Hey guys I'm back. So I was gardening with my dad on the weekend and I had this little idea. But since I was working on chapter eight of Maddian i didn't get a chance to put it up. But here it is now. Hope you enjoy it. Especially Julia aka wolf200.

Maddy had decided to water the garden as it was a hot day. Her and her dad would always garden when she was younger. They would pick the home grown veg and wash it in the outside sink and then her mum would cook up a feast. She didn't really do much gardening with her dad anymore as she was older but on hot days she still loved coming out and watering the plants. Rhydian was hiding, secretly watching Maddy. If a wolfblood didn't want to be seen it could hide itself and right now that's exactly what Rhydian was doing. Maddy felt someone watching her though. She kept looking around expecting to see Rhydian but she couldn't see anyone. She blushed to herself as she thought, how she always ends up thinking of Rhydian. Rhydian smiles to homself as he sees her blushing. He thinks how lucky he is to have Maddy in his life. And she is his. His girlfriend, soon to be wife, his alpha, his everything.

Finally Rhydian sees his chance. Maddy has her back to him. He sneaks up behind her and shouts BOO! Maddy gets scared and screams out spinning around and falling to the floor at the same time, the hose falling out of her hands. Rhydian is also on the floor, clutching his stomach, laughing at Maddy's reaction. The hose spinning around of ots own accord, drenching them both. Maddy stood up and glared at Rhydian who stood after her. She tried to grab hold of the hose but it was out of control. She gave Rhydian a pleading look which said please pick it up. So Rhydian walked over to the hose and picked it up.

He began walking up to Maddy with a mischievous smile on his face. Maddy looked at him confused, her large, innocent, beguiling eyes questioning his smile. Rhydian wished he could take Maddy into his arms right at that moment but he knew he would never get a chance like this again. As he got close enough he held up the hose and pointed it directly at Maddy completely wetting her. She screamed in shock as she held her hands up and tried to grab the hose of Rhydian in vain. She tried to run but Rhydian just chased her around the garden grabbing hold of her every so often so she wouldn't escape. They were both laughing so much. Laughter of pure happiness. After a whole Rhydian stopped as he didn't want either of them to get ill.

Rhyds:"I think the plants have been watered enough now." He says with a smirk.

Mads:"the plants are not the only thing that have been watered." She says with an equal grin. Rhydian puts the hose away as Maddy runs upstairs for a quick shower.

She goes straight into the bathroom forgetting to lock the door. She strips of her clothes and turns the water to warm. Rhydian goes into Maddy's room to see she isn't there, so he heads into his own room. Although him and Maddy both sleep in Maddy's room there wasn't enough space for Rhydian's wardrobe. Plus Emma and Daniel had said that he should keep the room for, if he ever needed some space. He quickly striped of his own clothes and tossed them into the basket. He'd put them on the line to dry before putting them in the wash. Rhydian was about to throw on some different clothes when an idea hit him so instead of grabbing his clothes he grabbed his towel and headed towards the bathroom instead.

Maddy had been in the shower for 5 minutes and was nearly done. She turned of the shower and was about to turn to grab her towel when she felt hands slide on to her bare stomach. She felt hot lips trail down from behind her ear to her shoulder as her bare back met a bare torso. She sue pressed a groan as her eyes fluttered shut.

Mads:"Rhydian." She groaned. She felt his cock jerk against the parting of her legs as she called his name.

Rhydian turns Maddy around and pushes her against the wall, hitting the shower button at the same time by accident. The shower spits to life, warm water rushing out falling upon them, surrounding them like their own little haven. They are soakedonce again, not that either of them notice as they are passionately kissing each other. Trying to touch each and every part of each other. Thank goodness no one was home because load moans and groans could be heard.

Half an hour later Maddian emerged from the bathroom, wrapped around each other, temporarily sated. As they entered the room Rhydian put Maddy down and undid her towel. He slowly and gently began to dry her body. When he had finished he grabbed one of his clean shirts (the few that Maddy kept in their room) and told Maddy to lift her arms. He slid the shirt over her head and down her body lightly skimming her skin with his finger tips, igniting it and awakening her desire once more. he quickly dries himself and puts on a pair of boxers. He then sits Maddy down and grabs the hairdryer from her drawer. He plugs it in and dries her hair, gently massaging her scalp at the same time. Maddy relaxes against his touch and closes her eyes absorbing the pleasure. Once he's done he unplugs the dryer and puts it away. He pick Maddy up of the floor and lies her on the bed before joining her. He pulls her into his arms. She rests her head on his chest and he kisses the top of her head. They both fall asleep holding each other.

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