering with a huge suitcase and a bucket full of vervain.

Damon couldn't help but feel a little scared all of a sudden, but he did his best to not show it.

"Where were you keeping all that staff?" Damon asked, looking at the size of the suitcase. "We checked every room"

"Stefan's car has plenty of space" Katherine said, while Elena opened the suitcase and took a large wooden dagger out of it. "And by the way, I'm sorry about the breaks"

"You used my car?!" Stefan asked.

"We needed one to go out the other day" Katherine said, shrugging her shoulders as Elena took out another weapon.

Just before Damon could react Elena had already stabbed his leg with the wooden dagger.

Damon flinched in pain and groan. "Bitch! What is your problem...?" He asked in a hoarse voice.

"That is for trying to stab me earlier" Elena said, and he could hear Katherine giggling.

"Well, now... to the important business." Katherine said, playing with the dagger in her hands while Elena took the dagger off Damon and he cried in pain. "Let's get to the point: Where is Tatia Petrova?"

Damon scoffed. "You can use your toys all that you want... we won't say a thing"

"Stefan?" Katherine asked, looking at him.

"I won't speak, Katherine" Stefan said, and then she grabbed a knife from the suitcase and soaked it in vervain. "What are you do-? Ahh!"

Katherine passed the knife along the side of his face, and due to the vervain it took some seconds for it to heal. "Where is Tatia, Stefan?!"

"If you bring Tatia back you'll put the entire town in danger" Damon told them, looking straight at Elena in the eyes. He knew she still cared about the people in town.

"Don't worry, we'll keep her under control" Elena told him and Damon scoffed.

"Under control?! She's almost an Original, you have no idea of how long it took us to catch her" Damon snapped.

"Why do you need her?!" Stefan asked.

"We are the ones who gets to make the questions here" Katherine said, playing with the knife in her hand. "Now tell us where Tatia is and stop going round in circles because I'm starting to get bored"

"Well, then this is gonna be really dull for you because we're not saying anything" Damon said, and then both females interchanged another evil look.

"Oh, dear Damon" Elena said, smiling at him. "That's what toys are for"

Two hours later...

"Are you gonna speak now?" Elena asked, as she buried the wooden dagger deeper on Damon's stomach.

"Fuck!" Damon cursed once more, and Elena rolled her eyes. She was being really tough with him, and he knew why. She looked really pissed by what he'd done to her earlier, and how he'd tricked her.

Elena looked at Katherine, who was resting with her back against the wall, crossing her arms and staring at Stefan. "This is not working" Elena told her and then narrowed her eyes when she saw how little Stefan was hurt. "Katherine, you're supposed to torture him!"

Katherine scoffed. "Give me a break, mom"

"Seriously, Katherine, if it's hard for you I can torture him myself!" Elena snapped.

"Hard for me?" Katherine snickered. "Please, I taught you how to do this, I'm the queen of torture"

"Well, it looks like Stefan is your exception like always..."

"Hey" Stefan said from his seat. He was intact next to Damon, he just had a couple of wounds that had already healed. "Are you gonna keep arguing all day?"

"Shut up!" Both of the girls said in unison, and then looking at each other again.

"Since when do you give me orders, I thought I'd made clear I'm the boss here!" Katherine told Elena, and Damon rolled his eyes. The last thing he wanted was to listen to those two bickering right there, even when it was the first time he saw them like that.

Elena rolled her eyes. "Alright bossy-boots, I'll just let you spoil this whole plan because you're a sucker for Stefan"

Damon could see from the corner of his eye Stefan smiling a little, and he rolled his eyes once more while Katherine scoffed. "Oh come on, like you haven't been obsessed over Damon for the last-" Suddenly she stopped talking and Damon could see a wooden dagger crossing her stomach from behind her back, and then saw another one in Elena.

"That's unfair... Ric" Elena said in a rusty voice before she and Katherine fell to the floor.

Damon and Stefan raised their heads to see Alaric standing behind Elena and Katherine's unconscious body. "You guys can't tell me again I'm the one who is emasculated"

Elena opened her eyes slowly, and found herself in Damon's bed. Damn Salvatores. If it wasn't for Ric she would have gotten what she needed... at this moment she was so angry all she wanted to do was continue hurting Damon. How could he play with her feelings like that?! Everything was an act. That moment last night had been a stupid act.

She looked down to her stomach and she found out the dagger wasn't there anymore, and the wound had healed although it still hurt due to the vervain.

She sat up in the bed and looked around, trying to find Katherine somewhere, but much for her surprise she was alone. The door was closed and she didn't even bothered in checking if it was locked. They wouldn't let her go that easy. Maybe they'd torture her, who knows.

She sighed deeply and tried to ignore how furious she was and how much she hated Damon at the moment. It was evident he didn't feel anything for her anymore. Perhaps it was time to accept it and let it go. He'd got over Katherine, why wouldn't he get over her?

She started remembering their little talk before. He'd admitted he didn't hate her after all. Lie. And then... he had said something about his nightstand table...

Elena frowned as she looked at his nightstand table and saw an envelope she remembered too well on top of it.

Suddenly she felt anxious and she stretched her arm to grab it. Her hands were shaking like she was a freaking human, and she was sure her heart would have stopped when she read what the envelope said: For Damon.

And it was her handwriting.

Her eyes were starting to fill with tears, remembering everything about that letter, and her confession, and thinking about Damon keeping it so close to him. So what he had said about tearing it up had been a lie...

Suddenly she heard Damon's voice, and it made her part her gaze from the letter. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

Katherine opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Stefan's face, who was sitting at a chair in front of her. They were both in the cellar and she was chained to her chair. She still felt weak because of the vervain, but the wound had luckily healed.

She looked at Stefan and he just stared back at her, still silent. They just stared at each other for a long while. He looked at he was trying to read her, to decipher what she was thinking but he couldn't.

"Are you gonna torture me now?" She asked in a husky voice. "That's not fair, you know? Remember I was nice to you"

"I don't it's necessary" Stefan said, and Katherine frowned. Stefan, always talking so mysteriously...

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I think it's time you tell me what you want Tatia for" Stefan said, looking straight to her eyes and then added. "The truth, of course"

Katherine sighed, thinking if it would be a good idea. Then she remembered Elijah's message. Stefan was in danger. Then she didn't really have a choice. "Klaus asked us to bring Tatia to him"

Stefan narrowed his eyes. "What for?"

"I have no idea" Katherine said, shrugging her shoulders. "He said something about being reunited with his lover..." She wrinkled her nose at that, like it was too cheesy to talk about it at the moment.

"And how was the deal?" Stefan asked, leaning in to be closer to her.

Katherine thought about it for a moment. She would tell him the truth, although the most probable thing would be that he wouldn't care if she got her freedom or not... "He'd give me and Elena our freedom in exchange of Tatia's body" She said and Stefan rested his back in the chair again, taking a deep breath, apparently deep in thought. "I guess I'm doomed to be chased forever" She said sadly, looking away. Then she thought about Stefan being in danger, and she felt desperate. The most probable thing was that if she told him that he and Damon were in danger, he wouldn't believe it. He'd think it was one of her tricks. Then he'd lock her there and she wouldn't be able to do anything for the time Elijah or Klaus arrived...

She couldn't imagine anything going wrong with Stefan...

Suddenly she felt her wrists being released from the tight chains, and she lifted her head to see Stefan setting her free. "Come on, before my brother comes back"

Katherine smiled happily, still in disbelief before following Stefan out of the cellar.

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