Sorcerer's Science

Okay before we begin, I would like to say that this is taking after the Brotherhood/manga aspect of FMA. this story will also deal with the multiple years at hogwarts. i wanted to start with year two, but couldn't find enough material. Okay, another note. i will be mixing up the FMA timeline a bit in order to keep it matched with the Harry Potter time line. All major aspects however will still be in effect and it will be fine. trust me. Now with that said I would like to give a couple words before you dive into the story, Piggle wiggle Top!


Precautions and Necessities

There was an eerie silence that filled the business offices that day. Other than the rapid scratching of quills and the stamping of documents, the Ministry of Magic stood in its solitary banishment. All of the hundreds of workers walked around with their lips tight and their eyes darting in fear, only on occasion did any words leave their mouths or did they make any other sign of contact to the outside world. It was all the poor office workers could do about the recent events fully described out of context in the Daily Prophet, the Escape of Sirius Black. That grim article put everyone in the wizarding world on edge, especially the Minister himself. Azkaban was supposed to be impenetrable. Now the entire Ministry was trying to cover up their little mistake and run the government of the collapsing wizarding world as well. Dumbledore felt the tension in the offices that he walked through and didn't like it one bit, not that it would change his optimistic outlook on life, but it sure was to say the least a depressing environment. Albus had work to do in the Ministry for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in which he was the headmaster of. All of the teachers needed to be checked by the education board to make sure they were still suitable for their positions, and the curriculum needed to be reviewed to make sure it followed state regulations, which were recently change as of the end of the prior school year. The entire faculty, including the groundskeeper, Hagrid, and the Custodian, Filch, lined up behind separate department desks to fill out the endless pile of paperwork that lay ahead of them. Albus Dumbledore took his own lead into the Minister's office. There, they needed to talk about a more delicate subject.

"Ahh, Welcome Proffessor!" the merry man said behind his large mahogany desk. The room was circular like any self-respecting government official would have, and had three large gothic style windows hanging on the opposite wall which let streams of silver sunshine run light up the entire room. It was complete irony however, that the building laid several stories below the earth and that the sunlight that shone in Dumbledore's eyes did not fit the mood one bit. But however grim the events of the world may be, or however long the run it was, the minister had the gift to turn the other cheek and provide a better outlook on the case. To Dumbledore, this was his biggest flaw, for it usually wasn't optimism, but ignorance that ran through the minister's head. Fudge gleamed at him in the shimmering light as Albus took his seat in the chair opposite of the desk.

"Good evening Dumbledore, what might I do you for?" Cornelius beamed, his rather plump body almost jiggling with joy.

"Minister," Dumbledore said in quite the contrary tone. "This is no time to be fooling around. These are dark times with Sirius running about and scaring the citizens, including my students."

"Oh Dumbledore, take it easy. Along with the prison guards tracking him down, I sent the government's best Aurors after the man. He wouldn't able to do anything without us there to catch him. Everyone is safe."

"I assure you Minister, that Black is smarter and more capable than you can imagine. Even if you have the best team out there, we should be prepared none the less. I have requested for some extra security for the school this year as a precaution for the safety of my students. I am sure you got my memo," Dumbledore said to him. This turned the ministers jolly look into a more bored and political shape.

"Yes we did, and I am getting the guards ready to be posted, but Albus are you sure about this?" He asked in a rather hushed voice, even though the room was empty and sound proof. "The guards are dementors, their not the sort of creature that I would be putting around the students. Even if we catch Sirius by the end of fall or even winter who knows what those things could do?"

"They are under your jurisdiction Cornelius, if anything happens to the students by fault of the dementors it is on your head. I simply asked for more security, not the entire azkaban fleet. If I were you, I wouldn't be too worried about the students, but the effect that your own guards would have upon the ministry. Try to keep them under control Cornelius, for both your sake and mine," Dumbledore warned. He definitely did not want dementors in the school grounds, but he needed the security of his students. Even though Hogwarts was already a heavily armed and magic fortified castle, the precautions must be made. With Sirius Black's background, Hogwarts and a couple of his students would be a sure target for him.

"Fine," Fudge said gruffly as he signed a few documents on his desk. "They will be posted on the borders of the grounds and at random checkpoints of the express. Anything more and you might just have the entire military at your feet."

"Thank you Minister," Dumbledore said as he got up to leave.

"Hold on Albus," the man called after him. Dumbledore turned around to look the gleaming man in the face. He held a small pink envelope in his hand with a Department of Magic Education and Study imprinted on it in black wax. "Due to the new change of curriculum regulations you need to have twelve full year classes for the students this year."

"Minister, I assure you that Hogwarts has met those requirements if not exceeded them."

"Yes, I know quite well how many classes you have, but it is required that at least six of these classes have a strong science base. Hogwarts only has five. I would advise you to pick up a new study soon, or risk having Hogwarts being one mark short on its report," the minister threatened with a happy smile. Dumbledore took the letter with a small un-meaningful smile and backed towards the door.

"Don't worry about changing our marks Minister," he said fruitfully. "I will have a class by the start of the year." Dumbledore exited the office into the silent swirl of building chaos of the education offices. Finding a new class would be difficult to get within the two months they had before the beginning of the school year. He couldn't ask for one of the other teachers to pick up another class for they didn't know much along the lines of science, and the couple that did already had full scheduels. Luckily he knew exactly where to get one.

The teachers were mostly finished with their reviews and were waiting patiently near the door for their headmaster to dismiss them. Minivera Mcgonagal stood near the front of the ground talking to Hagrid about their tests.

"Every year it's the same routine and same bloody papers. I wish the ministry could just copy my report so I don't have to rewrite it every time. My hand is cramping up just thinking about next year!" Flitwick said to her and McGonagal silently nodded in agreement.

"Good evening Proffessors," Dumbledore said calmly. "I hope that everything went fine on your part. Do you two have a free moment?" The two completely contradictory teachers nodded respectfully and followed him into the empty dreary grey hall of the Ministry. Dumbledore flicked his wand and a quill and parchment began to write a brief. He didn't say anything to the teachers for the three minutes it took to write the letter, but he could tell they didn't mind the sense of curiosity the silence gave them. When he was done, he handed the letter to the Transfigurations teacher.

"I need to ask a favor of the two of you," Dumbledore began. "The school is of need of an extra course in the field of science. I will need you to take this personally to the Amestrian Central Military Base in request of a teacher from their country by the name of Van Hoenheim." Minerva took the letter and glanced at it quickly before rolling it up.

"But Albus, I don't want to be rash, but couldn't we just send them the letter by owl instead?" she asked quizzically.

"I never heard of Amestris before," Flitwick grumbled to himself. Dumbledore gave a lighthearted laugh.

"No, Minerva. I need you to do this personally because these people don't really accept magic as we do, and sending them the letter by owl might frighten them, not to mention the time limit we have on this. I have set up a port key for you two to use in order to get to the country. It is of absolute necessity that you find a new science teacher for the school. I am counting on you."

"Don't worry sir, we won't let you down,"the merry old charms professor said happily to the headmaster. Flitwick loved to travel, which was all the more reason for him to go on this mission. Minerva just gave another nod and turned down the hallway towards the portkey.